World War III
Date 11th April 2031 - 20th 2042
Location Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Oceania
Result Coalition victory

-collapse of the United States and end as a superpower -rise of Libya and the Eurasian Union as superpowers -expansion of the CSTO -start of the second cold war -United Nations dissolved

Coalition forces:

Proposed flag of the Eurasian UnionEurasian Union

Flag of The Peoples Republic of China people's republic of china

Gadafi Calif Libya

Flag of Serbia Serbia
Flag of Iran.svgRepublic of Iran
Flag of North KoreaNorth Korea
Flag of ColombiaColombia
Flag of AlgeriaAlgeria
Flag of EthiopiaEthiopia
Flag of Brazil Brazilian empire
Flag of Mongolia Mongolia
Flag of Syria Syria
Kingdom of EgyptEgypt(2034-)
Flag of EACeast African federation(2040-)
Flag of Greece  Greece
Flag of Cuba Cuba
Flag of South Africa the cape
Flag of Iraqiraq
Flag of IndiaIndia
Flag of Algeria Algeria
Flag of Catalonia Catlan independence front
Imperial States of America American Revolutionary front

Allied powers:

Flag of the United States United States
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of France France
Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Australiaaustralia
Flag of EgyptEgypt(until 2034)
Flag of Polandpoland
Flag of Belgium Belgium
Flag of SudanSudan
Flag of AzerbaijanAzerbaijan
Flag of Croatia Croatia
Flag of BulgariaBulgaria
Flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina
Flag of Canada Canada
Flag of the Netherlands  Netherlands
Flag of South Korea South Korea
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Flag of Spain  Iberian Union
Flag of Japan Japan
Flag of Albania Albania
Flag of the Arab League Arabian Federation

Open to Contributions World War III was the Third Global War and was the first World War that the Allies lost. It lasted from 2031 to 2042, a total of 11 years.

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