WWIII, Great Unifiction War

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This is not a prediction. It's just something I did because my Civ V game isn't loading.




In 2023 an asteroid breaks up in our atmosphere, and hits the most agriculturally outputting regions, sending the world into a large famine.


The US breaks up due to revolts caused by the famine. The 60 states (49 previous; Texas breaks up into Austin, Trinity (Northeast), Gulf Texas (Gulf of Mexico), Plains Texas (Northwest), and El Norte (Bordering Mexico); Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands (Virgin Islands); Navajo Nation becomes a state; US buys Greenland from Denmark; New York City becomes its own state ಠ_ಠ, with Old New York renamed to Albany, Wisconsin gets Peninsula Michigan) become different nations.

These new nations quickly unite into these countries, in no particular order:

- New England: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, (Albany), (Pennsylvania), (Maryland), (Delware), (West Virginia); Capital in Boston

- City-State of New York (New York): New York

- US Islands: Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, Mariana Islands, Hawaii; Dual Capitals in San Juan and Honolulu

- Northwest: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana; Capitol in Olympia

- Calevada: California, Nevada; Capitol in Los Angeles

- Four States of the Rockies (Four States Union, FSU): Arizona, Navajo, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico; Capitol in Phoenix

- Dakota: North Dakota, South Dakota; Capitol in Pierre

- United Agricultural States of America (UASA): Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa

- Great Lake States (GLS): Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indinia, Ohio, (Albany), (Pennsylvania), (Maryland), (Delaware), (West Virginia); Capital in Detroit

- Dixie States, Confederate States of America (DS, CSA); North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennesee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, (Kentucky), (Maryland), (Delaware), (West Virginia)

- Kentucky (Not recognized by anyone): (Kentucky); Capital in Frankfort

- Texas: Austin, El Norte, Oklahoma, Plains Texas, Trinity, Gulf Texas; Capital in Houston

- Alaska: Alaska



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