President Ventura
Weddell Havlo
The Capitol Building in Weddell.
Country Antarctica
State Havlo
Founded 2019
Government Mayor-council
Mayor Marie Sanders

– Total 59.0 sq mi

Elevation N/A

– Residence 125,490 (2125)

Time zone EST

Weddell is the capital of Antarctica and the 2nd largest city in the state of Havlo. The federal government of Antarctica operates out of Weddell and has since 2050 when the capital moved from McMurdo. Weddell is the second largest tourist city in Antarctica behind Esperanza. Notable attractions are the Capital building, Weddell Underground (an underground shopping center) and the Antarctica Museum of Nature. 25% of city residents work for the government of Antarctica or Havlo. The Capitol Building was opened in 2022 as the Havlo legislative building but became the federal legilature in 2050. Tours began in the summer of 2023. The government is very wealthy, though the crime rate has been hard to control.


Weddell is a cold crime filled city. It is often compared to Washington D.C. Including a bomb threat on South Pole Airlines Flight 194 from New York (JFK) to Weddell, Havlo (WED). Crashed into ice and the ice melted causing the plane to drown, but the citizens were quickly rescued and drove back to the airport. There were also 350 property crimes, 17 rapes, 56 murders, 15 arsons.


There is a high speed rail station that stops in Weddell. The station is accompanied by 89 passengers daily. There are trains that go in both directions. The closest public airport is the Weddell International Airport. The airport is the third largest and the most friendly airport unlike the city. The freeways around include 20 and H12

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