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Zimbabwe is a landlocked country directly north of South Africa. It is the breadbasket of Africa.

History Edit

Early: Edit

Zimbabwe was originally Rhodesia when it was a British colony. But it eventually fought its way to independence in 1979 and the name was changed to its current. In 1980, Robert Mugabe took over and cracked down on political opposition.

21st Century: Edit

From 2006 to 2008, Zimbabwe's currency was hyperinflated to a level previously only seen in the Wiemar Republic when it was paying reparations for WW1. In 2016, there were protests over economic mismanagement.

In early 2017, Robert Mugabe died at the ripe age of 93. Since he never picked a successor, this led to strife among his associates. As a consequence, the ruling party became very fractured as prominent figure in the party quarreled for Mugabe's now empty position. Eventually, Emmerson Mnangagwa came out on top and cracked down on opposition, particularly supporters of the other candidates for succession. Naturally, this led to protests and many people, including Mugabe supporters didn't like him. The huge divide in the ruling party led to a military coup only 6 months after Mnangagwa assumed power and many Zimbabweans became disillusioned with them. This led to the movement for democratic change gaining prominence as a result. The zimbabwean military was fractured between support for different leaders and this resulted in the people taking arms to install a democratic government. The Clinton administration backed the rebels and by the end of 2017, the movement for democratic change was running the country and the flag design was reverted to rhodesia's. Unfortunately, peace was not to last as it fell apart only 3 years after. This was the result of disagreements in running the government. The civil war lasted 3 years before the UN threatened sanctions and both sides made peace.

For the rest of the 21st century, zimbabwe was the breadbasket of africa.

Economy and Infrastructure Edit

Agriculture: Edit

most of zimbabwe's exports are related to agriculture

Mining: Edit

Mining is a relatively minor industry in the country when compared with the DRC and CAR.

Transport: Edit

Harare is connected to Kinshasa, Johannesburg, and other major african cities.