The Third World War (or WW-III) was a conflict which originated in the Middle East in the 2030s decade. It began in Iran in 2031 and officially ended in 2036 when an armistice was signed in Washington D.C.

The event which sparked the war can be traced back to the impending global oil crisis and the re-emergence of right-wing support in nations such as Iran, Syria and Iraq after a relatively peaceful decade in the 2020s where the region saw economic growth when conflict was resolved. The world was split between the NATO powers, the Eurasian Union and the Beijing League. Much of the planet shared the cost of the conflict, with the most hard-hit areas being western Europe, the Chinese mainland, Indonesia, the Middle East and the western coast of the US. Approximately 450 million lives were lost, yet the conflict brought famine, poverty and disease to an extra two billion people, making WW-III the most devastating war in history. The consequences of the conflict were the establishment of democracy to much of the former NATO enemies, yet the explosion in number of Failed States particularly in Africa and South-East Asia. Opinions to whether WW-III resolved the bubbling crisis of the early part of the 21st Century are polazised.


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Causes of the conflict

Right-wing re-emergence in Iran

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