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World War III, also know as Trump's War* or the Third World War, was the first and only major war fought in the 21st century. The war itself began in June of 2020 with the North Korean invasion of South Korea and quickly expanded following the Russian invasion of the Baltic States. The war would also involve smaller states like Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba which would quickly ally with Russia in order to challenge the United States global hegemony. Concurrent to this major conflict would be the Chinese invasion of Taiwan and the Senkaku Islands which the U.S. was unable to intervene in as it was already involved in 2 major wars.  

  • Although not reelected in 2020, historians and critics of President Trump would place the blame for the war solely his actions and decisions as President.  This would included weakening the good relations between the U.S. and its key allies, the continual provocation of its adversaries, and the actual escaltion of the the Korean Nuclear Crisis.  

Prelude to War 

New order in the Middle East

Russian Expansionism 

Korean Nuclear Crisis 

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