Water War
Part of The Flood
Location Georgia-Tennessee border
Result Georgia victory, Congress votes in favor of Georgia in moving the border to correct line.

800px-US flag 63stars.svg United States
Flag of France France
Rhineland Rhineland
Hannover Hanover
Flag of Italy Italy
China Flag(2132) China

Client and puppet states:
Ecuador Ecuador
Mapuche Mapuche
Patagonia Patagonia

500px-Flag of Mexico(2074).svg Mexico
United States of Aztlan Aztlan (until 2134)
Poland Intermarium Poland

Occitania Occitania
Fujian Flag Fujian
Guangdong Guangdong

Latin American Union:
Venezuela Venezuela
Flag of Colombia Columbia
Flag of Peru (war) Peru
Paraguay Paraguay
Flag of Argentina Argentina
Chile (The Second Renaissance) Chile
Bolivia Bolivia

Brandenburg Brandenburg
Saxony Saxony
Flag of Austria Austria
Bulgarian flag Bulgaria
Russian Republic Russia

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