Water Conservation

Because of Global Warming the world will soon run out of drinking water. This article gives solutions to this problem.

  • In some countries all fresh water comes from rain and is stored in tanks.

Car wash

Zero H2O home car washYou may have seen people waste gallons of water as they wash their cars. You may have seen soap and oil wash right into storm drains endangering million of species in our creeks, rivers and lakes. ZERO H2O RUN OFF wash and detailing system, is designed to reduce water use during a regular car wash by 95%-98%, and chemicals that make their way into storm drain by up to 99.9% and yet achieve cleaner cars.

Sea distillation

PX Pressure Exchanger 15,25,40,60 Energy Recovery's PX technology is the most efficient reverse osmosis energy recovery device commercially available. The technology can be applied to sea water and brackish water RO systems. The units have a real net energy transfer efficiency of up to 95% at the flow and pressure ranges of reverse osmosis systems. Any flow rate is possible by arranging multiple units in parallel. The PX15,PX25,PX40 and PX60 have no scheduled maintenance requirements.


LifeStraw A 3.4-ounce 'straw' can filter 185 gallons of contaminated water, enough to supply one person a year.


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