Xi'Eya-Human War

World War III
WW3 ascension


August 10th, 2019 - September 9th, 2019


Earth, Sol system


Alliance victory

  • Russian territory reduced
  • Russia divided into three occupation zones (UFE, Cascadia, South Australia)
  • Treaty of Atlanta (in effect from 10/2/19)

Alliance of Planets
UFE United Federation of Earth
US Cascadia Cascadia
Vayuki Vayuki Protectorate
and all othe AoP members...

Moscow Pact
Flag of Russia Ascension Russia
Flag of EAF East African Federation
Burmese Flag Myanmar


UFE Elizabeth Warren
UFE Dacian Cioloș
UFE Zephyr Teachout
US Cascadia Johnattan Boone
US Cascadia Andrea Carnahan
Vayuki Izwki Aovar

Flag of Russia Ascension Sergey Naryshkin †
Flag of Russia Ascension Mikhail Kasyanov
Flag of EAF Ali Abdel Aal
Burmese Flag Aung San Suu Kyi
Burmese Flag Soe Win †


UFE 94,582,000
Vayuki 19,402,000
US Cascadia 106,000
Other AoP members support: 399,200

Total: 114,489,200

Flag of EAF 5,120,000
Flag of Russia Ascension 4,400,000
Burmese Flag 977,000

<i> Total: 10,497,000


UFE 9,202,000
Vayuki 3,397,000
US Cascadia 72,800
Other AoP members casualties: 199,690

Total: 12,871,490

Flag of EAF 4,570,000
Flag of Russia Ascension 3,020,400
Burmese Flag 899,090

Total: 8,489,490

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World War III (French: Troisième Guerre Mondiale; Spanish: Tercera Guerra Mundial; Italian: Terza Guerra Mondiale; Romanian: Al Treilea Război Mondial; Hindi: तीसरा विश्व युद्ध), also known as the Third World War, Federation-Russian War, Third Global War or the Last Internal War was a global conflict that lasted from August 10th, 2019, until September 9th, 2019. It was mainly caused by the growing tensions between the UFE and Russia, as well as the continuous Russian refusal to stop their military mobilization of manpower and weaponry. The discovery of Russian nuclear remnants outraged the world government, which immediately ordered their destruction. The Russian government refused, which ultimately obliged President Warren to declare war against the Russian Federation.