World War 3 Was Between United Islamic Republic Or UIR and Other
Rebel Groups in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen. UAE, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt, Libya Tunisia, Morocco, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The UIR Was Founded By Mustafa Ahmed Who was Sunni Muslim (Most Likely Ahmadi Muslim But Hid It We Know this Because of his Close Retaliations with Ahmadiyya and His Parents Were) Wanted the Entire Middle East to be Democracy As it was Ruled by Kings And Corrupted Governments. He founded the UIR In 2017 And Gained Support Quite Quickly due to Saudi Arabia killing Off UIR Members

January 1st to July 1st Edit

After Saudi Arabia Started to kill UIR Members, Mustafa Ahmed Decided The Only way to Get Democracy Was to Fight For It. His Group had around 500000 Members in it, After A Country Which the United States Suspected to be the United Kingdom Gave the UIR Many British Weapons Artillery and many other things the UIR Attacked Al Kharkir Located in the "Empty Quarter Desert" And took the City Over in 3 Days, Starting February 6th The UIR Started to Attack the 180 Highway located in south Saudi Arabia Near the border of Yeman, They Gained Ground Fast and Swiftly, On March 2nd The UIR Controlled All of the 180 Highway and Start to take over Highway 15, On march 8th the Battle of Sharorah Took Place they took the Town Over In Matter of weeks and Continued To Take More Ground on Highway 15 On March 24th Al Wadiah was Taken , More Ground was Taken In South Saudi Arabia, o Much Pakistan Iran and Iraq had to send troops by July 1st The UIR Has Taken over much of South Saudi Arabia, As the Battle of Abha will Be Taken place

July 2nd to December 31st Edit

July 1st

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