YouTube was a popular Internet video service founded in 2005.


Decline of PopularityEdit

In 2017, after rapid change in viewing algorithms,it became much harder to become a big channel and to make money, unless you had a big corporation backing you up. In hopes of gaining popularity elsewhere, many YouTubers fled to other video sites such as Dailymotion or VidMe. Many followed them, after they realized YouTube staff wouldn't listen to them. Twitch opened doors to regular videos (though streaming still dominated) and many channels witjh existing accounts there eventually moved there too. Many people made an update about their move, so viewers would know. Over the course of the years, this event became known as the "YouTube Migration of the Late 2010s".

With Youtube a once-was/has-been, many video sites fought for dominance to no avail. The majority of former YouTubers were spread across the sites equally, and each of the sites became about equally popular.

Post-Migration of YouTubersEdit

Following the leave of most YouTubers, big corporations stole the spotlight and many put on a price so you could watch their videos. In 2021, YouTube Red was canned, though the shows were still available to watch.

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