World War III
World War 3 Collage Total Future
Date 19 September 2016 — 25 December 2026
Location Global
Result Treaty of Boston
  • The Collapse and End of Modern Human Superpowers and Civilizations.
  • End of Oil Age
  • Beginning of Age of Advancement and Recovery
  • Banning and Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  • Forced Disarmament
  • New Countries Evolved, New Superpowers Emerged, Collapse of Modern Countries, Annexations, and New Governments Evolved and Changed
  • Collapse of Non-Western Civilizations

Flag of the United States United States
Flag of Canada Canada
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of India India (2017-2026)
Flag of France France
Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Spain Spain
Flag of Portugal Portugal
Flag of Belgium Belgium
Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of Austria Austria
Flag of the Philippines Philippines
Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
Flag of Denmark Denmark
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Flag of Hungary Hungary
Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of Greece Greece
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Flag of Macedonia Macedonia
Flag of Croatia Croatia
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of Finland Finland
Flag of Argentina Argentina
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Flag of Qatar Qatar
Flag of Bahrain Bahrain
Flag of Egypt Egypt
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Flag of Ireland Ireland
Flag of Albania Albania
Flag of Japan Japan
Flag of Mongolia Mongolia
Flag of Australia Australia
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand
Flag of Ghana Ghana
Flag of Nigeria Nigeria
Flag of Moldova Moldova
Flag of Israel Israel
UAE United Arab Emirates
Flag of Iraq Iraq
Flag of Peru (war) Peru
Flag of Egypt Egypt
Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan
Flag of Colombia Colombia
West Papua Papua New Guinea

Flag of South Korea South Korea
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of Georgia Georgia
Flag of Malaysia Malaysia
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan (2016-2017)
Flag of Morocco Morocco
Flag of Brunei Brunei


Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of the People's Republic of China China
Flag of India India (2016-2017)
Flag of Brazil Brazil
Flag of Iran Iran
Flag of Belarus Belarus
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Flag of Serbia Serbia
Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan
Flag of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
Flag of Armenia Armenia
Flag of Bolivia Bolivia
Flag of Vietnam Vietnam
Flag of Syria Syria
Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo DR Congo
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
Flag of Mexico Mexico
Flag of Chile Chile
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon
Flag of Algeria Algeria
Flag of Venezuela Venezuela
Gadafi Calif North African Caliphate
Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan
Flag of Palestine Palestine

Co belligerents:
Flag of Novorussia.svg Novorossiya
Flag of Laos Laos
Flag of North Korea North Korea
Flag of Cambodia Cambodia
ISIS flag Islamic State
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan (2017-2023)
Moro Flag Moro Republic

Flag of the United States Donald Trump

Flag of the United States Ashton Carter
Flag of the United States Robert B. Abrams
Flag of the United States Mark A. Milley
Flag of Canada Stephen Harper
Flag of the United Kingdom David Cameron
Flag of India Narendra Modi (2017-2026)
Flag of France François Hollande
Flag of Germany Angela Merkel
Flag of Spain Mariano Rajoy
Flag of Italy Matteo Renzi
Flag of Poland Andrzej Duda

Flag of Russia Vladimir Putin

Flag of Russia Sergei Shoigu
Flag of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping
Flag of India Narendra Modi (2016-2017)
Flag of Brazil Dilma Rousseff
Flag of Iran Hassan Rouhani

15,000,000 to 50,000,000 18,000,000 to 19,200,000
Casualties and losses
3,000,000 killed or missing, 20 Warships Destroyed or Sink, 21 Tanks and Armed Vehicles Destroyed or Damaged, 7,000,000 fled, 12,000,000 injured, 22 Warplanes Shotdown, Destroyed or Damaged, 26,000 Buildings and Infrastructures Destroyed, 2 Satellites and Armed Probes and Robots Destroyed or Damaged, 20000 Nuclear Weapons Thwarted or Destroyed. 97,000,000 killed or missing, 700 Warships Destroyed or Sink, 400 War Vehicles and Tanks Destroyed or damaged, 2,000,000 poisoned to killed or injured, 122,500,451 fled, 821 Warplanes destroyed or missing, 900,000 Buildings and Infrastructures destroyed or damaged or even either demolished, 500 Satellites and Armed Probes and Robots Destroyed or damaged, 20 Nuclear Weapons Thwarted or Destroyed

World War III, or abbreviated and known As Third World War, WWIII or The Planetary War, is the Global Conflict that lasted from 2016 to 2026 with Extension into Solar System, and deadliest global war across Earth, Moon, Space orbit of Earth centered around Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East between Coalition and Anti-Coalition Powers, Beginning when predictions and issues also Future South China Sea dispute escalated into global war.

When Crisis Become Dangerously escalating into Global War, American Senator, John Mccain Asks U.S. President to Send Ultimatum to China, Russia, and Its SCO, BRICS, and CSTO, while ISIS Supports by Russia and China, then Conflict Continued in Europe, after Ultimatum, the NATO and Philippines completely on Scale Attacks, on September 19, 2016, Members of BRICS, SCO, Chinese Allies and CSTO are on under Chinese Pressure, Russia annexed Belarus to Invade Ukraine and Finland, Sweden and EU, EFTA Members Joined NATO, and Joins War, After Military Buildup, the Anti-Coalition Victory in Some Campaigns, while Coalition creates and invents some Future Technologies and All to Win the War, when Countries Violates the Nuclear Free Zone, these population rapidly increasing, when during WWIII the Population began to Depopulate and Continues Fighting.

By Momentum in 2023, the Nuclear Wars but Continues to Fight on Onslaught, but Thwarted by Anti-Satellite and Armed Probes causing Increasing Casualties and Revolution began to Spoil to End their War and More Countries Entering the War, While it is Not until End of the War and Neutralities Violated, Involved as alliances were invoked and rebellions also resistance encouraged.

On Christmas Day of 2026, The War Ended and Many Future and Modern Superpowers and Civilizations Collapsed and Destroyed, the Other Species of Humans that Human Like Civilizations Detected and Helping Recovery of Planet Earth and Solar System from Wars causing Banning of Nuclear Weapons and End of Oil Age, New Future Technologies Upgraded and Invented.

At Consequences of War the Countries with Better Relations with Coalition or Anti Coalition could supply our Weapons and Manufactured weapons to Fight, and Some New Resistance Movements Organized to Liberate Countries from Occupations.

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