World War 2: Invasion of America (1943-1945)

Because Hitler was warned of Operation Torch before the Allies landed, the entire invasion was wiped out by a German ambush. The entire army was destroyed, and the United States backs out of the war with Germany. After conquering Europe and making peace terms with Britain, the Reich begins planning its conquest of North America, starting on July 11th 1943.

Build Up

July 11th 1943, I day: The German Panzer groups 1, 2, and 3, along with 87 German divisions under Manstien set out from France to go to land on three different areas: Miami, New York, and Norfolk, Virginia. Code named Operation Sand Castle, Operation Alexander, and Operation Überraschen respectively. Each was later transferred to the Southern Front, the Bloody Front, and the North Front.

July 12th 1943: The German Army has reached its objectives before the invasion. Adolf Hitler begins to draft his speech to bring in the new invasion.

July 13th 1943: The USA begins receiving reports of the Germans saying that they had preformed ethnic cleansing and genocide on various groups, but mainly African Americans. The USA denies these claims.

July 14th 1943: Riots occur on the East and West coasts after African Americans think that the information is true. The US military has to intervine, causing many to think that the rumors or true.

July 15th 1943: More riots start to happen in major cities, and the USA military is being drawn into the Midwest. German ships have reached Cuba.

The Southern Front

July 21 1943: Operation Sand Castle commences with the landing of 24 German divisions under Rommel with 4 panzer platoons on Miami Beach, Dodge Island, and North Miami. This causes chaos as the United States had no warning of this attack. The troops manage to overrun all of the defenses set up by police and national guard forces protecting against a riot, and lay siege to the city of Miami.

July 24th 1943: After heavy shelling, Rommel captures the city in a drive that takes the defenders by surprise. He makes it his new headquarters, and starts to move on Fort Lauderdale. However, on this day, the United States Second Army under George Patten moves into Florida in an attempt to stop Rommel.

July 26th 1943: Fort Lauderdale is subjected to urban fighting by German infantry under Guirdern. 3 of Patten's platoons begin to reinforce the city. However, Rommel takes his panzer groups and drives to North Naples in an attempt to cut the southern half of Florida. They easily take the city from the surprised defenders.

July 27th, 1943, Battle of Lauderdale: Patton attempts a counterattack against the Germans and manages to drive them to the outskirts of the city. However, with airfields set up by Miami, the Germans inflict heavy causalities on the charging army

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