In circa 2050, many people thought of making a world senate and many nations favored this idea. By 2075, all nations of Earth have joined the World Senate. By 2100, the World Senate became Earth's government because of the satisfactory.

Government Breakdown

On top of the senate, a group of 4 elected leaders known as the Leaders will be the ones who pass World Laws. The Leaders will serve a term of two years and one Leader will be replaced every year; the Leaders have to go through all steps of the government pyramid.
Below of the Leaders, there are the Continental Governors. There are 6 Continental Governors (for all continents except Antarctica) who will pass both Regional Laws, Continental Laws and World Laws; the Continental Governors watch over the minor figures that belong in their continent and the continent itself and report it to the Leaders daily.
Below the Continental Governors, there are the Regional Governors. There is usually 5-10 Regional Governors that rule over 2-3 provinces depending on the size of the continent and they watch over their assigned area to report daily to their Continental Governer and pass Province Laws, Regional Laws, Continental Laws and World Laws.
Below the Regional Governors, there are the Province Governors. There are usually 2-3 provinces depending on the size of the Region