Despite the fact that I left this wiki, I somehow got promoted 3 times. Don't understand it, but I will roll with it. As a Brass, I feel somewhat obligated to try to generate activity on this wiki. I was going to do a scenario based on my semi-popular map game series, Shattered Stars and Stripes (Shameless Plug), but I honestly didn't want to do a scenario at this moment. So I decided to do a map game. I participated in several map games on this wiki before, and both of them became messes of nonsense. So this is my attempt to do better. 


The Rules are 9, simple, but required conditions.

  1. Remain in the realm of logic and plausibility. No Clones and Robots fighting on the moon in 2020.
  2. Treating others as you want to be treated is not the golden rule. You must remain respectful and professional.
  3. The Word of the mod is final. It is absolute. It is undisputable by a normal player. Only a head mod or a mod consensus can overturn this sacred ruling.
  4. The Algorithm (To be released later) will be used to decide wars. Do not rig your actions to the algorithm. 
  5. A mod, and only a mod, can overturn a result of an algorithm.
  6. Because this wiki has comments and not talk pages (for some reason), any complaints should be left in the comments. if your complaint goes a turn without being addressed, remind me on my talk page.
  7. We will work on the "4 corrective" system. A player will get 4 warnings before they are removed.
  8. I don't know who is a good player/ intelligent so if a player who is awful takes a major power, inform me.
  9. The Game will go by half years until 2050, when it will go by full years.
    • ​This Rule is dumb. We go by full years.


To be a mod, apply here. Link me to something you have done on this wiki so I can make a decision.

The MapEdit


What the future holds base map


Feel free to add more nations.

  • USA:
  • Russia:
  • France:
  • UK:
  • China

to the game, but I have messaged all the players and told them the game was being rebooted. For now I have removed everyone, but should anyone return they have first pick at their old nations until the start of the game.

The GameEdit


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