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World War 3
Date: 2036 - 2037 (First crises happen in 2034)
Location: Western Europe, Russia, China, India, South Asia, Atlantic Ocean
Status: Over
Result: Chinese capitulation, NATO victory, Nuclear radiation in Northern Hemisphere, Mini-Nuclear Winter, formation of Republic of China

Flag of Russia Russia
Italian Social Republic Italy
Flag of France France
Flag of Brazil Brazil

Supported by:
Flag of Spain Spain
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom (2034-36)
Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of NATO other NATO members
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan
Flag of India India
many more...

Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China

Supported by:
Flag of Malaysia Malaysia
Flag of England England (as militia)
Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand
African Union

many more...


Flag of Russia Igor Gorbachev †
Flag of RussiaDmitry Stanislav †
Italian Social Republic Maritza Ramos †
Italian Social Republic Marco Villarubia †
Flag of France Regis Marais
Brazil Flag Enrico Santos

Flag of the People's Republic of China ??? †

Casualties and losses
61,892,611 1,348,219,053

World War Three (also known as World War 3, WW3 or the Great Nuclear War) was a war that officially started with official declaration of war on October 16, 2036 and ending with Chinese capitulation on August 2, 2037. Most historians, however, consider the starting date of World War Three as February 10, 2034, the date that Chinese nukes were launched at Paris, Berlin, London and Ankara.

Events leading up to the initial nuking

After the defeat of the United Islamic Caliphate of Africa, China was in an incredibly powerful spot. They had a major population source and abundant natural resources. After the defeat of Mexico, European nations such as France and Italy were in a strong position too. Also, after taking out Paraguay, Suriname and Guyana, Brazil was a major superpower and dominated Latin America. Also, at this time, Putin had remained discreet, and continued to manage Russia while the rest of the world did not notice Russia. All these events would be a catalyst for world war...

Nuking before WW3

On February 10, 2034, nukes simultaneously fell on Paris, Berlin, London and Ankara, causing the deaths of at least 10 million people and scattering radiation across Western and Central Europe, Anatolia and parts of the Balkans, as well as world hysteria. The Fifth French Republic had collapsed, and a state of emergency was called for, which allowed General Regis Marais (1982-) to rise to power in France.

The Russian Nuclear Controversy

Much of the world blamed the nuclear attacks on Russia, as the Chinese had sneakily hidden their evil deeds with Russian yield warheads. For a time, Ukraine even advocated an invasion of Russia and nuking of their 10 biggest cities. Russia turned out to be innocent, and to apologize for their arrogance, Ukraine gave Crimea to Russia and advocated for Russia to join NATO at this time of crisis.

The Nuking of St.Petersburg

On November 26, 2035, at 15:53 local time, St.Petersburg was nuked, again by the Chinese, who were smart enough to use NATO yield warheads. 2 million people died in the attack, and Prsident Vladimir Putin resigned and declared a state of emergency, leaving General Igor Gorbachev (1985-2037) in charge of Russia.

The World Finds Out China Did It