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World War Three
World map during the WWIII period
Blue = members of the West; Red = members of the East; Purple = West members defected to the East
Date 25 August 2015 - 26 October 2023
Location Worldwide
Result East victory
Flag of Russia Russian Federation
Flag of China People's Republic of China
Flag of Iran Iran
Flag of North Korea North Korea
Flag of Syria Syria
Flag of India India
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Flag of Belarus Belarus
Flag of Armenia Armenia
Flag of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan
Flag of Serbia Serbia(2017-2023)
Flag of Vietnam Vietnam
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan
Flag of Iraq Iraq
Flag of Yemen Pakistan
Flag of South Africa South Africa
Flag of Angola Angola
Flag of Cuba Cuba
Flag of Mexico Mexico(2022-2023)
Flag of Brazil Brazil
Flag of Venezuela Venezuela
Flag of Colombia Colombia
Flag of Bolivia Bolivia

Former West members joined later:
Flag of Hungary Hungary(2018-2022)
Flag of Finland Finland(2016-2023)
Flag of France France(2020-2022)
Flag of Greece Greece(2017-2023)
Flag of Czech Republic Czechoslovakia(2018-2021)
Flag of Moldova Moldova
Flag of Romania Romania(2017-2023)

New Russia
South Ossetia
Flag of the United States United States of America
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of France France(2015-2020)
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of Spain Spain
Flag of Belgium Belgium
Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Flag of Portugal Portugal
Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic(2015-2018)
Flag of Hungary Hungary(2015-2018)
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia(2015-2018)
Flag of Norway Norway
Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of Albania Albania
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of Estonia Estonia
Flag of Finland Finland (2015-2016)
Flag of Croatia Croatia
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
Flag of Kosovo Kosovo
Flag of Greece Greece(2015-2017)
Flag of Denmark Denmark
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
Flag of Canada Canada
Flag of Australia Australia
Flag of South Korea South Korea
Flag of Taiwan Chinese Republic
Flag of Japan Japan
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Flag of Israel Israel
Flag of Georgia Georgia
Flag of Qatar Qatar
Flag of Kuwait Kuwait
Flag of the United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
Flag of Oman Oman
Flag of Libya Libya
Flag of Algeria Algeria
Flag of Tunisia Tunisia
Flag of Morocco Morocco
Flag of Russia Vladimir Putin
Flag of China Xi Jinping
Flag of Syria Bashar Assad
Flag of Mexico 58th President of Mexico
Flag of the United States Barack Obama
Flag of NATO Phillip Breedlove
Flag of Germany Angela Merkel
Flag of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz †
Flag of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko (P.O.W.)
38,000,000+ soldiers 29,000,000+ soldiers
Casualties and losses
More than 56,000,000 More than 92,000,000

Saudi Royal Family

World War III is a global conflict and the deadliest conflict in a human history. It lasted from 2015 to 2023.

Pre-war events

Russia intervenes in Eastern Ukraine to support pro-Russian separatists with fighting against post-revolutionary Ukrainian Army. 2 weeks later, President Poroshenko declares war to Russia and starts a full mobilization. In a meantime, relations between Russia and the West gets only worse. President Poroshenko signs an association treaty between EU and Ukraine and involves a possibility of Ukrainian membership in NATO.

Secret miliary programme

After Crimean referendum, Western powers agreed on a special military upkeep including various expenses, forming a new function of EUMS, building a defense lines in Baltics. In July, the programme has been introduced to the public. Russian authorities found this suspicious already and provisionally established a border protecting military staff.

Ukrainian offensive

After the SMP was appointed, American government agreed on a weapons supplies to Ukraine. In late July, Ukrainian Army supplied by American weaponry, it started a large offensive in Donbass and crushed the Novorossiya's defence within a month. Novorossiya's representatives either escaped to Russia or were executed by Ukrainian Azov batallion.

Invasion start, consequences

A few months later, leaders of Western powers and NATO agreed on a special operation introduced as a "suppression of Russian aggression". After that, NATO forces started an invasion to Russian territory from Baltics, Ukraine and Georgia. The act was considered as an act of agression by CSTO and SCO. CSTO declared war to the invading countries and SCO representatives led by People's Republic of China gave 96-hour ultimatum to whole NATO to leave Russian territory.

After 4 days when NATO captured Kaliningrad, the ultimatum expired and China imposed an embargo on all invading countries. At the same time, China has declined US's cooperation offer given in 2014.

Fall of Russia, Chinese response

In November 2015, NATO forces kept invading Russia with an overwhelving firepower and an unstoppable technology. Russia was not able to stop the invasion, and because of that, all West Russian cities fell within four months. In January 2016, Russia was pushed from Europe behind Ural mountains. NATO created a puppet state of European Russia, independent Chechnya and ceded Crimea to Ukraine.

After Russian retreat, China's openly kept a war ongoing by declaring war to NATO and Taiwan. Most of the American soldiers in occupied Russia was regrouped to Taiwan to defend the island. Due the good diplomacy with China, North Korea and Iran entered a war.

Kremlin shelling

Spasskaya Tower being destroyed by Ukrainian shelling

Chinese global recruitment programme, formation of the East

China, being at war with NATO, has started a huge propagation programme targeted at many powerful countries that have bad relations with the West. Thanks to that, China got many Asian countries to its side including Vietnam, India, Pakistan and Yemen. After Russia was invited to the faction, the whole faction East was formed. Later, the North Korean saw the formation as an opportunity and invincibility, so their Army crossed the de-militarized zone with South Korea. At this breaking point, South Korea and Japan joined the war.

Russian regeneration, counterattack

As the Russian population was ashamed of the quick defeat, immidiately after the retreat, Russian government started a recovery doctrine and planned to restore the mighty army from the Soviet era. The doctrine was a great success and army announced more than 70% recruitment. In a mentime, large amount of Russian divisions were deployed to Syria to fight pro-American FSA, which outcome was the truce and a final end of the war in Syria.

In early June 2016, Russian Army, supported by RR's loyalist forces, started the counterattack. The pro-NATO government of RR decided to ignore the Western orders and let the RF's army pass. As the U.S. were busy with fighting against the Chinese Navy, they were surprised by the counterattack and the betrayal of the Russian Republic and weren't even present near Ural, so the Russian Army captured 30% of their former territory within a month.

Korean conflict

DPRK has invaded South Korea with a heavy military extent. However, South Korean Army was expecting the attack and was slightly stronger. The first clashes were a small sucess of DPRK, even though they've suffered heavy casualties, just like South Korea. In July 2016, DPRK has received a Chinese air support and regained dominance over occupied South Korean territory. As a response to this act, South Korea requested American and Japanese help. The request was accepted, but not in the way it was expected. U.S. sent "only" about 600,000 men, due the conlict in East China Sea. Still, the strength of both sides was very balanced.

Russia's revenge

Russian authorities influenced by people's anger on the West decided that they won't tolerate "Western agressive back-stabbing policy" and decided to get NATO off their borders and started a military invasion to Baltics and Ukraine. As they declared their revenge, Finland, former short-term NATO member, also decided to take revenge for their pressured NATO membership and joined East. The rest of NATO members remained loyal (some at least for first 2 years).

East European insurgencies

As Russian Armed Forces advanced through the former USSR territory, a few anti-American parties in Eastern Europe gained support for people understanding Russia's acts. Few NATO and EUMS organs started being interested in activities of those organizations. On August 2016, they revealed a revolution attempt in Romania, that was surpressed and censored. This outraged the Romanian people and the government. This reaction was one of a major reason for Romanian and Moldovan side change in 2017.

Conflicts of the WWIII

Important battles

European Theatre

American Theatre

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