War in Sudan Phase 1 (Western Collapse)
Part of the War in Sudan
Date 19 August 2015 - 8 September 2015
Location South Sudan
  • Coalition victory
  • Sudanese withdrawal from South Sudan
South Sudan regains independence
Coalition Forces:
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael
  • Flag of CanadaCanada
  • Flag of FranceFrance
  • Flag of South KoreaSouth Korea
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia
  • Flag of SpainSpain
  • Flag of SlovakiaSlovakia
  • Flag of NorwayNorway
  • Flag of AlbaniaAlbania
  • Flag of GeorgiaGeorgia
Flag of SudanSudan
Flag of the United StatesBarack Obama

Flag of the United StatesChuck Hagel

Flag of the United StatesGen Lloyd Austin

Flag of IsraelBenjamin Netanyahu

Flag of IsraelMoshe Ya'alon

Flag of CanadaStephen Harper

Flag of CanadaRob Nicholson

Flag of FranceFrançois Hollande

Flag of SudanOmar Al-Bashir

Flag of SudanBakri Hassan Saleh

1100 aircraft, 47 ships 146 aircraft, 60,000 ground troops
Casualties and losses
7(us:4, is:1, ca:1, au:1) 283

War in Sudan Phase 1 was the first of two phases in the War in Sudan. It began when coalition forces began military intervention to pressure Sudan to withdraw its troops from South Sudan on August 19th, 2015. It ended when Sudan officially withdrew its troops on September 8th, ending the phase in a coalition victory.

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