• Note: I'm not the creator of this scenario. The original was created by Swagnarok. I combined his creation with my own ideas. If you like to see the original scenario, see SCENARIO: WW3: Allies vs. Shanghai Powers.

The Third World War (2018-2023) was a total war fought between the Shanghai Powers, a bloc of nations determined to use military force to secure territory, resources and strategic interests in violation of international law., and the Allied Powers, a military alliance of democratic and US-aligned nations with a UN mandate to defeat the Shanghai Powers.


Major Allied nations: USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Japan, Argentina, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, Morocco and others.

Shanghai nations: China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Palestinian Territories, Armenia, Serbia, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela.

Timeline of events before the war

The War

After increased tensions around the world, the Ukrainian NATO membership reignites conflict in the East. After receiving munitions, vehicles and weapons from NATO, Ukraine prepares for another offensive. Unknowingly, the rebels in the East return to their daily lives after the Mariupol Agreement. Unprepared and outgunned, the war will be made easy, only if Russia does not retaliate.


April 14: Ukraine invades Eastern Ukraine with its newly dispatched NATO gear.

May 18: Ukrainian offensive towards Lugansk.

May 30: Russia invades Ukraine.

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