Invasion of the North American Coalition

World War III
Date January 1st, 2053 – ? ? 205
Location North America, Africa, Far Eastern Asia, Europe, 
Result *


North American Coalition

Pacific Trade Union


European Federation



Commanders and leaders

United States of America:

President: Joshua Drake

Vice President: Frank Woods

General: Thomas Marshall


Prime Minister: Lauren Doyle

European Federation:

President: Ruby O'Neill

Vice President: Joseph Gould

General: Leon Hunt Colonel: Maslin Allaire

Russian Union:

Premier: Isaac Markov

General: Andrew Lazarev


North American Coalition:

16,394,930 Soldiers

29,298 Tanks

86,000 Utility Vehicles

Casualties and losses

North American Coalition:

Pacific Trade Union

Total Dead:

Total Wounded:

European Federation:


Total Dead:

Total Wounded:

The War began on January 1st, 2053 when European Federation forces invaded the United States cities of Boston and New York City, and also invaded the Canadian cities of St. Johns and Halifax. Within two days, Halifax and St. Johns fell while Boston was close to falling and New York City was still being heavily fought for. At the time of the invasion, there was only eight thousand soldiers their guarding it along with three Naval Destroyers with almost no equipment to defend against an invasion. It stayed like this until January 4th went reinforcements finally arrived. They numbered to over fifty thousand soldiers and many land systems. They also had one Aircraft Carrier, Five Frigates and Eleven Destroyers. In Alaska, the Russians had crossed the Beiring Strait and attacked Alaska. It only had thirteen thousand soldiers stationed there but Canadian forces helped them, pushing the Russians out of Alaska two weeks after they landed in.

Three days later on January 7th the Federation soldiers finally landed in New York City, which led to the battle turning into Urban Warfare. The Federation Tank Force was almost destroyed by the A-11 Warthog III, which was a heavily upgraded version of the A-11 Warthog III, which was still capable of being a tank destroyer  seven decades after it was made. The Federation Soldiers were also heavily surprised by the sight of EXS-25, a Exoskeleton suit used by the Delta Force and SEALs. The 1st Special Operations Regiment, also known as Hunters, had used the EXS-50, which had not only improved the jumping height, strength, speed, agility and gave the user many new special technology, it also gave them thermal vision, jet pack, shoulder mounted grenade launchers and many more features. The HEXS-15 is a heavy armored Exoskeleton suit that is slower, less agile and cannot jump as high as the other ones, but is much more armored, has a Minigun that can be deployed, has a laser-mounted weapon and can take any bullet damage.

The Hunters were deployed around New York City, used to do hit and run tactics on the Federation Soldiers. Eventually New York City would come to the final battle, the battle of Time's Square. The battle was the first true land battle of the war, with the American M4A2 Warrior Tank and the European AMX-100 Panther Tank had major tank battles between one another in the streets of New York City while American Soldiers fought European Soldiers building to building. The Americans had the advantages with better technology, better armor, better firepower, they knew the land and had planned this out a lot better. They were winning and almost pushed the Europeans back to the ocean until the PAH-6 Cheetah joined the fight, which was a heavily modified version of the Eurocopter, made to destroy land vehicles, name Armored Personnel Carriers and Tanks. They destroyed almost one hundred Warriors until the AH-76 Comanche had pushed them, destroying all of the PAH's in the process. Eventually the soldiers had evacuated New York, evacuating as many civilians and soldiers as they could. While they were retreating, the European Federation followed them, trying to kill, injure or capture as many soldiers so they couldn't fight later. As the last soldiers crossed the Brooklyn and Manhatten Bridge, they were both blown up with C4, killing hundreds of Federation soldiers and sending many of their vehicles into the Hudson river. Fifteen hundred American Soldiers were captured in New York City, along with Five million civilians.

The battle of New York City began to finally end on March 8, 2053 when American General Marcus Brody had died along with all of his soldiers who were fighting to keep the Empire State Building out of Federation hands. Hours later, at around two in the morning, Captain Scott Walker along with his force of one hundred soldiers, had held the Statue of Liberty, with the Federation landing one hundred new soldiers on to the island every five minutes. Eventually Walker's soldiers were overrun. The total death toll was put to be around 81 Americans dead and 24 wounded along with a staggering 3,450 Federation dead and 4,239 injured. As the European Federation flag was flown on the Statue of Liberty by the European General Louis Pelchat, a resistance sniper shot at him, fatally sending him fallling down to the bottom of the statue of liberty. This started the resistance across America.

Within two more days Boston fell along with New York City, with little fighting having been done due to the United States Military fighting a lot more to hold New York City then Boston. Eventually the Federation Army believed the American Military had given up, and planned to fight away from the Eastern Coast. They had taken New York City, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and parts of New York. They were doing fine until they reached Philadelphia. 

The first column of tanks rolled into the city with no resistance as other soldiers were brought in either by truck or had to walk alongside the tanks. As they had almost half of the Federation brigade in the city, Warthogs had strafed the soldier transports, sending them fleeing off of the road as Comanches attacked the AMX-100 Panthers. The Commanches has taken out a few of them but many were being damaged by small arms fire or even heat-seeking missiles. The Commanches left the battlefield after many had to leave due to heavily damage when the Europeans heard a noise coming from under the city in the sewers. Suddenly, parts of the road started collapsing, with some tanks and other vehicles falling int it, when the HEXS-15 rose from the ground and started to attack the tanks, which it proved to be able to destroy quicker then other tanks.

Eventually the Federation brigade retreated as thousands of them surrendered to the American forces. The Soldiers that retreated were shot and and wounded by American Soldiers, Militias, Guerrilla's and many other kinds of soldiers. The Federation soldiers had retreated to Trenton, where heavy fighting between American Resistance and Federation soldiers ensured. At the same time, the invasion of Quebec had begun, where thousands of Federation Soldiers had been attacking the Canadian forces located there. They eventually fell within a month but heavy Urban Warfare had plagued the Federation Military, with remnants of the Defensive force in Quebec and Civilian militia fighting the Feds street by street and building by building.

They headed down the river, to Montreal, where the Federation brought two hundred Panthers, Ten Thousand Soldiers and around Five hundred land vehicles right into a Canadian trap. The Canadians had set up a trap involving the Leopard 4A2 tank, which involved hiding Leopard tanks in old warehouses in an abandoned industrial sector outside Montreal, so once they got close, the Canadian military could hold them back long enough for American Air Support to arrive to help destroy the invading force. Although it didn't destroy their army, it heavily damaged their tank force, which left their soldiers vulnerable without any heavy armor cover and due to this, almost half of them surrendered immediately, with none of the others escaping, with them later surrendering or dying.

The Second Battle of Philadelphia had began with a surprise attack by the Federation force. It was much bigger this time and had air support. They had overran the defenses that the military had set up and got through on May 7, 2053. The American Military had fought fiercely by Guerrilla fighting as they tried to win Air Supremacy in the skies above. On the ground, tanks battles were almost nonexistant and civilians had watched the battle from afar and the civilians that were near the fighting had hid in Bunkers that the Government had made, evacuated away from the combat or hit in their homes. Some civilians even started to fight against the Federation, which did an impact on the fighting. 

Eventually two weeks later Philadelphia fell too. Many people were asking why hasn't the United States and rest of the North American Coalition use it's most advanced technology besides exoskeletons, seeing that most of these battles were expected to be much worse. The Military didn't respond to this statement for sometime. During this time, cities like Harrisburg, Dover, Sunbury, Atlantic City, Newark and many more were lost to the Federation with almost no resistance. Then on May 29, the Federation had it's sight set on Baltimore and Washington D.C, seeing capturing that as the perfect way to destroy the American Morale and take the Eastern Coast. Most American aircraft that were stationed in Lincoln Air Force Base which was the main defense base outside of Washington D.C were destroyed in a massive bombing days before. A force of around fifty Panther tanks rolled into Baltimore, seeing almost no resistance. Within days they reached Washington D.C. Before the First tank rolled into the city, all hell went loose.

The Battle began in a deserted town and started with the use of A-10 Warthogs III strafing the European Tanks. Then, hundreds of VTOL drop ships flew in and dropped off Exoskeleton Hunters from one hundred feet in the sky. They dropped onto the tanks, throwing explosives into them or going into the tanks and killing the occupants. This was just the beginning as the divisions of soldiers behind them were soon attacked by Civilian Militias and American Military remnants that were behind them in Baltimore. Soon the Federation received air support and were able to chase off the Militia and Hunters but a third of their soldiers and the rest were injured, dying or shell shocked. 

The Federation saw this as the beginning of the North American Coalition's beginning to fight back, and started Operation Western Wall, which involved the Russian Military invading the Western Coast of the United States.

Invasion of the West Coast

On June 11, Santa Monica was 

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