Black Power!
Demonym West African
Currency African Dollar

West African Republic

The West African Republic was formed in 2022 for African Americans and West Africans to create a stable prosperous nation that would be the capital for the African Diaspora. The country would be have strong human rights, free and fair elections, and Capitalist.


The governments of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and America established the West African Republic by merging the lands of Sierra Leone and Liberia. The first elections were held to elect the president in March 2022 to elect a Leader.


Following the Treaty of Atlanta, the American government would provide 1 Trillion Dollars to build the hard infrastructure of West Africa. America would not provide individual welfare or benefits of any kind, but would donate up to $1 Trillion to develop the hard infrastructure necessary to support a 50 million citizens. America invested in the following areas:

  • Roads and Bridges
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Power Grid
  • Hospitals
  • Agriculture
  • Military

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