The YouTube Rating System Act

The Youtube Rating Act Was To Make Sure The Internet Videos,Vines,Shows And Specials To Have Approval By The Ratings That Are Age Related Groups

The Ratings Are

Y - For Younger Children

Y7 For Younger Children Under 7 You Have To Be 7 Years Older To Enter (Fantasy Violence)

G - General Audiences All Ages Admitted

PG - Parental Guidance Is Suggested (Mild Violence,Rude Humor And Mild Language)(Like The A Word,The D Word And GD Word)

14 Parents Strongly Cautioned Some Material Maybe Inappropriate For Children Under 14 (Violence,Mild Violence,Brief Violence,Intense Violence And Some Violence,Sexuality,Nudity,Drug Material,Disturbing Images,Terror,Crude Humor,Language,Some Language,Mild Language,Some Mild Language,Brief Language,Brief Strong Language,Some Strong Language And Strong Language)(Frequent Uses Of The A Word,S Word,D Word And GD Word)(1,2 Or 3 Uses Of The F Word)

MA Mature Audiences Only You Have To Be 18 Or Older To Enter (Violence,Brief Violence,Domestic Violence,Graphic Violence,Strong Violence,Gore,Torture,Drug Use,Drug Content,Drug Material,Drug References,Gruesome Accidents,Strong Sexuality,Graphic Nudity,Language,Strong Language,Pervasive Language,Pervasive Strong Language,Non Stop Language,Graphic Language And Language Throughout(100 To 500 Uses Of The F Word)Some Language,Some Strong Language(3 To 70 Uses Of The F Word)Brief Strong Language(1,2 Or 3 Uses Of The F Word)Crude Humor,Strong Sexual Humor And Strong Grossed Out Humor)

This Bill Sponsored By Senators Pat Toomey(R-PA),Tammy Baldwin(D-WI) Congressmen Keith Ellison(D-MN) And David Scalise(R-LA)

Approved By U.S. Senate 100-0

Approved By The House Of Representatives 420-15

And President Mike Pence Signs It Into Law In January 29 2025

The Law Was Effect Until April 1st 2025