World War III
Date June 12, 2024 - June 12, 2028
Location Global
Result -Western Coalition-Eastern Alliance victory
-India annexes Pakistan
-Israel occupies Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and North of Egypt
-Russia annexes Mongolia and merge with Belarus
-Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang declare independence from China
-The Koreas unite under a democratic government
-Venezuela annexes the Lesser Antilles
-Puerto Rico becomes the 51st of the US
-Indonesia annexes East Timor
-Thailand annexes Laos and occupies Cambodia and Vietnam
-Iran and Iraq merge
Western Coalition

-New Zealand
-South Africa
-South Korea
-United Kingdom
-United States

Eastern Alliance

-Democratic People's Republic of Korea
-Democratic Socialist Republic of Russia
-Nordic Republic
-People's Republic of China
-People's Republic of Cyprus
-Socialist Republic of Cuba
-Socialist Republic of Greece

Islamic League

-Saudi Arabia

Western Leaders

Dayanne Collins(Canada)
Sergi Paret (Catalonia)
Borja Rivas (Chile)
Gabrielle Martin (France)
Philipp Rösler (Germany)
Pratap Sharma (India)
Sadam Nassar (Iraq)
Gila Gamliel (Israel)
Sebastian Brodowski (Poland)
Dumisani Stassen (South Africa)
Kwon Yun-Soo (South Korea)
Elio Fernandez (Spain)
Tsai Ing-wen (Taiwan)
Yingluck Shinawatra (Thailand)
Samuel Hoechlin (United States)
Hannah Granger (United Kingdom)
Maximiliano Boza (Uruguay)

Eastern Leaders

Diego Herrera (Argentina)
Uladzimir Matskevich (Belarus)
Alejandro Castro (Cuba)
Andros Kyprianou (Cyprus)
Hellena Zervos (Greece)
Dao Kethavongsa (Laos)
Renato Silveira (Mozambique)
Tumelo Klengel(Namibia)
Inga Iversen (Nodic Republic)
Kim Jong-Un (North Korea)
Liang Ho-Kuem (People's Republic of China)
Sergey Andreyevich (Russia)
Jorge Arreaza (Venezuela)
Phan Sinh Dung (Vietnam)
Mudiwa Prescott (Zimbabwe)

Islamic Leaders

Elam Mustafa (Afghanistan)
Dokka Umarov (Caucasus Emirate)
Faisal Asghar (Egypt)
Guntur Bakar (Indonesia)
Ali Chakron (Iran)
Bagus Engku(Malaysia)
Yusuf Abdul (Morocco)
Prabhgun Arshad (Pakistan)
Ozan Erbakan (Turkey)
Nadif Ghedi (Somalia)
Bashar al-Assad (Syria)

21 Million 24 Million 18 Million
Casualties and losses
12.6 Million 14.4 Million 10.8 Million

World War III or the Third World War (abbreviated as WWIII or WW3) was a very large global military conflict that lasted from 2024 to 2028. Involving at least the two thirds of the world's nations, it's considered to be the bloodiest and most devastating war in history, with roughly 864 million deaths of both servicemen and civilians. During all the war, all the belligerents focused their industrial and scientific capabilities and strengths at the service of war effort. WWIII is also considered the most economically depriving war in human history, with over €24 trillion spent on weapons and different defence equipments.


First Part

Second Part

Third Part