{Template:War |name = World War 3 |begin = January 16th, 2025 |end = December 2nd, 2033 |place = Entire World |result = NATO/EU victory |side1 = *United States

  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • NATO
  • Israel
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Jordan
  • Egypt
  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia
  • Ukraine
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • India
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan
  • Mongolia
  • UAE

|side2 = *Russia

  • China
  • SCO (Turkic States)
  • Iran
  • Pakistan
  • Myanmar
  • North Korea
  • Serbia
  • Greece
  • Belarus
  • Syria
  • Muslim Fundamentalists

|commanders1 = President Jeremy Adler

Prime Minister Maxwell Forester

Sol-chon juk

Vidhu Patel


Masahirito Yamamoto

Omar Al-Dafsi

King Abdullah

Nathan Yazadashi

|commanders2 = Vladimir Putin

Dang So-Le

Kim Jong-Un

Aleksander Rolov

Muhammed Fafasi

Noris Vuvić

Aleksandros Papademos

Reza Shazi}} World War 3 is a worldwide conflict that began in January 16th, 2025 and ended in 2033 with barely a victory. The two sides were the United States/NATO against Russia/China/SCO. The war cost 500 million lives, and nuclear weapons damaged the environment, with many places after the war being unable to inhabit. It also saw the rise of cyber warfare, space warfare, and even war in Antarctica.


The War in Ukraine began to escalate in 2017-2018. The United States and NATO/EU allies decides to build a "missile shield" to protect itself from Russian missiles. The missiles are deployed in 2018 in Poland, and Romania. Russia responded with even more military buildup, especially in NATO countries such as the Baltic States. Eventually threat after threat, and years of preparing, Russia launched a cyber attack on the United States. Shutting down American systems for 24 hours, Russia launched a full scale invasion on the Baltics, and Ukraine on January 2025. World War 3 has begun.

China also declared war for the same reasons Russia did. They aimed to dominate Asian waters.

2025: Russia declares war on NATO. China and the SCO also declare war. The Chinese navy begins invading Taiwan destroy Taipei in two days. North Korea declares war on South Korea four days after war is declared. The US Pacific fleet begins hunting down Russian submarines, as well as Chinese. 

In the Middle East, Russia aims to to defends its ally Syria. Not long after, Israeli, Turkish, Jordanian, and Saudi troops move in and seize majority of Syria. Russian and Syrian troops are cornered in Syria's coasts. Damascus soon falls to NATO and Israeli hands. Soon Greece formally announces it alliance with Russia and deployed 75,000 additional troops. Soon after, NATO also declared war on Greece. Turkish and Bulgarian troops invade Thrace and seize it on April 2025. Serbia promising its alliance with Greece declares war on Bulgaria. Serbian troops invade Kosovo and Bulgaria. Serbian troops assist Greek troops, but are unable to recapture Thrace.

Meanwhile, Mongolia is crushed by Russian and Chinese forces, and the United States loses an ally. South Korea successfully pushes back North Korea by July 2025. Chinese and some Russian reinforcement arrive and fiercely fight back at the American, South Koran, and Japanese forces. The Philippines and Vietnam both form an alliance and soon both countries launch surprise attacks on Chinese artificial island bases, destroying five. The Chinese oil rig near Vietnam war seizes within three days. Australia and New Zealand also begin assisting American/NATO forces in the Pacific.

In Central Asia, India and Pakistan declare war on each other. Pakistan begins funding Muslim fundamentalists in Northern India, and soon both guerrilla forces and the Pakistani Army invade India with Chinese support. Indian forces manage to hold the Pakistani forces at bay, but the Indian Navy launches missiles and destroy Pakistani coastal cities. India seizes several areas in South eastern Pakistan.

In Ukraine, the Ukrainian Army is pushed back by Belarusian forces in the North and Russian forces from the east. Russian troops occupy large chunks of land in Eastern Ukraine, and The Ukrainian Army makes defending Kiev a priority

Armenia and Azerbaijan declare war on each other. Georgia supports Azerbaijan. However, Russia invades and seizes Georgia within twu months. Turkish and Azeri forces invade Armenia from both east and west. Russian reinforcements arrives, and so does Iranian forces. Both Russia and Iran defeat Azerbaijan, and Armenian, Iranian, and Russian forces begin defeating Turkish troops in eastern Anatolia. 


In the Balkans, Greek forces begin invading Southern Albania and Southern Macedonia. Both countries are NATO members, and as a result, Italy invades Greece, but is pushed back. Russian forces land in the Greek coasts and defeated Macedonia and Albania in five days. However, three Russian ships were sunk, and 8500 Greek and 3200 Russian troops were killed. Serbia seized Kosovo, and Republika Srpska declare independence from Bosnia and launches attacks in Sarajevo. Russian ships fire missiles and Bosnia surrenders two days later. Serbian forces invade Montenegro, but are suddenly pushed back. Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo and Bosnia Croats/Muslims take up arms and launch attacks on Serbian troops. American troops in Kosovo however begin launching a secret operation in removing the Russian/Serb forces. The NATO forces who held on a sliver of land land begin launching surprise attacks on Serbian troops. In a month, Serbians are pushed back to north eastern Kosovo, and the Russians flee into Northern Albania, where soon Albanians and Macedonians begin to attack Russian troops. Several British and American ships sink eight Russian destroyers, thus making Russia lose control in the Adriatic. This is proven to be the first defeat of Russia during this war in the European theater. Albania is soon reoccupied by American and British forces, and reinstall the old government. British, Italian and American troops land in Bosnia and begin pushing, however suffer losings in the Battle of Sarajevo. Bosnian rebels managed to seize several areas of Sprska. Hungarian forces invade and capture Vojvodina. Bulgarian and Romanian forces seize Timok, and South Eastern Serbia. Serbia is now facing a four front war. Egypt announce it will join the war and assist America. The Egyptian navy sinks three Greek cruisers and the island of Crete is seized by the British.

In the Middle east, Russia and Syria are nearly destroyed. After an overnight air raid on Apirl 9th, 2026, the Russians surrender and pull out of Syria. Syria is defeated one month after, and Russia loses an important ally and its Mediterranean military base. However, the Russian troops arrive in Greece and reestablish a base there. Russia land troops in northern Anatolia, and seize the northern coats,. NATO soon launches a naval blockade on the Istanbul port. The Russians are unable to ship goods to its fledgling ally Greece, or reinforce the Russian troops stationed overseas. The battle of Istanbul is started on May 20th, 2026. Both sides suffer immense casualties, but Russia suffered worse. The Russians lost 18 destroyers, 25 cruisers and five submarines, while NATO lost 12 destroyers, eight submarines, and three cruisers. Istanbul is saved from the NATO forces. However, Turkey continues suffering defeats in the east. With NATO backup, they keep the combined armies at bay. Kurdish rebels revolt and seize all of south eastern Turkey. Kurdish rebels do not take sides during this war. However, the CIA funds the rebels in secret. Saudi Arabia, and its Arab ally UAE launch an invasion of Iran. However, this fails miserably, as 75 Saudi jets are shot down. Iran begins funding Shiite rebel in Saudi Arabia. They soon because launching arson attacks on Saudi oil wells, damaging the economy. Iranian navy launches new Russian missiles at Saudi Arabia. UAE also suffers casualties. They soon declare neutrality, and drop out of the war, but allow American troops on their land.

In East Asia, China's biggest weakness begins to show. The Chinese navy is ill equipped and out of date. 15 Chinese submarines are sunk, and the Vietnamese navy and Filipino launch air strikes on the Chinese naval base in Southern China. Soon after, China's only aircraft carrier, an outdated Soviet-era ship given by Russia is sunk after shelling on it for several days on July 21st, 2026. 80% of China's Arctic islands have been destroy by Japanese, South Korean, American, Filipino, and Vietnamese navies. China launches air strikes on Hanoi, and raid the city for three months, killing 50,000 civilians, and 15,5000 military personnel.

India loses New Delhi by Chinese and Pakistani forces, and American and British soldiers arrive at Indian coasts. Inidina losses 80,000 men as a result of the Chinese/Pakistani attack. 

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