Washington D.C.

2000px-Flag of Washington, D.C..svg

Flag of Washington D.C.

US Capitol west side

The US Capitol Building

Founded  1801
Mayor Walter Washington (1st)
Country United States
State/District District of Columbia 

Washington D.C (Also Known as Washington or simply D.C) is the capitol of the United States and the only district in the United States.

Future History

As the Capitol of the United States, Washington was one of the centers of The Second Cold War and a very important city.

Washington D.C Saw three major Hurricanes between 2015-2050. Michelle, Oscar and Peter.

Michael Kordant was the first President to be born in Washington D.C and was elected in 2044.

Sports Teams

Name Stadium League Conference Establishment

Washington Warriors

RFK Stadium (2020) NFL NFC (East) 1937*
Washington Nationals 

Nationals Park (2008)

MLB NL (East)


Washington Capitols Verizon Center (1997) NHL Eastern (Metropolitan) 1974*

Washington Wizards

Verizon Center (1997)

NBA Eastern 1973*
DC United

DC United Stadium (2020)

MLS Eastern 1995

(*) Indicates that the teams records have been altered

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