World War III (often abbreviated to WWIII or WW3). also known as the Third World War was a multi-national war that lasted from 2016 to involving east and west superpowers. The war began after North Korea pre-emptively launched five nuclear missiles against the United States of America. It was reported that the missiles hit Washington D.C., California and New York within four hours after launch. The authorities and the US Government issued a DEFCON ONE. Following this incident, President Donald Trump officially declared an all out Nuclear war on North Korea. NATO and its allies are preparing a full out invasion of the North. A few hours after this incident, Russia and China warned NATO not to escalate the war into a world war.


NATO is currently preparing for all out war. North Korea also declared that they will invade South Korea at some point. Making daily threats to South Korea, Japan, and the United States made those three countries nervous. Secretary of State, John Kerry went to China to plead with them to not help North Korea in these attempts to disrupt peace.

By the end of February, North Korea cut itself off from the global communications network.

It was later discovered that China and North Korea were doing secret communications starting from March 1st to plan an attack on the USA. They planned the attack on Hawaii and Alaska on 14th March 2017 which would be the 105th birthday of North Korea's first dictator, Kim Il-sung. Officials from China leaked this information out five days prior to the attack and as a result, all Americans in China and North Korea were evacuated along with the shut down of three American Embassies in the region.

President Donald Trump did not find this to be something America could just let go. The already fragile Sino-American Alliance was officially broken on 6th March, 2017. China, North Korea and Saudi Arabia formed an alliance called Supreme Diplomatic Relations Alligeance or (SDRA) for short.

In response, America, Japan, and South Korea formed an alliance called Peace and Treaties Organization or (PTO for short)


WW3 Map

World Map in September 2014

By May 2014, it became increasingly clear that North Korea has indeed successfully produced several nuclear missiles despite prior reports about missiles exploding mid-air. They conducted a test launch in China on 23rd May 2014. The United Nations voted to take out North Korea and China out of the UN the following day. This was a large insult to China and North Korea and they declared war on South Korea and Japan on 15 July 2014. America declared war on SDRA on 29 July 2014 after North Korea had nuclear missiles pointed at Japan. On 26 August 2014 Saudi Arabia start test launching nuclear missiles and declared war on Iraq. On 31 August 2014 it was declared a World War and Canada joined the PTO alliance on that same day.

On 17 December 2014 North Korea began invading South Korea and pointed nuclear missiles across the Pacific Ocean. On 19 December 2014 a nuclear missile was launched but crashed west of Japan in the ocean. The following day the North Korean army already made it to Souel. The President of South Korea fled to Pusan, South Korea to avoid the army. Japan and America gave South Korea army members in the early days of 2015.


WW3 Map2015
In January 2015 both Iraq and Saudi Arabia started invading each other. America was going to give Iraq money but Iraq no longer wanted anything to do with American relations and stated they only were on America's side because they don't want nuclear war.

By April 2015 France declared it's support for PTO and joined in. Cuba and North Korea were in communication together, and America feared that Cuba would go into their alliance so they gave Cuba lots of money to brib them out of the war for at least two years. The money and agreement worked and Cuba promised not to help either PTO or SDRA Alliances until 1st January 2017.

The invasion of South Korea continues and the President of South Korea gets increasingly nervous that her country will falter. Eventually, South Korea loses. The Allies were to agree a new declaration of a new war against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.


In 2016 both started sending money overseas to help America's economy while they spend several billion dollars trying to stabilize South Korea. On 7th July 2016 the South Korean army disbanded and North Korea to form the new country of Korea.

North Korea launches a nuclear missile at Papua New Guinea because it is a Commonwealth Realm of Great Britain. When the missile is launched all Commonwealth Realms declare war on the SDRA. The missile is never taken down in the ocean due to the lack of that technology in Papus New Guinea. As a result, the missile hits Wewak, a city just off the northern coast. Several South Koreans are put into death camps around Pyongyang. Nuclear Missiles are launched in Taegu, Korea and the three missiles are aimed for Tokyo, Japan. All three missiles are knocked down by the Japanese Government.

On 3rd August the Second Korean War begins involving Great Britain, United States and Japan.

On 9th September 2016, The Kim dynasty ends and Kim Jong Un himself was scheduled to be put on trial at the world court, in the mean time he was under military custody until October 1st, he was executed in the Netherlands at 1400.

With the UN agreement, Yin Hon and his Socialist Worker's Party comes to power as the new supreme leader of Korea. The United Nation had expectations to have Korea become a Democratic Republic however Yin Hon's view of the new Korea was much alternative. His first act was to rebuild and reshape Korea into a One Party State with an Autocracy government. On 15th November, the act has officially been passed by the government of Korea. His first order was to exterminate all communists and ex North Korean leaders in the country. A member of his party Jin Lee Kim started an organization to hunt all those men. It was called the Right Wing Army. Also known as the RWA.

Many industries from Europe and the Middle East moved into Korea for expansions making Korea a rich country. In the first time in history Korea becomes a First World Country and Yin Hon declares independence from the United Nation. Korea needed to build a new army, he made his choice to partner up with China for weapons, gear, and other supplies for his military. His goal was to rebuild the Korean Empire after it's collapse in August 1910 by The Empire of Japan.

WW3 Map 2016

WW3 map in December 2016. The black dot on Papua New Guinea is where North Korea's missile landed.

The 2016 Election in the United States of America makes Donald J. Trump, Republican Candidate, the 45th President of the United States of America with 301 Electoral votes for him.

In December Japan comes up with a plan to safely invade Korea but they must invade a portion of Russia to get to the northern tip of Korea. They build up an army and the former President of South Korea also is involved in the attack and moves to Akita, Japan to be closer to the Japanese invaders. Japan, by the end of the month, has taken land just a couple hundred miles from Vladivostok, Russia. by John Carlo Reodica


thumb|400px|The world in 2017

Between January and February Mongolia was being invaded by Russia and China while Kazakhstan was funding money to both Russia and China and supplied them with better weapons to take out Mongolia. Despite three countries constantly attacking them, Mongolia still stayed strong but they decided to surrender to Russia so that way they were not getting invaded by both Russia and China at the same time. This let Russia focus more on Japan who was invading them during the Russian-Mongolian invasion.

It was not until June of 2017 that Cuba declared its support for Korea and became part of the SDRA.

Korea threatened Britain that they were going to nuke one of their Commonwealth Realms. All Commonwealth Realms began attacking Korea by air strikes against them. In Summer of 2017 Korea sets up a nuke in Pyongyang that is targeting either Papua New Guinea or possibly northern Australia. In August 2017 after weeks of constant threats Korea launches their nuclear missile. In order to stop the missile and make it fall into the ocean you must know many minutes in advance where the missile is going. Many thought it was going to hit Papua New Guinea, but when it left the island it became noticeable that it was targeting Australia. However, it was too late and three minutes later at 4:34PM local time, Bamaga, Australia was hit with a nuke. Radiation spread quickly and towns as far as Cooktown, Australia were evacuated in two hours. 20% of the Great Barrier Reef was infected with radiation.

A secret American operation was conducted to find the whereabouts of the Dictator's Palace and assassinate him. They found the palace in Winter 2017 but did not act for another two years. Japan struggled for the remainder of the year keeping their army in Russia.

S. Africa declaires military defensive pact over Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana to forestall trouble in Africa in the Winter of 2017.


Cuba finally after six months of waiting, get all the weapons and troops from the SDRA to begin invading America. Saudi Arabia and Iraq come to a final peace settlement and both armies declare support for neither the SDRA or PTO. In March, Russia forces the Japanese to retreat out of Russia. To keep both Russia and Korea safe, the two countries decided to invade Japan. They end up taking much of the country by the end of the year.

WW3 Map 2018

China takes all of Western Mongolia but Mongolia still is not surrendering all of it's land to China. Cuba declares war on America on 15 July 2018 to mark the fourth anniversary of the start of WW3. Even though they declared war they still did not invade America.

Korea took over an island of Japan and used it as a military base. South Korean prisoners managed to escape in December of that year and tried to make a revolt although the attempt was unsuccessful and they were sent to a death camp. Satellite images proved that Korea had set up several death camps and were killing innocent people who were once part of South Korea. The South Korean President understood that Japan was unsafe due to both Russia and Korea invading. She left and went back to Guam. Korea then sent out two nuclear test missiles that landed in the China-Korean bay. American ships were then sent into the bay to steal several samples of the tests to see what type of missiles they had.

Kazakhstan was no longer a needed ally to the SDRA and had no money, no military, and no leader because of how much money they lost and they begged to be part of either Russia or China. Eventually on 24th October 2018 it was decided that Kazakhstan would be a state of Russia.


Due to ill health Donald Trump in his mid-70's thought it best to resign his office of President of the United States and Vice-President Mike Pence became the next president. By June 2019 Cuba invaded enough of Florida to surround Miami. Everyone in Florida was ordered to evacuate but many in the north refused to evacuate thinking Cuba couldn't make it to their front door. It was not until 26 September 2019 that Miami surrendered to Cuba and many innocent people were let go back into America but the soldiers were taken captive in Santa Clara, Cuba.

The Bahamas, being so close to Miami as they were, became a big part in trying to take Miami and other towns of southern Florida back.


With a new president and a reinstated sense of patriotism, the US retakes Florida and defends itself against Cuba's further attacks. President Mike Pence, afraid that Puerto Rico's militia will start a war with Cuba, sends missiles to Puerto Rico through drones to help protect against Cuba's attack. Vladimir Putin, now in his elderly years, pulls off a deal with now war torn North Korea to make more threats against America.

2020 Late

After Being terrorized long enough the Old South Korean citizens start making suicide bombings across Korea, After this the Korean dictator moves up to Western Mongolia for protection. China moves 10,000 troops there as well along with a nuke to give extra protection just in case Japan counter attacks.When Russia learns this they start claiming China is trying do a hostile takeover on their land. America evacuates everyone in the state Alaska, and moves troops and other military there.


Russia gets tired of China's shenanigans and launches a attack on Southern Mongolia, after an unsuccessful attempt, China declares war on Russia and the two trade nuclear fire, Russia successfully money making cities like Hong Kong and Beijing, while China hits more rural areas.

Tired of the threats The United Kingdom decides its better if they fork over parts of Canada to the U.S and Joins PTO military wise (Not just economically) and sends troops to Canada along with Germany and Turkey.

2021 Late

Turkey, afraid of the consumption of its allies oil, asks Iraq and Saudi Arabia to fork over all of their oil or military action will take place. After Iraq and Saudi Arabia say no, Turkey quickly attack Iraq and conquer half the land three months later, then prepare there army for an invasion of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia quickly joins North Korea's side and fights Turkey, Turkey now fighting ISIS and Saudi Arabia ask for France's and Germany's help and continue to fight Saudi Arabia for the next two months until a treaty is signed.

Russia leaves North Korea's side and stays neutral and allows Japan to use their coast as place for there military. China now having to fight Japanese forces alone with Russia's puts them in a disadvantage and try to collect debts to pay for their spending, most of the Chinese citizens go on strike due to the smog and pollution caused by the war factories and a new China is formed, called Topalen, but is quickly crushed by Chinese forces.


War-torn China signs a treaty with America to fight on Mongolian soil and other locations against Russian forces.

China and America fire the first bullet in Mongolia at Russian forces on all edges of Mongolia. After months of fighting and bloodshed Russia wins Mongolia Vladimir Putin has passed away at the age of 97 from heart failure before giving a speech on the win of the South and North Mongolia.

2022 Late

The war has ended over 51 million men and women are dead. Over 4000 innocent citizens and civilians are dead.

The last nuke used was on Kazakhstan due to soviet uprising being started. The world has seen war and war is hell.

Isis, North Korea and Al Qaeda are destroyed by the USA and left to dust.

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