World War III (Malformedmule)
Ww3 alliances
map depicting the allies in blue and the eastern powers in red
Date April 3, 2069 - July 17, 2077
Location Global
Result Armistice signed, Treaty of Brussels signed

North American UnionNorth American Union

Flag of EuropeEuropean Union

Flag of IndiaIndia

Flag of JapanJapan

Flag of SerbiaBaltic Union

Flag of South KoreaSouth Korea

Flag of TurkeyTurkey

Flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia

Flag of IsraelIsrael

Flag of AustraliaAustralia

Flag of EgyptEgypt

Flag of ThailandThailand

Flag of LebanonLebanon

Flag of IraqIraq




South Sudan



Eastern Powers

Flag of RussiaRussia

Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaChina

Flag of PakistanPakistan

Flag of IranIran

Flag of North KoreaNorth Korea

Flag of AfghanistanAfghanistan

Flag of VenezuelaVenezuela

Flag of SudanSudan

Flag of CubaCuba

Flag of BoliviaBolivia

Flag of VietnamVietnam

Flag of UzbekistanUzbekistan



North American UnionTim Ross

Flag of EuropeHélene Guellard

Flag of IndiaAkanksha Gupta

Flag of JapanXian Aso

Flag of RussiaValeri Komoshov

Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaYu Jintao

Flag of PakistanAyaz Nayyar

Flag of IranAli Khamenei II

240 million 255 million
Casualties and losses
49 million 67 million

World War III (abreviated WWIII or WW3) was a global war that took place between April 3, 2069 and July 17, 2077. Many of the world's nations, including all great powers, participated in the war and eventually split into two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Eastern powers. The conflict began when the government of the North American Union ordered an invasion and regime change in Cuba, which was supported by Russia and China. This was due to the Cuban government's violent crackdown on anti-government protests. It caused more casualties than any other conflict in history. The war ended in an armistice on July 17, 2077.


Although tensions between Russia and the western world date back to the mid 20th century, relations had briefly warmed up with the creation of the superstates of the European Union in 2057 and the North American Union in 2064. This however changed in 2068 when the North American Union elected its new president Tim Ross. Ross had repeatedly called the Russian Federation and its strong ally, the People's Republic of China "beacons of tyranny" and closed off relations with both nations. By the beginning of 2069, it became apparent that a tragic conflict was approaching.

North American invasion of Cuba

As tensions rose between the west and Russia, an anti-communist pro-Western sentiment grew in Cuba against the country's century-old communist government ruled by Alejandro Castro, grandson of revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. Cuba had been for a long time a strategic ally of Russia and later China as well. By March 2069, a mass movement in Cuba called United Cuba had rallied all over the streets of Havana, prompting a violent response by the Cuban military. Russia warned the NAU of harsh consequenses if it got involved in Cuba militarily, however NAU leaders did not listen and North American president Tim Ross ordered military intervention on April 3, beginning the armed conflict.

The war becomes global

The Russian Federation officially declared war on the North American Union on April 11, saying that it intended on "defending the sovereignty of the Republic of Cuba". As a global crisis seemed imminent, North American allies the European Union, Japan, the Baltic Union, Turkey and Israel entered the war later that month, naming themselves the "allies" meanwhile the South American nations of Venezuela and Bolivia defended Cuba. Russian allies Iran and Afghanistan also entered the conflict in May, however many believe that these nations were pressured to enter by the Russian Federation. Fighting left Cuban borders on May 30 when Turkish and Israeli air forces launched a series of airstrikes on Iran, thus beginning the war in Asia.