War in Asia
Part of World War III
Date June 8, 2027 - June 1, 2036
Location Korea, Japan, Pacific
  • Unification of North and South Korea as the Republic of Korea.
  • Beginning of Pyongyang Trials.
  • Eventual execution of most North Korean leaders.

Flag of South Korea South Korea
Flag of the United States of America United States (from 2028)
Flag of Japan Japan
Flag of Taiwan Taiwan
Flag of India India


Flag of North Korea North Korea
Flag of China China
Flag of Russia Russia

Coalition Leaders

Flag of South Korea Park Won-soon
Flag of the United States of America Rand Paul
Flag of the United States of America Joaquín Castro
Flag of Japan Shigeru Ishiba
Flag of Taiwan Jiang Yi-huah
Flag of India Sachin Pilot

Allied Leaders

Flag of North Korea Kim Jong-un
Flag of China Xi Jinping
Flag of Russia Dimitry Medvedev

2.7 Million 1.1 Million
Casualties and losses
30,000 60,000

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