Western Federation
Flag WF
Western Federation + Western Economic Union
Location of the Western Federation in blue. (Western Economic Union in light blue.)
Western Federation Territory 2
Location of the Western Federation territory of Mars. Human research divisions in blue, exploration divisions in light blue.
"Pursuing science, humanity, and knowledge, hand in hand."
"Ode to Joy" - Ludwig Van Beethoven (1785)
Capital London, England
Largest Cities Moscow, New York City, Mexico City, London, Paris, Berlin
Official languages Many (Over 40)
Working languages

English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish

Established January 1, 2144 (Unification Act)
Government Parliamentary semi-presidential federation
Demonym Western
Population 2.88 billion (2166 census)
Currency The Euro and the dollar (multi-currency federation.)

The Western Federation (German: Die Western Federation) (French: La Fédération de l'Ouest) (Russian: Западная Федерация) is a federation consisting of over 60 individual provinces, spanning to five continents and two planets. The federation holds the largest economy on Earth, and leads the global scientific effort in space exploration, colonization nanotechnology, life extension, terraformation, and infrastructure construction.

The Western Federation is classified as a 'superstate'. and maintains the largest area of any single nation in history. The federation is the result of the unification of the North American Union and the European Federation on January 1, 2144. The Western Federation is among the planet's two hyperpowers, The Chinese Federation, and itself, the Western Federation. Many historians and anthropologists have suggested that the formation of the Western Federation is a prelude activity to the ultimate act of global unification. The Federation is a federal semi-presidential government, with extended individual provincial governments.

The Western Federation, as of 2166, is the only nation to transport human beings into interstellar space, and is the only nation currently conducting terraformation activities within the solar system, although the CF has stated goals of independent terraformation activities on Ganymede. The Western Federation, throughout the 21st and 22nd centuries, has been the main scientific powerhouse, being the first nation to conduct the teleportation of living things, and the first nation to land a human on every terrestrial planet and the majority of the solar system's moons, excluding Venus and the moons of Neptune. The Western Federation was the first nation to synonymously ban the possession and construction of nuclear weapons within the Earth-Moon system, and has been historically noted as the kick starter to the end of poverty in Africa during the 21st century.

History (21st Century)

European Union 2049

The European Union (1993-2049) at its greatest extent.

Although the concept of a federalized union between Europe and North America developed only after the Great Financial Crisis of 2049, the concept of superstates had been proposed multiple times within the European Union (1993-2049), a political-economic union of European nations, during the first half of the century. The European Union was among the first 'super-economies', and, throughout its existence, remained the largest economy on the planet. Many historians denote the success, both financially and humanitarian, as a catalyst for the Unification Period experienced in the 2050s.