A common enemy unites the bitterest enemies... - unknown

The New Order's Origins.

The New Order, was a private militia/organization. It was founded and lead by Frederick Highland in Denmark, 2005. It was an underground organization, and not publicly represented. It held the ideology of white supremacy and nazism to the highest standard. The group had strong ambitions of world domination by aryans, and a revival in the ideals of Nazi Germany in WW2. In 2017, they publicly revealed themselves to the world and overthrew the government of Denmark to gain territory. They were labeled as a "Nazistic Terrorist Group", Which ultimately led to the massive World War 3.


The New Order began to take on small nations in Europe, which had weak militaries and broken political systems. After gaining a great deal of ground in Europe, "The Nation of The New Order" became a large threat.


After a few short years of gaining more ground and growing resources in Europe, The New Order began to invade larger and more structured nations such as Germany, and Sweden. By 2020, they dominated most of Europe. and even wiped out another terrorist group by the name of ISIS. They established large sea bases dangerously close to the USA and Canada, in 2021. The New Order sent spies to the USA to steal experimental weaponry. The mission failed, and this caused The United States to go to war with The New Order.


By this time, countries such as Russia, China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, The United States, and several others formed a team in order to put an end to Frederick Highland's movement. Large parts of China and Russia were captured, and The United States fell to invasion and a broken economy.


A large part of The New Order called "The 4th Batallion" breaks away from the organization. to aid China, Japan, and Russia. They claimed they saw the wrong of their ways and decided to put away their nazi beliefs and rebel against Highland. Territory of TNO in North America is taken back by The 4th Batallion and given to former politicians to create a new nation, the ROA (Republic Of America).

Early 2024

With the help of The 4th Batallion, much territory is restored to their former countries, and many new nations are created in Europe. The New Order is weakened and the war is in it's final days. on February 11th, 2024, The New Order surrendered to the ROA, and Japan, in Canada.

Post War Effects.

- The Republic Of America plans to follow in the legacy of the USA, by replicating the constitution word for word, but adding a few new policies which protected Republican and Conservative ways of government. Liberalism is now looked down upon in the nation.

- China issued a reform in government which created a democratic form of government.

- Nazi ideals and the usage of the Swastika are banned in 65% of nations worldwide.

- Frederick Highland and his officers are executed in Russia.

- 3 Nuclear missiles were found by the ROA while clearing out a New Order command facility. Revealing that The New Order possesed nuclear weaponry. The reason it was not used is unknown.

- The America Union is created

- North Korea experiences a civil war, with the rebels victorious, creating a new government like that of The ROA.


Allies The New Order
USA (Later ROA) Highland's Czech Republic
Russia Highland's Sweden
China Highland's Germany
North Korea Highland's Denmark
South Korea Highland's Norway
France Highland's Italy
Japan Highland's Switzerland
United Kingdom Highland's Poland
Belgium Highland's Iceland
Croatia Highland's Ukraine

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