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Hello and welcome to the new map game. I have a backstory to this new world that I created myself. The story is based on WW2 but I've redone everything.

The Story So Far (Pre-History)


  • 3 major powers of the world
  • Chinese Communists
  • European Union –United Nations
  • USA
WorldMap Game 2013


February: Xi Jinping is elected as China's new leader.

1st June: Xi asks North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un and asks him to sign ‘Communist Pact Of Power Contract’ which states that China and North Korea form a military and political alliance and have a coalition government, which means merging China and North Korea together to make one country and that they do not attack each other and help each other if they become under attack from another Country. It also states that if one leader dies then the other leader gains their power and becomes leader.

4th June: Kim Jong-un signs and agrees to ‘Communist Pact of Power Alliance’ otherwise known as the ‘CPPA’ for short.

China and North Korea form together. They are now one country ‘Union of Asian Communist Republics’ or ‘UACR’ for Short.

China and North Korea are now Cities.

6th June: Scotland gets independence from Britain.

10th June: UACR create new currency called ‘Mao’ named after the 1st Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

15th July: Former China's military and Former North Korea's military join as one. The man power of their army is now 7, 625, 451, 61.

The new military is renamed The CP ‘Communist Pact’

20th July: USA President Barack Obama is worried about The UACR’s power.

23rd July: Xi Jinping announces Beijing Rallies will be held every 25th of July to the people of The UACR. The march will start at Tianjin and finish at the newly found capital of The UACR, Beijing to show the power and strength of the CP to the people.

24th July: Barack Obama asks CIA to send spies to Beijing and bring back Intel on the UACR.

25th July – The first ever Beijing rally is held, the UACR people are very impressed with their new military. The Beijing rally receives an excellent reaction from the citizens of UACR. 95% of the population come to see it. The CIA learns of the Overwhelming manpower of the UACR and the CP. The CIA return to USA with this Intel and Obama learns of this new Intel. He is very worried.

30Th July: Kim jong-un and Xi agree to invade Tajikistan they do not think that the USA will start a war because the Taliban are hiding in the country and the UACR can help.

Xi an Kim ask Barack Obama to meet with Them in Zhongnanhai, the former central headquarters for the Communist Party of China and the State Council (Central government) of the People's Republic of China.

It is now for the central headquarters for the Communist Party of UACR and the State Council of the Union of Asian Communist Republics.

Obama agrees to meet them. The meeting is to be on the 5th of august.

3rd August: Scientist Reveal that due to global warming the northern part of the Earth will freeze 20% and there will also be a Sea level drop from 100 – 150 Metres by 2100.

'5th August':

Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un meet Barack Obama at Zhongnanhai.

They discuss their plans to co-operate with the USA and help them clear out the Taliban in Tajikistan. Obama agrees to this joint operation. They also talk about the UACR and the CP, Xi and Kim reassure Obama they will not attack on the USA.

7th august – Obama receives a letter from the UACR titled ‘West- East Alliance’ stating that the USA and the UACR will become an alliance and agree to Help each other if they come under attack.

Obama agrees and signs the letter

The UACR and USA are now allies.

10th August – UACR invade Tajikistan from the Chinese border. They easily defeat resistance and reach karakendzha by the 14th august.

15th august – marines reach the city of Kulob. The CP push west while the marines push north.

The UACR face heavy resistance at istaravshan but defeat the resistance in 6 hours. They have a rest after a long day of fighting.

16th august – marines push north to the city of Dushanbe and plan to meet the CP there.

At 7.00pm the last Taliban resistance retreat to the city of Dushanbe but are easily defeated as the CP bomb them repeatedly.

The CP and The Marines meet at Dushanbe they greet each other and celebrate, the Taliban are officially defeated but there are still some supporters scattered around the Middle East but not enough to rebuild the Taliban.

17th august: Xi Jinping has a heart attack and is sent to hospital he recovers.

19th august – Kim Jong-un meets Obama at the white house. Xi cannot attend as he is in hospital after having a heart attack. Kim and Obama agree to split Tajikistan as the country is mainly just sand and farms and neither side gain much from the country. UACR get the North West and East of the country making it a colony, while the USA gets the south.

The area under control UACR control is renamed North Tajikistan while The Americans name their Territory South Tajikistan.

21st august – Xi returns home and Kim updates him on Tajikistan and they celebrate.

23rd August – Xi dies from a second heart attack. Kim Jong-Un becomes the new leader of the UACR; He is now the only President.

7th September – Kim Jong-Un gives a speech in Beijing he says that because of the Communist Pact of Power Contract he is now the UACR’s new leader. He now controls north Tajikistan, He renames the City of North Tajikistan Jinping in memory of Xi Jinping.

He also renames The UACR (Union of Asian Communist Republics), The Communist Empire.

North Tajikistan is merged into the Communist Empire (CE)

19th September: Vietnam invade Laos

20th September: CE invade Burma

27th September – Burma is defeated by the CE, it is now a communist state and merged with the CE.

4th October – UN and USA is worried CE might invade South Korea. The UN and USA warn Kim Jong-un not to invade South Korea, he says he won’t.

5th October: Laos defeated by Vietnamese. Vietnam makes Laos an extension to Vietnam and renames Vietnam and Laos, ‘Vietnam Kingdom’ or VK, but their victory is short lived.

6th October: Kim Jong-Un tells VK government that if they do not surrender themselves to the Communist Empire they will Bomb them with Hydrogen Nuclear Weapons.

Vietnam Kingdom immediately surrenders and is now merged with the CE.

10th October – CE invade Mongolia the UN let them because the CE are much more powerful than the UN, they just hope Kim won't invade S.Korea.

13th October- CE is being defeated in Mongolia due to suicide bombers and Mongolians using Viet Kong tactics living under ground in rat tunnels.

16th October – Communist influence is increasing a lot in Russia due to the success of the CE.

17th October – Ireland a small country with a huge debt to pay to EU, a military with a man power of 2,342,853. Suffers from high unemployment, inflation, people starving and riots common and owe € 236,063,877,876 and counting to German Banks, which will never be paid. The leaders of Ireland are the Fine Gael party whose leader is the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny. They are in competition with Sinn Fein a Socialist left wing, Irish republican political party. The president is Michael D. Higgins. He represents Ireland.

18th October-Russian President Vladimir Putin sends volunteers to help Mongolians because he is worried that CE might invade Russia next, the Russian citizens do not want to become involved in the war unless they are on the CE side as they are stronger and wealthier.

20th October - CE bombs the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. This is a success and forces the Mongolian army to retreat, Thousands are killed in the rat tunnels being buried alive. CE pushes forwards nearing the Russian and Mongolian border.

24th October - Ireland creates own currency Irish pound (IR£) they are still in debt to the Banks.

27th October- Mongolia near defeat, they ask Russian President Vladimir Putin for help. Russia enters the war on the side of Mongolia.

Russian citizens are outraged by this decision, they do not want to be involved in a war.

30th October – Communist Coup starts in south Russia with Rebels taking control of Government buildings, stopping supplies entering Mongolia from Russia.

6th November - CE defeat Mongolia, Mongolia is now an extension to the CE.

8th November- Communist Coup spreads into west Russia, the Government is overthrown completely. Vladimir Putin flees to Germany.

Russia’s Rebel leader and newly elected President is Gennady Zyuganov of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

9th November – Russia is now a communist country and renamed to its former name Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or USSR.

10th November - Gennady Zyuganov and Kim Jong-un meet in Pyongyang to discuss an alliance. They form the Moscow-Beijing Axis was they both agree not attack each other for the next 10 years until 2024.

27th November- Irish Government prints too much money, Hyperinflation.

Irish pound becomes worthless.

  • Western leaders fear a third world war of some sort.

15th December – Cuba get 6 billion Dollars from Russia and Communist Empire to build a Nuclear weapons site, 5 nuclear weapons and to strengthen its army, behind Americas back. This is Top Secret.



5th January – Greece, Ireland and Spain leave the EU

10th January - France leaves the EU.

22nd January – America lends Ireland 1 Trillion Irish Pound to be paid back over monthly instalments, this put Ireland on the road to economic recovery.

20th march – just as Ireland is recovering, The Wall Street Crash, American economy collapse again leads to The Greatest Depression ever, huge unemployment, factories closed in USA and in Europe. Crisis in Ireland, democratic government are unable to cope. This creates an opportunity for radical groups like Sinn Fein and their leader Gerry Adams.


  • Adams promises solution to crisis.
  • He is a powerful public speaker.
  • Sean Mac Brádaigh is Director of Publicity
  • Raymond McCartney in charge of ‘The DS’ (Detachment Stoirm or Léinte Glasa, Irish for Storm Detachment or Green shirts named after the colour of their uniform, The DS are the Sinn Fein paramilitary group)

Mary Lou MacDonald is put in charge of the Armtha CS (Cosaint Scuadrún Irish for Armed Protection Squadron, these are a major paramilitary organization under Gerry Adams and the Sinn Fein party, they are volunteers and supporters of Sinn Fein). Sinn Fein terrorise all opposition (especially Fine Gael)

  • Sinn Fein gain support of industrialists and business men because they feared communism is getting popular and They do not want to lose their money. Also the reason they choose Sinn Fein over Fine Gael or Fianna Fail is because these parties have failed to run the country in the past.

26th March - Irish Elections are held. Sinn Fein wins 100 out of 160 seats in the Dáil Éireann (the House of Representatives or lower house)

3rd April – European Economy suffers a heavy blow to their economy as if it wasn’t bad enough, when Italy, Portugal, Austria, Czech and Poland Leave EU.

26th April – The European Union collapses because it does not have enough members to run its Economy. The UN, NATO and the EU no longer exist. All countries in the Former EU are now independent Countries.

All debts still have to be paid back to the German banks.

3rd July - Cuba builds its first Hydrogen Bomb

25th July – Second Beijing Rally, Trucks with huge Portraits of Kim Jong-Un displayed on them drive along side with millions of CP soldiers marching. Gerry Adams attends the rally and is greeted by Kim Jong-Un; Adams is impressed by their strength and inspired to build a huge army. 18 th September – Adams is invited by President Michael D. Higgins to form new government 20 th September –Enda Kenny is kick out of office by vote from Irish citizens and no longer Taoiseach due to angry Irish citizens. Adams becomes Taoiseach and calls elections on 2nd October. 7 th December – Cuba build 3 more Hydrogen Bombs. 25 th December – Dáil Éireann is set on fire a week before elections. Adams and Michael D. Higgins blame British Loyalists. This Incident is used to pass the ‘Dáil Act’; this puts Gerry Adams in parliament for 4 years. 27 th December – Swiss stock market collapses. Switzerland experience extreme poverty. 29 th September – Sinn Fein bans all political parties in Ireland except for themselves and abolishes the Irish Parliament. 5 th October – Adams sets up secret police, Póilíní Stáit Rúnda (secret state police) or PSR 10 th October – Night of the 200. PSR murder 200 politicians from other parties because Adams was afraid they were more influential and stronger than him. 17 th November – Michael D. Higgins dies of old age in the Áras an Uachtaráin (Presidents House) 18 th November – Adams makes himself President even though he is Taoiseach. He changes the constitution, getting rid of the Taoiseach and giving the President all of the power of governing the Country. He is now president. 23rd November – Gerry Adams gives speech on O’Connell Street over 2 million show up to hear it. ‘Hello fellow Irish citizens I Gerry Adams the Leader, today I am going to talk to you about Ireland’s future. I am going to make Ireland great just like the Roman Empire. Irelands new youth movement ‘Sinn Fein Youth’ encourages all youths to join to become strong independent men and women. Adams Youth encourages older boys to come build strength, learn and get involved in constructive activities. The League of Irish Maids encourages older girls to come and join, they will learn how to become a good housewife and raise families. Women of Ireland, I say to you today your main goals are to bear as many children as possible to make Future Ireland strong and powerful. We are The Celtic race, and we are the master race. You are also encouraged to stay at home and be a good housewife Ireland’s unemployment has been reduced greatly. Sinn Fein is going to start works on new Public Transport, Motorways and Railways making them the best in the world. Food production in Ireland has increased so there is no worries of starvation even if we fail in our economy, which we most certainly won't. Sinn Fein recognises a big problem in Ireland is drugs and Gangs, so from next week all gang members will start being rounded up and arrested. Sinn Fein camps or SFC have been set up in Galway for Gypsies, Bankers, Loyalist and Gangsters where they will be kept away from Irish society. From next week a portrait of Your Leader, Me, must be hung in all public places. Failing to do so will result in jail time of 1 year. The reason for Irelands past depression was the bankers and the EU mainly Germany, who I see and Irish citizens should also see as the enemy. The bankers are the fault for all of Ireland’s problems. Bankers are no longer working as we have removed all banks in Ireland and set up the Banc An Impireacht Na hÉireann or Bank of the Irish Empire employing new bank men. All former bank men and women will be removed from their jobs and banned from legal and medical jobs, they will be sent to the Sinn Fein Camps. Bankers, Gangsters, Loyalist and Gypsies lose all their citizenships they are forbidden to marry any Irish Citizens and will have to wear a red badge to represent themselves, if they are caught not wearing the red badge they will get 1 penalty if they get 3 penalties they will sent to jail for life. Ireland's Future is a great one thank you for coming.’ Irish citizen’s parade through the streets of Dublin after his speech to show their support. 24th November – Adams sends out over 300 CS Members to the streets of Dublin they burn down AIB buildings, Gypsy camps, and the homes and businesses of gangsters and bankers. Irish citizens join in. 40 Gypsy’s 10 former bankers, 4 Gang members and a Zairian transsexual are killed. 2,000 bankers, 500 Gypsy’s and 20 Gang members rounded up and sent to SFC. 30th November – Adams arrests all former Bankers, 1,000 Gypsy’s and all Gang members and drug dealers in Ireland and sends them to SFC. 1 ST December – Adams creates 4 point Foreign Policy. To make Ireland a Great Major Power. Revenge for British occupation of 500 years in Ireland. To unite all European people under 1 leader, Gerry Adams. To expand Ireland to east Europe and enslave Gypsy’s, Disabled people, Loyalist, Bankers and far right wing Capitalist and make living pace for the Celtic Race. Adams announces that to achieve his four-point policy, he has to refuses to pay debt to Banks. He also announces that the Irish army will be expanded – he creates Bhfeidhm Aeir (Irish Air Force) He starts arming the Irish Army with better weapons than the Americans and Chinese. 2nd December – Britain wants to act against Sinn Fein but needs help of Italy. Italy feel the banks were unfair to Ireland, They were also afraid of a communism take over in Ireland and thought Adams Socialist party was the best option. They also didn’t want to get involved in a war. They created what is called Policy of Appeasement. The appeasement policy are the efforts by Italy and Britain to allow Sinn Fein Ireland to have pretty much anything they wanted in the hopes that eventually Adams would be appeased and cease his aggressive policies. 3 rd December – Adams uses the education system to indoctrinate the youth. To believe he was great and Ireland was the best country in the world and the Irish were the Master race. Teachers had to join The ‘Sinn Fein Teachers League’ in order to teach. History textbooks were rewritten to make Ireland sound like a great unbeatable country who Britain and the EU tried to demolish. The education of girls was downgraded – Adams said there place was in the home. 10th December – Nationalist want Sinn Fein Power in Northern Ireland. Study’s show that since Adams speech in late November the ‘Celtic Race’ has raised from 8.4 million to 8.9 million in just a month. 99.7% of Irish youths are in the Adams youth and The League of Irish Maids. 15 th December – Adams makes Gaelic the official language of Ireland. Gaelic is now the main language that is teached in schools, Chinese, Russian, French, Arabic and English are also thought as secondary languages. 20 th December – Adams Renames the Irish Army to Fórsaí Armtha (armed forces) it consists of 5 branches. A new Navy A new Army A new Air Force Armed Protection Squadron (Adams private Army) And a Paramilitary Group. -Cogadh Cabhlach (War Navy) -Arm (Army) -Bhfeidhm Aeir (Irish Air Force) -Armtha Cosaint Scuadrún (CS) (Armed Protection Squadron) – Adams private Army And -Detachment Stoirm (DS) (Storm Detachment or Green shirts) The DS are the Sinn Fein paramilitary group. The man power of the Fórsaí Armtha was 2, 342, 853 in October 2014 it's now 5,436,725. 22nd December - Adams sends Troops into Northern Ireland; he knows Britain won't attack due to their Policy of Appeasement with Italy. The troops march through Northern Ireland they receive a great welcome from NI citizens after nearly 93 years after being separated. This event was known to the world as ‘The Irish Nasc’ 23 rd December- Sinn Fein Camp Built in Cork. 24 th December - Fórsaí Armtha now controls all of Ireland and Northern Ireland is officially merged with the Irish Republic and no longer named Northern Ireland. Kim Jong-Un is impressed with Adams success. 25th December – It is Christmas Day. Adams announces that tomorrow the Detachment Stoirm will start sending of loyalist, Gypsy’s, Zairians, disabled people, capitalist supporters in Antrim, Armagh, Cavan, Derry, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Monaghan and Tyrone to SF Camps. 26 th December – 36,749 Loyalist, 25,788 gypsies’, 76,876 disabled people and 507,597 capitalist supporters rounded up from Ulster sent to SFC in Galway and Cork.

Map2015 pre EU collapse
Map2015 post EU collapse


5th January – Britain fears a war because the EU no longer exists to keep peace.

Britain, France, Communist Empire, Italy and America agree to set up a new organisation much like the UN, called ‘Union of Internationals’ (UI) is established.

They agree not to start a war unless consulting each other first.

17th January – Adams renames The Republic of Ireland to Gaeilge Impireacht (Irish Empire). Áras an Uachtaráin (Presidents House) is also renamed, An Teach den Ceannaire (The House of the Leader). 20th January – Adams begins mass murder of 655,530 prisoners in Sinn Fein Camps in secret.

26th February – Riots begin in Paris train station when 5 black French men are stopped and searched for drugs by police. A French police man shoots one of the black French men when he assaults a French officer for frisking him. This leads to over 1,000 working class black French start a riot within 30 minutes. The French Independent Workers' Party use this as an advantage to start a civil war. They plant a Bomb; it blows up the French National Assembly, 28 French right wing politicians killed. Civil war begins in French suburbs started by commuinist rebels supported by Gérard Schivardi, Leader of the French Independent Workers' Party. The riots spread to Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. There is constant fighting and bombing.

27th February– French Civil War spreads through all of France. 500,000 French soldiers join the side of the communist rebels, but they are low on supplies.

2nd march – Adams sets up two Munitions Factory’s in Co. Louth. Two tank factory’s in Co. Meath and in Co. Galway. A War Ship Factory at the Belfast docks and at the Dublin Docks. Two Military Transportation Factory’s in

Co. Westmeath and Co. Limerick. He builds a Nuclear Power Plant for building Nuclear bombs. This creates 45,000 jobs altogether.

Adams plans to have built 50,000 stocks of weapons and ammunition, 500 tanks, 100 War Ships, 30,000 Fighter jets and 10,000 Military transportation vehicles (Jeeps, Trucks etc.) and 4 Nuclear weapons by the end of each month.

10th march – Communist Empire and USSR agree to invade Kazakhstan 15th march. 15th march – CE and USSR invade Kazakhstan. UI do not want to start a war over this so America consult Britain, France, Spain and ask if they can invade Turkmenistan, they do not ask CE as they didn’t consult UI about invading Kazakhstan. Spain, France and Britain agree to let America invade Turkmenistan because they do not want communism spreading into Eastern Europe. 17th March – America invade Turkmenistan, they say that they are invading because they know that there are Taliban in the country (which there are clearly not as they killed them all in Tajikistan.)

27th March – USSR and CE successfully finish their invasion and agree to split Kazakhstan from Qaraghandy to Aral Sea, forming North and South Kazakhstan.

29th March – America Successfully invades Turkmenistan and makes the government an American puppet government.

4th April – CE, American, French, British and Italian leaders meet in The White House. They agree none of them are allowed to invade a country without consulting each other first.

17th April – The French Rebels are losing in the south of France but winning in the north they can only last a few more weeks until they are defeated.

10th May – CE wants to invade Ethiopia peacefully and Consults the Union of Internationals. They disagree with CE saying that Ethiopia has too many problems and that Ethiopia has enough help with charities. Kim Jong-Un says he wants to help Ethiopia. France, Italy, America and Britain tell him to give money to their governments if he wants to help. He tells them their government is corrupt and won’t help their people. They all disagree on the invasion. Kim Jong-Un angered because sees no bad affects of invading Ethiopia and he knows that the UI won't let him invade because he is communist.

18th May – Kim Jong-Un invades Ethiopia peacefully anyway. The invasion begins.

19th May – Italy, Britain and America Furious after Kim Jong-Un invades Ethiopia after they disagreed on it.

They impose Financial and Trade sanctions on the CE which don’t have much effect on CE because they are so wealthy.

20th May – In Switzerland the general elections are held, The Swiss Party of Labour wins the most seats and elected Government. Norberto Crivelli is the new president.

21st May – Kim Jong-Un angered at France, Italy, America and Britain and leaves the Union of Internationals.

23rd May - Kim Jong-Un’s Invasion of Ethiopia is successful. Ethiopia’s former government is removed by CP.

Ethiopia is now occupied by the CE.

The Communist Empire in Ethiopia.

Reasons why Ethiopians supported Kim Jong-Un .

This is what he promised.

(He got some of his ideas from Gerry Adams)

CESP (Communist Empire Secret Police) set up network of spies.

He banned all political parties.

People had to call him Fuhrer (German for Leader)

Armed his followers, The Redshirts

Brought over CE currency, MAO

1. Propaganda

As soon as Kim Jong-Un took control of Ethiopia he immediately gave tons of food supplies to the people of Ethiopia.

Set up the 김정일 취소 청소년 (Korean for Kim Jong-Un Youth)

A portrait of Kim Jong-Un had to put up in all public places.

2. Unemployment greatly reduced by almost 100%

Set up hundreds of new factories in Ethiopia.

3. Huge program of public works

-Motorways Built

-Railways Built

-Roads Built

-Electricity for all of Ethiopia

-Clean and warm water.

-Street Lighting



-Shopping Centres

-Leisure. (Spas, swimming pools etc…)

4. Food production increase

5. Best education in the world for boys and Girls in the world.

6. Medical

-Set up 10,000 new Hospitals with the best medical equipment in the world.

-30,000 Clinics

-Best medical equipment in the world

-Promised to put an end to starvation.

-Highly Trained doctors from North Korea and China.

7.Free Healthcare, Housing, no economic classes or no "low income families" or "high income families", ' money and private ownership is abolished, everything belongs to the people, no wages, taxes, etc,

Work for the country and you receive free things required by you

Kim Jong-Un’s Ethiopian Foreign Policy

-Promised to make Ethiopia a “Great Empire”

-To Unite all of Africa under The Communist Empire

-For Ethiopians to live for themselves and defend themselves.

-Made Ethiopia a German Speaking country

Set up Ethiopian Armed Forces - Äthiopischen Wehrmacht

The Five Branches - Die fünf Branchen

1.Ethiopian War Navy - Äthiopisch Kriegsmarine

2.Ethiopian Army - Äthiopische Heer

3.Ethiopian Air Force –Äthiopische Luftwaffe

4.Ethiopian Armed Protection Squadron – Äthiopische Schutzstaffel (SS)

5.Ethiopian Storm Detachment or Red Shirts – Äthiopische Sturmabteilung (SA) or Rothemden

25th May – Gerry Adams wants to meet Kim Jong-Un to discuss an alliance. They meet on the 30th May.

30th May – Adams and Kim Jong-Un agree to have a Beijing-Dublin Axis, an alliance that states if one country should come under attack then they would help each other.

3rd June - Gerry Adams, Kim Jong-Un and Norberto Crivelli sign The Zurich Pact.

The Agreement was:

In case of an attack by a capitalist country against Sinn Fein Gaeilge Impireacht, The Communist Empire or Switzerland, the three countries would agreed to consult on what measures to take "to safeguard their common interests". They also agreed that neither of them would make any political treaties with a capitalist country.

10th June – Gaeilge Ríocht and CE send 500,000 troops each to help Gérard Schivardi in France.

12th June- Ethiopian Army consists of 47,567,354 million services people, now making the CP’s manpower 8, 101, 125, 15.

17th June – French Rebels with the help of Gaeilge Ríocht and CE troops secure Northern and centre France from Dunkirk down to the Vienna River in Limoges. They plan to push south and capture Bordeaux, Lyon and Monaco within the next month.(15th July)

27th June - ‘CE Regeneration Project’ begins with a funding of 87 Trillion Mao from Kim Jong-un.

The 김정일취소 청소년 (Korean for Kim Jong-Un Youth) First ever assembly is held at the Kim Jong-Un Youth headquarters in the newly built palace just for the KJUY (Kim Jong-Un Youth) in the capital Addis Ababa , Urael. It is not the law that every child must attend but if a child does not join KJUY the CESP will get suspicious and most likely arrest the family of the child for treason.

Every child in Ethiopia, not surprisingly, shows up to the First every assembly.

-90 million Houses built. Every family and citizen is given a house for free.

-Portraits of Kim Jong-un sent to every Public place and newly built house in Ethiopia to be displayed by law.

20,345 new factory’s built (Food, Manufacturing Factory’s etc.)

1,243 new Motorways Built

4,120 new Railways Built

80,869 new Roads Built

Electricity for all of Ethiopia is provided.

Clean and warm water is provided

Street Lighting is built along with every new Motorway, Railway and road built.

New high tech Sewerage system built

Subways built 170 different links.

7,343 new Shopping Centres built across Ethiopia

14,000 new Leisure buildings built.

-More to be built in coming weeks.

8th July – French rebels capture Bordeaux and Lyon

French Government and army close to defeat, they retreat to Toulouse and plan to escape to Perpignan and leave the country. Gérard Schivardi says either the French government can surrender now and they will not be killed or Schivardi will put out a bounty with a reward of 5 million to capture the president of France François Hollande dead or alive.

François Hollande orders soldiers to fight for their lives to save him.

9th July – Schivardi puts up bounty for François Hollande dead or alive reward: 5 million.

French rebels capture Agen and Marseille.

François flees from Toulouse to Perpignan.

French soldiers defend Toulouse while François and other French politicians escape.

11th July – French rebels defeat last resistance and occupy Toulouse and Montpellier.

They push towards Perpignan.

They are unlikely to capture François.

François and French politicians hide in the town of Estagel 37 minutes from Perpignan.

He plans to leave in the morning

12th July – (3.00 am) Adams sends troops into Perpignan via Airborne.

(7.00am)Bhfeidhm Aeir secures the skies of Perpignan and Port Vendres.

(7.45am)Cogadh Cabhlach makes a naval blockade of East France.

(10.00am)The French rebels are 40 minutes away from Estagel in the town of Axat.

(10.10am) François and his French politicians leave Estagel and head for Perpignan they do not know of the Irish Troops there.

(10.30am)Adams leaves for France.

(10.40am)François and his French politicians are captured at Saint-Estève by the Armtha Cosaint Scuadrún. They hold him prisoner until Schivardi and Adams arrive at Perpignan

(11.15am)Adams arrives at Perpignan and meets the Armtha Cosaint Scuadrún Group that captured François he awards them with medals.

(12.00pm) The French rebels are greeted by the Fórsaí Armtha they celebrated their win.

Adams and Schivardi meet and celebrate. Afterwards the CC execute François and French politicians.

14th July – CE and Gaeilge Riocht withdraw their troops from France.

French Independent Workers' Party now control France and the new president is Gérard Schivardi. He begins construction on the damaged cause by the civil war with funding of 50 million IR£ from Adams. He also withdraws France from the UI.

France is now a communist country.

The UI now only Consists of America, Italy and Britain.

25th July – The third Beijing Rally

26th July – Kim Jong-Un announces the rest of the CE Regeneration Project

-He bans all political parties.

-Announces that he must be addressed as Mari which is Amharic for Leader.

Arms his followers the Redshirts.

-Changes the Ethiopian currency to Mao.

-Gives Ethiopia 30,000 new schools and employs best trained teachers in the world.

Also gives girls an education. -Builds 10,000 new Hospitals and 30,000 clinics with the best medical equipment in the world -starving people are becoming increasingly less and less. -Employs over 9,940,000 highly trained doctors from China and North Korea. -Introduces free housing and free healthcare. -Everyone is equal there are no economic classes e.g. Working, Middle, Upper class. -Private Ownership and wealth is abolished. -Nobody pays tax or receives wages. -Everything belongs to the people, if you work for your country you receive free things required by you. The CE Regeneration Project is now complete and Ethiopia is now a communist country under The Communist Empire. 28th July – Kim Jong Un announces his foreign policy Kim Jong-Un’s CE Foreign Policy -Promises to make CE a “Great Empire” -To unite all of Africa and most of Asia under The Communist Empire -Make the CE a German Speaking Empire. Set up Communist Empire Armed Forces - Kommunistischen Imperiums Wehrmacht The Five Branches - Die fünf Branchen 1. Communist Empire War Navy - Kommunistischen Imperiums Kriegsmarine 2. Communist Empire Army - Kommunistischen Imperiums Heer 3. Communist Empire Air Force –Äthiopisch Kommunistischen Imperiums Luftwaffe 4. Communist Empire Armed Protection Squadron – Kommunistischen Imperiums Schutzstaffel (SS) 5. Communist Empire Storm Detachment or Red Shirts – Kommunistischen Imperiums Sturmabteilung (KS) or Rothemden 21st November – Adams wants to use Tintreach Cogadh or Lightning War a method used by Adolf Hitler during World War 2 as his war tactic. This was how it worked. Choose a weak point in the enemy line to make a breakthrough (known as the meáchanlár.) The irish Air force (Bhfeidhm Aeir) will first destroy enemy aircfract, roads and railways. Trade deal with Democratic Reublic of Congo.

Fast-moving tanks (Umar) will then overrun enemy territory. 
Motorised infantry troops will then destroy any remaining resistance in ‘mopping-up’ operations. 23th November – Adams invades potrugal with his Tintreach Cogadh tatic which proves sucessful. He chooses Lisbon as his meáchanlár. 26th November – Portugal surprised by attack and suffering terrible defeat they try to defend themselves but the Gaeilge Riocht are too powerful. The Irish advance. 10th December – Portugal is nearly defeated 15th December – Ireland occupies Portugal.


Map of the world in 2016


4th March – Saudi Arabia and Jordan form Muslim Alliance In a rightful response of western aggression against the Arab league. In case of an attack by Israel or America against Them, their countries would agree to consult on what measures to take "to safeguard their religious interests". They also agreed that neither of them would make any political treaties with Israel. Their countries form a military alliance called المملكة الإسلامية or Islamic Kingdom (IK) 5th March – America agree to help Israel if they come under attack from the Islamic Kingdom. This is called the Anti Islamic Israel Agreement. 20th April – Yemen, Oman and Syria join the Islamic Kingdom. 25 th May – Coup against American Puppet government in Iran, supported by the Islamic Kingdom. 27 th May – Coup in Iran spreads to Iraq. 28 th May – 26 American citizens captured by Iranians, they threaten America saying that if they keep supporting Jews in Israel and if the do not decolonise Afghanistan the Hostages will be killed on live international television. 2 nd June – Coup in Iran and Iraq is Successful. They join the Islamic Kingdom. 5 th June – Pakistan join the Islamic Kingdom. 10 th June – America sends CIA agents to rescue Hostages, They are captured, Tortured and Executed outside Iran’s Government building. 18 th June – Union of Internationals and the Israeli president meet at The White House, Italy and Britain agree to help America and Israel when they declare war on the Islamic Kingdom. They are the Allies. 20 th June – The 28 American hostages are killed on live TV without a warning America, Spain, Britain and Israel Declare war on Islamic Kingdom. 21 st June – Allied Navy and Army Land in Syria and Jordan, There is heavy resistance. 23 rd June – Allies are pushed out of Syria and Saudi Arabia. 24 th June – CE invade Pakistan from the north due to the West and East Alliance agreement. This invasion was known as Operation Peshawar. 25 th June – Allies invade Pakistan from the west. 26 th June - Operation Peshawar is a success the CP reach Peshawar and meet the allies their. The invasion of Pakistan is now a joint operation. 30 th June – The Allies and the CP successfully occupies Pakistan. CPPA seize their Nuclear weapons in a secret operation called ‘Operation Nuclear Pakistan’. 6th July – The Allies Invade Syria a second time from the Mediterranean Sea and invade Iran from Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. 14 th July – Irish Kingdom invade Germany East from France with the permission of Gérard Schivardi while there is war in The Middle East. 17 th July – The Allies occupy Syria and invade Jordan. The Allies push west in Iran. 19th July - The Allies Occupy Jordan. 20 th July – CE invade Kyrgyzstan. Irish Kingdom occupies Southern Germany. 23 rd July – Britain and Italy ask Gerry Adams not to invade anymore of Germany he agrees not to and signs a contract called the Dublin Agreement. 25 th July – The fourth Beijing Rally. 27 th July – CE occupies Kyrgyzstan and merges it into the Communist Empire. 7 th August – Cuba want to join the CE, Kim jong- Un agrees only if they Drop a hydrogen bomb on Saudi Arabia, Cuba agree. 12 th August – Cuba Prepare to drop bomb on Saudi Arabia on the 21st August. The Allies occupy Iran and invade Iraq. 14th August – CE invade Djibouti from Ethiopia. 16 th August – CE occupy Djibouti and The Allies Occupy North Iraq. 18 th August – Iraq nearly occupied by The Allies. 21st August – Cuban Air force Drop a Hydrogen bomb on Saudi Arabia, This is unexpected by The Allies, they are very tense because now they know cuba has Nuclear weapons they ask cuba to agree that they do not bomb anymore Countries in the Middle east and North America. They agree not to. Cuba are now occupied by CE this is a danger to America because Cuba is right beside America, America isnt that worried at the moment as CE and the USA have an agreement not to attack. 22nd August – CP invade Saudi Arabia and Yemen from Djibouti. Islamic Kingdoms military are very weak after the Nuclear Attack. 24th August – The last push to securing Iraq by the Allies is delayed because Saudi Arabia bomb allied camps, Allies will have to stall their plan. CP pushes north of Saudi Arabia and invades the rest of Yemen from the north. 26th August – South Saudi Arabia is occupied by CP and they occupy Yemen and Merge it into the CE. 28 th August – CP push North in Saudi Arabia they are nearing the border. 29 th August - Allies go ahead with the rest of their Iraqi invasion they want to invade Saudi Arabia before the Communist Empire occupies all of the country. 2 nd September – Heavy Resistance in Iraq, Iraqis ordered to fight until the last drop of blood. Saudi Arabians Bomb the Southern Front repeatedly, CP hold their line and bomb the Saudis back. This is known as ‘The Night of Fire’ due to the amount of towns burned down during the fight. 4 th September – Allies make small progress in Iraq at the Northern Front. 6 th September – CP defeat much of the resistance at the Southern Front. 8 th September – Saudi Arabia surrender to the CE, This is bad for America as they can no longer invade Saudi Arabia. 9 th September – Iraq do not surrender they send suicide bombers and guerrillas to attack Allies. 12 th September – The Allies occupy all of Iraq and Kinshasa. 17 th September – America and CE agree to split the land of Pakistan that they invaded during their joint operation. 20 th September – CE now occupy all of Yemen. 22 nd September – Iran is split into three new country’s controlled by the British, Italians and Americans, North Iran is renamed Tehran and is occupied by Britain, East Iran is renamed Mashhad and is occupied by America and South Iran is renamed Shiraz and is occupied by Italy. 24 th September – America merges Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Turkmenistan and south Tajikistan onto Mashhad. Mashhad is now known as the Democratic Belt. 27 th September – UI decide to let Israel occupy Jordan, Syria and Iraq. Muslims are not allowed citizenship in these countries anymore. 30 th September – Israel merges Israel, Syria, Jordan and Iraq and renames their new country Greater Israel. 20 th November – Irish Kingdom invades Berlin and almost occupies all of Germany. Italy and Britain are angry with Gerry Adams. 24th November – Irish Kingdom invade the rest of Germany. Germany is now under Irish occupation. 25th November – Britain and Italy promise to help the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland if Germany invades them. 14th December - Adams lets the people of Occupied Germany vote on the 18th December if they want to unite with Austria. 16 th December – Adams meets Werner Faymann the Austrian Chancellor. They agree that if Adams gets a yes vote for the union with Austria in Germany that they will unite. Werner Faymann only agrees because he is afraid if he says no for the union Adams will invade Austria instead. 18th December – The union with Austria vote in Germany gets a majority of No votes, but Adams makes sure the votes are fixed to make it look like it was a majority of yes voters. 19 th December – Ireland Kingdom and Austria united. Adams makes himself the leader of Austria without the say of the Austrian government, they are too weak to do anything about it and let him become the leader. 20 th December – Gerry Adams sends Soldiers into Austria. The Irish Kingdom now occupies Austria. 23 rd December – IK and the CE form the Pact of Steel which is a full military alliance with each other and not to attack each other. 26

th December – A group of Detachment Stoirm find Vladimir Putin hiding in a farm house in the German countryside. He is held as a prisoner.

Map of the world in 2017


3rd January – Adams builds 17 SFC

  • 4 in Occupied Portugal
  • 5 in Occupied Germany
  • 4 in Occupied Austria
  • And 4 more in Ireland.
  • He also builds a small secret SFC in Frankfurt to house High Profile Prisoners like politicians, Bank CEO’s and Former EU Chairmen. Enda Kenny and Vladimir Putin are sent here

11 th January – IK and USSR sign the Gaeilge-Soviet Pact this was an agreement not to attack each other and to secretly carve up Poland. 25 th July – The Fifth Beijing Rally is held. 1 st September – Irish Kingdom Invade Poland. 3 rd September – Britain and Italy Declare war on Gaeilge Impireacht. They began a naval blockade of Ireland; But Poland doesn’t receive much support except for some Italian tanks. This is the beginning of World War III….. 17th September – USSR invade Poland. 23 rd September – GI Reach Warsaw and now occupies West Poland, Poznan is now capital of West Poland. 24 th September – USSR reaches Warsaw and now controls most of East Poland. 4 th October – USSR now occupies all of East Poland. 7 th October - USSR invade Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania they are welcomed by the countries citizens. 14 th October - USSR occupies Latvia and Lithuania. 15 th October – USSR occupies Estonia. 24 th October – USSR invades Finland. 30 th October – USSR occupies Finland. 4 th September – CE invade indo-China and India. 5 th September – CE join the side of Ireland in WW3. West- East Alliance between America and CE means America should join the war but they want to remain neutral, so Obama abolishes the Alliance. 10 th September – Venezuela invade Colombia and Guyana 26 th September – Gerry Adams Imposes the Infinite Act which puts him in power until he dies in which after he predecessor will take over. His predecessor is the newly appointed Vice President 20 year old Bailey Hayden, who is a former Captain in the Armtha Cosaint Scuadrún. 7th October – CE invades Uzbekistan. 10 th October – CE occupies Uzbekistan it is merged with CE. 23 rd October- Ireland invades Denmark in one day. 24 th October – Ireland invades Norway. It is quickly conquered. 1 st November – Ireland invades Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Luxembourg is occupied already because it is so small. 3rd November – Ireland occupies Holland. 5th November - Belgium is now occupied by Ireland. . 7 th November – Italy build the Defensive line along its borders of Occupied Austria, it goes from the Swiss border to the Slovenian border. 15 th November – Greenland is invaded by Ireland. 17 th November –Greenland surrender. Ireland now occupies Greenland. 20 th November – Ireland invades Italy, but Italy did not build their defensive line long enough so Ireland just drove around the defensive line through France with the help of Gérard Schivardi. 21 st November – Britain send a special reconnaissance army called the British Elite Force to Italy to help fight the Irish. 22 nd November - the British Elite Force and the Italian army are swept aside by Irish Tintreach Cogadh tactics. The defeated British retreat to the beaches of Genoa in the north of Italy. 23rd November - Adams halts his advance to stock up on supplies. The British send fleets of ships from Britain to Genoa to save more than 400,000 stranded soldiers. 24th November – 40,000 British and Italian troops are captured as P.O.W.’s. 27 th November – Switzerland enter WW3 on the side of Ireland and the CE. These are the 3 Axis powers. 2nd December – Italy surrenders to Ireland; Italy and Shiraz are now merged into the Irish Kingdom. 4th December – 58% of Italian citizens join a recently established group called ‘Resistenza’. They blow up railways and roads to halt the Axis powers. 7th December – Adams prepares for Operation Sea Snake which was the invasion of Britain via Naval. For the invasion to work Ireland would have to have to have control the skies above Britain, so the Bhfeidhm Aeir have to destroy the Royal Air Force and its Bases. 20th December- Czech Republic, Sweden and Slovakia join the Allies which just consist of Britain and they declare war on the Axis powers. They fear they will invade them. 10th December – CE peacefully invades Kenya and Tanzania and occupies them within a day, USSR invades Democratic Republic of Congo and Ireland invades Tunisia, South Africa, Morocco and Eygpt. 12 th December – Kim Jong-Un starts a regeneration project in occupied Tanzania and Kenya. He also builds a huge bridge connecting Occupied Africa and Occupied Saudi Arabia. The bridge is named The Kim Bridge. 15 th December – Ireland occupies Tunisia and Morocco they are merged into the Irish Kingdom. 17 th December – Ireland Occupy the rest of South Africa and Egypt, they are merged into the Irish Kingdom. 19

th December – USSR occupy Congo it is merged into the USSR. 20th December – Algeria is invaded by Ireland. 22nd December – Algeria is occupied by Ireland.

24th December - Adams builds 30 SFC

  • 7 in Occupied Italy
  • 8 in Occupied Algeria
  • 10 in Occupied Egypt
  • And 5 more in South Africa.



2 nd January – Ireland invade Libya. Their Tintreach Cogadh tactic gives them the advantage and they occupy half the country within a day. 4th January – Ireland occupy Libya and merge it with the Irish Kingdom. 10 th January – CE unexpectedly invade the rest of India in a day. It is now merged with the C.E. 21 st January – Belarus and Ukraine are invaded by the USSR. 22 nd January – Belarus are defeated and now occupied by the USSR. 23 rd January – USSR occupy Ukraine. They merge Belarus and Ukraine with USSR. The Battle of Britain 7 th February – The Battle of Britain begins between the Bhfeidhm Aeir and the Royal Air Force. The Bhfeidhm Aeir is ordered to destroy the Royal Air Force and its Bases. Irish Buamadóir Léim and Scaird Trodaire aircraft fight British F-35 Lightning II and Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 aircraft over the skies of Britain. 10th February - Ireland outnumber the British they have much more pilots and planes, Ireland also have an advanced radar system which pinpoints exactly the position of the enemy aircraft and they have advanced guided missiles. 17th February – The RAF are close to defeat 15 bases have already been destroyed and most of the British cities are burned. The Tintreach. 25

th February – The RAF are mostly destroyed. Adams thinks the RAF has suffered a heavy loss and decides to bomb British Cities instead. This is the beginning of the Tintreach. 27

th February – Highly explosive and Incendiary bombs rain down on urban areas. There are already about 200,000 casualties and about 87 % of buildings in Central London are extremely damaged. 2nd March – The RAF are destroyed, Britain now has no Air force. The Bhfeidhm Aeir now controls the skies over Britain. 10th March – The spirits of the British people are crushed, over 30,000 bombs have been dropped on Britain. Adams sets 12th February as the date for Operation Sea Snake. Operation Sea Snake 12

th March - Operation Sea Snake begins. Adam’s sets four conditions for the invasion to occur

The RAF is to be "beaten down in its morale and in fact, that it can no longer display any appreciable aggressive force in opposition to the Irish crossing". The English Channel was to be swept of British mines at the crossing points, and the Strait of Dover must be blocked at both ends by Irish mines The coastal zone between occupied Belgium and England must be dominated by heavy artillery. The Royal Navy must be sufficiently engaged in the North Sea and the Mediterranean so that it could not intervene in the crossing. British home squadrons must be damaged or destroyed by air and torpedo attacks. The Cogadh Cabhlach dominates the Irish Sea and the English Channel in a naval battle against Britain. The Royal Navy is focusing all of their power in the North Sea and the Mediterranean just as Adams had hoped. 17th March - The Bhfeidhm Aeir Bomb hunreds of British fleets. They are weakend dramaticly. Ireland is ready to invade Britain. 23rd March – Ireland invade Britain. The Fórsaí Armtha use their Tintreach Cogadh tactic on Britain, it proves successful. 30th March – After hundreds of years Ireland finally Occupy Britain. There are huge celebrations in Dublin. The Queen is brought to Dublin where she is imprisoned in a newly built secret SFC, she is treated very badly. Britain and Tehran are merged into the Gaeilge Impireacht 3rd April - Adams begins the mass murder of British Citizens. 43% of the British population are sent to SFC. The rest are children indoctrinated by Adams. 13

th June – Adams invades Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. 20th June – Ireland now occupy Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Romania. 27th June – Ireland occupy Bulgaria and Croatia. 4th July - Adams builds 20 Munitions factories producing 500,000 stocks of weapons and ammunition by the end of each month • 5 in Germany • 10 in Italy • 5 in Algeria 50 tank factories producing 12,500 tanks by the end of each month

  • 10 in morocco
  • 10 in West Poland
  • 20 in Romania
  • 5 in Britain
  • 5 In Egypt

20 War Ship Factories producing 1,000 by the end of each month

  • 15 in South Africa
  • 5 in Italy

40 Military Transportation factories producing 200,000 by the end of each month

  • 10 in Italy
  • 5 in Austria
  • 5 in West Poland
  • 10 in Serbia
  • 10 in Hungary

He builds 30 Nuclear Power Plant for building nuclear bombs producing 120 Nuclear weapons by the end of each month

  • 5 in Austria
  • 10 in Germany
  • 10 in Britain
  • 5 in Romania

Adams now has

  • 22 Munitions Factory’s (550,000 stocks of weapons and ammunition each month)
  • 52 tank factory’s (13,000 tanks each month)
  • 22 War Ship Factory’s (1,100 War ships each month)
  • 42 Military Transportation Factory’s (210,000 Military vechiles each month)
  • 31 Nuclear Power Plant’s (124 Nuclear weapons each month)
  • 7,245,000 Employees.

th July – CE invade Cambodia. 23rd July – CE occupy Cambodia and merge it with the CE. 25th July – The Sixth Beijing Rally is held. 27th July – CE invade Thailand. 3rd August – CE occupy Thailand and merge it with the CE. 20th August – Venezuela invade Suriname and Cayenne. 29th August – Venezuela Occupy Suriname and Cayenne merge it with Venezuela. 17th September – Ireland invade Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and Greece. 26th September – Ireland now Occupy Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro and Kosovo and merge them with the Gaeilge Impireacht. 28th September – Ireland now occupy Macedonia, Albania and Greece and merge them with the Gaeilge Impireacht 6th October – Spain fears invasion from Ireland, They join the side of the allies. 7th October – Ireland and USSR make a decision to invade Slovakia. 9th October – Ireland invade Slovakia 10th October – USSR invade Slovakia 16th October – West of Slovakia is now occupied by Ireland. 18th October – USSR now occupy East of Slovakia. The country is split into two. Ireland merge West Slovakia into Gaeilge Impireacht, Russia does the same with the East. 24th November – Adams plans to invade Russia. 7 th November – America remains neutral but they decide to supply the Allies with fuel metals and Ammunition. 20th November – USSR invade Georgia and Azerbaijan. 21st November – Ireland do not want The Soviets to invade Turkey, so Ireland invade Turkey. 23rd November – USSR occupy Georgia and Azerbaijan. 25th November – USSR begin their invasion of Armenia. 27th November – USSR occupies Armenia and Merges Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia into the USSR. Ireland occupies Turkey and merges it with Gaeilge Impireacht. 3rd December – Allies occupy Nigeria, they convince the Nigerian government that if the allies can’t occupiers the country the axis powers will and that is not a good choice. 5th December – Ireland invade Sweden. 10 th December – The Allies form the West African agreement with Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of The Congo and Angol. The West African agreement means that these countries are protected by the Allies from the Axis, But the allies get there resources. 17 th December – American Navy give Spain Destroyers, but America still remain neutral. 19 th December – The Irish Empire, the Communist Empire and Switzerland sign the Trio Pact. The Trio Pact is a pact signed in Dublin, Ireland on December 19, 2019, which established the Axis Powers of World War III. The pact was signed by representatives of The Irish Empire (Gerry Adams), the Communist Empire (foreign minister Yang Jiechi), and Switzerland (Swiss ambassador to Ireland Beat Loeliger). The three nations agreed that for the next ten years they would "stand by and co-operate with one another in... their prime purpose to establish and maintain a new order of things... to promote the mutual prosperity and welfare of the peoples concerned." They recognize each other's spheres of interest and undertake "to assist one another with all political, economic and military means when one of the three contracting powers is attacked" by a country not already involved in the war, excluding the Soviet Union. The pact supplements The Zurich Pact of 2016. The Trio Pact stipulated that any country, with the exception of the Soviet Union, not in the war which attacked any Axis Power would be forced to go to war against all three. Text of the pact “ The Trio Pact between Switzerland, The Irish Empire, and The Communist Empire, 2019 The Governments of Switzerland, The Irish Empire, and The Communist Empire consider it as the condition precedent of any lasting peace that all nations in the world be given each its own proper place, have decided to stand by and co-operate with one another in their efforts in Greater East Asia and the regions of Europe respectively wherein it is their prime purpose to establish and maintain a new order of things, calculated to promote the mutual prosperity and welfare of the peoples concerned. It is, furthermore, the desire of the three Governments to extend cooperation to nations in other spheres of the world that are inclined to direct their efforts along lines similar to their own for the purpose of realizing their ultimate object, world peace. Accordingly, the Governments of Switzerland, The Irish Empire, and The Communist Empire have agreed as follows: Article 1. CE recognizes and respects the leadership of Ireland and Switzerland in the establishment of a new order in Europe. Article 2. Ireland and Switzerland recognize and respect the leadership of CE in the establishment of a new order in Greater East Asia. Article 3. Switzerland, The Irish Empire, and The Communist Empire agree to cooperate in their efforts on aforesaid lines. They further undertake to assist one another with all political, economic and military means if one of the Contracting Powers is attacked by a Power at present not involved in the European War or in the CE-Asian conflict. Article 4. With a view to implementing the present pact, joint technical commissions, to be appointed by the respective Governments of CE, Ireland and Switzerland, will meet without delay. Article 5. CE, Ireland and Switzerland affirm that the above agreement affects in no way the political status existing at present between each of the three Contracting Powers and Soviet Russia. Article 6. The present pact shall become valid immediately upon signature and shall remain in force ten years from the date on which it becomes effective. In due time, before the expiration of said term, the High Contracting Parties shall, at the request of any one of them, enter into negotiations for its renewal.” 29th December – Ireland invade Malta, Iceland, Cyprus and Liechtenstein. They are all easily defeated and occupied within the day. Malta, Iceland, Cyprus and Liechtenstein are merged into Gaeilge Impireacht.



4th January – Ireland Occupies Sweden and merges it with Gaeilge Impireacht. This a major defeat for the Allies. A 2013 Census shows that the population of the Gaeilge Impireacht (Including all of the Irish occupied countrys) is 838,454,654. 94% of those people are The Celtic Race originally from ‘Motherland’; Ireland. 23rd January - Chad, Indonesia and Malaysia join the Trio Pact. 26th January – Switzerland Invade Allied Nigeria. 7th February – CE invade Australia initiating World War 3 in The Pacific 10th February – America fears that the CE will invade South Korea or West America next; America and Australia join the Allies, The Axis powers announce this is a declaration of war and declare war on America and Australia. 11th February – France remain neutral but they sign the Anti – Passing Treaty, which means no country can pass through France during a war they are not involved in, The Axis Powers and the Allies sign this treaty separately. 17 th February – C.E. invade Japan. 20 th February – North Japan is occupied by the C.E. 25 th February – Japan is occupied by the C.E. and merged into the C.E. 27 th February – Canada join the Allies. 4 th March – America invades C.E. from South Korea and Mashhad. 6 th March - The C.E. use Japan as a flanking point and invade South Korea from the South, and they also invade Mashhad from Yemen. Allied troops are forced to retreat on both fronts. 7th March – America ask Mexico to join the Allies in case of and invasion from the south. Mexico joins the Allies. 15th March – Allies are forced to abandon South Korea they are reposted in Mashhad and Australia. The C.E. now occupies South Korea and Merge it with the C.E. 17th March – Colombo is invaded by the C.E. in case the Allies try to counter-attack. 19 th March - Swiss troops are easily defeated by the Allies in Nigeria; this forces Adams to send an Irish General, General O’Neill along with 754,356 troops to help the Swiss. 20 th March – North Sudan Join the Axis. 25 th March - Ireland, Switzerland, Chad, and North Sudan invade South Sudan. 27 th March - South Sudan surrenders it is divided between the Axis Powers. 29 st March – Most of Allied Troops fighting on the Southern Front have to retreat from South Mashhad as they are being defeated in the North of the country and are moved to the Northern Frontline. This allows the C.E. to push up North in Mashhad. 1st April – The C.E. occupies Colombo, The United Arab Emirates and Qatar and merge them with the Empire. 3rd April – General O’Neill pushes the Allies in Nigeria, south east into Cameroon. 8th April – Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of The Congo and Angola promise Adams that they will break the West African agreement with the Allies as long as he does not invade their countries. Adams agrees, over two million Allies are forced to evacuate these countries. Switzerland now occupies Nigeria. 9th April – Allies invade Morocco and Portugal, Adams response by invading south Spain and Balearic Islands from Algeria. 10 th April – Ireland occupies The Balearic Islands. 12 th April – Ireland reoccupies Portugal and pushes into Spain. 14 th April – The allies are suffering a heavy defeat in Spain as Ireland occupies Nine Tenths of Spain. The Allies are pushed into Morocco. 16th April – Spain surrender to Ireland. Ireland occupies all of Spain and The Balearic Islands and merges them with the Gaeilge Impireacht. 17 th April – Ireland peacefully invades Scotland in a day and merges it with the Gaeilge Impireacht. 18 th April – The C.E. launch a series of heavy artillery and bombing attacks overnight. The Allies are pushed back to the city of Herat. 20th April – Ireland invade Mashhad from Tehran. 22 nd April – Allied Mashhad surrender to The C.E. and Ireland. Mashhad is divided between the land occupied by Ireland and the C.E. 4th July – Ireland invade Central African Republic. 7 th July – Ireland Defeat the Central African Republic and merge it with the Gaeilge Impireacht. Democratic Ziear gets rebellions and fortifies and industrializes itself. 8 th July – Adams prepares for the harsh winter conditions in Russia for his invasion by making winter army uniforms and improving vehicles for snowy icy conditions. INVASION OF RUSSIA 15th July – Ireland breaks the Dublin-Soviet Pact and invades the Soviet Union. The invasion is codenamed Operation DE Valera. It is carried out by 5 Million Irish Soldiers, 25,000 Tanks and 30,000 Aircraft. Adams wants Russia for 3 main reasons To Destroy the Russian Opposition. • To take over Western Russia as Living space for the Irish Celtic Race. • To get much-needed oil from the Caucasus area south of Stalingrad. 5 th July – The Soviet Forces fall back before the Irish Tintreach Cogadh tactics. The Russians use the same ways of attacking as they did against the Nazis in World War 3. As they retreat the Russians carries out the WW2 Policy, a Scorched Earth Policy. This means that they destroy crops, railway lines and anything else that might be useful to the attacking enemy. This policy will make it difficult for the advancing Irish to get the supplies that they need. The Irish divide their army into 4 and plan reached the Key cities of Volgograd, Moscow and St. Petersburg soon. 7 th July – Adams sets up in secret the Irish ASNE, Aonad Spiaireacht Náisiúnta Na hÉireann (Irish National espionage Unit). They are the irish spy network inflitrate the Soviet Government, Their Army and their Nuclear weapons bases. 2 nd September – Ireland captures Smolensk 4 th October – The Irish lay siege to St. Petersburg, they bombard it continuously. The Russian inhabitants do not surrender they fight bravely against the Irish to defend their city. Already 80,000 Russians have died. Mostly from hunger and with the winter closing on they will be freezing. 17th October - In the south, Irish and Chadian troops capture Kiev. 4 th November – The Irish Army attack the capital of the Soviet Union, Moscow. Every able–bodied adult in Moscow fights to defend the City. 1st December – Ireland and Chad capture Rostov on the Don River. WAR IN THE PACIFIC 15 th December – The C.E. bomb the American Naval base in San Diego. This attack leaves the Harbor in ruins. 25 War ships are sunk, 500 aircraft are destroyed and 3,600 men are killed. 17th December – C.E. fight in the Pacific at Midway Island against America and Czech Republic. The Allies lose and retreat to Hawaii. 22 nd December – The Allies invade Madagascar as an advantage point. 25

th December – Adams Bombs the 3 Key cities of Russia on Christmas Day. 100,000 Russians die. The Irish advance.

map of the world in 2020


30 th May – The Japanese bomb Sydney, Over the next three years the Irish-Japanese bombing is said to reduce urban Australia to rubble. 15th June - Ireland occupies Volgograd, Moscow and St. Petersburg. 17 th June – Malaysia invade Swaziland and Mozambique. Swaziland is easily overrun and occupied in a day. 23rd June – The Allies occupy Madagascar. 7 th July – Ireland give the C.E, the rest of Mashhad, Tehran and Shiraz in exchange for Kazakhstan. 8 th July – The C.E. separate Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan from Mashhad. Mashhad is now merged with Tehran and Shiraz; the three reunited countries are now the once again Iran. 14 th July – Malaysia occupies Mozambique. 17 th July – Ireland occupies North Kazakhstan. Adams merges North and South Kazakhstan together. 25th July – Ireland occupies half of Russia. Russia agree to surrender only if they get to keep the land they still have. Adams agrees. 26 th July – Finland and Ireland merge their Russian land into their countries. Ireland merges Kazakhstan with the Irish Empire. 7th August – C.E. occupies Australia. 10


map of the world in 2021 at the end of World War 3

th August – Ireland and The C.E. call a cease fire with the Allies ending World War 3.(or so they had thought, but the truth is, it was just the beginning of the end) The Persians have a revolt against the communist empire and start their own empire and kingdom.

World War (Map Game)

It is now the year 2022. It is up to you what happens next...

Pick whatever country you want to be and begin.

The world is yours.

Rules of the game

  1. No Racist comments.
  2. Have Fun.
  3. Don't ruin the game.
  4. Treat it as real life. Be smart in your decisions.
  5. Help each other
  6. Form Alliances.
  7. Start wars.
  8. Turns go by Years
  9. When you invade, annex, etc. a country then download the current map and use paint to colour in the area you invaded, annexed etc. and reupload it.
  10. You can only be one country.
  11. You can only pick a country that exist already.

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The Irish Empire annexs Czech Republic

Czech invasion

As the rest of the world THINKS WW3 is over, the US launches an electronic strike on both the Irish and the Communist Empire which shuts down major systems followed by a nuclear barrage on several targets, destroying major cities and imporant bases across Eurasia. This is known as Operation:Dragon Slayer and Operation:Irish Storm. The atomic strikes and cyberattacks are followed by a joint Canadian, Zairian,-US invasion of Asia and Europe and asks Greater Israel, Venezuela and other non-irish, communist nations to join America's side with the promise of stopping Irish and Communist expansionalism and oppresion. to join the now resumed WW3 on the side of the Allies. However Cuba is quick to retaliate but all missiles heading for America from Cuba are shot down by ABMs and a new experimental space defense shield, which development is still in progrees and nearly 78% of the system is up and running.

Dude little help with the map!

Canada: Yeah, we didn't get involved...

  • Finland doesn't want to be an axis anymore and changes to the allies. They do that after realizing that their Nordic allies didn't want to be part of Ireland.
  • Finland liberates Norway and Sweden.
  • America keeps up its offensive as the Communist Empire and the Irish Empire retreat on all fronts as a result of advancing troops and radioactive fallout from the nuclear explosions. America later expands its campaign into Africa and Oceania in order to liberate their respective continents. The US launches another cyberattack wave to take out furthermore of their defenses. America also invades cuba to stop those nukes from being fired.
  • Botswana makes a pact with CE and joins the Axis.
  • Syria conquers greater Israel with antimatter bomb and declare war on US government
  • Syria, who own the antimatter bomb drop it on Washington, USA and paratroops men in so they own USA
  • Kingdom of Hawaii has Independence and joins axis
  • Syria officially join axis but hate communism
  • Portugal has Independence and conquers Spain
  • Syria, Hawaii and Portugal all leave axis and start the greater empires

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