Third World War
Date February 27 2021- March 14 2029
Location Europe, East Asia, United States
Result MTP disbanded, Moscow destroyed by nuclear weapon
30 million men 34 million men

The Third World War happened from 2021 to 2029. It was the most devastating war in human history, resulting in the deaths of over 98 million people, 78 million being innocent people.

the war began after the "Valentines Day Massacre", in which 215 people were killed by Pro-MTP (Moscow Treaty Pact) terrorists in Berlin. After huge public outcry, NATO demanded the MTP apologize for the Attacks. In response, the three main members, Russia, China and North Korea, launched invasions of Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and South Korea. NATO formally declared war on the 27th February 2021.

Origins of the war

Even before the Valentines day Massacre, tensions had been building. In 2017, after a month long revolution in Russia, the state once again became Communist. They began a huge rebuilding of the Russian military as well as the absorbtion of former countries they owned like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

In the Summer of 2018, the Moscow Treaty Pact came together. It included Russia (now named the Second Soviet Union), China, North Korea, Iran,