The Ukranian Crisis

On August 12, 2014, Russia announced it was sending a humanitarian convoy to Eastern Ukraine. Earlier, the Western Powers announced that any attempt to send aid to Ukraine would be seen as an Invasion. Russia did manage to sneak in missiles and arms but it did no good as the Separatist Movement fell less than a month later when the rebels surrendered and fled to Russia.

It was widely believed that if Russia invaded, NATO (Specifically the US) would come to the defense of Ukraine leading to World War III but such claims have been dismissed by Eurasian and American Historians saying that the US would have continued to place economic sanctions and isolate Russia. This is still a subject of debate amongst the historians as of 2130.

Formation of the Eurasian Union

On January 1, 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the formation of the Union of Eurasian States. The United States threatened once again harsh economic sanctions but at the same time was building up it's presence in Eastern Europe.


The Third Korean War

In November of 2021, the United States and their allies were discussing their next move in Korea. The South Korean Government was pressuring the United States to complete the reunification of Korea and overthrow the government in the north. The US and their allies however were afraid of starting WW3. Although in the past it was assumed that the US would liberate the north, the US at this time thought that keeping Korea divided was the most peaceful option. Once intelligence learned that WW3 could only begin if the US invaded China, the Allies prepared for an invasion of the North which began in December of 2020.

Planned Russian Invasion of Europe

In response to the fall of North Korea, The Eurasian Union began planning an invasion of Europe. This however failed to go beyond planning when President Vladimir Putin personally axed the proposal following pressure from the Kremlin. 

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