World War III (Scenario:Australian Empire)
US Infantry Fighting in a Battleground in China
Date August 5, 2081-September 9, 2085
Location Pacific, South Asia, Central Asia, China, Europe, North Asia, America
Result Australian Empire defeated, annexed by China, EU, and USA
Usflag56 United States

ChinaFlag China

EUflag European Union

Supported by:

BrazilFlag Brazil

Argentina flag Argentina

Mexico flag Mexico

Canada-flag Canada

Flag of Russia Russia


Empire of Australia

Puppet States:

ASEANflag South-East Asia

Philippines flag Philippines

Japanflag Japan

Koreaflag Unified Republic of Korea

Chileflag Indonesia

India flag India

Usflag56 Wayne Barker

Usflag56 Bradley Gibbs

Usflag56 Steve Young

ChinaFlag Han Tung

ChinaFlag Yoo Yongliang

ChinaFlag Yin Zhengzhong

EUflag Carroll Frazier

EUflag Robin Mullins

EUflag Salvatore Ray

AustraliaFlag Bruce Pherson

AustraliaFlag Donald Norman

AustraliaFlag Madison Shultz

Usflag56 1.3 million troops

ChinaFlag 3.2 million troops

EUflag 2 million troops

AustraliaFlag 8.1 million troops
Casualties and losses
Usflag56 470,000 deaths

ChinaFlag 1.3 million deaths EUflag 710,000 deaths

AustraliaFlag 4.1 million dead

World War III, also known as the Third World War, or the Great War, was a global military conflict that involved many of the planet's greatest superpowers. The war was largely a struggle for limited reserves of uranium, which was running in short supply. After reserves of the resource were depleted in North America and Central Asia, Australia was left with vast untapped amounts of uranium. Many of the world's nations grew to depend on Australia for energy. In the 2060s, Australia began using its economic power to build up its global political and economic dominance. In 2063, Australia demanded that Indonesia, which depended on Australian uranium for power, pay a high "tribute tax" to continue receiving the resource. Soon enough, Australia began to force nearby nations to cede their political sovereignty, on pain of sanctioning uranium exports to these nations. By 2080, Australia was the center of a vast Empire, with trillions of dollars flowing through tribute and tax to the continent.

In 2081, the Empire of Australia demanded that China and the United States join the Empire as territories of Australia. Both countries refused. Australia responded by blocking uranium shipments to both nations, as well as their mutual ally, the European Union. This caused a massive economic and energy crisis, with the American GDP falling thirty percent in a couple months due to the poor EROI ratios of remaining energy resources. By August, both the US, China, and their allies were determined to take control of Australian energy resources. India and South-East Asia were simultaneously invaded, leading to a long and brutal military conflict. In the end, the Coalition had victory, and the Australian Empire was defeated, with Australian energy resources jointly controlled by China and the West.

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