"Workers of the world, Unite!"
Demonym West Canadian
Currency West Canadian Dollar
West Canada, officially the Democratic Republic of Canada, is a country located in the Northwestern part of the North American continent. Formed as a result of the Canadian Revolution of 2031, the entire land was given to the Canadian People's Army, a communist militant group. The group formed the nation as a single party socialist state, practicing communism, with an economic and political model similar to that of the former Soviet Union and other socialist states. Despite its official name, the country has often been criticized for being overly authoritarian, as its electoral process is highly flawed, favouring staunch communist candidates, and opposition to government is a crime punishable by several years in prison. West Canada's economy is highly centralized and planned, as state run industries employ 90% of the workforce and private businesses are highly regulated, with the state planning its economic output, number of employees, and employee salaries. Despite this, the nation has seen prosperity in recent years and poverty, starvation and homelessness are very rare.

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