Republic of Ukraine

The Republic of Ukraine (also known as West Ukraine) is the name of a country located in Eastern Europe. Ukraine is the last of the Post-Soviet Republics not to have joined the Eurasian Union and is a prominent member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization


War in Ukraine, Territorial Loss, Joining NATO

The War in Ukraine dominated the later half of the 2010s, with Russia carving out a sphere of influence consisting of the Southeastern Half of the Country and annexing Crimea in 2016. 

The State of Novorossiya was established in April of 2016. Ukraine suffered a loss in its economy, losing an industrial section and a critical sea port in the Black Sea.  

In May of 2016, as Russia celebrated Novorossiya's "Liberation", Ukraine began pursuing NATO membership and was admitted in late 2018. 

Poroshenko, Ukraine's President, would begin to gain an enormous amount of influence in Ukrainian politicians. The Spawn of the Social Democratic Movement in America, Rejuvenated movements in Europe.  Several Countries including Ukraine, saw their governments and their economies transformed into Left-Wing systems, something that will become commonplace in the West by late 2030. 

NATO installations

NATO moved into Ukraine in 2017, Placing Bases along the border with the Eurasian Union, which had been federalized. Tacital Pershing II's were moved into Ukraine, as part of the New Arms Race, the country also reinstated its nuclear weapons program, as per request of two NATO Allies. 

Ukraine's commitment to NATO, caused the Second Cold War to grow. Fears of a World War erupted as early as 2017, when Russia placed SS-20 missiles near Donetsk, facing the border of Ukraine.

The People felt a legitimate sense of emergency, as Russia's power was growing and the United States was reentering a period of nuclear deterense and reinstated Cold War policies towards Russia and their allies. 

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