Zaire Wars (Map game 2016 onward)

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Zaire Wars
DR Congo troops and vehicles advancing into the Republic of the Congo
Date 2016 - present
Location Various African nations
Status ongoing
DR Congo changes name to Zaire, annexes Republic of Congo; Rwanda; Uganda and Angola
Flag of Zaire Republic of Zaire Coalition:

Flag of the United States United States of America

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom

Flag of Spain Spain (airstrikes)

Flag of France France (airstrikes) Supported by:

Flag of Chad Republic of Chad

Flag of Mauritania.svg Islamic Republic of Mauritania

2000px-Flag of Niger.svg Republic of Niger

Flag of Nigeria Federal Republic of Nigeria

Flag of Benin Republic of Benin

Flag of Togo Togo

Flag of Ghana Ghana

Flag of Liberia Republic of Liberia

Flag of Zaire President of Zaire Flag of the United States Rick Santorum

Flag of the United Kingdom Prime Minister of the United Kindom

Flag of Spain Prime Minister of Spain

Flag of France President of France

467,000 soldiers

Orbital Defense Weapon Fourteen ships

Casualties and losses
36,000 16,400

2 frigates

1 destroyer

50,000 civilian casualties

The Zaire Wars are an ongoing series of conflicts in Africa between the reformed Republic of Zaire and various nations.

In 2016, the Democratic Republic of the Congo invaded the Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Uganda, receiving global admonishment. The DRC renamed themselves Zaire in the same year. Zaire invaded Angola in 2019, after being warned by the U.S. not to do so. The U.S. responded by sending a blockade to Tanzania, which was subsequently attacked by the Zarians, sinking two frigates and a destroyer. Infuriated, the U.S. retaliated with a ground invasion along with the U.K, who had been asked by President Santorum for support. In 2022, Zaire butchered 400 U.S. soldiers and 50,000 refugees after a carpet bombing attack.

The U.S attempted to assassinate the Zairian President in 2022, the mission was a failure, however and a U.S. agent was killed. Spain, who had initially refused a request by the U.S. to become military involved, began airstrikes on Zairian anti-aircraft positions in the same year.

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