This map game is an Active Map Game.

It’s ya bois Derp and Solace here, with the first collab map game in recent memory. This is Wastelands, a map game set in a post-apocalyptic world.


"It is commonly stated that those who act first are often the ones to take power... that is true. But the age for capturing and territorial ownership comes to an end. Like the Scramble for Africa, like the colonisation wave that came before it, the world yet again teeters towards war... and like the world that came, before the bombs, before everything came to a screeching halt, we've forgotten that the greatest threat to mankind is mankind itself."

-John C. Baines, Professor of History, New Penascola University


General Rules

  • Be civil, please. No racial, homophobic or sexist slurs are allowed, and swear words should be limited to comments (though we would prefer you not use them entirely).
  • Plausibility is key. You can’t just randomly decide to start with laser weapons in the bunker or annex some rump state in New England as Pakistan on the first turn or something stupid. Keep the stupidity dial down low. Implausibility will be met with a warning the first two times, the third time, it’s a 5 turn ban, do it again and it’s a permanent ban. The same applies to mods (if you’re going to volunteer to create turns and moderate implausibility, why would you create implausibility?).
  • Mods, please don’t be biased. If anyone suspects a mod (or anyone, really) of bias, contact the Creator or other mods. Mod bias will be dealt with by a vote including the Creator, the Co-Creator, and all mods other than the mod accused of bias.
  • The Creator and Co-Creator’s word goes above all else (the Creator and Co-Creator’s word has equal authority).
  • If you are inactive for more than 6 turns, your nation will be removed from the player nations and your modship will be revoked as well (if applicable).
  • If you would like to leave the game, please comment.

Gameplay Rules

  • If you choose to create a nation instead of playing the premade nations, you must detail the nation down in the comments. All created nations must have plausible backgrounds (don’t make a Cthullu-worshipping cult led by Ash Ketchum in upstate New York, that’s just dumb and I might possibly ban you), and preferably should start pretty small.
  • Wars will be settled with an algorithm. Algorithm responses are the responsibility of the mods (although you could do your own algos if you wanted to, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so).
  • You must have built up at least two years of tension with another nation for war to be declared.
  • No nuclear weapons, period. The fragmented nations in this world don’t have anywhere near the capacity to produce nukes, and it’s not like they’re going to use them anyway, seeing as the previous society was destroyed by nukes. This rule may be subject to change.
  • When integrating puppets/client states, you must keep in mind that: You must have had the puppet/client state for at least 10 years, and at least 80% of the people residing in the puppet/client state must hold a positive opinion of the parent nation. Integration lasts for 5 years and there is a heightened chance of rebellion during that time.
  • During the first 5-10 turns, nations will have no knowledge of other nations on different continent. Don’t try to ally with a European nation in the first few turns if you’re in South America.
  • Please don’t colonize like half of Germany in one turn. All colonization efforts need to be plausible, and detail the process of settlement somewhat. No huge land grabs, I’m restricting the amount you can expand in one turn to roughly the size of 3 or 4 mid-sized US counties. Also please don’t colonize chunks of the Middle East as a nation based in California. Keep your expansion somewhat regional and realistic.
  • Breaking any of the Gameplay rules counts as an implausibility strike.



Wastelands Map 2076-0

NOTE: The world map only represents nations that current players (depending on their respective locations in the world) can interact with for the time being.


Pit of Death

  • Lonixdron, formerly playing the New Florida Republic, banned from the wiki in general for alting and threats
  • Overestimation or Lonixdron, formerly playing the New Florida Republic, globalled for god knows what reason
  • Fester96, formerly playing the Republic of Scotland, left voluntarily.
  • Turtle, banned for refusing to become wiki leader. We’ll miss you, Lord General Pirate Bob...


Archives for 2059-2070


The Slavic Horde begins incessantly attacking the western German territories, sacking Königsberg, Danzig, Stettin, Posen, Dresden and Berlin in the process.

The Swiss-Italian and Swiss-French borders become much like the pre-war DMZ.

US troops approach the Legion, to find Legion soldiers prepared to fight. They are pretty evenly matched, with the Legion making up for its inferior technology with sheer numbers.

Trans-Pacific trade routes are firmly established, making for easy trade and contact between Asia and the Americas. Meanwhile, trans-Atlantic trade routes are beginning to be set up, with the Portuguese reclamation of Madeira and the Azores, as well as Irish colonization of Bermuda facilitating trade between Europe and the Americas. Global trade has resurged.

Corporate society has re-emerged, mainly in North America but also in other places such as Japan, with nations such as Nebraska and Yucatan having already built office blocks and malls to accomodate corporations.

Rumors of pre-war nations surviving intact in sub-Saharan Africa have emerged following the French expedition to Algeria.

  • Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture Republic of Ezo: A few railways lines begin to be refurbished and repaired as part of the plans to restart JR Hokkaido. All railway lines that pass near or previously went through the areas of Hakodate, Sapporo, and Tomakomai are left alone. Meanwhile cars, mainly hybrids and electrics begin to salvaged as plans to also resurrect the roadway system is underway. [Mod Response] Meanwhile a few settlements are established on Urup, as plans for expansion are made. In the meantime, any aircraft found there are to be scrapped and reused for other things. Meanwhile the government offers all the Russian nations that were discovered on the coasts of Primorsky Krai a trade agreement. [Mod Response] A census for population also takes place this year. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: With little to no resources or ability to find resources, the nations easily accept. The hybrid and electric vehicles are easily salvaged, but where the materials for mass production will come from are still in contention. The census returns 467,369, although immigration makes accurate counts more difficult.
  • Flag of Tokyo Prefecture Tokyo-Yokohama: The re-emergence of corporatism forces us to begin consumer-friendly and wage regulations to prevent an influx of predatory businesses from elsewhere and within the country. The TYSDF is sent to occupy and integrate Numazu and Kofu or otherwise greet organised nations there [Mod Response Needed]. We continue to clamour for foreign talent as we set up the new educational system to accomodate the growing populations - European, Japanese, Taiwanese and American - but we continue to insist on the mandatory language being Japanese. The Mirai and Nobita are sent their first ever ammo shipments, and the diet agrees to build twenty-five more ships - ten corvettes, ten destroyers, three helicopter defence ships and two aircraft carriers over the next two decades. Commercialisation of the Type 63 in a civilian form is considered as its revised form - the T63A1 - begins to be rolled out. The National Public Safety Commission is set up to begin policing criminal activity within the country as well. In more frivolous news, the TYSDF continues the tradition of the former JSDF of having a well-trained orchestra - and at a public show attended by soon-to-be-former Prime Minister Misato, in Tsukuba, the TYSDF Marching Band plays a collection of anime songs, from the 1994 classic A Cruel Angel's Thesis to the 2003 hit God Knows.
  • Mod Response: Numazu and Kofu are mostly deserted save for small bands of people, and are quickly annexed into Tokyo-Yokohama.
  • Flag of the New Florida Republic Florida: Murphy continues to expand life qualities, as the Vice President is concerned about the ongoing betrayal of Switzerland and France. Emma Kony sends 10 ships to the Mediterranean Sea to resolve the conflict. We trek through the wilderness of the vast terrain and we reached the borderline. [Secret] Since no one knows, we are sending supplies to Switzerland, as well as ground forces to stop the French hostility towards Switzerland and his incumbent allies [/Secret]. Meanwhile in the main Florida land, Stephanie Murphy sends out the elite generals to expand more south towards Ocala to scout the area for potential civilians [Mod Response]. A team of 600 builders help the Yucatan build the Bank of Yucatan in Tallahasse.
    • Mod Response: The generals of Florida are heavily protected but find almost nothing in the former state of Florida. What do remain are isolated Cuban communities, both the descendants of escapees during the time of Fidel Castro and refugees from Cuba seeking safety they did not find in their homeland. Both Orlando and Tampa are largely populated by this group. They receive the group warmly.
    • Flag of Switzerland Swiss Diplomacy: Though no military action is currently being undertaken to calm tensions in the region, the Swiss Government is genuinely grateful for Florida's assistance.
  • Krymya Ukraine: In response to simply having too much power in his position and directing the military in terrible ways, the Krymskyan military corps overthrows the monarchy, installing a military dictatorship over the states of Abkhazia, Kiev, Crimea, and Moldova. With this new dictatorship is established and the state becoming a large military fortress, much of the resources of the state are moved towards advancing the military and re-creating/fixing much of the advanced weaponry of the late 2030's. With this, the Trojan Mark II set of armor is established, produced, and distributed to 25,000 members of Ukraine's army. With this, the newly created 1st Siege Army is created, meant to be sent into large capital cities and successfully siege them down with little effort and minimal casualties. The 1st Regional Army is created, composed of 70,000 conscripted and brutally trained soldiers. With abilities to successfully scavenge when far away from home, their terrain is what created them able to stand anything that comes. Artillery units are worked on, as well as major urbanization of Crimea and the creation of strategic forts in Crimea and Kiev. The navy, consisting of 5 Crimea-class ships, is expanded to include 30 new Kiev-class and information regarding the creation of Sovetsky Soyuz-class Battleships are found and worked on.  
  • Flag of Nebraska New Republic of Nebraska: Despite not being part of the prosperous trade belts, our economy improves from the retail industry's post-apocalypse rise and the beginning return of financial businesses and industries. New local companies begin to emerge- these are Rafaela's, a women's clothing seller, Bella's Fruits, a fresh produce retailer and Bacon Meals, a discount fast food chain. A clothing factory is opened in Papillion, making garments and textiles using salvaged and repaired machinery, as well as silk screen techniques. The Nebraskan Transport Department is founded, and is responsible for managing the Omaha-Lincoln BRT, the state roads and also has started the complete renaming of all streets and avenues. A census, including the age and ethnicity of the citizens, is conducted. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: The census returns 2.43 million people, most of which live in urban areas. The largest age group is the 11-16 age group at 21%, while the majority of citizens are White American at 74% with 16% African-American and 10% other minorities.
  • Flag of Egypt (1952-1958) Lower Egypt: The conquered city states are integrated into the kingdom politically and economically, which is made easier by the fact that they were already trading with Cairo for several years. In response to the groups raiding the cities from the desert, the 14,000 troops of Royal Egyptian Army is put on high alert. Besides that, Prime Minister Admiral al-Kaylani establishes a new Egyptian Home Guard, which is a militia consisting of conscripted men aged 15–65. They are armed with surplus weapons, lighter than the regular army. These new forces are used for patrol and security in cities. So far, the government decided not to wage any campaigns into the desert but respond defensively to attacks when they occur. Meanwhile, sea trade continues to increase on the Red Sea coast and the Suez region is further developed.
  • Flag of Switzerland Switzerland: All troops are ordered to only act defensively. Meanwhile, the National Redoubt is brought back into being and monthly air raid drills are held and the citizenry is educated on war-time preparation. Many bunkers are brought back into being. In an interesting development, many people have begun reinventing their bunkers and making them a part of their current lives - no doubt this will help them adjust easier should living in a bunker be necessary. Meanwhile, trade continues in the Mediterranean and diplomats sent to Northern France have successfully secured passage for Swiss goods to the English Channel and to the Atlantic. Meanwhile, diplomatic envoys are sent to Southern Italy, Spain, Algeria, and Morocco to seek new alliances with successor states. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: The states of Naples and Sicily in southern Italy, Granada-Tangiers in southern Spain and northern Morocco, and the Imamate of Tlemcen in Algeria agree to an alliance with Switzerland.
  • French Revolution New French Republic: We wish to ally with Italy, as Switzerland has become too hostile for Europe. [Mod Response Needed]. Our soldiers sent westward and northward for exploration and expansion arrive at their destinations [Mod Response Needed]. Our troops and diplomats in Algeria wish to meet with the leaders of the two responsive factions. [Mod Response Needed]. We continue to expand and fortify our, forts. We continue re-arming our air force. Our industrial plans go underway, and we continue our trade with the Nations of the French Commonwealth, as well as through the New Silk Road.
    • Mod Response: The Italian states agree to the alliance. The French troops sent westward and northward have little to no resistance to the people already there. In Algeria, only one of the two factions, Algiers, responds warmly, with the other faction, the Imamate of Tlemcen being aligned with the Swiss. Algiers requests an alliance with France, as they and Tlemcen are major rivals, and Algiers sees the Frech-Swiss feud as an opportunity to take out Tlemcen once and for all should war break out between the two.
  • Flag of YucatanYucatan: With the Chiapas-Kiche Autonomous Region established, we begin to establish law and order in the new territories. The town of Parédon, the only settlement on the Pacific coast we managed to capture, is designated as a free port, where trans-Pacific trade can reach our coasts and freely trade with minimal taxes and tariffs. In order to better connect the new territories with the heartland of Yucatan, construction of the Tehuantepec Bikeway begins, running between Parédon and Campeche, and connecting with the Coastal Bikeway and the rest of Yucatan’s bicycle infrastructure. Welfare is implemented in Yucatan, with free food, power, water and healthcare granted to those making less than 300 Yucatec pesos per month. With the Yucatec-Floridian-Puerto Rican intranet being nearly completely established, Intranet test runs are given to major corporations. Basic amenities have been restored to pretty much all of the Yucatan heartland, and powering efforts begin in the Chiapas-Kiche Autonomous Province.


The Slavic Horde begins rampaging throughout Germany, slaughtering everything that moves and pillaging entire cities, burning them to the ground. Masses of refugees turn up in Switzerland, France, and Norway.

The American-California Legion war is at a stalemate. Meanwhile, American troops push into Northern California.

The war in Virginia comes to a close, with status quo ante bellum agreed upon.

French troops make contact with envoys from the surviving Algerian government, now based in Tamanrasset, in the middle of the Sahara. From the information they have gathered, the pre-war Algerian government controls a huge amount of territory in the Sahel. From these reports, an image of a mostly intact Africa appears, with many pre-war governments surviving, but weakened with tribal uprisings, warfare and famine,

The Irish and Portuguese establish trade posts in North America, near Norfolk, VA and Wilmington, NC respectively.

  • Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture Republic of Ezo: Elections are held this year with Honami Funakoshi from the Democratic Party for the People becoming president, succeeding Akari Kobayashi. Meanwhile a Russian Orthodox Church begins construction in Asahikawa which will also serve as the headquarters of the newly established Ezo Orthodox Church. The government, in order to better connect with the world outside North East Asia, begins an effort to resurrect air travel; with the Tokachi–Obihiro Airport undergoing reservation and a planned reopening in 2075. In the meantime, an effort to salvage planes begins. [Mod Response] As corporatism sees a slight revival in Ezo, several laws and regulations are passed in the government that limits the powers of corporations; and also bans bribes, especially towards government officials. Iturup island is fully annexed into Ezo as well.
    • Mod Response: The effort to salvage planes is a mixed bag. Without many aircraft industry engineers or insiders, the planes' exteriors are successfully salvaged, but many of their engines are unable to be fixed without assistance from foreign workers.
  • Flag of the New Florida Republic Florida: Elections for the president start this year with the Democratic candidate Sandra Monica (Age: 26) and the Republican candidate Marcus Haudden (Age: 32) [Mod Response for Elections]. Meanwhile, the troops built stationed forts across the European land area, and we build our strength there incase a France - Switzerland war begins. The Floridian diplomacy expresses satisfaction at the work of restoring the intranet. The government asks Ezo if they need help in building there Orthodox Church in agreement for 5 unscathed fighter jets the generals built in 2063 [Ezo Response]. While all that is happening, Emma Kony is concerned about France, and the actions of the nation. The Vice President wants to organize a meeting with France about these actions [France Response].
    • French Diplomacy: We agree, and President Boulet attends the meeting himself.
    • Republic of Ezo diplomacy: The government accepts.
    • Mod Response: Monica, promising peace and stability through similarly peaceful means, wins by a landslide.
  • Krymya Ukraine: The military dictatorship remains intact as the culture becomes more death oriented following a mass purge of major political opponents and figures of democracy. With the professional army of 25,000 being armed to the teeth and having major endurance training and other perfected war technique, war is declared on the city state of Bulgaria in hopes of humiliation, setting an example, and gaining a major trade on the Black Sea coast. With this, 5,000 1st Siege Army soldiers are snuck into the city, and within a matter of hours, begin sieging the entire city. Assisted by 4 Crimea-class battleships that rain hellfire upon the city, 25,000 soldiers of the 1st Regional Army begin an invasion from the north after being deployed on the coast nearby, making a journey from the north into Bulgaria's northern territory [Mod Response].
    • Mod Response: Bulgaria surrenders, although fierce resistance from the local population makes occupying the country very hard.
  • Flag of Tokyo Prefecture Tokyo-Yokohama: The infighting reported from Europe worries us, as we appeal to Switzerland and France to seek peace in spite of their differences. The newly completed Ibuki, a Hyuga-class helicopter destroyer, as well as two corvettes, the Abukuma-class Soryu and Ayanami, are immediately put into service as part of the four-ship party being sent to Taiwan to finish the civil war and bring and end to the carnage that continues to govern the island. They are equipped with fifteen aircraft - F4 Phantoms, both new ones made with the help of American and European engineers and the refurbished ones. The Ministerial elections are held, and with it, Prime Minister Misato's 12-year government is brought to an end. Her successor, Kyonosuke Suzumiya of the Liberal Democratic Party, pledges an interventionist policy plan which entails bringing an end to the wars in the region - most notably the Taiwanese - as well as rapid economic and military expansion to allow for greater stability. The schedule for the aircraft and ships is sped up drastically as we ask for civilian ships to assist in logistical challenges faced by the TYNSDF. Prime Minister Suzumiya (or as more commonly referred to, 'Kyon') forces ahead a military agenda as well as economic and labour reforms. The government states that the first ships and aircraft will be sent to Taiwan in June 2073. Meanwhile, two curious competitors emerge in a new battle for cultural dominance of Tokyo-Yokohama - the Traditionalist Shiro Takahashi, who argues that Japan should learn from its history and expand to the world in a peaceful manner; and the Liberal Asuka Shikinami, who argues that Japan can take the place of the former United States of America in leading a new peace for the region, bringing political and economic stability to East Asia. To that end, she supports annexing the surrounding countries and bringing Honshu under control of Tokyo-Yokohama. It is widely speculated that these two, which have forced local news networks to cover them weeks at a time, dominating the new cycle, plan to compete for the Prime Minister position very soon.
  • Flag of Cascadia.svg Cascadia: Concerned by "American" aggression, we airdrop supplies to our Legion allies and fortify our southern borders. We make a very public statement that any enemies of such "imperialist barbarians" are friends of Cascadia. Plans to further colonize Northern Washington are postponed until the late 2070s by newly elected President, and Socialist hardliner Emily Martinez.
  • Flag of Egypt (1952-1958) Lower Egypt: The military secures the conquered city states and martial law is in place there. The integration process begins. Additional troops are used to provide security to the kingdom from the raiders. Trade from the Red Sea and the roads connecting the Nile to the Levant continues to increase.
  • French Revolution French Republic: The year starts off well, beginning with accepting an alliance with Algiers. The French population welcome refugees with open arms. They will help us greatly with our economy and military. The newly expanded territories to the west see new factories being constructed, and the people their are offered jobs in the factories. These factories will build tanks, weapons, ammo, and other things. Not only for our own benefit, but to trade on the Silk Road. (That's right, France is becoming an arms dealer). Our ground forces carry forward with their expansions. Reaching 7,000 soldiers, and our air force achieves the goal of 150 active air craft. The military expansion are only for defense is someone attacks. In referendum, 76.4% of our population vote to stay neutral unless national security is at immediate risk. However, the does not include aiding and funding allies. This also does not include arms dealing to people that probably shouldn't have weapons.
  • Flag of Switzerland Switzerland: The Consul of Switzerland is deeply grateful for the alliances with Naples, Sicily, Tlemcen, and Granada-Tangiers. The DoD holds talks with Granada-Tangiers to discuss the possibility of joint defence exercises and a Swiss base in Gibraltar. [Mod Response] At the same time, Switzerland declares its full support for Tlemcen and will protect them should their sovereignty be threatened. Meanwhile, a diplomatic envoy is sent to Tunisia. [Mod Response] Back home, the DoD and DoS&T have completed research and development into UAVs and UNVs with two models of UNVs currently in production. Based on the principles of low-cost and scale, the smaller model is the size of a lorry and is equipped with a large assortment (there is ample on board storage thanks to the lack of crew quarters and life support) of conventional torpedo weaponry as well as two cannons/guns. The craft is operated at optimum by three sailors (a pilot/torpedo master, and two gunners) from a control room in the naval base (think Ender's Game but not nearly as technologically sophisticated) but can be operated by two sailors if necessary. The larger UNV model is about the size of a standard LCS. It has much the same capabilities as a conventional LCS but is unmanned and therefore as a lot more internal automation and ammunition storage space. Unfortunately, larger UNVs are not yet possible so the Swiss Navy is mainly defensive (due to the limited number of manned large ships) and transport oriented. Over on the UAV side of things, three models of UAVs have entered production. The first and smallest is only the size of a small car but is in fact a suicide bomber that holds vast amounts of explosive power. An even smaller variant only the size of a desk is being employed in swarms as a form of anti-air defence. The medium sized model is the size of a truck and focuses mainly on light attacks and aerial dogfights and is equipped with powerful cannons and a light array of surface-to-surface missiles. The largest UAV model currently in service alongside more conventional planes is the size of a bomber and unsurprisingly engages in traditional bombing runs with extra large storage bays. Note: there are other simpler form sof UAVs already previously in service including reconnaissance drones and Ground Troop Aerial Observation (GTAO) drones that assist ground troops when on campaign by providing aerial coverage of the battlefield. Technology is currently being developed (though it is xpected to take a while) to combine this with a form of augmented reality goggles for troops. Last but not least, military personnel are sent to the Austrian Eastern border to help beat back the Slavic Horde.
    • Mod Response: The small nation of Gibraltar (which still claims to be under the British crown) willingly gives Swiss forces the permission to begin building a naval base on the nation's land. The envoy sent to Tunisia is greeted with respect, and Tunisia, still in relative peace due to its location relative to the Sea, asks for help with defending its southern borders from chaos.
  • Flag of YucatanYucatan: The Yucatec-Floridian-Puerto Rican internet goes live, and almost immediately, small chat boards and corporate websites begin to be set up. The Yucatec government also begins posting some information online. As of December 2072, this internet has 127 sites. A government-run Internet Service Provider, Yucanet, is set up. Meanwhile, the Mall of Yucatan is being expanded to accomodate more businesses, and 2 other malls, in Mérida and Chetumal, are planned to open by 2075. Supplying of basic services to the new territories continues, as does the expansion of the Bikeway system, and the tram systems in urban areas. We also seek to start an exchange student program with Florida [PLAYER RESPONSE NEEDED]. Trade deals with the Japanese nations are also being negotiated PLAYER RESPONSE MEEDED].
    • Floridian Diplomacy: The offer of the student program was accepted by Sandra Monica, and approved by the Vice President and the legislature branch.


The Slavic Horde continues its rampage in Germany, and begins to enter Denmark and the Benelux region. However, military force prevents it from going south and coming after the Swiss and French for the time being. Tales of the Slavs slaughtering the entire populations of towns indiscriminately, lining entire communities up in a line and firing machine guns into them, and burning entire towns out of existence circulates worldwide.

The United States has secured most of California apart from the Legion, which still stands as a symbol to the independent nations of America of resistance.

The city-states of eastern Russia coalesce into the Amurian Confederation, with its capital in Terney. Heavily influenced by the Japanese states, especially Ezo, the nation proves useful for projecting Japanese influence onto mainland Asia.

Envoys from pre-war nations in West Africa, including Senegal, Liberia, Ghana and Cameroon, as well as other, newer nations, such as the Tuareg Confederacy, Futa Jallon and Hausaland reach France and Switzerland by way of Algeria and Tunisia. They remain neutral in the conflict between the two.

France and Switzerland begin assembling power blocs, much like the US and Soviet Union 100 years ago during the Cold War.

  • Flag of the New Florida Republic Florida: Sandra Monica inaugurated as president last year, and is working with the Yucatan to exchange the student program, as well as helping Ezo building the Russian Orthodox church. As promised earlier, Monica sends the 5 fighter jets to Ezo for the cooperation. The city of New Pensacola is almost finished, as the builders need to install schools and healthcare programs there. Meanwhile, the Vice President is in a meeting with France, about the recent actions the French president ordered through out the past few years. The Floridian economy is becoming robust, which means the economy is growing from those trade deals with the Yucatan and other nations. The diplomacy sincerely hopes that the world can have global peace. The diplomats contact Tokyo-Yokohama for a non-aggression pact and a peace keeping alliance [Player/Mod Response (Tokyo-Yokohama)]. The government tries to end the tensions of France and Switzerland with reconciliation about the issues of the Italian wall, even if no action is being taken or war is happening, the tensions want to be solved peacefully and calmly. The diplomats ask Switzerland and France to visit Florida to work a deal out [France and Switzerland Response]
    • Tokyo-Yokohama Diplomacy: We accept the Floridan Republic's offer and hope for better and closer relations in the future.
    • Swiss Dip: Switzerland is happy to attend the peace conference.
    • French Diplomacy: We attend the peace conference.
  • Flag of Egypt (1952-1958) Egypt: Having expanded to control most of the Nile city-states, His Majesty Farouk III changes the name of his realm to Kingdom of Egypt. There are still other territories to be reclaimed, but the most economically productive regions are under the kingdom's control. The economy is well developed from trade and the contact with the New Silk Road through Sinai and the Levant, along with sea trade through the Red Sea and Suez, has contributed to economic growth. Cairo and Giza are restored as functioning cities, but with worse technology. Having established contact to the east, the Egyptians send out traders to the west to see if there are any other African nations to trade with. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Crossing the harsh, deadly desert, traders only find some Orthodox states in Libya established by Greek refugees. Locals there tell of the tribal states in Algeria, with two main and powerful ones.
  • Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture Republic of Ezo: The government recognises the newly formed Amurian Confederation, and congratulates them on their unification. The government continues strengthening ties and trade with them; along with declaring support for them. With the arrival of the five fighter jets from Florida; the Air Force branch of the Ezo Armed Forces begins plans towards establishment, but with no other planes to train pilots with, the establishment is held off. In the meantime, the Tokachi Airfield in Obihiro is established for the base of operations of the soon to be established Ezo Air Force; and the fighter jets are sent there. Although still without both an open airport as well as no working commercial planes at the moment; the government offers to establish diplomatic ties as well as a trade agreement to Florida. [Player Response] Expansion begins further on Urup; along with the continued salvaging of destroyed planes on the island. The government passes further laws, banning any corporations from having any participation in the government.
    • Floridian Diplomacy: The government accepts.
  • South california flag The Legion: Exploiting the United States's extreme overextension (a result of capturing literally most of California in a few years), groups loyal to the Legion and independence from the former government are sponsored in Central Valley and up the winding coast SECRETLY. [Mod Response] A mandatory draft is put in place for all 18-26 year olds, and mothballed forts along the northern flank are once again put back into operation. In order to secure the future of the Legion, we begun heavy expansion to the south, from our FOBs in Indio and Temecula. Towns from Temecula and Escondido are to be annexed, first peacefully, and by force if necessary. [Mod Response] The Legion justifies this as keeping peace in the region and protecting them from the US government. The previously meager navy gets a huge boost in budget, and regular patrols begin around the Channel Islands, scanning up and down all the way to San Diego. Trade is to be continued, but only with states from former Nevada, Arizona, and Mexico (minus Baja California). Meanwhile, engineers have brought electricity back to most military operations.
  • Mod Response: The towns quickly submit to Legion control, with few exceptions; those that refuse pledge either neutrality or allegiance to the United States.
  • Flag of Tokyo Prefecture Tokyo-Yokohama: Three helicopter destroyers, the Saitama, Kawasaki and Tsukuba are completed, while five corvettes accompany them into service. Protests in support of the two firebrands, Shinikami and Takahashi, erupt into riots in parts of the country, which are quickly quelled by the Police force, but this shows the dangerous power both figures wield over the country's populace. A further thirteen aircraft (seven helicopters and six fighter jets) are put onto the craft as the 1st Hybrid Division of 15,000 strong set off towards Taiwan, largely supported by both Shinikami's and Takahashi's supporters, in hopes of ending the civil war and making a peace between the sides [Mod Response Needed]. We send an offer to Florida to open embassies between both our countries [Floridan Player Response Needed]. The third and final consolidatory elections are held, opening up an extra twenty-five seats and bringing the total members of the Diet to 160. Three of the ports are finally completed, opening up to all nations regardless of origin.
    • Floridian Diplomacy: The government accepts the proposal from Tokyo-Yokohama.
    • Mod Response: The Taiwanese forces agree to a ceasefire.
  • Krymya Ukraine: War with Bulgaria results in victory (algo soon). The victory is celebrated nationwide, as decades and centuries old champagne is popped with the new victory in the Balkans and the massive expansion. Led by General Ivan Makarenko, the victory see's the incorporation of the city-state into the collective Imperial Ukraine Federation. The state remains heavily under military occupation.
  • Republic of Carolina: The Raider Gangs are finally defeated and President Carr makes a inspiring speech, "if you wanna stop anything, you can! if you wanna get rid of anything, you can! unless if it's something good of course." Many people start moving back into rural areas, fixing the problem with overpopulation.
  • Flag of Cascadia.svg Cascadia: Our military now numbers 140,000 active duty personnel. We offer to send 1,000 of them to assist the Legion (Legion response needed). We begin work on new tanks and aircraft.
  • Flag of Switzerland Switzerland: Military forces in Austria continue to beat back Slavic Barbarians from the central and Western regions of Austria. Unfortunately, much of the Eastern non-Mountainous parts of Austria have been lost as the Horde has superior numbers. The mountains prove to be strong defences however, and a combination of Swiss and Austrian forces have fortified the Austrian Alps and refugees that are pouring in are settled here. Meanwhile, Swiss forces are unable to assist German forces due to the unreasonable dislike of the Germans towards Switzerland but offers are being made to Denmark and Slovenia if they would like Swiss air support against the Slavs. [Mod Responses] Meanwhile, the Swiss Consul proposes a direct line of communication between the Swiss Consul and the French President to prevent any unnecessary or accidental escalation of tensions. [Player Response] In other news, the naval base in Gibraltar is under construction and Switzerland has vowed to protect Gibraltar from any potential attack. Meanwhile, forces are being deployed to Tunisia to honour the Swiss promise to help them fight off invaders in the South. A small military base is constructed just outside Jendouba, and a small naval base is constructed on the Galite Islands. The number of troops dispatched to Tunisia is small however, as the bulk of the forces dispatched are UAVs to provide air support as well as Swiss military commanders, training staff, strategists, and tacticians to aid local forces.
    • Mod Response: Sorry, but I'm pretty sure that the mod or the algo determines how well you are doing at war. Nevertheless, the Slavs, accustomed to flat, easy, terrain, find the mountainous terrain more difficult, especially with Swiss defenses, however they appear to simply maneuver around western Austria, and capture and pillage cities in Bavaria and southern Germany. Denmark and Slovenia accept, however this strains Swiss air forces, and their effectiveness is diminished.
  • Flag of YucatanYucatan:Election year is upon us again, and President Ramón Castro is highly expected to win the election by a landslide, as the economic and social reforms implemented by him have gained much traction among the people, and the outward expansion of the nation, as well as new trade deals with other nations and the establishment of an internet of sorts have been attributed to his pougiong foreign policy. The only challenger who even stands any sort of minuscule chance of besting him in the elections is Nicolás Tepanchulo, who is basically a more radical version of Castro, and describes himself as a Marxist and a Communist. The polls stand at 78% in favor of Castro, 17% in favor of Tepanchulo, and 5% in favor of other candidates or abstaining [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. Expansions to the Mall of Yucatan finish, doubling its size. The Chiapas Bikeway is finished, connecting the new territories to the Yucatec heartland. Around 50% of the new territories have been supplied with utilities, with the rest of these areas projected to be fully supplied by 2075. With the onset of the new “Gulfnet”, as the Yucatan-Florida-Puerto Rico intranet has become known as, the amount of websites has increased to 1033, and more people are beginning to use the Internet. A Wikipedia-like site and a few very primitive gaming sites have been set up, along with more message boards, corporate websites, and government websites. We ask all nations in the Carribean and Gulf coast of the former US and Mexico (with special attention given to Texas, the Syndicate of Mexico, and New France) to join the Gulfnet endeavor, for better connectivity with each other and better facilitation of trade [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. In other news, Yucatan remains neutral on the French-Swiss situation.
    • Filling in for Mod Response: Castro wins the election; and all nations asked accept the offer.


The Maghrebi and West African nations come into contact with Lower Egypt and begin making trade deals for access to the New Silk Road and the resurgent global trade network, As a result, Lower Egypt experiences an economic boom similar to the one in Japan a few years ago.

The Slavic Horde pushes into Denmark and the Benelux after laying waste to Germany. The German Federation collapses, and is annexed into the Slavic Horde. Purges of remaining Germans begin, with the Slavs hell-bent on their destruction. Poles, Czechs, and Byelorussians also begin moving into eastern Germany, in a sort of reverse Lebensraum.

The expansion of the United States is limited to northern California, after being countered from both sides by powerful nations. A stalemate is reached.

With the establishment of the Gulfnet, technology has begun to reach pre-war levels. Although no real tech giants have been created as of yet, startup internet companies have been setting up shop in Yucatan and Florida.

The Amurian Confederation begins expanding along the coast, reaching as far as the Tumen River. Meanwhile, the Union of Korea is formed, and is immediately heavily supported by the People’s Federation of China. The PFC begins forming transcontinental alliance chains, establishing an alliance with the Syndicate of Mexico.

  • Flag of the New Florida Republic Florida: [During the meeting] The meeting is about the real tensions between the Swiss and the French about the border wars. The government asks for a compromise to end these harsh relations that would exasperate one another, [French and Swiss Response], [End Meeting]. Sandra Monica, once again trying to solve harsh tensions, by trying to convince the United States to stop expanding to Californian territory for the needs of global peace to be achieved [Either Mod or United States Response]. The government asks Tokyo-Yokohama, The Yucatan, and the Republic of Ezo if they want to start a peace keeping alliance to protect the nations and to spread global peace [Yucatan, Ezo, and Tokyo-Yokohama Response]. The city of New Pensacola is finally finished, and as elegant as possible for a city. The government continues to expand more life qualities, trying to continue to make peace and expandable healthcare for the average citizen and immigrant. The government wants to start to recreate the United Nations, to keep peace around the world [All Players Response and Mod Response for non played nations]
    • Mod Response:The US declines, saying that “before we even think about peace all of our former territories should be under our rule, and that includes you”. A few nations, mainly on major New Silk Road trade routes, agree to this proposition, but the rest ignore or even downright refuse to re-create the United Nations.
    • Republic of Ezo Diplomacy: Declines to both; and mentions that there is no good for a United Nations and points out their uselessness, especially in unsuccessfully preventing the large war that happened years ago.
    • Tokyo-Yokohama Diplomacy: We counter-propose a peace-keeping alliance led by both our countries and more, called the Trans-Pacific Peace Pact, so as to facilitate trade and peaceful relations in the region and beyond.
    • French Diplomacy: We only wish for Switzerland to abandon their imperialistic tendencies when it comes to foreign policy. We laugh at the concept of a new United Nations as the former organisation was heavily flawed.
    • Swiss Diplomacy: Switzerland is glad to cooperate with France and reiterates its policy of non-imperialism.
    • Yucatec Diplomacy: We agree to the alliance.
  • Flag of Egypt (1952-1958) Egypt: As the economy continues to boom, the King authorises more exploration expeditions and settlements. The Nile city-states are being connected by north-south railroad networks. The Suez port and the Canal are being developed further, but settlers are sent east into the desert between the Nile and the Red Sea coast. Port Said and other towns in the region are re-settled, initially by small groups. This is to increase the kingdom's territorial control. King Farouk accepts the resignation of Prime Minister Admiral al-Kaylani, replacing him with Colonel Iskander al-Hashimi as head of government. The Egyptian Army General Staff studies the result of the previous war with the city states for strategy and tactics. The army increases to 25,000 men.
  • Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture Republic of Ezo: One-third of the railway line from Asahikawa to Wakkanai is repaired; with planned opening by early 2078. A settlement is established at the other end of Urup island as expansion continues further; and the entire island is claimed. With the plane engines unable to be fixed, the planes are left alone for now. As reservations for Tokachi–Obihiro Airport are nearing completion; the planned reopening for next year is not delayed; as the government will allow any foreign planes to stop and pass by. Signs in Russian begin to be added alongside the Ainu and Japanese signs in Wakkanai and Asahikawa.
  • Flag of Tokyo Prefecture Tokyo-Yokohama: 15 people die in Tsukuba riots incited by supporters of the dual firebrands, forcing Prime Minister Suzumiya to call a snap election for Prime Minister between him, Takahashi and Shinikami. He loses narrowly despite running on a campaign of having achieved peace in Taiwan, achieving only 34% of the vote between the three candidates, while Shinikami, with 39%, ends his cabinet with a shock win running on expansion and nationalist rhetoric. Shinikami sets about putting into place a new foreign policy; sending offers to Switzerland, the Californian Legion and the Union of Korea to open embassies in each others' nations [Mod Response/ Swiss and Californian Player Responses Needed]. She directs the TYSDF to expand southwards and northwards, breaking the terms of the Japanese Union, and sends troops into the territory of other Honshu nations close to Tokyo-Yokohama, demanding immediate integration (although with the same benefits that the Tsukuba deal originally offered) with one hundred Type 10 tanks, another hundred Light Infantry Vehicles and almost the full might of the remaining TYSDF (38,000 men) [Mod Response]. We reassure Taiwanese nations that we still support the ceasefire, and Prime Minister Shinikami travels to Taiwan to negotiate an official peace between the countries of Taiwan [Mod Response Needed]. The status quo continues for foreign relations with the nations of the world, except for the State of Krymsky, whom we strongly criticise. The Diet becomes deadlocked as competing parties support differing figures, although a majority of Diet members still support Suzumiya.
    • Swiss Diplomacy: Switzerland is happy to increase diplomatic relations and agrees to the proposal of embassies in each other's countries.
    • Mod Response: The Union of Korea agrees to open embassies in Tokyo-Yokohama, and vice versa. The nations of Taiwan agree to go back to the status quo ante bellum.
  • French Revolution French Republic: In the election, four candidates all compete, but one comes out on top. Tania Popelin wins 54.7% of all votes. As her first act, President Popelin redirects military officials to focus on the Slavic Horde, preparing defenses. Our troop count is once again increased by 5,000, a massive increase, but national security is beginning to be more and more of a risk. We wish to fix broken ties with Switzerland officially, apologizing for everything we've done, and we invite them to build an embassy in New Paris. [Player Response Needed].
    • Flag of Switzerland Swiss Diplomacy: Switzerland is more than happy to build and embassy in New Paris and apologises for Swiss mistakes. The Consul also inquires about possible joint defence line against the Slavs. [Player Response]
    • French Diplomacy: We'd love to join the Swiss in any attempts to wipe out the Slavic Horde.
  • Nebraska flagNebraska: The list of states are finalized, including St. Joseph, North Kansas, Grand Island, Omaha, and Sioux, as well as the district of Lincoln. Meanwhile, a ferris wheel and carousel in Omaha is successfully re-activated, becoming the first post-war amusement attraction to be in operational. The refurbished National Museum is opened, containing old paintings as well as pre-war items like a French-style loveseat, several surviving drawings and surviving political posters.
  • Flag of Switzerland Switzerland: The Department of Science & Technology announces the conclusion of research and development of sound-based weaponry. The way it functions is as follows: A high-amplitude wave of sound is generated in a controlled beam about half a metre wide by large mounted guns. The sound waves are capable of destroying concrete but more importantly, the amplitude is so great that it can cause vehicles to vibrate to the point that they fall apart (if within deadly range of about 500m in air and 800m in water) and humans simply turn to jelly (not literally but the human body simply cannot withstand the pressure and rips apart). These weapons are deployed alongside conventional artillery and machine guns along the Northern border with Germany, in preparation for a Slavic advance on the Swiss North Alps. Swiss military operations are consistently carried out in the valley on the German side of the mountains to sabotage factories, military, and infrastructure of the Slavs in former Germany. [Secret] Swiss High Command begins debating the ethical implications of using chemical weapons in a potential full-scale war with the Slavs. [/Secret] Meanwhile, National Dedoubt continues and every male and female citizen above 18 is armed and trained for defence.
  • Flag of YucatanYucatan: With more nations joining the Gulfnet project, the amount of Internet sites increases to around 9000. The new malls are completed, and electricty has been supplied to 75% of the population of the Chiapas Autonomous Province. A plan of urban renewal has been put in place in cities like Cancun, Merida, Campeche and Chetumal, with the goal of eradicating all slums and housing the people in housing adequate for their needs by 2080. Cancun International Airport begins being refurbished, with it expected to be reopened by 2080 at the latest.


The Slavic Horde is stalled in its western and southern borders by Swiss and French coalitions, however, it manages to overrun Denmark and is now heading into southern Sweden. Slavic incursions into the Balkans and Hungary also begin.

The United States begins aggressively expanding into Nevada, to the east, but the northern and southern fronts remain in a stalemate.

Border disputes between the Amurian Confederation and the Union of Korea over the northeastern portion of former North Korea spiral out of control, starting a war. A proxy war between some of the major powers of the region, namely the Japanese states and the People’s Federation of China, could be brewing on the horizon, as PFC troops have already joined up with Korean militias, and Amuria has requested Japanese aid in the war.

The Silk Road city-states all agree to form an alliance, to stabilize the New Silk Road and protect Eurasian trade, their lifeblood. An endeavor to build a rudimentary highway and train system for easier transport of goods between Europe and Asia is in the planning stages.

The Kingdom of Muscovy, centered around Moscow, and the Leningrad Commune, centered around St. Petersburg, is formed.

Lower Egyptian scouts come across the Theocratic Republic of Abysinnia, in what was formerly Ethiopia. Tensions due to religious difference almost immediately follow.

  • Flag of Tokyo Prefecture Tokyo-Yokohama: Prime Minister Shinikami continues to grow in popularity thanks to the successful talks in Taiwan. Riding off this newfound support, the TYSDF is sent towards Aizuwakamatsu and Takasaki to forcefully integrate both nations into the country as well as their surrounding areas [Mod Response Needed]. This forces the Diet, although many unwillingly, to pass the 'New Deal': A series of economic, military and political reforms to take effect by 2076. First and foremost, the Diet will be split into the Lower and Upper Diet (the current Diet occupying the higher house) while the Lower Diet will be elected in the next year. Limited conscription for males 18 years and older begins, but if one has achieved employment or other works it is not necessary. The economic landscape, to accompany increasing amounts of startups, opens the First Bank of Kawasaki to better manage and control financial activity, as well as the setting up of a separate Ministry of Finance from the Ministry of Industry. This is also helped by the creation of the Equitable Equality Bill, which creates a Denmark-like education system and Finnish homelessness reduction system so as to increase overall productivity and decrease the wage gap. The country begins translating manuals, signs and other material into four main languages: Japanese, Traditional Chinese, English and Korean. Another few ships are completed, the TYNSDF now possessing fifteen corvettes, nine destroyers, and six helicopter destroyers, all of which are manned by aircraft of the appropriate type. The Type 63A2, as well as its special revision 63K for special operations, starts to be put into service. The Type 10A2 is put into manufacturing as the country braces for a period of rapid economic and political change. We send a deal to the Union of Korea to supply their military, as we do the People's Federation of China, with ammunition and ships, in exchange for mutual protection and economic free-trade [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: Tokyo-Yokohaman troops overrun both nations, however, insurgent guerilla groups made by the remaining armies of both nations begin viciously attacking Tokyo-Yokohama forces, and the diplomatic reputation of the country within the Japanese Union is greatly tarnished. The Union of Korea and People’s Federation of China agree to the deal, however, the other members of the Japanese Union are even more angered, with most of them having already declared support for the Amurian Comfederation.
  • Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture Republic of Ezo: As Urup island continues to be consolidated; some focus is given to Sakhalin again, with some expansion made a bit further into the Anivsky District and Korsakovsky District. Diplomats are sent to Nevelsk; and offers to establish diplomatic relations and a trade agreement. They are also offered aid in gaining control over all of Nevelsky District [Mod Response] Meanwhile, the government declares support for the Amurian Confederation, and sends some supplies towards their war effort. The government also sends 230 military personnel as well; but apologises in advance as the government can't really afford to send more, due to the military being small overall. In the government, a few new holidays are established based on Russian/Orthodox traditions; with Xmas on the 7th January, Tatiana Day, and Cultural Worker Day being established and extending New Year's Day to extend from January 1 to January 5th; becoming New Year's holiday. The government begins promoting an Hokkaidan identity among the Japanese residents; to further distance themselves from the rest of Japan and especially Tokyo-Yokohama. Meanwhile Ezoan is officially defined as being a citizen of Ezo; and covers all of the people who live in the nation such as Hokkaidans, Ainu, and Russians, the three major ethnic groups. The Tokachi–Obihiro Airport is officially reopened.
    • Mod Response: The people at Nevelsk agree to the offer.
  • Flag of the New Florida Republic Florida: Monica, once again is expanding more life qualities to the average person living in the New Florida Republic, as Emma Kony is expressing a lot of delight at the peace deals the French and the Swiss had to end the crooked tensions. The United Nations, not as planned as before, becomes disbanded by the Floridian diplomacy. However, the diplomacy and the vice president is concerned about the Slavic war going on, and decide to send 500 troops to settle a agreement between the Slavs and the nations involved [Mod Response]. The president is disappointed with the American response, and contacted America to stop these traitorous decisions [Mod Response]. The president asks some other tribal American nations to join a peace-keeping alliance and a trade route in exchange for extra protection against aggressive American forces [Mod Response].
    • Mod Response: The Slavic Horde massacres a majority of Floridian troops sent to settle an 'agreement'. The United States continues to maintain that Florida is part of its territory, and threatens that when 'the United States are reformed, you shall lose your status as a state'. Other American nations, attracted by Florida's newfound wealth, agrees to the terms of the trade route and alliance.
  • New York Republic: Industries begin to be re-build. Seeing as New York City has been long devastated, Utica is the capital for now. Seeing as times have changed, some harsher measures are done to control law and order. Littering on the ground is sentencable to 3 minor shocks from a cattle prod. This greatly reduces litering, but is unpopular at first. Also, Vacant houses left abandoned are given to the homeless. Basic sanitation is upgraded in these houses. This proves to be effective in dealing with the "nuke town" (slum) issue, but still much work is needed. Meanwhile more coast along the great lakes is claimed, President John A Crosby offers citizens protection from "Rouge Warlords," and setting infrastructure in their lands looted by them. (mod response on how they take the offer plz) Also, the Yellow State below us is offered to unite, though as a federal structure with autonomy, and in return "smart" technologies will be introduced, employment oppurtunities, and reconstruction of "shambled infrastructure." (MOD RESPONSE PLZ) Reports are heard about a nationalist expansionist power seeking to reunify the United States, so 25 troops are sent on a scouting mission.
    • Mod Response: The Rouge Warlords continue raiding New York, albeit at a smaller scale. The Tribal Federation of Vermont-Albany (the yellow nation you were referring to) agrees to join if granted autonomy.
    • New York Response: Autonomy is granted, and as early act of goodwill says the current system of Vermont Albany will be integrated, and a shoe factory is opened up, as well as several Mini Clinics built from converted abandoned houses.
  • South california flag Legion of California: A late response, but we agree to open an embassy in Tokyo and vice versa. We strengthen our defenses on the north, and begin to integrate the towns and cities we have just absorbed. Most of the new fertile land is turned into farms, being sold cheaply, and the Californian dollar is pegged to the price of water (1 Californian dollar is 1 liter of water), and hope this will stabilize the currency, as water prices have remained stable. Power is brought back to all government and military installations, as power plants in industrial parts of Los Angeles are brought back online. With San Diego nothing but shambles, we quickly send troops to claim the place.


The Slavic Horde has taken enough European New Silk Road ports that they have a huge stake of the European economy. Sadly, they have not been very receptive to trade, as they routinely murder merchants and take their gold. Due to this, a severe economic depression hits the continent (except for the Horde itself) and revolts happen in many parts of Europe, especially richer places like Switzerland and Venice. Meanwhile, Budapest falls to the Horde.

With Tokyo-Yokohama declaring support for the PFC and the Union of Korea, and Ezo declaring support for the Amurian Confederation, a cold war in Asia ensues. In the actual conflict itself, the Amurian Confederation has made gains in northwestern Korea, but is counterbalanced by the Union of Korea advancing into the inland portions of Amuria, and attacking Vladivostok.

A huge earthquake off the coast of Japan causes severe flooding in Japan, especially near Tokyo and Kochi. Hokkaido is mostly unaffected.

A very powerful dynasty in Istanbul emerges, controlling most trade in and out of the Black Sea. It quickly absorbs the remains of the now-collapsed Turkish Confederation and becomes the largest player in the New Silk Road.

Problems emerge in the "Gulfnet", inecluding very inefficient security systems (and lack of replacements to systems found in HTTP), causing malware and viruses to flood people's computers. Frequent blackouts of the Gulfnet also occur.

Blackouts strike Southern California, and most power in the California Legion is knocked out, increasing power in the US government.

  • Flag of the New Florida Republic Florida: The diplomacy expresses very deep disappointment at the United States with the response for expansion across these nations. The diplomats began to progress to keep the international world into peace and prosperty. Sandra Monica, stepping down from president due to elucidated explanations of how she can't hold the position anymore. Three candidates, the Republican candidate Alex Guneda (Age: 19), the Democratic candidate Thomas Faudi (Age: 23) and Libertarian candidate Sophia Marron (Age: 25) [Mod Response]. The diplomats contact the Slavic Horde to stop these decisions, as they are seen as harmful to peace keeping [Mod Response]. Florida sincerely hopes the world can achieve global peace and not be a huge war zone of broken political promises and wars to end humanity, hence the global population. The diplomats reach to the Yucatan to fix these issues of the Gulfnet, as well as Puerto Rico [Mod Response/Yucatan and Puerto Rico Response].
    • Mod Response: The Slavic Horde massacres all but one of the diplomats; the remaining diplomat is blinded and sent back to Florida with a note written in Polish. This note translates to: “Only cowards want peace. We will not stop until the world falls under us, and all bow down to the might of the Slavs”. In the Florida elections, Alex Guneda wins by a small margin, due to his promises of “Making Florida Great Again”, and his policy of military opposition to imperialist nations, istead of a more diplomatic approach, which has failed. All participating nations in the Gulfnet pledge to look into the matter and fix these issues accordingly.
  • Flag of NebraskaRepublic of Nebraska: Hearing of the news of the US government striking Nevada, we continue to slowly build or salvage more military equipment that can be used. A large bunker in Omaha, disguised as a slum building, is completed, stocked up with several supplies and defense. The first tallest building in the Midwest area since the war is completed, called the Omaha Trust Building that is 10 stories high. We also propose to collaborate with Yucatan in order to connect with the Gulf Net [Yucatan response] .
  • Flag of Tokyo Prefecture Tokyo-Yokohama: The weakened earthquake resistant buildings from the previous incident shake more but barely hold on. The floods reach Chiba and some parts of Tokyo, with the rest remaining relatively unscathed. Following this, the 3rd Infrastructure Bill, which had been used by opposition parties as a bargaining point, is passed, to reinforce buildings across the region as rebuilding and rescue operations occur in affected areas. Food, water, and electricity are supplied to newly-integrated areas as they are put under slightly more intense patrol by Police forces so as to prevent attacks on civilians. The TYSDF is broken off into two main divisions in Japan - Advance Force A and B - so as to better utilise the full might of the army. Advance Force A remains in newly-integrated Takasaki and Aizuwakamatsu and expands to nearby Kitakata and Inawashiro while B is sent to occupy in-between Nasushiobara and Koriyama [Mod Response Needed]. Prime Minister Shinikami visits Aizuwakamatsu and declares that 'no one's identity will be suppressed, no one's rights will be forsaken, this new country will be as safe as the one that came before it' in an attempt to pacify rebel groups. We continue to supply the PFC and UK(Union of Korea) with military aid as 5,000 trained veterans of the now 84,000-man strong TYSDF are sent to assist the UK with taking back Northwest Korea. The hastening of vehicle-building kicks into full swing as civilian industries who build military equipment are subsidised, while the TYASDF begins building aircraft manufacturing sites around Saitama. Foreign traders and merchants in Europe who cannot find work or jobs are strongly encouraged to trade here, where the completion of all ports and the creation of start-up initiatives.
  • Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture Republic of Ezo: The government begins to aid Nevelsk in gaining control over all of former Nevelsky District, as offered. Meanwhile, the government begins to expand the budget for the military; and the military is expanded from 2,000 to 3,870, and training begins for all the new recruits. A new small military ship also begins construction. Despite this, focus continues more towards infrastructure and transportation, among other things. The government continues to support the Amurian Confederation with supplies, but refrains from sending more military personnel despite expansion due to its small size. Urup island is fully annexed and added as a Prefecture by the end of the year.