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World war 3 or the end war (as many people came to call it) was the last major conflict fought on a gobal scale.  Fought by the United States and European Union against the United Soviet Federation or USF it was the most destructive war in human history.  From 2025 to 2031 an estimated 75 million people died in the fighting.  As the major powers fought each other, other minor powers decided to settle scores with their old enemies. Examples of this are seen in the Chinese civil war and the Second Korean war.     

Prelude to War 

By June of 2014 evidence was presented to the U.S that Syria had used chemical weapons against rebel forces breaking an agreement reached in 2013 that Syria give up control of those weapons.  With this evidence President Obama orders cruise missile strikes against military targets and chemical weapons depots despite Russian and Chinese threats.  Many of these are inaccurate and are estimated to have destroyed only five percent of Syria's chemical weapon stockpile.  Syria responds by launching chemically armed missiles at Syrian refugee camps in Turkey.  Bound by the NATO treaty the U.S is forced to deploy troops in Turkey along with other allied troops from the U.K, Belgium, and Norway.  Other NATO members either declare neutrality or, in the case of France and Germany, oppose the action.  On July 6th, after a week of airstrikes against military targets, allied forces invade Syria and link up with the Free Syrian Army.  After fierce battles in Aleppo, Homs, and Dier ez-Zor, allied troops enter Damascus.  Assad is captured and put on trial for war crimes and a coalition government is established.  As allied troops prepare to withdraw the coalition government shatters and fighting between the Islamists and reformists begin.  The U.S is forced into a long and unpopular conflict.  As fighting in the Middle East continues many countries begin to look for more stable sources of oil and natural gas.  Almost overnight Russia, Canada, and Indonesia become the leading suppliers of oil.

Meanwhile Russia was benifiting from the revival of its oil industry.  Estimates show that nearly half of this revenue went into the expansion of the Russian army.  The new Russian president General Androv, a member of the russian ultranationalist party, ecouraged this growth of the military andset his sights on russian control of Europe.  Russia used its military power and control of oil to its advantage on the international stage.  In 2018 Androv called a conference of former soviet states in Moscow to discuss the possibilty of reforming the Soviet Union.  Tensions were high at the conference and after a week of negotiation the country of Georgia walked out.  Expecting this Androv launched a military campaign against Georgia and after a week the country was fully occupied.

In late 2014, after it was revealed that the U.S. had been spying on its European allies, France and Germany call an emergancy meeting of the EU in Brussels.  After hours of fierce debating, it is decided to kick the U.S out of NATO and demand that all U.S. troops withdraw from the continent by 2016.  The conferance also passes the united armed forces act to create, " a single, unified army of the European Union." This is the first move toward a unified Europe. When the U.S. withdrawal from Europe finishes and the USF army reaches 1.5 million men the need for compete unification becomes urgent.  On March 4th 2020 Europe completely unifies as the EU with its capital Brussels.

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