The Story

WW3 was caused because leaks of the U.S framing Russia from 1990-2020 were revealed by a hacker known as Silver Blade . Everybody new the U.S did it but then, THEN the president still denied it. Australia decided to ditch the U.S and build an alliance with Russia. The U.S then targeted Australia and made an alliance with China. Then, a few days later, Chinese Soldiers invaded Darwin, making their way down to ACT so they could surround them. The European & Indian forces came and helped the Australian troops, but it was no use. So the Australian Government made up a plan. The Indian government would give each AADN member some WMD's as part of the alliance's agreement. Then they would sneak through the Pacific Ocean and hit Los Angeles, while the European Federation would hit New York and India & Russia would tag-team Shanghai & Beijing. It was one of the greatest operations formed by mankind.