World War 03 or WW03 takes place from 2022-2030.


The 2022 Canadian election winner alliances with: most of Asia, most of Africa, Canada, Argentina, Mexico and form the TUE Team Unified Earth. They are trying to create a one government world. They fight against the Allies: USA, UK and most of Europe, Brazil and Australia, Latin America and Japan. Most of South America, the Middle East and Oceania stay neutral.


TUE attacks Belarus, Ukraine and takes over them. The Allies Try to persuade the Middle East but they say no. TUE plans to plant a nucular bomb on Osaka and Japan surrenders to the TUE. Mexico joins the TUE. The Allies reclaim Ukraine and take over Taiwan. Turkey joins the Allies after being neutral.


The 2024 Summer Olympics in Chicago are cancelled. TUE takes over all of Scandinavia after bombing Oslo.


TUE takes over The Caribbean, Venezuela, Ecuador and Columbia. The Allies reclaim Belarus.


Surprisingly the FIFA World Cup 2026 in Canada goes on peacefully and the 2026 Winter Olympics are cancelled. The TUE tell the Allies that what they are doing is for the better and Oceania joins them including Australia and Indonesia. The Allies attack Beijing the TUE Headquarters but fail. Alaska Joins the TUE after gaining independence from the USA.


The NFL has cancelled the 2027-28 season. Hawaii and the Middle East joins TUE. The Allies reclaim Denmark. Italy surrenders to the TUE


The 2028 summer Olympics are cancelled. TUE hacks all of the Allies systems. TUE takes over all of South America and Eastern Europe. The Allies try to bomb Moscow but TUE changes the course of the bombs so they hit Paris and Berlin.


All of Europe surrenders to TUE. China, Canada, Argentina and India are flourishing as they already have flood walls on there Major Cities and there is less crime than ever.


The 100th World Cup is held in china. The Winter Olympics are cancelled. The Allies are now only the USA. The USA reboots their systems and surrenders to the TUE.


Most people are Wealthy. Colonization on The moon occurs and has over 5 million inhabitants . Climate change has been reduced. New technology is researched faster. Birth control is introduced. One global currency. Life span increases to 85. Colonization of mars and terraforming of mars and Venus. The Capital of the World is in Beijing.

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