World War III
Date May 22, 2017 - June 5, 2026
Location Africa, North America, Asia, Middle East, South America, Europe, Australia
Result Coalition Victory
  • South Korea takes over North Korea
  • Establishment of republics in Russia, Syria, China, and Iran.

Flag of the United States United States
Flag of Japan Japan
Flag of South Korea South Korea
Flag of Europe New Europe
Flag of Australia Australia
Flag of Israel Israel
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of Canada Canada
and others


Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of North Korea North Korea
Flag of Syria Syria
Flag of China China
Flag of Iran Iran
and others

Coalition Leaders

Flag of the United States Chris Christie
Flag of the United States Jeb Bush
Flag of the United States Paul Ryan
Flag of Japan Emperor Naruhito
Flag of Japan Shinzō Abe
Flag of South Korea Park Geun-hye
Flag of Europe José Manuel Barroso
Flag of Australia Tony Abbott
Flag of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu
Flag of Ukraine Vitali Klitschko
Flag of Canada Stephen Harper

Axis Leaders

Flag of Russia Dimitry Medvedev
Flag of North Korea Kim Jong-un
Flag of Syria Bashar al-Assad
Flag of China Xi Jinping
Flag of Iran Hassan Rouhani

7 million 12 million
Casualties and losses
3 million 8 million

work in progress...

Beginning of War