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This map game is now archived as an Inactive Map Game.

This is Derpmaster21, a.k.a SsundeeOP here. This is my third map game in Future Wikia. Hope you have fun!


For those new to this kind of game, I'll post some rules. PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE JOINING!

  • NO racial slurs or foul language, other wise, you will be banned
  • Please remain civil.
  • If you do not post for more then 10 turns your nation will be taken away from you and it will be available for other people to take
  • Conflicts will be decided by the War Algorithm.
  • Please please please be plausible! This is a must if you want to play this game! If you do not post plausibly, your implausible edit will be deleted. Which means:
  • Both parties must agree to an alliance/treaty/barter.
  • If you feel that you have been unfairly treated, please write your complaint in the comments.
  • Only the Head-Mod and game creator can appoint new mods and the map mod.
  • The game creator's word overrides all others.
  • The Head-Mod's word overrides all others except for the game creator.
  • Only the Head-Mod and Emergency Mod can start new turns. If a new turn has not be started within 24 hours, the Emergency Mod will start a new turn.
  • Every turn is one year until 2200 where it becomes ten years then in 2300 it turns to 20 years * A new turn starts every 24 hours.
  • Mods are able to create random events and will represent a NPC nation (i.e. Mongolia isn't going to sign its land over to Pakistan or something stupid like that), Mods also help to make that implausible stuff doesn't happen.
  • After you do 3 implausibilities you are banned from the game.
  • Every 25 years are to be archived to limit the amount scrolling that needs to be done to get to the latest year. Be sure to check back once in a while to ensure proper continuity!
  • Please, I must implore of you, if you plan to play this game, be active and check back each day!
  • This isn't a rule, but I'd like to encourage you to put your country's flag before your turn on the bullet list.
  • Have Fun!

(This is also copied and pasted from Future Map Game Revised, Future Map Game 2, Humanity's Course,and Weight of the World.)


January 1, 2025. The New Year is always a fun time. But things aren't so good this year. In Mexico, a fascist coup overthrew the current government. The Islamic State won and now controls Iraq and Syria. And to top it all off, Iran has acquired nuclear weapons. Things look bleak for humanity. Will humanity survive, or not? One wrong step can destabilize this World In Turmoil.


Mods (Signups Closed until we have 10 players)


You can sign in as any nation or the Islamic State. The game will begin once there are 5 players and 2 mods.

Fallen/Merged/Occupied Nations

  • Mali (Merged into West African Federation)
  • Senegal (Merged into West African Federation)
  • Guinea (Merged into West African Federation)
  • Guinea-Bissau (Merged into West African Federation)
  • Portugal (Northern Portugal merged into Spain, Southern Portugal is a sovereign state)
  • Bhutan (Merged with China)
  • Nepal (Merged with China)
  • Ivory Coast (Merged into West African Federation)
  • Azerbaijan: (Merged into West African Federation; Nagorno-Karabakh declared independence)
  • Belgium: (Flanders merged with Netherlands, Wallonia merged with France)
  • Luxembourg: (Merged with Netherlands)
  • Azerbaijan (Merged with West African Fed.)
  • West African Fed. (Renamed to West African-Caucasian Union)
  • Netherlands: (Renamed to Benelux Union)
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland: (Welsh Independence; Renamed United Kingdom Of England, Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Panama (Merged with Colombia)
  • Iraq (Overtaken by IS)
  • Syria (Overtaken by IS)
  • Saudi Arabia (Overtaken by IS)
  • Oman (Overtaken by IS)
  • Yemen (Overtaken by IS)
  • Nigeria (Overtaken by Boko Haram; ceded to IS)
  • Lebanon (Overtaken by IS)
  • Jordan (Overtaken by IS)
  • Armenia (Overtaken by IS)
  • Georgia (Overtaken by IS)
  • UAE (Overtaken by IS)
  • Darfur (Overtaken by IS)
  • Northern Sudanese States (Overtaken by IS)
  • Niger (Overtaken by IS)
  • Mali Federation (Overtaken by IS)
  • Togo (Overtaken by IS)
  • Benin (Overtaken by IS)
  • Burkina Faso (Overtaken by IS)
  • Bangladesh (Formally annexed by India)
  • Ecuador (Merged with Colombia)
  • Trinidad & Tobago (Merged with Colombia)
  • Moldova (Unified with Romania)
  • North Korea (Unified with South Korea)
  • Sicily (Overtaken by IS)
  • Malta (Overtaken by IS)
  • Sudan (Overtaken by IS)
  • South Sudan (Overtaken by IS)
  • Mauritania (Overtaken by IS)
  • Liberia (Overtaken by IS)
  • Sierra Leone (Overtaken by IS)
  • Azerbaijan (Overtaken by IS)
  • Gabon (Overtaken by IS)
  • Kenya (Overtaken by IS)
  • Libya (Overtaken by IS)
  • Egypt (Overtajen by IS)
  • Tunisia (Overtaken by IS)
  • Algeria (Overtaken by IS)
  • Morocco (Overtaken by IS)
  • Niger (Overtaken by IS)
  • Benin (Overtaken by IS)
  • Togo (Overtaken by IS)
  • Tanzania (Overtaken by IS)
  • Uganda (Overtaken by IS)
  • Cameroon (Overtaken by IS)
  • Ghana (Overtaken by IS)
  • Equatorial Guinea (Overtaken by IS)
  • Eritrea (Overtaken by IS)
  • Ethiopia (Overtaken by IS)
  • Tajikistan (Overtaken by IS)
  • Uzbekistan (Overtaken by IS)
  • Turkmenistan (Overtaken by IS)
  • Sao Tome & Principe (Overtaken by IS)
  • Rwanda (Overtaken by IS)
  • Republic of Congo (Overtaken by IS)
  • Bulgaria (Overtaken by IS)
  • Turkey (Overtaken by IS)
  • Cape Verde (Overtaken by IS)
  • Burkina Faso (Overtaken by IS)
  • Senegal (Overtaken by IS)
  • The Gambia (Overtaken by IS)
  • Guinea (Overtaken by IS)
  • Guinea-Bissau (Overtaken by IS)
  • Ivory Coast (Overtaken by IS)
  • Central African Republic (Overtaken by IS)
  • Kuwait (Overtaken by IS)
  • Cyprus (Overtaken by IS)
  • Qatar (Overtaken by IS)
  • Kazakhstan (Merged with Kyrgyzstan to become Central Asian Federation)
  • Kyrgyzstan (Merged with Kazakhstan to become Central Asian Federation)
  • Montenegro (Merged with Greece)
  • Albania (Merged with Greece)
  • Macedonia (Merged with Greece)
  • Costa Rica (Merged with Colombia)
  • Nicragua (Merged with Colombia)
  • IS territory of Cameroon (Invaded & Annexed by Colombia)
  • Samoa (Merged with Australia)
  • Solomon Islands (Merged with Australia)
  • Vanuatu (Merged with Australia)
  • IS territory of Morocco (Invaded & Annxed by France)
  • IS territory of Tanzania (Invaded & Annexed by Germany)
  • IS territory of Nigeria (Invaded & Annexed by the United Kingdom)
  • IS territory of the Western Sahara (Invaded & Annexed by South Portugal)
  • IS territory of Tunisia (Invaded & Annexed by China)
  • IS territory of Tajikistan (Invaded & Annexed by China)
  • Mozambique (Overtaken by IS)
  • Malawi (Overtaken by IS)
  • Comoros (Overtaken by IS)
  • Serbia & Kosovo (Overtaken by IS)
  • Romania & Moldova (Overtaken by IS)
  • Indonesia (West Papua Independence; West Papua unified with Papua New Guinea; thus becoming part of the United Australian Commonwealth)
  • IS territory of Libya (Invaded & Annexed by Italy)
  • IS territory of Lebanon (Invaded & Annexed by Colombia)
  • IS territory of North Sinai (Invaded & Annexed by China)
  • IS teritory of South Sinai (Invaded & Annexed by China)
  • IS territory of Suez (Invaded & Annexed by China)
  • IS territory of Jizan (Invaded & Annexed by Colombia)
  • IS territory of Badakhshan (Invaded & Annexed by Colombia)
  • IS territory of Kuwait (Invaded & Annexed by Colombia)
  • Mexican territory of Guatemala (Invaded by Colombia)
  • Mexican territory of Belize (Invaded by Colombia)
  • Mexican territory of Honduras (Invaded by Colombia)
  • Mexican South-East (Invaded by Colombia)
  • Mexican Bahamas (Invaded by Colombia)
  • Mexican Jamaica (Invaded by Colombia)
  • Mexican Barbados (Invaded by Colombia)
  • Mexican Grenada (Invaded by Colombia)
  • Mexican Saint Kitts & Nevis (Invaded by Colombia)
  • Mexican Saint Vincent & The Grenadines (Invaded by Colombia)
  • Mexican Saint Lucia (Invaded by Colombia)
  • Mexican Dominica (Invaded by Colombia)
  • Mexican Antigua and Barbuda (Invaded by Colombia)
  • Mexican Puerto Rico (Invaded by the United States)
  • Venezuela (Merged with Colombia)
  • Guyana (Merged with Colombia)
  • Suriname (Merged with Colombia)
  • Peru (Merged with Colombia)
  • Bolivia (Merged with Colombia)
  • Chile (Merged with Colombia)


WiT Map 2


The game will start when 5 players and 2 mods sign up.


  • Mali Flag Mali: We start production of WMD's and we start developing as a better country. We ask Senegal if they would be interested in reforming the Mali federation, although it would be called Mali-Senegal Union (Mod Response Needed).
  • Flag of Spain Spain: On January 1 2025, we hold an election, these are the candidates:
    • Maria Ruiz (Peoples Party): A proud flagholder for social conservatism, christian democracy and economic liberalism, Maria Ruiz promises to keep Spain united as one.
    • Maritza Ramos (Citizens): Ramos promises to carry on with her party ideologies of liberalism and social democracy. She promises to lower poverty figures and help everyone get on with their lives with ease.
    • Felipe Villarrubia (Fascist Party): Villarrubia wants to strike up extreme nationalism in his country, whatever the cost.
    • Who will win?(Mod Response Needed)
      • Mod Response: Maritza Ramos wins the election with a 41% vote, followed by Maria Ruiz with a 23% vote againstnd Felipe Villarubia with a 6% vote.
  • Flag of ChinaChina: President Xi Jinping enacts the Clean Energy Act, which states that 20% of China should be using renewable resources for power by 2030 and all of China should be using renewable energy by 2050. This will drastically reduce pollution in our big cities. We also start planning a Martian colony, with 15 robots sent to prepare it by 2027 latest and the colonist will arrive (if things go right) in 2030. We ask Mali for an alliance (Mali Response Needed). We start another peace talk with Vietnam and the Philippines about the South China Sea Crisis (Mod Response Needed).
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We block all refugees coming into the country and send 2,000 troops to the northern caucasus to prevent terrorist attacks. We now have 200 PAK-FA jet fighters. With the deorbiting of the ISS, we gather all of the pieces which we launched and build OBSEK (Orbital Piloted Assembly and Experiment Complex). This new space station will be used to assemble the parts for spacecraft going to Mars and possible as far as Saturn. We have also finished the Vostochny Cosmodrome which is located in siberia; the previous one was in Kazakhstan but will keep being used until 2050. We would like to ask former soviet states (except belarus, armenia, kyrgystan, and Kazakhstan since they're already eurasian members) to join the Eurasian Union [mod response needed]
    • Mod Response: Latvia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan accept. Others would prefer to not join, especially Ukraine.
    • Chinese Dip: We will always assist our ally Russia and we send 10,000 troops to safeguard against terrorist attacks from the Islamic State.
  • Mali Flag Mali: We accept China's offer for an alliance and we start to develop Bamako into a large, sustainable city. We follow China, and decide that we will be the first African country to convert to Renewable energy, at the latest by 2060.
    • Flag of ChinaChinese Dip: We appreciate Mali's concern for the environment and send them a loan of 150 billion dollars to help them become a renewable country and become a developed nation.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Martiza Ramos announces a new plan: 'Spain 2030'. This is where Spain will be powered by 100% renewable energy, all airports and ports will be refurbished, poverty figures will be slashed to just 5%, tourist areas will be totally refurbished and all roads will be fixed. We ask Mali for an alliance, due to our renewable energy goals. (Mali Response Needed)
  • Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands: We report that about 160,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees have entered our territory. We start build more residential and expand employment. We also start build more windmill and wind turbine. We ask Honduras, Belize, Cameroon, and Botswana to open embassy as we have not open our embassy in there. (See Wikipedia: List of Diplomatic missions in the Netherlands.) [Mod Response Needed]. We also ask Mali if they can build embassy here. [Mali Response Needed]. We start to strengthen our military. We ask France and Spain for an alliance and mutual defense [Mod and Spain Response Needed].
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We agree.
    • Mod Response: France agrees. Honduras, Belize, Cameroon and Botswana also agree to open a Dutch embassy.
  • Flag of ChinaChina: We ask Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan and Tajikistan if they want to merge with us. We appeal to them saying that they are poor countries and they can benefit from the help of a richer nation, such as us. We also tell the that they will be self-governing provinces, with their own official language, government and laws. However, they will be considered as part of China, they will also follow the Chinese laws in addition to their own provincial laws, and they will be under the protection of China and use the Chinese Yuan. We also extend the self-governing province offer to Tibet, which was already under our rule (Mod Response Needed). The beginning stages of the Clean Energy Act have begun, as more solar, wind and waste-to-power plants are built, as well as hydroelectric dams. We also construct 268 water distilleries across the coast, in case the water supply runs out. At least 187 towns with more than 25,000 residents have reported to be "fossil-fuel free". We begin restoring the Great Wall of China to its original splendor to attract more tourists and make more money from the tourism. Also, since the introduction of the Clean Energy Act a few months back, the air quality in the big cities have gradually increased, as a result of decreased pollution.
    • Mod Response: Bhutan and Nepal accept the offer. Mongolia decline the offer stating "We would rather receive our inner Counterpart instead losing all of our territory", while Tajikistan is unresponsive.
  • MOD EVENT: Iran and North Korea show support to the Islamic State, both pledging to nuke any nation who dares attack it. Also, sea levels have risen 34 centimeters (about a foot), causing massive floods in the Netherlands. The death toll so far from the massive floods is 3,012.
  • Mali Flag Mali: We ask Burkina Faso, Senegal, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau to form the West African Federation (Mod Response Needed). We accept all alliance offers and embassy offers.
    • Mod Response: All except Burkina Faso accept the merger, and the West African Federation is formed.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We ask China for an alliance. (China response needed)
    • Flag of ChinaChina: We accept.
  • Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands: We reported that Amsterdam has been submerged by the massive flooding. King Willem and his family have been evacuated to Arnhem, as well as politicians, including the prime minister, Halbe Zijlstra. The King declared state of emergency. Residents are asked to evacuate to a safer place. We also ask the rest of world for aiding us as we need your help. [Nations Response Needed].
    • Spain Diplomacy: We add 5% to the foreign aid bill to cope with your flooding
    • Chinese Diplomacy: We give our deepest condolences and also 12 billion dollars for aid.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We ask to hold a referendum in Portugal to 'merge' with Spain. They will keep their name and flag, however they will be classed as a region in Spain and will vote in elections for the Spain PM, they will also be merged into the Spanish economy although they will keep the Euro as we currently use the Euro. [Mod Reponse Needed]
    • Mod Response: Northern Portugal accepts, but Southern Portugal remains sovereign.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We ask the US and Israel for an alliance. [US and Israel Response Needed]
  • Mali Flag Mali: We ask Ivory Coast and Ghana to join West African Federation (Mod Response Needed). We ask Germany, South Korea, Argentina, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and Russia for an alliance (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: Ivory Coast accepts, but not Ghana. Also, all nations except Russia agree to an alliance (Russia is a player).
  • Flag of ChinaChina: We begin enforcing all our laws on the newly acquired Nepal and Bhutan. We also extend our self-ruling province offers to East Turkestan. We begin incorporating Nepal and Bhutan into China, starting by bringing infrastructure there up to date with the rest of China and since their power grid was connected to India's, we will just build 89 wind turbines across Nepal and Bhutan and we can declare them the first two Chinese provinces using 100% renewable energy. We use the flooding in the Netherlands as an example to Chinese citizens about the horrors of global warming. This will make the Chinese population more inclined to using renewable resources and to conserve energy. We ask Tajikistan again if they want to join us, in return, they will be able to rule their own territory and they will be a self ruling province under China, which means they will have Chinese law enforced on them, we will protect them, and they will use the Chinese Yuan, but they are free to make any other government choices freely. We will be checking on them regularly to see if any corruption has occurred (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: Tajikistan declines Chinese rule
  • MOD EVENT: Sea level rise has reached one meter, submerging 65% of the Netherlands, as well as major cities such as Venice and Shanghai. Scientists predict this is caused by the sudden melting of the Ross Ice Shelf, reducing its size by 92%. They expect however, that this should be ended soon and the most it would get up to is 1.35 meters (around 4 and a half feet).
  • Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands: Amsterdam now is drowned and we officially move our capital to Eindhoven. Due to this, we ask Belgium and Luxembourg to merge with us as Benelux Union [Mod Response Needed]. People begin leave Netherlands and go to Germany. King Willem-Alexander evacuated for a second time to Brussel, Belgium.
    • Mod Response: Belgium divides in two, with Flanders joining the Netherlands and Wallonia becoming part of France. Luxembourg accepts to merge with the Netherlands.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We ask England, France and Germany for an alliance. [Mod Response Needed]
    • Mod Response: England, France, and Germany think the spanish government is just being silly because all 4 countries are part of Nato.
  • Mali Flag Mali: In an attempt to save Copenhagen, we spend millions keeping the water out of the city, and fortunately, for now, it is working. In Return, we will let Denmark control us afterwards. (Mod Response Needed).
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We offer protection to arab league nations in exchange for 40% of their oil revenue [mod response needed]
  • Flag of Italy Italy: The Movement for the Independence for Sicily (MIS) has gained a major a boost in popularity across the country, with many people declaring their candidacy for the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Local polling says that the MIS are currently at a 8.3% approval rating with large numbers in Sicily expected to vote for the party. Nobody in the independence movement have expressed any interest to run for president in 2 years, as since they are not a major political party yet they are not expected to be able to get enough votes for the presidency. The current president Alessandra Possenti announces that a 2 week disaster relief effort is in progress for flooded areas in Italy, including her visiting Venice and speaking with many survivors of the flooding. She also announces that many more homes and businesses will be built farther up land where the rising water has not reached; she holds a press conference at a disaster relief center and says, "This is a horrible event that has effected not just Italy, but the world. We all need to come together as a world and make sure that this does not happen again. We need to stop climate change, and I personally blame any country that denies that climate change exist for what has happened here today." She calls on the International Committee of the Red Cross to come to flooded areas of Italy and help out the people (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED). She holds a joint meeting of parliament at the Palazzo Montecitorio where usually the Chamber of Deputies meet to discuss environmental protection acts that could not allow flooding like this to happen again, and begins to talk about introducing a bill to both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate that would cut emissions greatly, close down coal factories and factories in general and move them to wind mill factories that will not harm the environment, and to any factories that will not be closed after the bill is passed will have a major tax increase to "help" pay for the environmentally friendly processes.
    • Mod Response: The Red Cross agrees.
  • Flag of ChinaChina: We are currently evacuating people from Shanghai and also the Clean Energy Act has been near mandatory, with 15% of China already using 100% renewable energy. We start building leevees across the Yangtze River's border with Shanghai so this kind of flooding will not happen again.
  • Mali Flag Mali: We spend millions trying to save Copenhagen, and in return, we want Denmark to Rule us, like a colony (Mod Response Needed). We send money and aid all across the submerged and flooding cities, setting up small work zones to help our fellow countries.
    • Mod Response: Denmark accepts the funds, but they don't want Mali as a colony.


  • Flag of Italy Italy: The Red Cross is a great help in the disaster effort to help major coastal cities that are in need of help. President Alessandra Possenti goes on missions with the navy to help rescue victims in need after the flooding, even being lowered into the disaster zone and lifted back into the helicopter with the survivor; she does this for 5 days strait and her poll numbers go through the roof after images are seen on television after her participation. In an interview with Rai News24 she says that, "I didn't participate in the rescue the effort for the photo opp or the boost in the polls, I did it because I care about the people of Italy and I do not want to see them suffer." With the upcoming presidential election next year, President Possenti asks that the Parliament to change their ways (they elect the president, not the people) and let the people elect the President, not the parliament (Mod Response; 504 or above needed for majority out of 1,007). She also announces that she will be seeking a second term as President of Italy, but she will not be campaigning to win the Parliaments vote, but for the people's vote. The Parliamentary elections take place, and all 603 members of the Chamber of Deputies are up for re-election, while only 315 members of the Senate are up for re-election; the following parties are: (Mod Response on victor; above 253 in Chamber of Deputies, above 137 in Senate)
    • Marco Giovanni (Democratic Party, 57% in polls) Current Prime Minister
    • Sofia Stella (Five Star Movement, 50.4% in polls)
    • Marselo Abate (Lega Nord, 45.3% in polls)
    • Luigi Bello (Forza Italia, 30.1% in polls)
      • Mod Response: The Parliament passes the law that says the people can elect their president by a majority of 507 seats out of 1007 (minimum is 504). In the election, Prime Minister Marco Giovanni is re-elected with 291 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 155 seats in the Senate.
  • Mod Event: Greenland has obtained full independence. There is a growing market for mining in the mostly glacierous country. As the ice sheets continue to melt, more of the country will likely become habitable.
  • Flag of ChinaChina: We welcome Greenland to the world, but we tell them that they might want to accelerate global warming to make their land habitable, but that will only cause more flooding of major cities around the world,
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We cannot afford to run new programs along with our foreign aid budget, membership of the EU and membership of NATO. We are currently holding three referendums. 1) To decrease foreign aid budget by 10% (currently at 15%), 2) To withdraw from NATO and 3) To withdraw from the EU and the Euro (Mod Response Needed)
    • Mod Response: The Spexit referendum is passed with a 53% majority, and the foreign aid budget decrease is passed by a 82% majority, but the exit from NATO is denied with a 74% majority voting to remain in NATO.
  • Mali Flag Mali: In all the panic during the Great Tidal, we start building small, bases, especially in Azerbaijan, where we are currently spending 67% of our funds to overseas countries in. We ask the Azerbaijani Government if we could temporarily take over, as we can help them in terms of medical services, famine problems and the death tolls (Mod Response Needed).
  • Mod Response: Azerbaijan, plagued with the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh crisis, tells Mali just to annex them permanently. Nagorno-Karabakh then declares independence from Azerbaijan 16 minutes before Azerbaijan is to be fully incorporated into Mali. (You can take Azerbaijan, and another country through merger, but after that I will be saying no to your requests. If it borders you though, I will consider saying yes.)
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Maritza Ramos states 'The people of Spain have voted to leave the EU. We seek to make trade agreements/alliances with the following countries as soon as possible: Southern Portugal and Italy.' [Countries/Mod Response Needed]. 'We have also been implored to cut down our foreign aid budget, which means we can no longer fund the flood relief programme in the Netherlands'. 'On a better note, we have been implored to remain a member of NATO however we will be seeking negotiations in cutting our defense budget to cut our deficit.'
    • Italian Diplomacy: Italy and President Possenti personally agree to the trade agreements and alliances, with Possenti saying at a press conference, "This is a great start to peace in our world."
  • Mali Flag Mali: We ask Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Greenland for an alliance (Mod Response Needed). We officially recognize Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Western Sahara, Somaliland and Cabinda as countries.
    • Flag of Russia Russia: we request an alliance with mali [mali response needed]
  • Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands: We now have some enough money. We start renovate port of Europoort and make it better than the before. We officially move our capital to Antwerp. We plan to sea reclamation in North Sea, and build new city, called New Amsterdam (...). We ask Mali, Brazil, Australia, India, and Indonesia for an alliance. [Mali and Mod Response Needed]. We also ask Germany, Italy, Denmark, and Poland for a better alliance like formal bilateral alliance and mutual defense. [Mod/Italy Response Needed].
    • Italian Diplomacy: President Possenti agrees to the alliance.
    • Mali Flag Mali: We accept Netherlands alliance offer. We recognize Cyrenaica as a nation and we encourage the UN to recognize these nations.
    • Mod Response: Australia, India, and Indonesia agree but Brazil declines
  • Flag of Spain Spain: We ask Russia for an alliance [Russia Response Needed]
    • Russian Dip: we decline the offer
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael: We begin constructing sea walls in advance after seeing the destruction caused by the tidal surge. There is even debate concerning whether the Mediterranean should be blocked off at the Straits of Gibraltar. We also accept Spain's offer for alliance.
  • Mod Event: Isis has begun its invasion of Lebanon and is planning to enter the west bank shortly. Waters begin retreating, however, they stop retreating when the water elevation reaches 1 meter above sea level, and cities such as Amsterdam and Venice are gone forever.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We offer an alliance with Greenland [mod response needed]
  • Mali Flag Mali: We accept Russia alliance offer. We ask Western Sahara and Abkhazia for an alliance (Mod Response Needed)
    • mod response: Western Sahara and Abkazia agree to an alliance but relations with Morocco and Georgia have become more rocky as a result.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Maritza Ramos announces a plan to hold a referendum on the monarchy during the next year. Polls are currently tight with 49% for and 51% against.
  • China: We are sad to hear that half of the Netherlands as well as cities like Venice are completely gone, we offer the Netherlands 60 billion dollars for reclamation help (Netherlands Response Needed).
  • Mod event: With the invasion of lebannon, the lebanese government and hezbollah reluctantly team up to drive out isis. The ultra conservatives in saudi arabia attempted a coup against King Salman which was successful. Saudi Arabia has now become part of Isis. As a consequence, terrorist attacks elsewhere in the arabian peninsula have increased and for the first time, the UAE experienced a terrorist attack: a gunman killed 32 people and injured 20 others in Dubai Mall. Meanwhile, North Korea and Iran come to their sense and renounce their alliance with Isis since the terror group has sworn to purge atheists and shia muslims. Out of desperation, Bahrain forms an alliance with Iran while the rest of the countries in the arabian peninsula are in deep trouble.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: In response to the rise in sea level, we embark on a 10 meter tall wall surrounding St. Petersburg to protect it from the sea level rise.


The Great Tidal Surge is over, sadly half of the Netherlands has been submerged forever, along with historic cities such as Venice. A new threat looms, ISIS, having conquered Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine,Yemen and Saudi Arabia, they are currently threatening Oman, the UAE and Israel.

  • MOD EVENT: To exert its power more in the Caucasus, ISIS starts their invasion of Armenia and Georgia.
  • Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands: We plan to change our name to Benelux Union, because we have merged with Belgian Flanders and Luxembourg. King Willem-Alexander and his family go back to Den Haag because the condition is safely. We start build back some infrastructure, especially Europoort. We also will build former city of Amsterdam as tourist place. We warn ISIS to stop their invasion to Caucasian nation, or our friends will attack you. We start build back our military, recruit troops, and add equipments. We will hold general election.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Maritza Ramos holds a referendum on the monarchy, the polls are currently in a dead heat with polls at For (scrapping the monarchy) - 49% and Against - 51%, however these keep switching around (Mod Response Needed)
    • Mod Response: the against vote barely wins at 53%
  • Germany flag Germany: We start developing our own WMD's, in case NATO stops Nuclear Sharing. We ask Austria to merge with us because we both speak German, and it would give their citizens a good life (Mod Response Needed). We tell Austria not to worry, we aren't planning anything bad.
    • Mod Response: The US reprimands you for for violating the NPT and Austria refuses to merge with you.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We send 10,000 troops to Armenia and azerbaijan to repel the Isis invasion. We offer to sell military drones and T-90 tanks to Israel [Israel response needed]
  • Mod Event: Iran has figured out how to place warheads in ballistic missiles and they currently have 20 of them. The Iranians reluctantly agree to an alliance with the Kurds in order to drive Isis out. Meanwhile, North Korea has begun its invasion of the South.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: President Possenti announces that the 2nd Republic of Italy has been formed after the Italian Parliament have allowed political officials be elected by the people. The first election takes place, and the results are that current Prime Minister Marco Giovanni has been elected the 1st Prime Minister of the 2nd Republic of Italy with also gaining more seats in the both Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. Prime Minister Giovanni walks out of his residence at the Palazzo Ghigi in Rome with his family following him and states in a very loud voice to the thousands of his supporters, "LIBERALISM HAS SUCCEEDED ONCE MORE, AND WILL FOR THE REST OF TIME! THANK YOU PEOPLE OF ITALY!" Now, the people of Italy will head to the polls once more to elected the first President of the 2nd Italian Republic, the current polls come in that Alessandra Possenti and the newly formed Liberal Party is leading the polls at a high rate of 57% (Mod Response, on results).
    • mod response: possenti wins


  • Flag of Spain Spain: Maritza Ramos has brung out major reforms to the defense department. The Spanish army has been cut from 100,000 soldiers to 45,000, the navy has been cut from 20,800 personnel to 15,000 and the air force has been cut from 20,300 to 15,000 too. This is in a bid to save money and instead re-invest it into Education, Health and the Environment. Maritza Ramos also signs the 'Pacifist Act' which means Spain cannot enter a war unless it is directly attacked.
  • Flag of Benelux Benelux Union: We change our name as Benelux Union. We continue build infrastructures and clean some cities after The Great Tidal, one of them is some part of Utrecht and Groningen. We ask Germany for increase our alliance status with non-aggression pact, mutual defense, bilateral formal alliance, and some economic treaties. [Mod Response Needed]. We will hold the general election.
  • Mod Event: the kurds have taken a bit of territory from Isis with Iranian backing. In the south of Iraq, shia militias have taken a few cities from Isis. Iran has also launched a nuclear attack on Riyadh, Jeddah, and mosul. Meanwhile, the north korean invasion resulted in the fall of Seoul but thanks to Japanese intervention, the NK troops are no longer gaining ground. The capital has been temporarily been relocated to Bhusan for the time being. A terrorist attack occurred in Frankfurt Germany when a radicalized muslim who became a commercial airline pilot flew into the Commerzbank Tower. Since the building had a huge hole in the middle, the fuel didn't reach the other side and some debris crashed lower. In short, while 104 people died and 150 were injured, the building did not collapse. Despite this, the building will remain closed for at least a year while repairs are made. Sea levels have risen by 6 inches since the netherlands and belguim went through their troubles. Now it's bangladesh's turn to lose their land to rising waters as anyone living in the ganges delta now has to flee their homes.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: Our St. Petersburg wall is now complete. The gates are airtight and if water surrounds the city then we'll build a bridge. [secret] now that St. petersburg has been covered, we can finally move forward with our plan to speed up global warming via chemtrails. We have begun construction on aircraft the size of jumbo jets which will have almost all of their payload devoted to spraying chemicals. We plan on spraying vast amounts of chlorofluorocarbons in siberia to make the region more suitable for habitation. We also plan on spraying the arctic circle to increase trouble for western europe (and allow us to build a naval base in eastern siberia) [end secret]
  • China: We begin building levees around the Yangtze Delta, and we have also detected extremely high amounts of carbon dioxide , chlorofluocarbons and methane across Siberia and the Russian Arctic. We ask Russia if they know anything related to the incident (Russian Response Needed).
    • Russian Dip: we deny knowing anything related to this incident
  • Spain: Maritza Ramos announces (now considering that the environment budget is 25% of overall spending) that 15% of said environment budget be spent on improving and creating new sea defenses in the event of sea rising and another tidal surge. Thinking about what China has asked Russia, that was what accelerated the sea defenses decision. These shall be completed by the next year.
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael: We begin upgrading our infrastructure and security protocols to counter two threats: ISIS and rising water levels. We are slightly supsicious of Russia's actions, and decide to "keep an eye on them"
  • Colombia Colombia: We ask Panama to merge into a union with us (Mod Response Needed). We start to develop WMD's, and we continue to develop as an American Powerhouse. We ask East Timor, Indonesia, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Ireland, Norway, Australia, Switzerland, Benelux Union, Cambodia, Wales, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Libya, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, South Korea, Poland and India for an alliance (Mod/Player Response Needed).
  • Mod Response: All National except Australia accept. Panama accept the merger offer.
    • Australian Dip: we decline
    • Benelux Diplomacy: We accept.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: We ask for New Zealand, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea to merge with us into The United Commonwealth of Australasia. We also give 2 reasons: 1. We would be a stronger nation, with lesser amount of countries being able to successfully invade us. 2. Unlike the last time we thought of a merger in the late 19th century, our army could be quickly carried to and from the islands in a matter of hours instead of days.[Mod Response Required] A new PM has been elected, and his name is John Langsley, he plans to increase our military-industrial complex by 25%, diversify our economy off of mining for opal, and finally improve our internet speed. We begin building factories in the Outback to produce military and civilian supplies. We leave the non-nuclear proliferation treaty, as we suspect Russia of continuing production of nuclear weapons well into the 2000s and possibly even into the present day. (Secret) We begin a project nicknamed Project Firestorm, which is a Nuclear Weapons development program designed to give us nuclear weapons by 2032 (end secret)
  • Spain: We ask for an alliance with New Zealand and Australia [Countries response needed]
  • Mod Response Needed: New Zealand decline, because they don't want to be recognized as "Aussie/Australian". Fiji is unresponsive while Papua New Guinea Accepts the offer.
  • China: We tell the ROC (Taiwan) that we want our land back, and we are willing to go democratic for it because it's a strategic location. (Mod Response Needed) We begin sending probes to Mars to locate a place to send a colony.
  • Mod Event After a surprising turn of events, Wales holds a referendum on independence, and the results are: 49.9% against, 50.1% Pro independence. Norway joins the EU, after their referendum, which showed 31% against, 69% pro EU. The United States allows an independence referendum for Alaska, California and Texas, but will only be granted independence if the results are higher than 80% pro independence. Yemeni tensions are rising and the country may split again. Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Samoa ask to join The United Commonwealth of Australasia (Australia Response Needed).
  • Mod Event: in response to the bombings by iran, isis carried out a terrorist attack in western Iran in a shooting where 6 died and 20 were injured. Isis has entered darfur and has taken 3 towns and will likely take more. The UAE and Oman fell due to the might of the saudi arabian military. Iran has built up a large military in bahrain and also has shia militias in western yemen and in lebannon in addition to southern iraq. The US has begun airstrikes in the islamic state and has begun sanctions. Meanwhile in asia, north korea has been defeated and the korean peninsula has been reunified. Greenland has begun mining for resources and some dutch have moved there because of economic opportunity.


  • MOD EVENT: Boko Haram has taken all of Nigeria and cedes their land to ISIS. ISIS then continues its "blitzkrieg" invasion of Darfur, and has started to enter other parts of Sudan, as wel as South Sudan & Chad. Sea levels have risen about another 8 feet, inundating half of Bangladesh, and the sea level is high enough that Naples is completely underwater. The nations of Turkey, Ukraine and Greece blame Russia for this. India takes over Bangladesh, although much of it doesn't exist.
  • Spain: We Believe Russia had something to do with the rising sea levels and chemtrails correlation. We heavily condemn then. We speed up our environmental plan, Spain now lives off 100% renewable energy. New sea defenses mean that Spain can withstand up to 10ft worth of sea level rising.
    • Flag of Russia Russia: we deny causing global warming and think that spain has gone too far in condemning us
  • Colombia Flag Colombia: We hit ISIS controlled Baghdad and Damascus with our WMD's. We ask Ecuador and Trinidad and Tobago for a merger (Mod Response Needed). We launch more Satellites into space and we begin advancing our technology. We warn all countries about the threat of global warming and that something similar to the 2014 film [1] could happen by 2079.
    • Mod Response: Both accept the merger proposal.
    • Mod response: the US along with other western countries and human rights groups condemn the nuclear attack
  • MOD EVENT: The Islamic State enters Afghanistan, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and Baluchistan. All of Northern Sudan and Lebanon are under the Islamic States Control. As the Islamic War rages on, no major power appears to care that almost half of Africa and 95% of the Middle East is under IS Control. Niger, Benin, Togo, Mali Federation and Burkina Faso become IS territory. West Papua achieves independence from Indonesia and unifies with Papua New Guinea. An American spy uncovers documents that show IS is planning to invade Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Kenya, Gabon, Congo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Tunisia and The Gambia. There are also plans to possibly enter Europe by 2045. IS also begin to invade South-East Turkey.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: Isis has been driven from the caucasus. We offer an alliance with fascist mexico [mod response needed]
  • Mod Response: They agree.
  • Mod Event: The US carries out Operation Great Flood which is an invasion from Israel starting with Lebannon and Syria followed by the rest of Isis territory as well as supplying arms to Jordan, South Sudan, and other countries being sieged by Isis. Almost their entire million men garrison is being sent to liberate Isis controlled land. There is a hezbollah insurgency in lebannon causing trouble for the IS occupation as they have taken a few town in the south and the northeast. Every country in the AU now has declared war on Isis and have rushed to defend the continent. Pakistan has begun a draft to defend their nation from Isis and its troops are rushing towards Baluchistan. The US asks its fellow countries to assist it to topple Isis [country responses needed] In other news, the sea level has risen 6 inches and for the first time, the arctic had no ice during the summer and the temperature in siberia has increased by 1 degree celsius. Meanwhile, Due to being invaded, Djibouti decides to become French overseas territory again, like French Guiana.
  • Colombia Flag Colombia: We start talks with France, since they are currently under attack by IS. We ask
  • MOD EVENT: Azerbaijan, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Malta, Sicily, and Gabon fall under IS control. Mexico invades & annexes Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador. Moldova unifies with Romania. East Turkey becomes IS territory. IS plan to invade Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo.
  • Flag of China China: We send 500,000 troops to Pakistan to fend off ISIS because Pakistan is our ally. We have sent spies into ISIS territory, they report that there are numerous genocides occurring there, including the Shiite Purge, the 2nd Holocaust, and the Christian Extermination. As many as 135 million people's lives are threatened. Yesterday, a bomber set 75 bombs across Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City , killing 875.
  • Spain: Maritza Ramos decides to repeal the Pacifist Act, due to the rise of ISIS, but she puts it to the pad parliament. 126 votes are needed. [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]
  • MOD EVENT: ISIS now occupies Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Algeria, Morrocco, Niger, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Chad, Cameroon, Tanzania and Uganda, and ISIS has also occupied Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. It has also gained a nuclear weapon from one of Pakistan's captured nuclear silos. ISIS shows signs of slowing down, however, and the US and China have been gaining land. Fascist Mexico invades & annexes Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador, leaving only Costa Rica between Fascist Mexico & Neo Gran Colombia.
  • Australasia:We accept all offers to join us. (Secret) We have produced one nuclear weapon. We plan to use it on ISIS. (End Secret)
  • Mod Event: as a result of the isis invasion of turkey, european powers rush to defend the country and are quite successful. Meanwhile, the US has liberated lebannon and almost all of Syria but Isis has taken most of Jordan and has entered the west bank. Sea levels have risen another 6 inches this year and suspicions leading to russia continue. New Orleans and Miami are experiencing flooding and the federal government deemed both of those cities uninhabitable due to sea level rise and so they were abandoned. Seattle, LA, San Francisco, San Antonio, and NYC are also being threatened as far as american cities go and Shanghai, Dhaka, Barcelona, and many european coastline cities are facing trouble. The peninsula of florida is starting to dissipear as the sea levels rise and there is mass panic about the rising sea levels. The US president condemns russia's actions and calls other countries for total sanctions on Russia until they discontinue. A 10 meter tall barrier is being built across the narrows, a short strait which is the gateway to Manhattan. There is some controversy over the barrier stating that it will block shipping traffic and its huge cost. Supporters state that the project will not only protect the city from rising sea levels but also from hurricanes. By the way, the maldives has been completely evacuated and most of the inhabitants fled to India. In a recent study, it has proven sea level has actually risen 3 and a half feet (5 metres) more causing Havana, Washington DC, Jakarta, Dhaka, Kuwait City and Taipei to disappear. China is also pushing in to ISIS, they have completely pushed ISIS out of Pakistan and Tajikistan, and they have also liberated the cities of Kabul and Tashkent.
  • Flag of Benelux Benelux Union: We report that 50% area of our country is being flooded, including The Hague, Groningen, and Brugge. People begin leave Benelux to Germany, Greenland, and France. We discover that Russia does something bad and causing floods in some country, we ask Russia for confirmation [Russia Response Needed]. Due to floods, we cancel some projects, including rebuilding Europoort, build Amsterdam as underwater city, and sea reclamation. In other topics, we condemn ISIS and Mexico. We start give NATO support to liberate nations. One of many nations that attacked by ISIS, Gabon, has exiled to there, and they ask European Nation to attack ISIS. We plan to build a great wall with 20m tall across Europe, but we must waiting for flood to be over. We ask Mexico to STOP their invasion and threatening some nation in Central America. [Secret, Colombia, China, and NATO knows it] We ask Colombia to invade Mexico, and if Russia does something bad to entire the world, we ask China and NATO to invade Russia, after the Great Floods. [Colombia, China, and NATO Response Needed] [End Secret]. We offer Colombia and Arabs(in-exile) for alliance [Colombia and Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: Arabs in exile accept the alliance proposal.
  • Colombia Flag Colombia: We accept Benelux alliance. We ask Nicaragua & Costa Rica for a merger and we put it simply; if they don't merge with us, Mexico will destroy them (Mod Response Needed). We invade fascist Mexico and start liberating southern Honduras (Mod Response Needed).
  • Mod Response: They both Accept the proposal.
  • MOD EVENT: Fascist Mexico invades Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and all island nations in the Carribean. IS leaders are worried that all their territories may be reclaimed, so they develop chemical weapon that releases a plague across Afro Eurasia, causing over 3 million deaths so far, and more to come. Fascist Mexico and the Islamic State agree to an alliance. So far, Armenia and Georgia has been totally purged of Christians, and half of Israel's population is dead, along with significant chunks of Ethiopia and West Africa's population, for a total death toll of 32 million, ranking the IS genocides 3 times more deadly than the Holocaust.
  • China: In response to the plague, we nuke Mosul, Baghdad, Dubai, Cairo, Lagos, Algiers and Tehran to loosen the ISIS grip on the Middle East and North, West and Central Africa. We apologize for the deaths of any victims of the nuking, and we say that some sacrifices have to be made to rid the world of the plague also known as ISIS. We immediately start finding a cure for the plague, and we start building walls around the Yangtze Delta and the Beijing area so the plague does not penetrate there, and we also encourage countrysiders to take refuge in the walled zones and a number of other "safe" zones.

MOD EVENT: IS takes over Congo, São Tomé & Principe, Kuwait, Rwanda, Senegal, Gambia, Cyprus, Djibouti, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Burkina Faso, Bulgaria, Qatar, Central African Republic, Guinea and Guinea Bissau. Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan unite as The Central Asian Federation. Greece Unites with Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro as the Greek Federation.

  • Colombia Flag Colombia: We invade IS and take Cameroon. We ask China, Russia, Italy, Australia and other countries to invade IS and takeover some of their territory (RESPONSES NEEDED).
Mod Response: France takeover Morocco, Germany takes over Tanzania, The UK takes over Nigeria and South Portugal takes Western Sahara.
  • Flag of Benelux Benelux Union: We start build the high island (its elevation about 30 m) across the coastline, even we are now being flooded, and continue our projects. Prime Minister says in his speech, "We now don't care about flood, we can solve that. Now, our enemy is IS, they are threatening the peaceful nation and make this world chaos. NOW, WE DECLARE WAR ON DA'ESH!!!. The King agreed and have signed the declaration of war. So, what are you waiting for? Attack them! We call the entire the world to attack Da'esh, but still look at Mexico, they also the troublemaker. Let's help Colombia to attack them. Muslim need our help, they need Mecca and Medina." We start send support 2,000 troops to attack Mexico, and send 27,000 troops to help defend Greece from the main-antagonist Da'esh, then we will push our troops to liberate Bulgaria and Istanbul.
  • Colombia Flag Colombia: We thank the Benelux Union greatly for their services. We assist the Benelux Union and start constructing land so that the Benelux Union will border the island of Great Britain, Norway or Denmark, if they want to be connected to them, the land will also be 100m elevation (Benelux Response Needed).
    • Benelux Diplomacy: We accept Colombia offer to support project.
  • MOD EVENT: Benelux Union successfully invade and takeover Aegean, Marmara and Black Sea regions of Turkey. The United States also liberate Syria and Lebanon. Sudan is liberated and split into Darfur, South Sudan, North Sudan, Blue Nile and Nuba (when mapping, please search up regions of Sudan). Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia are liberated and given to Russia. Ethiopia is also divided into Somali is given to Somalia, Tigray and Afar receive independence and the rest become Ethiopia.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We send 50,000 troops to defend the mexican regime
  • Flag of Spain Spain: The general election is in the next year and all parties are kickstarting their campaigns. The polls are currently showing Citizens starting to lose their massive ground. This is most likely due to their inaction with ISIS, but Ramos still states that the money is better spent at home. The Fascist Party are in grave danger of not getting their spot in the Senate (there is only room for three parties in the new electoral system)
    • Poll of Polls:

Citizens: 37%, People's Party: 29%, Podemos: 23%, Facist Party: 11%

  • MOD EVENT: IS, although they are weak, have managed to take Serbia, Romania, Malawi, and Comoros. The Results of the American referendums are: 71% California; independence granted, 68% Alaska; independence denied and 77% Texas; independence granted.
  • Flag of Benelux Benelux Union: We continue push our troops to Ankara, Trabzon, Antalya, Izmır, Konya, Bucharest, and Belgrade. We also send more 12,500 troops to help Greek Federation, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, and rest of Romania (Transylvania) defend theirselves. We ask all European nations who not already join in NATO--except Switzerland, for respect their neutrality-- , African Union, China, India, Kazakhstan, and Brazil for alliance to fight ISIS together. We also call NATO --especially USA-- to attack ISIS, and for USA, we ask for military support in Balkan. [China, Brazil, and Mod Response Needed]. [Secret] We start fund rebels in Syria, Kurdistan, Mecca, Nigeria, and Kenya. [End Secret]. We continue build islands in North Sea and rebuild Europoort, sea surface slowly decreased.


ISIS has terrorized much of the world, as reports of terrorist attacks are running rampant, and a plague has been unleashed in most of Afro-Eurasia. Islamophobia has risen up to a record high, as nations such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Greek Federation and Ukraine face fascist coups and rampant targeted murder and rape of Muslims. The nukings have killed 80 million people, officially classifying the ISIS war as "World War Three".

  • China: We enforce a compulsory draft stating that all able-bodied men and women between the ages of 18 and 45 will have to join the army. We have also receiving reports that the sea level rise is gradually lowering, with the sea level being reported to peak at 10 meters above pre-Great Tidal Surge sea levels. We send messages to Taiwan to unite, and we will change to being a democracy(MOD RESPONSE NEEDED).
  • Mod Response: Taiwan accept the offer, saying "Finally, a united China after almost a century".
  • MOD EVENT: ISIS uses the nuke that they got from Pakistan's nuclear silos to fire it directly at Washington DC, killing 2.5 million, The US Retaliates by firing nukes at Mecca and Medina. This is heavily supported by Islamophobic people, while being condemned by the international community. An Islamophobic Republican party, under Donald Trump Jr. seizes control of the United States of America and immediately declares war on Fascist Mexico.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: It's election day. The last poll is as follows: Citizens: 35%, People's Party: 30%, Podemos: 18% and Fascist Party: 17%. The Fascist Party has been consistently rising in the polls, as has People's Party due to both of their hardline stance on ISIS, also being painted the anti-Islam parties. However, Citizens are predicted to be re-elected by a majority of just 5%, down from their safe majority of 12% last election. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED)
    • Mod Response: Fascist Party, 16%, Podemos, 20% People's Party, 38.2%, Citizens, 38.8%
  • Flag of Australia Australasia: We declare that we are a nuclear state to the world, with two Hydrogen Bombs ready to launch at any second, and we are now making one more every month, and we are willing to destroy any ISIS city at any moment if they do not surrender immediately. [Mod Response Required]
    • Mod Response:' ISIS is not threatened, and say that they also have nukes, and are more than happy to use them on Australasia.
  • Mod Event: A fascist coup in Ukraine succeeds, and Dictator Joseph Volodymyr now leads Ukraine, the Fasist Ukranian government requests alliances with Russia and Fascist Mexico (Russian and Mod Responses Needed), and immediately declares war on the Islamic State.
    • Russian Dip: we accept
    • mod: mexico accepts
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Maritza Ramos speaks 'Thank you, people of Spain for re-electing me. We can continue the work we started.'
  • Spanish Parliament/Speaker: 'Due to our system, only three parties are allowed to be in the Parliament at any one time. This means because the Fascist Party had the least amount of votes and seats, their seats will be allocated to the best performing party in their area, this will mainly be Citizens or People's Party.' This has caused uproar across Spain because the Fascist Party got 16% of the vote yet is not in Parliament at all. Riots are occurring over the country.
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael: We tell IS that we will not hesitate to fire our nuclear weapons at their cities, and that we will not forgive them after what they did to our country. We increase our security and tell our population that they should not trust radicals. We complete the construction of our 15 meter high sea walls. (Secret) We ask all countries fighting IS for a meeting, which will be held in any of the participating countries once agreed on to discuss possible strategies and weak points in both our and their locations.(End Secret) (Player Response Needed)
    • mod response: the US, UK, France, and Canada agree
    • China: We agree.
  • Colombia: We agree to the proposal.
  • Mod event: due to the rising threat of terrorism and the general instability of Greece, the country's nazi party (Golden Dawn) took over the government and is now discriminating against muslims. The newly fascist government has guaranteed capital punishment for anyone who attempts to join isis. The regime also praised the American bombings of Mecca and Medina. The UK, France, and Canada have joined the US in its war against Isis. When the US bombed mecca and medina, it was seen as a declaration of war upon islam and so every muslim majority nation placed sanctions on the US. Muslim protests are rampant in major cities of the US particularly New York. Much of the arctic ice has melted and the rest of the ice only forms near the north pole in the winter. Siberia is 2 degrees warmer than it was in 2028 when the phenomenon began.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: [secret] we downsize the amount of airplanes in the arctic circle [end secret] Due to the lack of ice in the arctic circle, we begin construction on a naval base in eastern siberia.
  • Colombia Flag Colombia: We liberate Yemen, keeping as an overseas department like France has French Guiana. We have now created an artificial Archipelago of islands at these coordinates: Latitude: 25.30109 Longitude: 167.11162 Distortion: 1.22 called Keāa. The elevation of Keāa is 500m in all places so it will never flood. It is tropical. Currently, our subdivisions are:
  • Amazonas
  • Andes
  • Pacific
  • Carribea
  • Orinoco
  • Panama
  • Ecuador
  • Trinidad
  • Tobago
  • North Yemen
  • South Yemen
  • Jizan
  • Lebanon
  • Badakhshan
  • Keāa
  • Costa Rica
  • Nicaragua
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Maritza Ramos has just entered a coalition with PODEMOS. This is whilst riots are occurring over the country and many pro-democracy groups are calling for electoral reform. Ramos declines to comment on the situation.
  • MOD EVENT: A group of Pro-Islamic Staters declare the Islamic State of the Indonesian Archipelago and seize control of Borneo, Timor, Sulawesi and Sumatra. The United States re-introduces the 48 star flag, following the independence of California & Texas. Meanwhile, many countries have independence referendums; Scotland Votes for independence, 12% against; 88% pro. Germany has referendum for Bavarian independence, 49% against; 51% Pro. Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia and Azerbaijan suggest to Russia that the Eurasian Union should unite, to become a superpower and gain some power (Russia Response Needed). Mongolia, Iran, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, after a long wait, ask to join the Eurasian Union (Mod Response Needed). Liechtenstein has a referendum to join Switzerland, 29% against; 71% Pro. Karakalpakstan has a referendum and becomes independent. Japan requests Russia to handover Sakhalin (Russia Response Needed).
    • Russia dip: we accept all 4 countries into the eurasian union and the eurasian union will be a country. We refuse to give up sakhalin since it's right next to our coast.
  • EMERGENCY MOD EVENT: Colombia urges all nations to use nukes on Guadalajara, Mexico City and all other Major Mexican Cities (RESPONSES NEEDED ASAP!!!). Colombia successfully takes Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and the South East region from Mexico, leaving them with the Carribean & El Salvador.
  • Colombia Flag Colombia: We have become the Central American Superpower, so we draw out maps for other nations helping us; Benelux Union shall get the West, and North-Central Regions, we shall get the South-East region and China shall get the East, South Central and South-West regions. The United States shall get the North-West and North-East Regions. We now have many capitals, Aden, Beirut, Bogotá, Panama City and Managua. We fill in the Panama Canal, and raise Panama City 20m above sea level. We merge Panama state and Colombia State so there is no confusement anymore.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Maritza Ramos has decided to put electoral reform to parliament. This will allow any party that gains seats to the parliament. There needs to be 205/350 votes to pass. (Mod Reponse Needed). Also the opinion polls today have put the Fascist Party on an incredible 24% with Maritza Ramos and her party sinking to 21%, making them the third largest party in terms of polling.
  • Mod Response: There are 207 out of 350 votes, so it passes.
  • MOD EVENT: Desperate for victory, ISIS tries a last-resort plan: making all people age 15-60 have to join the military and they also launch nukes at New York, Antwerp, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Bogota, Paris, Berlin, Kiev, Moscow, Athens, Shanghai, Panama City, London, San Fransisco and Guangzhou.


ISIS has finally been pushed out of the Middle East, its only territories are now in Africa, the Balkans and small parts of Iran. As a desperate attempt to turn the war around, ISIS nuked 16 cities in China, the US, Brazil, Colombia and Europe.

  • China: We start cleaning up radiation and rebuilding Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, we move our capital to Chengdu temporarily.
  • Colombia Flag Colombia: We still have our other capitals, but we will just leave the 2 nuked cities behind, we'll clean 'em up one day. We invade all the Carribean Territories of Mexico (Mod Response Needed). We ask Venezuela to merge with us because then we can watch old sitcoms together (Mod response Needed). We also ask Hexarafi for a new map (Hexarafi Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: Jamaica, all small islands (e.g Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis) are also taken, but Cuba and Hispaniola are still controlled by Mexico. Venezuela accept the offer.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Due to electoral reform, Maritza Ramos has triggered a general election. The opinion polls on the day were as follows: Citizens: 33%, People's Party: 31%, Fascist Party: 22%, PODEMOS: 14%. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED)
    • Mod Response: The results are People's Party: 35%, Citizens: 28%, Fascist Party: 25%, PODEMOS: 12%
  • Colombia Flag Colombia: We ask Guyana, Suriname, Peru, Bolivia and Chile for a merger (Mod Response Needed).
  • Mod Response: They all accept the Proposal.
  • China: We have finally enforced 100% clean energy on all of China. We send another 500,000 troops to finish off ISIS and wipe them off the face of the Earth.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Maria Ruiz, new Spanish Prime Minister is declaring the new coalition with great suspense: 'With much thought and negotiations, I would like to announce the new coalition that will serve Spain for the next five years: It is a People's Party/Citizens coalition. This means I will be your Prime Minister and Maritza Ramos will be the Junior PM/Deputy Leader. The reason we have not chosen to go with the speculated choice of the Fascist Party is because they go against core Spanish values and we have to keep them out of government as possible. We look forward to serve you in the coming future.' With the People's Party in power, they are looking to increase their military again.
  • Flag of Benelux Benelux Union: We continue fight ISIS and invite Germany to join this war. [Mod Response Needed]. King Willem-Alexander safe from the nukes, because he is in Den Haag. [Secret, Coalition know it] The King and his family have exiled to Dutch Caribbean Islands, and we ask protection from Colombia [Colombia Response Needed] We ask Coalition to nuke ISIS, but with our respect to Muslim, don't launch it to Mecca. We don't have nukes here because our nuclear project are destroyed. [Coalition Response Needed] We start funding rebels in Nigeria and Mecca[End Secret] We push our troops to Turkey and Romania, before they are spreading to other countries, we with Hungary and Poland help, capture Transylvania.
    • mod response: germany sends troops to repel Isis
  • Colombia Flag Colombia: We promise the Benelux Union they will be safe, we will have 24/7 security with more than 2,000 troops on the islands at all times. We also listen to Benelux Union and We nuke Dubai, Tashkent, Tehran and Kabul.
  • Mod Event: the arctic ice shelf has been completely melted even during the winter. Due to the rising temperatures in siberia, many russians are moving east. Indonesia and malaysia are still bitter over nuking mecca [secret] they're working on a nuclear program [end secret]. Greece joined the coalition against Isis which now has lost all of its territory. However, few terror cells still remain and continue to cause havoc. Kurdistan was granted independence and eventually, democratic governments will be installed in each of the countries but for now, they are under Nato administration.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: Vladimir Putin and other government top leaders were killed in the bombing of Moscow but fortunately, the bomb didn't blow up too much outside of the Kremlin. The entire country is put under military rule. The capital has been temporarily moved to St. Petersburg. Due to siberia being warmer, we begin construction on 3 aircraft carrier shipyards and increase the naval budget so that we can finally project our naval power. The RSA is making plans to build a lunar base as an experiment for future space exploration. We seek an alliance with fascist Greece [mod response needed]
    • MOD RESPONSE: Fascist Greece accepts, and fascist coups happen in Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Sweden. They all request an alliance with Russia (Russia Response Needed).
      • Russian Dip: we accept
  • China: President Xi Jinping was killed in the nuking of Beijing, so the first election since the rise of the People's Republic of China has been enacted. The candidates are:

Xin Shen(Pacifist Party) : Promises that China will not go into any wars for as long as she is President of China. She also promises that the nuked cities will be rebuilt in at least 8 years.

Chengyuan Yu (Chinese Republicans): Promises to rebuild the nuked cities ASAP and find a cure for the plague. Also promises to rewrite the Chinese Constitution to make the people of China have more civil liberties and political freedom, also promises to lift Internet censoring.

Mao Jianzhang (Fascist Party): Promises to expand China, and says controversial things about Muslims. Very imperialistic.

The current percentages are: Pacifist Party: 35%, Chinese Republicans: 47%, and Fascists: 18%.

Who will win? (Mod Response Needed)

  • Flag of Benelux Benelux Union: We with Eastern European countries push our troops to Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria. We also ask Fascist Greece for help on other front. In Asia, we start send troops to fight ISIS in Indonesia, but our troops is not enough so we ask for help, especially from China and Australia [Nations, Mod Response Needed + Result of Invasion]. [Secret] We send some spies to assassinate Caliphate of ISIS, to make IS weak. [End Secret]. We continue recruit more troops and add more equipment.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Maria Ruiz has increased border force security to 75% extra due to the threat of terror attacks. She also invests in a new system to efficiently shoot down nukes.
  • Flag of Spain Spain: Maritza Ramos (who is the new Deputy PM as the junior member of the coalition and foreign secretary) wants to reiterate that Spain is remaining neutral with ISIS and the allies as Spain does not want to be attacked.
  • Eurasian Union: we are proud to announce that the successor to the soviet union is here and that the Eurasian Union is now a country. We endorse Mao Jiazhang as a candidate for presidency of china.

It is dead so I might as well...

  • Colombia Flag Colombia: We invade and annex Mexico and its territories, Indonesia, Iran, Mongolia, Norway, Sweden and Finland. We Nuke the sun for lolz and dig a hole in the Gulf of Mexico so now oil is erupting out and polluting the earth. We set so many biomes off that a nuclear winter has spread across the earth. We invade Antarctica and Donald Trump's Backyard. We let sea level rise 10m and sink heaps of the world. We claim the Pacific Ocean and Alaska Az our territory.

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