World War 3

Date: 4 April 2040 - 26 September 2060

Location: All of Earth, the Moon and parts of Mars

Causes: - Economic boom in Asia

- Rapid Asian colonization of the Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars

- Second Scientific Revolution

- Fall of Zionism

- Birth of the Eurassian Union

- Second Cold War

- Formation of the Asian Union

Results: - Formation of the Federation of Earth

- Fall of the US and the EU

- Formation of the 4th Reich and the Holy Byzantium Empire

- Socialist Federation of Chindia founded

- New Spanish (Mexican) Empire and New Portuguese (Brazilian) fall

- Formation of the Latin American Empire

- Canada regains independence while America is divided into occupation zones

- Antarctic Colonies Declared independence and form the Antarctic Confederation


N.A.T.O - North Atlantic Treaty Organization A.M.O - Asian Military Organization ( Federation of Earth)

U.S.N.A - United States of North America P.R.C - Peoples Republic of China

EU - European Union S.R.I - Socialist Republic of India


E.P.F- Eurassian Peoples Federation

G.S.F.R - German Federated Socialist Republic

Path to War (2015-2040) Edit

By 2020 China, India and the Pan-Islamic Caliphate had launch the first Lunar Colony, this has started the 2cd Cold War between NATO and the Asian Union. Both sides had began to stockpile loads of nuclear weapons. By 2026 India had detonated the first pure fusion bomb while the Pan Islamic Caliphate had discover fusion power. By the 2030s both sides had colonized Mars and Venus, the remaining African and Latin American states unites and formsthe African Union and the Confederated Union of Latin America was born both powers had begun colonizing space. By 2038 the Asian Union and N.A.T.O had colonized the asteroid belt and Mercury and the United Nations had finally been disband by 23rd October 2039. The collapse of the U.N bring chaos to the world many civilians feared that war is to come.

The War Edit

The War began when the European Union began Operation Protocol an invasion of the Eurassian Union. Two days after, the US invaded the Russian Far East