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Welcome to the water cooler

Think of this place as a place for the community to interact with the community outside of the comments section. I've added a few headings to inspire you, and I wish everyone a fun time here.

Unofficial Place to talk about issues

This is the generic place.

  1. I don't like how the featured article never changes. Really.


Think of this place as a way to communicate without having the person need to be on at the same time as you. Like an alternative chat

Conversation #00000001: This page (Improvements)

  • Thunderering: Any ideas on improving this page? I'm thinking of adding sub-articles.
    • Reply to topics with tabs to indent a bullet

Conversation #00000002: Shameless promotion of your page

Conversation #00000003: Anything you want

Wiki Games

Think of this as a place to put games like Corrupt-a-Wish and stuff like that. To save space, please leave a link to the page for the game.

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