World War 3 was the Third Global war from 2016 to 2021 It took Place in the Black sea The Korean Peninsula, The Pacific Ocean and Parts of the Middle East, The War Was Primarily Between NATO And America vs And the Russia's Newly Formed Pact with Iran, China and North KoreA

Events leading up to the war

December 1st: Russia North Korea China and Iran Meet up in Moscow to form a Military alliance

December 3rd: NATO Meets up for a Emergency meeting

December 4th: Russian Military Begins to mass at the Ukrainian Border

December 9th: UN Security Council Meets, Russia nor China Attends


Russian Spy Planes being escorted by F-22s

December 12th: Russian Spy Planes Do a fly over of Alaska And are escorted Out of US Airspace by 4 F-22 Raptors

December 15th: Obama Resigns, He also calls for early elections, Obama's Average approval rating was 86%

December 18th: Joe Biden Announces elections will take place January 6th

December 20th: Russia Announces they will begin a Military build up in North Korea and Iran

December 22nd: Israel and South Korea Strongly object this as the 2 Leaders meet in Seoul

December 29th: Nominees as chosen for Both parties for the elections it is Donald Trump vs Bernie Sanders

December 30th: Vladimir Putin announces a invasion of Kazakhstan

The War Begins: January 2016

January 1st: Russian troops go further into Kazakhstan as the UN Holds a Emergency meeting


Russian Soldiers Moving into Kazakhstan

January 2nd: Kazakhstan's Current President Surrenders to Russia Due to weak forces and High Civilian deaths Although Russian troops never even made it to there Capital.

January 5th President Joe Biden Strongly States Russia Will Pay as Many countries Extend Sanctions.

January 6th: Donald Trump Wins the elections against Bernie Sanders in a Close election.

January 8th: Donald Trump Announces he will Deploy 2000 Troops in Ukraine.

January 9th: Russia Declares war on Ukraine.

January 11th: Turkish President Izmir Ataturk Announces they won't let Russian ships pass through the Istanbul Strait This Prevents Russia from getting into the Mediterranean Sea.

January 12th: NATO Announces they will Defend Ukraine, NATO Warships are being seen Going into the Black Sea.

January 14th: Russian Troops attack NATO And Ukraine Positions in Eastern Ukraine.

January 16th: Russian troops Continue to make Advances in Ukraine.

January 17th: Turkey declares war on Russia, Iran.

January 18th: The Turkish President invites the Israeli Prime Minster to Ankara

January 19th: Israel declares war on Iran

January 21st: Russian troops reach the Outskirts of Kiev

January 22nd: Iran Launches 3 Scuds at Turkey, Israel

January 24th: Ukrainian troops surrender as NATO Troops continue to fight

January 26th: Turkish Warships fire at Russian Ships Attempting to get into the Mediterranean

January 28th: Turkey Fires 25 Missiles at Tehran destroying various buildings

January 30th: Russian Troops take Kiev, NATO Troops leave Ukraine, Russia takes all of Ukraine

February 2016

February 1st: Donald Trumps signs the Declaration of war against Russia

February 2nd: Turkish War Planes Bomb Russian Troops in Ukraine killing 3000 Troops and 400 Civilians

February 4th: UN Holds a emergency Meeting

February 5th: North Korea and Russia Secretly Make plans for a Invasion of the south

February 6th: china and pakistan talks for military sharing