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General Information

X-Bay Platform is a united distribution/sharing-intertwined contents, mainly for Japanese and Korean pop-cultures, platform, created in late 2030s, as one of many projects for cultural promotion between Japan, Korea, Asia-Pacific and Taiwan.

The project is to find a better way to distribute pop-cultures from participated nations to the world, without being stalled by barriers like languages and difference, while strongly protect, respect and support Freedom of Expression (including Freedom of Reading)

The initial idea come from many suggestions, efforts to create a platform where people from around the world could watch, listen, read online or download the contents as soon as they're released in their countries. It's also a better way to deal with many attempts by conservative people in Asia, who try their best to "protect children from explicit dirty things on internet", a.k.a pornography in any forms. The later fading, though, after the Universal Act of Expression Reservation went in effect in late 2040s, which basically ban all kinds of censorship and strongly protect Freedom of Expression.


X-Bay Platform is based on the Cloud Storage, ThePirateBay's idea and mainly sharing softwares like Share or Perfect Dark, as well as the ever-glorious Torrent.

The Platform first offer to went on Microsoft X-Windows (an evolving Windows, which offer stronger-than-ever protection of both privacy and contents), but later also went to other O.S

By the time of 2051, X-Bay Platform is run on all of major O.S, including Windows, Android, Firefox, cloud-based Linux, Ubuntu and Firefox. Only iOS is the one with limited use offer, since Apple became one of the last big names in world's economy remain loyal to now-defunted DMCA and the likes.