This map game is now archived as an Inactive Map Game.

Map game created by me. Read the rules carefully. and feel free to join. Simply add your nations to the list of nations. If you have trouble adding the flag I'll add it. A mod will add your nation to the rankings as well. Remember to join!


Rules are quite simple:

  • No Racism.
  • Religious debate and war are fine but don't overdo it.
  • Please check back once every couple of days.
  • You can create a unified nation made out of two to three countries but it has to be approve by a mod.
  • To become a mod you have to be appointed by me.
  • If you would like to Invade a country you must follow a territory map (in dev).
  • If you don't post in five turns you will be replaced.
  • You can form rebel groups.
  • Your Literacy rate can be increased by saying you're making more schools in your turns and using grammar in your turns.



Here Battles will take place. You can use any Tech or weapons you have made as long as it is plausible a MOD Will choose who wins using an Algorithm. The Attacker is in Bold and the defender is not bolded. The Military ranking will play a role. Before doing a battle you must state the invasion or attack in the Gameplay first.

Example Battle:

Pakistan vs India. Pakistan: F-16's bomb Mumbai, Navy fires on Indian ships. India: Navy ounterfires. We take to the air to shoot the F-16's.

MOD response: The surprise attack by Pakistan overwhelmed India at first but they quickly countered it. Because India's literacy rate is high and military ranking India successfully defended but India lost six ships and lost 200 civilians. Pakistan lost four planes and two ships.

By the way, this may be the battle system it may be changed or shutdown. This is a test.

ISIS vs Syria: Ten missiles strapped with oil barrels launched at Damascus downtown area from Deir al Zawr.

MOD Response: The bombing worked but due to no tracking system they went to random targets.

ISIS vs Libya: Ten suicide car bombers sent to target the Al-Berka Palace in Benghazi through smuggling routes and tunnels to get to Benghazi.

MOD Response: five out of ten Suicide Bombers succeeded.

United States vs ISIS: We begin conducting aerial bombings on ISIS-controlled airfields and begin conducting military raids on ISIS strongholds, with about 150 troops assaulting each known stronghold and we begin bombing Baghdad using B-1B Lancers, the only supersonic bombers in service equipped with bombs that have the same amount of force as the bombs used in the bombings of Paris and Belgium from Izmir Air base. We begin preparing to drop 50,000 troops via parachute over Baghdad, and the rest are being sent into ISIS controlled land in Syria via Turkey. ISIS: We use the Anti-aircraft gun in Baghdad to fire on cargo planes carrying the paratroopers and the truck-mounted machine gun units will fire on the paratroopers as they float to the ground. We rush 20 Glazer units to Baghdad, and we booby-trap the city in preparation for guerrilla warfare and we ready our 20,000 troops in the city with extra padding and ammunition. We also fire from Baghdad's anti-aircraft guns from before we conquered it that used to belong to Iraq to fire on enemy bombing planes.

MOD RESPONSE: Three ISIS strongholds are destroyed. The ISIS anti-aircraft gun shoots down 4000 troops, and the booby-trapped Baghdad kills 15,000 US soldiers and 35,000 civilians. A force of 30,000 US soldiers were pitted against 20,000 ISIS soldiers. The battle was eventually won by the US, but losses were high on both sides. Overall, the total death toll in Baghdad on this particular day was around 80 to 100 thousand.

ISIS vs Syria: We send ten more basic missiles to Damascus targeting the downtown governmental area, this time they are guided by targeting systems operated from the underground server rooms in Mosul.

MOD RESPONSE: A lot of the Syrian Government dies, but President Assad is still alive, hiding in a presidential bunker. ISIS gains control of 35% of Damascus.

ISIS vs Iraq: We push 10,000 troops down to southern Iraq where the rest of the army and civilian populace has retreated to, in hopes of taking Basra and pushing them off the western coast of Iraq or out of the country.

MOD RESPONSE: The weakened Iraqi army, numbering 9000 but having slightly better tech manages to hold onto 95% of Basra, but ISIS besieges the city. Civilians begin to starve.

ISIS vs Syria: 10,000 troops and 500 Glazer units on an offensive to push into the rest of Damascus and to conquer the city.

MOD RESPONSE: The Initial invasion was successful but Coalition air strikes increased and you were overwhelmed. You captured the majority of the city, though.

ISIS vs Iraq: We send 10,000 troops from the Baghdad front down to southern Iraq to counter their 2000 counter-attack force and attempt to occupy the reminder of Iraqi territory.



1. United States of America: 319 million

2. Russia: 145 million

3. Japan: 127 million

4. Germany: 82 million

5. France: 66 million

6. Italy: 64 million

7. South Africa: 52 million

8. Sweden: 9.6 million

9. ISIS: 9.2 million

10. Swiss Confederation: Six million

11. Singapore: 5.9 million


1. United States of America: 3.9 million Active Troops

2. Russian Federation: 2.3 million Active Troops

3. Germany: 850,000 Active Troops

4. France: 590,000 Active Troops

5. Italy: 498,000 Active Troops

6. Sweden: 249,951 Active Troops

7. Japan: 247,097 Active Troops

8. South Africa: 235,678 Active Troops

9. ISIS: 88,821 Active Troops

10. Singapore: 71,000 Active Troops

11. Swiss Confederations: 2000 Active Troops

Influence (1-20):

1. United States of America: 20

2. Russian Federation: 19.4

3. Germany: 17

4. France: 16.8

5. Italy: 16.5

6. Sweden: 15.3

7. Japan: 15.1

8. South Africa: 15

9. Singapore: 14

10. Swiss Confederation: 10.6

11. ISIS: 2.9

Literacy Rate:

1. Swiss Confederation: 99.8%

2. Japan: 99.8

3. France: 99%

4. Germany: 99%

5. Sweden: 99%

6. Italy: 98%

7. Singapore: 98%

8. South Africa: 97%

9. Russian Federation: 97%

10. United States of America: 95%

11. ISIS: 67%


BREAKING NEWS: ISIS takes credit for assassination attempt on King Carl XVI Gustaf. Anderson Cooper: Just in today a commercial aircraft attempted to intercept a plane carrying King Carl XVI Gustaf and was shot down by the jet security detail.

Dana Bash: Thank goodness they had a jet escort or god knows what could have happened if there had been no security.

Anderson Cooper: Yes, and five jets to be exact as the French Air force reports.

Dana Bash: We also heard that-

Anderson Cooper: Sorry to interrupt but I just got in shocking reports. ISIS has taken full responsibility for the attacks. This means they have terror agents in France.

Dana Bash: My god, it seems they just keep getting worse and worse, Anderson.

Anderson Cooper: Indeed Bash, coming up next after the commercial, How will America win the war on ISIS, and who will win the general election? *Cuts to music and CNN logo*


  • Don Lemon: We are receiving breaking news from Japan that a major earthquake has hit the island of Japan, what do we know, Pamela?
  • Pamela Brown (reporting in front of the Japanese Embassy, Washington D.C.): Not so much at this moment, Don but so far we know that it was at least a 5.0 or above and that currently there are deaths in this instance and the Japanese government is asking for help.
  • Don Lemon: Is there the possibility of a tsunami?
  • Pamela Brown: Yes, there is that possibility. I am getting word that people are currently being evacuated from the area in case there is a tsunami on its way.
  • Don Lemon: Thanks, Pamela. We will keep you updated on this breaking story.


  • Anderson Cooper: Breaking news, the White House has just announced that the United States has backed out of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. We go to our Chief Political Correspondent, Dana Bash at the White House. Dana...
  • Dana Bash: Thanks, Anderson and yes, that's correct. The White House has just announced that the United States is backing out of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
  • Anderson Cooper: Can you give us a little background information on the Treaty to our viewers that don't know about it, Dana?
  • Dana Bash: Sure Anderson, the Non-Proliferation Treaty was signed on July 1st, 1968 by over 190 countries worldwide. The treaty was an international treaty that wanted to stop the spread the use of nuclear weapons, allow the peaceful use of nuclear technology, and to achieve the goal of disarmament of nuclear weapons worldwide.
  • Anderson Cooper: This seems very surprising since I believe the only country that backed out of the treaty was North Korea. Am I right, Dana?
  • Dana Bash: You're right Anderson, North Korea was the only other nation to back out of the treaty and it is very surprising that the United States backed out.
  • Anderson Cooper: Dana, do we know why the United States backed out of the treaty?
  • Dana Bash: No, Anderson we don't. We have gotten no other information from the White House.
  • Anderson Cooper: What about President Clinton?
  • Dana Bash: Sorry Anderson, but no. We hope that the president might hold a press conference on the issue.
  • Anderson Cooper: Could this possibly react negatively on President Clinton?
  • Dana Bash: Possibly Anderson, very possibly. This announcement was very unexpected by many people and could react negatively on the President.
  • Anderson Cooper: Thanks Dana. We'll report back to you when CNN has more information on this.


  • Poppy Harlow: We are receiving breaking news from the United Nations that Iraq and Syria have surrendered their forces to the Islamic States. We go to our Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr:
  • Barbara Starr: That's right Poppy, the United Nations has just announced that Iraq and Syria have surrendered their forces to the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
  • Poppy Harlow: Do we have any more information on this story Barbara?
  • Barbara Starr: Sorry Poppy, but we have very little more information. Only that they are calling on Syrian President Assad to surrender to them, and if he does his people will no longer be harmed.
  • Poppy Harlow: Are NATO and other nations still battling this terrorist group.
  • Barbara Starr: Yes, NATO and the other nations are still involved in this war against them. We are just getting word that ISIS is proclaiming the Government of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. This is very surprising.
  • Poppy Harlow: Yes it is, Barbara. Thank you very much Barbara, keep us updated.
  • Barbara Starr: Anytime Poppy, and we will update you as soon as there is more information.



ISIS Successfully Takes Baghdad as Iraqi Troops flee. This has caused Iraq to entirely fall to ISIS. The Zika Virus Spreads to more countries as it is becoming a silent killer in newborns.

  • Flag of France France: President Lafayette Hollande has just been elected office, He is apart of the Liberal Party. He is encouraging an increase in economic activity, He is giving small businesses incentives to grow and expand Such as Loans, Experts to help your business and other things. Lafayette has also advocated for increased Security and Safety in Nuclear Plants. Adding new stricter guidelines to prevent "Chernobyls". Lafayette Hollande Announced increased Air strikes and eventually an invasion of Iraq to rid of ISIS. His three-Step plan is simple. 1) Airstrike Strategic positions and ISIS's Revenue stream, 2) Support what's left of the Iraqi Army to retake Territory and finally a NATO Invasion of Iraq and Syria. Minster of Defense Lambert J Bonaparte Invites Swedish and German leaders to discuss Safety from Terrorist attacks in Europe, The hope is to come up with an Anti Terror Force in Europe. The Meeting will take place in the Palace of Versailles under heavy security after ISIS Threaten to bomb the event. French Special Forces will be there to calm fears of an attack.
    • Swedish Diplomacy: Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announces that he and his wife would be honored to come visit France to attend the meeting to increase safety in Europe. King Carl XVI Gustaf announces that he and his wife would like to make a state visit to France (French Response needed).
    • French Diplomacy: The President Welcome's Swedish Royalty to France. With Swedish Royalty Now Visiting we decide to increase security in Paris.
  • ISIS: [SECRET] We scheme to attack the plane carrying king Carl XVI sending five terror agents in Paris to hijack a plane heading from Paris and send it crashing into the plane coming from Sweden, if that fails, we want them to suicide crash the plane into Paris [SECRET]. A new leader rises to power, Muhamad Akbadrad, or nicknamed, "Krepto". He begins his reign by filming propaganda videos from Raqqah, executing five valued American journalists. We expand our recruiting to ages 15-20, adding about 40 thousand to our manpower. 20,000 are sent to protect oil fields in Iraq and an additional 20,000 are sent to Baghdad to dig into the buildings there and protect against any future invasions. We plant truck mounted machine guns on the roofs of buildings in Raqqah to target drone strikes and enemy Aircraft. We propose Selling oil to North Korea to boost our revenue, as we have a common enemy. Oil barrel bombs are being constructed and mounted on missiles for strikes in the future. We move our government officials including Krepto to new locations every week to avoid drone strikes and assassination attempts.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: We increase our production of agricultural, food, beverages, metal, petroleum, textile, vehicle, and other resources. Our target is get income $1 trillion. We increase our defense security in our borders(especially in South) from terrorist, naval defenses have been sent to our sea border. we plan to attack ISIS in Libya but we must upgrade our military, so we build five heavy tanks and seven field artillery. We also recruit 5000 troops to Italian Army.
  • ISIS: (Secret): We start digging out underground server rooms in Mosul and we load them with computers and cyber tech from the black market, costing us about ten million. This will broaden our Technological capabilities such as hacking and recruiting online(end of Secret) A command center is set up in Baghdad in the Radwaniyah Palace from which we broadcast propaganda videos and Command operations in Baghdad. We move one of our best commanders to the building. Truck mounted Machine guns are placed in various locations and streets in Baghdad and our dug in units patrol the streets. ISIS flags drape the most influential buildings. Execution videos are filmed and released from Baghdad's largest stadium. We broadcast ISIS propaganda in the city as well. As Iraqi troops fall back we conquer more of their land and we seize more oil fields boosting our revenue, as we sell it for millions on the black market. We also seize any equipment they leave behind. We find two older class bombers and we move them to Baghdad international airport and we drape them with desert camo sheets to hide them against drone detection. 30 million in Anti Aircraft guns are purchased of the black market. One Aircraft gunner is placed in Raqqah, Mosul and Baghdad. Most of the artifacts from the museum in Baghdad are burned away as we pillage and bomb the National museum of Iraq to the ground. It is filmed and put into one of our propaganda videos. (Secret) We activate the plan to hijack the plane and crash it into Carl XVI's plane, in an attempt to kill him( end of Secret). A new unit is being deployed called the Glazer. Glazers use mini machine guns however they coat the bullets with a special type of oil that bursts into flames on impact. Each Glazer unit consists of 20 individuals. Increased attacks are held in Benghazi. Krepto and his inner circle are currently discussing plans for a formal government.

network ISISIS

  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America: We begin a conversion of Nuclear and petrolium fuels to Solar, Air, and Hydroelectric power as we are going to need to stop relying on oil as it is running out. We have begun creating a solar powered car, that, with solar panels on the top of the roof and trunk to further get off of oil. We begin building up forces onto planes and ships to invade ISIS lands, 500,000 to be exact. We have begun a program that will stop ISIS propaganda from reaching this country, as an attempted suicide bombing of the Empire State building has barely been stopped, and the two terrorists have said that they are mambers of ISIS, and have confessed about 350 people who are also terrorists in this country.
  • Flag of SwedenSweden: King Carl XVI Gustaf, his wife, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, and his wife take off from Stockholm Arlanda Airport with five surrounding the jets for the two-hour journey to Paris. During the flight a plane attempted to intercept the flight path, which was shot down by the Swedish Air Force, apparently it was shot down in the water of the Baltic Sea, more information to come soon. The flight continues and lands at Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris. The King and Queen take the non-political tour of France while the Prime Minister does the political talking with the president of France. The meetings between the Prime Minister and the President of France has been nicknamed, "The Paris Talks" about terrorism in Europe. Meanwhile, back in Sweden Deputy Prime Minister Margot Wallström overlooks the construction of 20 more schools in Northern Sweden since not many schools are currently there and the literacy rate is low.
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: Apparently, the suicide plane was shot down over our waters, so we launch an investigation to see who did this. We find out that an ISIS accomplice did this. He was found alive, but barely, two days after the attempted assassination of King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden. He was brought to trial and received life in prison for attempted murder. We also find a mob trying to burn down the Reichstag and assassinate Angela Merkel, our Chancellor. We catch 16 German members of ISIS during the Reichstag burning. Only half of it was burnt before firefighters extinguished the fire, and the Chancellor made it out alive, even though she had severe burns. Due to this reason, we ask the French and Swedish Government if we could also attend the Paris Talks[Swedish or/and French Response]. We also send 100,000 troops to Iraq to fight ISIS and recruit 500,000 more.
    • Swedish Diplomacy: Chancellor Angela Merkel is more than welcomed to attend the Paris Talks about terrorism in Europe.
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America: Hillary Clinton has won the election, carrying 30 states and DC. Peurto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are to be admitted as.the 51st state, as a recent referendum has received an overwhelming majority for statehood.
  • ISIS: We are proud to announce that our troops have swept across most of Iraq as their military and government seems to be on the run. We suspect Fuad Masum, Iraq's previous leader, is on the run to Turkey. A dirt tunnel network is built between major checkpoints in ISIS controlled areas, allowing our commanders and troops to move around quicker. We begin a bombing campaign on Damascus and we start ordering our troops on the offensive towards Damascus. The mission will take time but we believe that with the support of the rebels already fighting Assad, we can manage to pull of this feat. If we can Conquer both Iraq and Syria we will have much more power and organization that we currently lack at the moment. (Secret) We begin moving civilians who have broken Muslim law to the areas where America is bombing Baghdad in bunches. This will increase civilian casualties on Americas part, destroying their image. (End of Secret). A TV network, broadcasting center, and news room studio is under construction in Raqqah and Is expected to be finished by next year. A radio broadcast is sent out to all Jihadi terror agents in America. It states "Kill The Witch". We also use our server rooms in an undisclosed areas to spam social media with the message. #KillTheWitch goes trending on twitter for about 30 minutes until it is taken down by twitter moderators, and the anti propaganda program imposed by America stops the broadcasts. However, an impact was still made. (Secret) "Witch" is code name for Hillary Clinton but its understandable if the American media finds out because of the relevance to the 2016 elections(End of secret). We expand our recruitment to all of Iraq, taking in about 10,000 extra untrained troops. We also call for what's left Iraqi military to default to us in exchange for protection and care for them and their families. "Krepto", is scheduled to make a speech in Mosul next year, about the formation of a formal government and Caliphate.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: We increase our security in our border, airport, sea port, and big cities. We sent 30,000 troops, 25,000 Carabinieri (military police), 62,000 police officers and 35 helicopters to our border. Most secure area is in our border with Slovenia because there are many military bases (18,000 armies, 6000 Carabinieri, and some polices) and it's a vital point and terrorist can enter Europe from this location. We also send 65 ships and 4000 navy troops to secure our sea border, especially in Mediterranean Sea and Adriatic Sea, and we send some planes. It's intended to counter terrorism in Europe. We planned to add five destroyers, six frigates, and four attack submarines. In economy, we planned to build a bridge over Sicily and mainland, and build a motorways in Sardinia. We also build more water power plants and wind turbines.
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: We send 250,000 troops to Damascus to fight the ISIS advance there. We also send our navy to blockade ISIS-controlled Syria. We have received a spike in terrorist activity, with suicide bombing reports received every 2-3 weeks in cities all over the country. The death toll from terrorist attacks has already been recorded at 862 deaths and 1558 injuries so far, and it has only been a few months! Chancellor Angela Merkel is very concerned about the sudden spike in terrorism in Germany and Central Europe as a whole. We begin arresting any suspected terrorists and if the situation does not improve, we may have to impose martial law on the entire country. We predict that there is a 95% chance this will not happen. ISIS has started to intercept our radio broadcasts with their propaganda. We advise all citizens not to use the radio until further notice while we try to repel ISIS propaganda away from our radio broadcasts. We recruit 250,000 more troops, to be finished by 2018, for a total army of one million troops.


ISIS's Crusade across the middle east has been slowed down but ISIS Has now stepped foot into war torn Lebanon ready to take more territory. The Zika Virus is worrying experts has the virus has become airborne. A Massive earthquake hits Japan decimating its infrastructure, It is in need of aid. North Korea tests a ballistic missile capable of hitting the United States. Worries have grown due to no one knows if this test were successful.

  • Flag of Japan Japan: On 15th March 2017, the Japanese Meteorological Agency has identified an imminent earthquake emergency, predicting a shallow 9.5 earthquake close to the Shizuoka Urban area, with a certain 7-stage JMA intensity scale within days. The JMA's President informs the government and international media in a press conference that he is "convinced that the disaster we have prepared for will come, and cause destruction unlike the Tohoku Earthquake six years behind. I will assume all responsibility for the grave inconvenience I may have created if our precise technology did not deliver the feared results." Therefore, the Cabinet, signed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, activates the revised 2014 Tokai Emergency Plan. Japan is hereby on a national emergency, as the Central Japan and Haneda Airport cancels and/or averts aircraft services to the nearby Kansai and Narita International Airports. Kanazawa City's Komatsu Airport is granted privileges for international travel during the national emergency. Civilian services, rescue personnel and the Japanese Self-Defense are instructed to evacuate residents from the Nagoya, Hamamatsu, Sagamihara, Shizuoka and Yokohama urban areas into a designated refugee zone or in another habitat safe from the danger area. 98.4% of affected residents were able to bring their belongings, and 99.7% brought their mandatory earthquake inventory, which the disaster relief staff provided for those who has forgotten the items. The Japanese government requests all residents and transportation services around Japan to make immediate preparations for the impending earthquake, including foreign consuls in the Chubu region. (World response needed)
  • Flag of France France: President Lafayette Hollande announces a "Go Green" Plan, This includes the building of 19 Hydroelectric plants, two Nuclear Power Plants and seven wind farms. The President hopes this will help Frances air quality go up. France begins to invest innovative start up companies to encourage business in France. France begins to also invest and build new resorts and such to improve tourism in France. We send 2000 tonnes of Civilian MRE Meals to Japan to help coupe with the earthquake. We also send 1000 Troops to Japan to help provide water, food and other much needed supplies. We also encourage French doctors to join the troops to help provide medical aid. France announces we will triple our bombing campaign against ISIS in prep for an Invasion in 2018. Dassult Falcons will be the primary plane used in these bombings. We hope to strike strategic targets and ISIS Positions. We also plan on warding off ISIS In Lebanon by sending 200 Special Operations forces to help lead Lebaneese forces in fighting ISIS.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: We send 500 humanitarian to Japan to help evacuate Japanese residents. Our consul and ambassador have been moved to Sapporo. We send our experts to Vaccine Research Center (United States) to work towards developing a vaccine for virus Zika. We are worried that the virus will spread to other countries, especially Europe. We increase again our security in our border and some vital places. We send more 7500 troops to our border (total 37,500). We conduct raids in some major cities to counter terrorism, and polices managed to arrest 15 suspected terrorists (seven in Rome, three in Milan and five Turin). We found several guns and homemade bombs from them. In the maritime patrol, we have discovered many Libyan immigrants to Italy, so we build some residences in Sicily for Libyan immigrants. We are successful in building five heavy tanks and some field artillery. We will add again more military equipment, such as tank, artillery, aircraft, and navy. But now we build ten more tanks, seven self-propelled artillery, three missile artillery, and six helicopters. We also build 15 aircraft. In economy, Italian Minister of Infrastructure and Transports, Graziano Dellio says Italy will build bridge over mainland and Sicily, and motorways in Sardinia. The budget is 45 million Euros. Our target income is reached, we get $1.4 trillion.
  • ISIS: We pull our troops out of Baghdad but we order them (5500) to circle the city as we have control of the territory surrounding Baghdad. We rush the 20,000 troops that were originally ordered to protect the oil fields and we split them into two. 10,000 are sent to the border of Turkey to dig in and build trenches to stop foreign countries such as Germany from sending troops into our mainland. If they break through they will have a hard time Getting through the rest of our mainland to eventually get to Baghdad. The other 10,000 are being sent to the Syrian front in an attempt to push our territory all the way up to the Syrian coast and to try to cut off Damascus from their main source of resources, shipping routes. Krepto our beloved leader makes a speech in Mosul, to 30,000 young men in attempt to recruit them, and by the end of he speech 20,000 join the ISIS alliance. During the speech our beloved leader of the Islamic State states how he will form a government by the end of the year and its capital building will bein Raqqah. He will be the Head of State, and the supreme dictator. There will be a council of 12 Advisers for varying issues such as military and economics. A caliphate meeting is to be held every year in the capital building and will host Krepto and the council and 30 ISIS citizens from all over to vote on certain issues and decisions. The TV station and broadcasting center in Raqqah is complete and we establish a solid line into European TV satellites and we begin hacking their systems and broadcasting our propaganda more aggressively to the European union. We will begin working on establishing Radio lines into U.S media in the future. 20 blinded Refugees are drowned in a steel cage in a propaganda video filmed from the outskirts of Baghdad for trying to flee ISIS and to prove that America has not stopped us in any way in Iraq. With so many people dead and so much fighting, Baghdad will not last long as our troops and territory surround the city. All American troops trapped in the city will be taken hostage and used for propaganda. We look forward to the day we conquer Baghdad for the second time. We convert 1k of our reserve units into Glazer units.
  • Flag of SwedenSweden: The King, Queen, Prime Minister, and his wife fly back to Sweden, saying: "We have had a wonderful time in France and we hope the Paris Talks will lead to a better world for the next generation, and we hope to return to France sometime soon." The Royal Family and the Prime Minister have been getting many death threats by Islamic Terrorists based in Sweden, so Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announces a plan that the Swedish police will raid houses and other buildings suspected of hiding terrorists and if captured will be brought to justice under the Swedish law. People are considering Sweden enter the war on terror, and is gaining quick popularity and will be upheld by the Riksdag the following year on weather Sweden should enter the war. The Swedish Armed Forces announces a new type of plane will be introduced into the Swedish Air Force the following year along with a three-year plan to increase the number of active troops in the Armed Forces, hoping to get at least 3000 more troops into the army. The Government is preparing for the general election in the following year since Prime Minister Löfven is up for reelection, and is facing a challenge against Moderate Anna Kinberg Batra with her growing popularity. A minor shooting occurred outside of the Turning Torso Building in Malmö, leaving two dead and five injured. The shooters are identified as part of the Swedish based Islamic Terrorist Group, leaving many people to become more fearful of Muslim refugees entering the country along with far-right anti-immigrant political parties entering the stage and is slowly gaining support among people. The economy is beginning to improve with many people entering the workforce. The environment is becoming a major issue in the country with many people calling on the government to plan a program to help save the environment in the country. The government responds by announcing the Sweden will begin to move away from oil and more to natural and reusable energy to help power the country, along with offering countries with the extra oil for a low price. The government also launches an investigation into the plane that was shot down by the Swedish Air Force when the plane in question tried to intercept the king's plane to France. The Minister of Foreign Affairs announces that flights from Zika rapent countries will be cancelled until further notice, along with announcing 1500 humanitarian agents will be sent to Japan to help recover people after the major earthquake.
  • Flag of South Africa.svg Jacob Zuma steps down from the Presidency. Zuma's ex-wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is elected in the ensuing leadership election over Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa. We grant amnesty to all undocumented immigrants currently living in South Africa, making them tax-paying citizens. President Dlamini-Zuma gives a speech stating the people of Japan are in our hearts and prayers. We ban travel to all nations affected by the Zika Virus. We now have 45,000 active troops.
  • Flag of JapanJapan: On 4:22 AM JST, 18th of March, 2017, the Hamamatsu (Castle) Twin-Earthquake [Known as Tokai Earthquake prior to the actual event] has decimated the coastal Eastern Tokai region, where Hamamatsu City used to stand. In addition, a small earthquake was reported near the Tohoku region, only causing a 2.1 magnitude in Fukushima. The JMA calculates the magnitude to be 8.9 with a 54 KM epicenter. The Hamaoka Nuclear Plant is undamaged, and after a security assessment, is declared safe to operate. Casualty report conflicts from primary sources. The Japanese government approximates 8730 deaths during the earthquake, but another 40,000 during the intensive tsunami, mostly casualties from Hamamatsu City's collapse, total 48,730. However, the United Nations claims +115,000 has died from the effects of the disaster, while the Red Cross says the casualties were as few as 23,661. Fear of severe aftershocks forces Tokyo to prolong the national emergency until April 28th, allowing full assistance and accommodation from damages before normal lifestyle can continue in the Chubu region. The event is considered to be a new chapter of the 'Japanese miracle', as the earthquake's proximity only made great impact in Shizuoka. It is therefore the best case scenario according to the JMA and many meteorological organizations, as the nearby urban areas of Nagoya and Yokohama were both spared with a 6.4 and 5.7 magnitudes respectively, while the remainder of the archipelago is left with little scar. While Shizuoka's traditional and medium structures were greatly damaged similarly to the Hanshin Earthquake of 1995, Hamamatsu City itself collapsed below the sea level, while land seawards inverted above the sea level. Hypothetically related to mantle impacts or even climate change, this phenomenal incident excites Japanese meteorologists and local researchers. The Yokohama Council of Geology has quickly convened and ratifies an open letter to the Japanese government for a full investigation of the risen land, which is named the Hamamatsu Peninsula or New Hamamatsu in honor of the city. Research data, says the Council, is capable of creating a breakthrough for geology and Earth's evolution. Meanwhile, the Hamamatsu City Council has petitioned for the government to approve the Hamamatsu Memorial Day, which boats surround the Hamamatsu Castle, which is intact (Though repairs are required) and is untouched by the body of water that replaced the city. The peninsula is incorporated into Shizuoka Prefecture. The Finance Department estimates that the damage costs Japan 195 billion USD, excluding submerged buildings in Hamamatsu City, as government insurance has not covered such a "supernatural circumstance". Instead, the government will fund resettlement programs in the Hamamatsu Peninsula. The Japanese Meteorological Agency is credited for warning the population, which saved more than 1.744 million potential victims to the earthquake. Despite all this, the relatively organized Japanese government asks for international assistance for rescue operations and supplies for two million refugees that cannot return to their homes during the 1-month emergency. The government is additionally pleased for the willingness of international leaders to assist the recovery effort, proving that international cooperation still thrives today. A memorial will be organized in the area surrounding Hamamatsu Castle, which all world leaders are invited to attend. (World response needed) The Hamamatsu Castle Twin-Earthquake was elected the official term of the disaster, because the significance of Hamamatsu Castle being one of very few infrastructure not drowning undersea. The castle's survival has reached international headlines, with an image from photographer Tsushi Yotama of the city's final moment, descending underground while the castle firmly remains untouched.
    • North Korean Nuclear Test: As North Korea continues to expand their nuclear capabilities, we share our worries that the tyrannical regime may eventually employ these weapons to decimate allied countries of the United States, including Japan. While the PAC-3 is close for actual deployment, we wish for the United States to agree to deploy the THAAD in Japanese stations so our anti-missile defense systems can prevent annihilation from foreign threats. (Response by the United States of America needed)
    • Flag of SwedenSwedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Minister of Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström announces that military, financial, doctors, and humanitarian aid will be sent to the affected areas on the island of Japan immediately. 975 military soldiers, kr (krona) 200,000,000,000 (¥26,397,020,606,000.00) to the Japanese Government, 2500 humanitarian workers, and 1700 doctors. The soldiers, doctors and humanitarian workers will be transported to Haneda Airport in Tokyo by a large transport plane along with two fighter jets supplied by the Swedish Air Force. Margot Wallström says along in her announcement, "The Swedish Government and people send their love and support to the families that were affected, who lost loved ones, and ones that are injured. We hope by sending this aid it will strengthen relations between our two countries."
    • French Ministry of Foreign Affairs: President Lafayette Hollande orders 600 Troops to Protect 2000 Humanitarian Workers, Doctors and 5000 Tonnes of food and supplies. 200 French Doctors will arrive after the first wave of Humanitarian aid.
    • Flag of Italy Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: We condole with has happened in Japan. We send 6400 volunteers (2400 of them are soldiers) and 500 doctors to help Japanese refugees. We also send aid €500 million (¥61,196,836,134.83), 250 tons of food, and other supplies to Japan. Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi and President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella accept Japan invitation to attend memorial at Hamamatsu Castle.
  • ISIS: We are shocked by the sudden withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Syria, so we subsequently change our tone in the region. We Offer the rest of the Iraq to be annexed under us for protection and their leaders will be sparred. If they accept, the fighting in that region will stop and their civilians will be spared from further violence and starvation. We make the same offer to Syria, and we will spare Assad if he accepts and surrenders(Mod Response needed). We also stress that if they do not accept the deal they will be open pray to our expanding caliphate as they have no U.S support. A solid communication line to a satellite is established from our studio in Raqqah and we begin daily ISIS news and broadcasts laced with propaganda. The broadcasts are activated in the middle eastern region and the European union, focusing mainly on Italy and France.(secret) We begin searching the black market for a medium dirty gas bomb capable of decimating half of a major city. With new trade lines opened in Damascus and Baghdad, it shouldn't be long until we find one and acquire it for a decent price(secret). Also, Krepto announces on a broadcast that our government has been officially formed and the 30 ISIS citizens that show up to every meeting are now called the "citizen council of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria". The main 12 Council members are renamed " The grand council of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria". Krepto himself is appointed Supreme Leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria by the military commanders of our territory. We start sending agents and spies to start networking in Lebanon and gaining influence in the area. We begin purchasing anti tank and assault weapons from the black market.
  • [MOD RESPONSE: Syria accepts the deal but Iraq Declines and sends 2000 Troops to try to take back territory.
  • [MOD EVENT] The United States Debt more than triples due to mandatory conscription.
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: As ISIS propaganda continues to bombard Europe, more and more Germans are flocking to ISIS and terrorism has spiked to an all-time high. As a result, we are sad to say that we will have to enforce martial law on every city with a population higher than 150,000 residents. We also officially declare war on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and immediately send our navy and our army to make an amphibious landing on both Syria and Iraq. The navy will continue to stay in the area, bombarding the Islamic State's coastal towns and cities, with an aim to hit and liberate Basra by next month. We send five billion euros (6,154,400,000,000 yen) to Japan to help in their earthquake recovery and we also send 800 doctors to tend to the injured there. We also place an embargo on North Korea, which has the same conditions as the US embargo, but taking the arresting innocent US citizens out. (secret) We hack into ISIS government systems to find out what they are up to.(end secret)


The Zika virus spreads rapidly and now two out of every five babies have Lack of brain development. Birth rates have shot down and few want to have kids in the west. ISIS Claims all of Syria to its dominion as whats left of Iraq seems to just try to hold on to what little is left.

  • Flag of France France: President Lafayette Hollande announces the plan to create a Zika Virus Vaccine within the next five years. We Invite Countries to help out in research. (World Response Needed) We tell parents that have the Zika virus and are pregnant to have an Abortion. Birth rates in France collapse and Abortion rates rise quite a bit. Conservative parties in France are outraged by the Mass Abortions, This is causing Conservative parties to grow less popular and less aligned with the people of France. Lafayette Hollande announces an Invasion of Syria within two to three Years. France decides to triple its budget of the French Space Agency or FSA, With the goal of putting a man on the moon by 2025.
  • Flag of SwedenSweden: Research by the Ministry of Public Health, Healthcare and Sports finds that at one in eight people in Sweden have the Zika Virus, and birthrates are beginning to drop at a dramatic rate in fear of children having the Zika Virus. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announces that women that have the Zika virus and is pregnant should seek an abortion, and that the decision is completely up to the mother to get the abortion. He also announces that women is the United States that cannot seek an abortion in the United States because of their strict abortion laws, they would be able to have the operation here in Sweden; along with the plane tickets and abortion in general would be very small price, being affordable to anyone. The general election takes place and Prime Minister Löfven is reelected as Prime Minister for four years, but loses three seats in the Riksdag to the Moderate Party but still having the Social Democrats stay in power. With the many abortions occurring in Sweden, the Centre-right party, the Christian Democrats have gained much support in the country, mostly to people who disagree with the abortions. The popular vote for the Christian Democrats has spiked 300,000 votes, having the popular vote be an approximate 576,789 votes. The Ministry of Justice and Migration announces that the influx of refugees has grown over the past two years to over one million refugees ever since the surrender of Syria to the Islamic State. Many high-ranking government officials are wanting to have Sweden enter the war on terror against the ISIS.
  • SingaporeSingapore: The nation accepts France's invitation to develop a vaccine for the Zika virus. There is some debate among the government on the possibility of a merger with surrounding Southeast Asian countries.
  • ISIS: Parades are held in Damascus as the city is overtaken by ISIS authority. Our flags drape the monuments and soldiers march the streets of the city. Assad is granted 50,000 ISIS currency and given asylum in Raqqah. We divert 10,000 troops from Baghdad to march into southern Iraq. Once we take the entirety of Iraq, we will broaden our reach across the world and our capabilities will be endless. Propaganda news is broadcasted in all of ISIS controlled areas daily, and Krepto begins making speeches in major cities around our country. Driving the national unity up and giving the people a sense of unity. Task forces are sent out enforce ISIS law, known as the "ISIS police". We begin building server rooms above ground in Damascus, and we start to increase our internet campaign. We are proud to announce that 2000 Citizens from Europe have crossed over to ISIS rule in the first four months of 2018. From black market purchases, we mobilize five ZSU-23-4's in Raqqah, capable of defending the city against heavy aircraft bombardments. A palace and Larger Capital building are being constructed and will cost us two million. It will be finished by 2020. We begin a massive recruitment program consisting of training fields spread out all over our country and the target number of new soldiers to be added to our grand military by 2020 is 50,000.
  • Flag of South Africa.svgSouth Africa: General Londisizwe Zulu, an ultranationalist, leads a coup d'etat against the current government. President Dlamini-Zuma.
  • Flag of Italy Italy: April 24th, 2018, A bomb exploded in Ostia, Rome causing 12 deaths and 18 injuries. President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, declare state of emergency. Polices quickly find the perpetrators. They conduct raids in major cities, such as Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence, Bologna, and Palermo to catch terrorists. Polices finally catch one terrorist. For three weeks, we arrest five suspected terrorists.[I will tell you more information soon]. Meanwhile, we discover 8% of our population that have Zika. We tell people that have Zika to not do abortion. We build a special place for people that have Zika at someplace in Southern Italy. We accept France's invitation to vaccine research program. Our experts and scientists in the Vaccine Research Center have already to make a vaccine for Zika. We add more military equipment, such as weapons and radars. We interest to buy five tanks Leopard from Germany [Germany Response Needed]. The construction of Great Sicily Bridge(bridge that connect Sicily and mainland) and motorways in Sardinia begins. We will hold an general election. [Secret]We send some spies to Syria, Iraq and Libya[End Secret].

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