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"There's a simplicity to war... dare, and the world yields."

The best gauge of what is in the future is what dares to come before it indeed. Perhaps it was inevitable that there would be exceptions to this rule, but it is the unavoidable truth that those that take the initiative where others cannot are responsible for the modern world.

When did it end? The alliances of days past, the nations of times gone? There is an ambiguity in a world where so much has changed, and yet so much remains the same.

"Dare, and the world yields." But never forget that sometimes, it is better to retreat and wait for a better turn. What happens next is not a matter of fate; for destiny remains in the hands of us mortal men.

Godspeed, players.


  • Be civil, please. No racial, homophobic or sexist slurs are allowed, and swear words should be limited to comments (though we would prefer you not use them entirely).
  • Plausibility is key. You can’t just randomly decide to change alliances from the ATO to the MDP as the United States. Every nation has a set of restrictions and abilities bound by its identity you must be aware of when choosing that nation (nation-lore is the responsibility of the Creator). The same applies to mods (if you’re going to volunteer to create turns and moderate implausibility, why would you create implausibility?).
  • Mods, please don’t be biased. If anyone suspects a mod (or anyone, really) of bias, contact the Creator or other mods. Mod bias will be dealt with by a vote including the Creator and all mods other than the mod accused of bias.
  • The Creator's word goes above all else.
  • If you are inactive for more than 6 turns, your nation will be removed from the player nations and your modship will be revoked as well (if applicable).
  • If you would like to leave the game, please comment.

Map as of 2074.Volatile despacito 2074To check all alliances on the map, use this link.


These countries still have flags that I have yet to place on the wiki. Until they are placed, there is no need for the countries' players to put flags:

  • Holy State of Sarahwi and Morrocco
  • Lower Islamic Union of West Africa
  • United West African States


  • Head Moderator: Kuro
  • Map Moderating duties cycle among moderators
  • War Mod: Kuro
  • Normal Moderator 1: EleTHICC
  • Normal Moderator 2: Derp
  • Normal Moderator 3: Sidewinder



Until further notice, no more nations from the East Asian region may be chosen.




  • Flag - Republic of South Africa Republic of South Africa: kmarble12
  • Flag of Tunisia Republic of Tunisia: Derp
  • Holy State of Sarahwi and Morrocco: Dangerboy99
  • Flag of Northwest Africa New Islamic State of Northwest Africa: Side
  • 2Flag of Libya (VD) Transitional Libyan Government: Solace

Middle East


Collapsed Nations

  • The Holy State of Sarahwi and Morocco, formerly led by user Dangerboy99, was occupied and absorbed into the New Islamic State of Northwest Africa as part of the Final Agreement on Partition and Occupation of North Africa. It lasted from 2038 to 2066, and 7 years in-game.
  • The Union of East Asian Socialist Republics/People's Republic of China or China, formerly led by user AllianceScoutAiothai, collapsed following the breakout of the Second Chinese Civil War and the spreading of the nanobotlia virus into its controlled territory. It lasted from 1949 to 2020, then 2043 to 2077, and 18 years in-game.


Volatile Disposition Archives



While the A and T-Doll Crisis cools down, with each country taking its own path and decisions concerning the matter, another crisis concerning artificial intelligence occurs. Three cruise ships (Sognare, Marinaio, and Tramonto) operated by Italian cruise company RomaLines have capsized in the Mediterranean Sea, causing the deaths of 7,355 (3,447 people survived). All three ships were operated by an artificial intelligence with little human supervision, and this stokes fears of artificial intelligence around the globe, with many private companies and governments shutting down their AI projects,

Meanwhile in Iraq, riots break out in Mosul and other Iraqi cities, wanting Iraqi Kurdistan to become part of Kurdistan. The Iraqi government responds with force, arresting and even shooting some rioters, causing tensions to rise in the region.

Indonesia threatens to leave AEAN over India's recent actions against the nation, however, this is seen as an empty threat, with the country still reliant on exports to the region's nations. However, anti-AEAN sentiment arises in the form of what is being called Asiascepticism, with the return of what appears to be the 2079 equivalent of the 2010s' Alt-Right movement on the internet.

In China, 12 are dead in Shanghai from a Cantonese shooter. This causes the Shanghai Confederation to tighten its grip on its lands as the war with the Democratic Chinese Alliance, assisted by recent ceasefires, slowly grinds to a halt. However, the SC's troubles are far from over, with mass protests occurring in its most major coastal cities against the government for its handling of the war situation.

Tensions between India and the United Kingdom, provoked by the countries' markedly different approaches to the A-Doll Crisis, arise. Meanwhile, continued investigations reveal illegal shipments of A-Dolls all across Asia and Europe, including but not restricted to: France, Italy, Western Russia, Eastern Russia, Democratic South China, Taiwan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, East Turkestan, and Tibet. More unconfirmed sightings of illegal shipments committed by the late Sangvis Ferri company across the world call into question how exactly so many A-Dolls were produced without the German government realising.

  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Following the PR crisis that was the comments made by the British PM towards India last year, the PM resigns and snap elections are called. Ironically enough, due to wide-spread anti-sentient AI sentiment in the country, an election alliance is formed between members of the Centrist party with anti-sentient AI sentiments, and the Conservative party. This results in an election victory and super-majority in Parliament for the new Prime Minister from the Conservative Party, Winston Cromwell. Upon ascending to power, he formally apologises to the Indian government for the unprofessional comments made by his predecessor, and expresses hope of reconciliation. At the same time, he vows to retain the UK’s anti-sentient AI stance and keeps in place existing laws against sentient AI, as well as promoting his message in a world filled with fear as a result of AI sentience. The PM refuses to recognise the UN’s legitimacy as it clearly does not reflect the silent majority’s opinions – it is a simply matter of statistics and the fact that the UN does not even have half the world’s nations as members. The country’s official stance on India's sanctioning of Indonesia is reversed and the new government recognises Indonesia's fault in mistreating its Buddhist minority. Meanwhile, as a reflection of rising anti-AI sentiment world-wide and at home, the government passes new laws revisiting and scrutinising AI across the British economy. A new government hotline is set up to assist businesses in sorting out the new legislation in order not to impact the growing economy. In other news, the Air Force Space Command is dissolved and all of its functions and programmes are placed under the jurisdiction of a newly formed Space Force. A 3rd Battle Station is completed at the end of this year. In the private sector, augmented reality has become a commonplace fact of life following the release of British military AR contact lenses to the public last year. The technology comes with immense cost-saving benefit for all parties as physical objects such as screens, and advertisements (among many others) are no longer necessary. Though there is significant usage of projected AI tour guides, receptionists, and similar people-related jobs, it remains that most businesses employ humans for these jobs as the attitude towards such conceptions is one of mild discomfort to say the least. This is good for the labour market. Digital AI assistants are commonplace but they are not often treated as friends but instead as tools to be treated with respect and a type of affection similar to how an artist might treat his paint brushes. They are not humans, they are tools; is a common saying. WIP
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Under maintenance due to people reeing in the comments
  • Flag of TunisiaTunisia: The 2079 election is marred by political contention on the question of granting sentient AI Tunisian citizenship continues to be debated in the National Assembly; proponents of citizenship for droids (mainly the Social Democrats and several small leftist and center-left parties) cite the precedent of Burkina Faso, and how granting sentient AI the same rights as humans did not do much harm to the nation, as well as the statement made by the UN, of which Tunisia is a member of. However, the Conservatives, as well as much of the Center Coalition, make an argument regarding sentient AI as a threat to human society, and should be avoided at all costs, and should NOT be integrated into human society. Incumbent President Farid Zinadine wins the elections by a small plurality. Research on A-Dolls [SECRET] on finding how to reprogram them to be completely and unquestioningly loyal to Tunisia, as well as molding them into soldiers and laborers in the extensive Tunisian infrastructure constructions across Africa [END SECRET] is continued, with possible uses for A-Dolls in apace exploration and the manufacturing sector. Meanwhile, after the go-ahead from the EADP, the A1 highway is to be extended all the way to Cape Town, South Africa, creating a trans-African highway. Highway construction is underway in Cameroon, extending the A1 from its former termination point in Moundou, Chad, into Ngaoundere, Cameroon in this year alone. Permission from Egypt and Sudan for extension of the Green Sahara Project is also asked [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. Speaking of the Green Sahara project, the final touches are put in place, with the last still-active Green Sahara-related project in Tunisia, the filling in of the Chott el Djerid with water from the Mediterranean via a canal, finally finishing. Attention is now near fully focused on our Saharan brethren abroad, as well as outfitting the cities of Tozeur and Douz with seaports, due to newfound access to the sea via the Chott el Djerid. We also ask Comoros for permission to build a hyperloop line connecting the three main islands of Ngazidja, Mohéli, and Anjouan [PLAYER RESPONSE NEEDED]. The new Habib Bourguiba International Airport continues construction. The newly-built Ksar Daghara launch site, located just south of Tataouine, at one point set aside to lure SpaceX into Tunisia, is repurposed as the main launch site and headquarters of the AIDSSA (Alliance of Islamic Dominions and States Space Program), and work on spacecraft has begun. Our goals are: Sending a rocket into space by 2082, sending an astronaut into space by 2085, landing on the Moon by 2090, and landing on Mars by 2100.
    • Flag of Burkina Faso Burkina Faso: In the 2079 elections, the resurgent Parti Nationale, riding on momentun provided by the Sangvis-Ferri scandal, have seized the presidency, with party leader Jean Coulibaly becoming the 2nd President of Reformed Burkina Faso. However, other parties still hold a majority in the National Assembly, leaving the new President with a minority government. Due to the new A-Doll demographic being markedly alarmed about this new development, with them thinking that the rise of the Parti Nationale will spell the end of their rights in Burkina Faso, reassurance that they will continue to remain Burkinabe citizens is given, and as a token of goodwill to both the A-Doll community as well as foreign powers, we offer to take in any unwanted A-Dolls from nations such as the UK, Australia and Eastern Russia, who have no desire to keep them in their nations [PLAYER RESPONSE NEEDED]. Subsidization of businesses run by Burkinabe citizens is implemented, and the minimum wage is increased to 25 credits per hour (roughly 2019 US$2.50 per hour). The police force has also seen an increase in funding, at the expense of the military. Train stations continue to be built in smaller towns, connecting them to the existing train network. With the recent influx of Indian entertainment and tech firms, Ouagadougou is now considered by many Burkinabes to be the film and tech capital of West Africa (which has not gone unnoticed by the people of Accra, who claim that very same title. This has sparked a mild rivalry between the two cities), and many Ouagalais now have jobs in these sectors. Urban renewal and slum clearance continues. The Grand Africana building is now mostly completed, with construction expected to wrap up next year.
      • Flag of Primorsky Krai Eastern Russian Diplomacy: President Valentin Balakhnichev declines, and disapproves of deporting the sentient AI to a nation that gives them rights, due to a robot revolution/takeover being a greater risk than anything else.
      • Australian Response: we accept, this is a far better solution than extermination.
    • Flag of Egypt Egypt: We decline the Tunisian proposal.
  • Flag of Primorsky Krai Eastern Russian Republic: The government begins cracking down on illegal shipping of A-Dolls into East Russia, and the East Russian National Guard increases their presence within East Russian waters. Avoiding the same issues like with both Britain and Australia previously did (trying to exterminate A-Dolls in their nations); as well as the handling of the refugees from several years ago; they are simply seized and held captive until further notice. [Secret] President Valentin Balakhnichev secretly orders for all of them found to be sent to Ushakovskoye, an abandoned town in uninhabited Wrangel Island, where the A-Dolls are to remain in the town and banned from leaving. Security is also tight as a precaution; with those involved ordered to not speak a word. [End Secret] The cruise ship event in the Mediterranean Sea further proves the President's and the UFEP's fears on the issues of AI and the risks. The A361 highway now reaches all the way to Talovka, while the A361 from Yelizovo reaches all the way to Ganaly. After the purchase of North Sakhalin from Japan; the Sakhalin Tunnel is brought back again on the table as a proposal; so to link the area with the mainland and would be a part of the railway system; meanwhile a bridge is also proposed which will be used for vehicles and a part of the highway system; both these proposals are approved with construction on them beginning shortly after. The highway bridge to Sakhalin is dubbed A365; and is also planned to extend further than the bridge as well, going to and through Nogliki, and reaching all the way to Okna; while on the other side A365 will go to Komsomolsk-on-Amur. A366 is also proposed that would branch from A365 on the mainland side, going to Nikolayevsk-on-Amur, which, while also approved, won't see construction until A365 is completed. Planned cover versions of Build Our Machine (Bendy and the Ink Machine) and Mr. Roboto (Styx) by Shattered Crystal and Voyampolsky are delayed until further notice; meanwhile Winterland's hardbass cover of Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's "Kappa" ~ Candid Friend is released. Meanwhile Okhotsk Company's Hundred Stars Pro: Dark Nebula begins creating music in a more chiptune style and mixing it with other genres. As the government continues aiding in the creation of the EMPs to be used, aid continues for Mongolia against the infection. Aid also continues to the State of Siberia for reconstruction.
  • Flag of Philippines Philippines: We make it clear that we are not giving A-Dolls all rights that citizens have, and they are not allowed to leave the country due to different restrictions by other sovereign nations. We destroy the last remaining A-Dolls that aren't given rights by the government. Anti-artificial intelligence cameras are set up on international terminals like ports and airports. Following the end of the diplomatic crisis, we lift the travel ban on the United Kingdom. We also reopen our embassies on Palau and other Pacific nations. Most street vendors are relocated to newly constructed simple hawker centers. A new high speed rail line between the cities of Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija and Bacoor, Cavite have been completed and opened. Startup company Bayandeliv has started the country's first online delivery service since decades, now delivering first for several local chains like Chowking and warehouse chain Landers using drones with GPS technology and other features. It plans to enter the international market as success has been done. A large stretch of Mindanao Avenue in Novaliches is turned into a Hollywood-inspired district but local, with a Walk of Fame commemorating famous figures like Rodrigo Duterte, Ramon Magsaysay and Kris Aquino. Three new idol groups have started on this year, and a remake of the Final Destination series have become a box office hit. Despite many of our landmarks lost overtime due to different factors, we promote our other tourist destinations, especially the following: Piat, Pagudpud, Coron, Siargao, Antique, Central Manila, Aklan, and Mount Banahaw. Philvision is launched, inspired by Eurovision but with provinces instead of countries. A census involving largest cities, countries where most expatriates came from and richest provinces are held. [Mod Response]
    • Filipino Census: Manila is the largest at 28.4 million people in the Greater Manila Region, with Cebu City marking second with 13.2 million. A majority of our 11.3 million expatriates are of Chinese or Japanese descent, whereas a significant minority of them are American, Indonesian, Australian and Malaysian. Other smaller countries included amongst the expatriate population include Vietnam and the Burmese nations. The richest provinces are the Central Visayas, followed closely behind by the Western Visayas and Negros Island Region. The Greater Manila Region (Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, Bulacan and the National Capital Region) on its own is the third richest province.
  • Flag of Australia Australia:The 2079 general election is a victory for the Libertarian party, as the population loses trust in Prime Minister McKelly’s ability to navigate through a crisis. The Libertarians win 86 seats, the Centrists 43 and minor parties take 21, this places Samantha Jones as Prime Minister. The new government offers a Union State between Australia and New Zealand, as the people and cultures of both nations are very similar, both nations are historical allies and members of the commonwealth and the Australian Constitution even names New Zealand as an Australian state (Mod Response). Due to the tragic loss of life in the three sunken ships, anti AI sentiment in Australia is at an all time high despite anger at how close McKelly brought the country to crisis. It becomes illegal for any vehicle to be 100% AI driven, a human driver must always be present. All A-Dolls in the country are deported to Burkina Faso, and all attempting to enter are turned back. Australia empties South Wellesley Island Quarantine once all occupants are swept by magnetic fields they are sent back to their own nations. Meanwhile the Umboi Island Base has been finished, 500 troops are stationed there, but the Australian Lunar Mission is delayed until next year. (Secret) Australia begins research into nuclear weapons technology, code-named Project Wattle is is estimated that a 20 kiloton weapon should be ready by 2081 and a 100 kiloton weapon by 2086 (End Secret). Australia continues to reverse engineer both laser and sonic weapons, aiming to create more powerful and accurate sonic artillery, and more efficient laser rifles than the ones created by UK and Germany. Australia ask permission from Japan and Papua New Guinea for Australian factories to be set up in these nations (Mod/Japanese Response).
    • Flag of New Zealand New Zealand: By the virtue that is our nation's neutrality, we respectfully decline the Australian government's proposal. We will always remain close, but we cannot engage in such a merger at this time.
    • Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea: So long as the Australian government discloses the purpose of these factories, we will accept the Australian government proposal.
  • Flag of Northwest Africa Maghreb: Several districts of the Aoudaghost city have been finished, and permanent settlement is expected to begin within the next 5 years. The long rail lines spanning across desert, savannah and grassland to connect it to major cities elsewhere along the coast are soon to be completed. Holy Leader Yusuf Taiyoob informs the public of his decision to resign, as he feels he is getting too old to properly lead Maghreb. As such, the Holy Leader has called for a fair and transparent election to call upon a new leader whom will advance our great nation and undo the mistakes of our forefathers. The title of Holy Leader is also to be abolished when the elected leader takes office, replaced by the title of Prime Minister. National media outlets and online sites predict massive changes within the North African political landscape depending on who is elected. As a result of several upgrades and advances, the Green Sahara Project yields a new record of 535 square kilometres of arable land. With the project's efforts growing by leaps and bounds, proposals for artificial bodies of water to be created in the Sahara are approved, utilising the massive quantities of water pumped from the Mediterranean to also fill up man-made basins carved into the desert. This is considered to be another method to prevent re-desertification and promote industrial and economic growth, and as such is supported by many. However, it will take years for such a massive change to become visible, with the filling process perhaps taking place by the end of this century
  • .Flag of Sweden Sweden:The first mass produced linear induction train (Luodin juna-2)finishes it's tests at Gotska-Sandön and is ready for usage on Stockholm-Gotebörg line when the line is finished.
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: While we wholeheartedly disagree with the United Nations on giving droids "human rights", we are also apprehensive of countries systematically destroying and deporting A and T dolls. The Socialist Party wins a senate seat in this year's special Senate election in Texas, perhaps suggesting a further move to the left in some areas of the country. Bumbuo releases more hit singles, such as Sunflower, À Suivre, and Fattening, which all make the Hot 100. Unlike our ally across the pond, artificial intelligence is used widely across America, and "robo-partners" become popular, literally making your loved one a robot. These relationships are often described by the American Psychiatric Association as unhealthy for the brain, but are still widely used, with 30,000 human-robot relationships. Meanwhile, androids connected to smart home systems are used more, with 190,000 droid assistants, although are very expensive, at around $600,000 ameros ($30,000 2019 USD), can do the dishes, chores, cleaning, and even rudimentary conversations with children. While the general fear of AI marks a significant reduction in AI funding, it is still the 3rd most funded technology in the United States, behind only energy and virtual reality. Despite worldwide fear of artificial intelligence, the United States was not affected at all by the T and A doll crisis, and therefore, American citizens are not apprehensive about AI. 31% of all federal jobs are entrusted to robots, in a report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (the report was complied by a robot). The US government's "Robot Manifesto" mandates that unless a robot shows certain qualities, it is not entitled to the same rights as a human is, and so far, 0 robots in the United States have fufilled all these quantities. Project Ataturk is slated for next year, proposed to make the US 100% self-sufficient in water distribution. The United States makes no offensive moves in the Federation this year, except making sure to diminish Federation command of the sea in the Caribbean. The idea of Universal Basic Income and Universal Basic Services is toyed with by the government, preparing for an impending job crisis.
    • District of Accra: Accra Pour Toujours! So our friends up to the north in Burkina Faso believe they wrestle control of the tech and film industries in West Africa? Maybe now, but not for long. WIP


James Matthew Kennedy, the great-great-great grandson of U.S President John F. Kennedy and U.S Ambassador to Vietnam, is saved by a deviant A-Doll during a sudden terror attack committed by members of the Communist Vietnamese Army (CVA). This prompts the Vietnamese government to begin reconsidering its position on the beings as a sign of good faith, and shocks the region. The United Kingdom's assurances that 'robots are tools and nothing more' may just become a thing of the past should such good press continue.

In the meantime, the Energy Arms Race begins, with Western Russia, the UK, allegedly now South China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Egypt joining the race to the world's first standard Directed Energy Weapon. Armalite America begins lobbying the UN and other intergovernmental organisations to ban DEWs or at least limit their usage, citing 'dangers' and 'unforseen consequences'. They are joined by Minebea, Singapore Kinetics, and newly-founded Qiang Arms (A South Chinese government venture) in what appears to be a bid to prevent ballistic weapons from becoming a thing of the past.

On the other side of the world, however, tensions ratchet. The German Snap Elections of 2080 put a completely new party in power, Wahraftige Politik, a left-leaning party premised on increasing government transparency and fixing the German economy. The new Chancellor, Wernher von Braun, travels to India, Eastern Russia and the United Kingdom apologising for not taking sufficient oversight of the Sangvis Ferri company's actions. The German government immediately sets about fixing the crisis, paying an immediate 0.7 billion Euros in reparations to countries around the world affected by the A-Doll crisis.

The Federation's Caribbean Offensive all but fails, with Federation naval forces being pushed out of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The US Navy turns its sights towards Venezuela, and the now-endangered Caracas: Capital of the Federation of South America. Meanwhile, the continued offensives by SAGATO completely push Federal forces out of Brazil and Bolivia in a stunning show of military power as the Federation's time nears. With leadership in disarray and supply lines stretched thin, the end of the Federation is all but certain.

But an odd threat - or blessing - rises in the distance. The resurgence of international mafia groups, edged on by international tensions, such as the Japanese Yakuza, or the American-Italian Cosa Nostra, begins to be seen as mafia groups begin to act in their own forms of justice. A loose movement of organised crime groups in the American South begin acting as vigilantes, killing and systematically murdering members of the Italian mob involved in the Second American Civil War. What this has to mean is completely uncertain.

  • Flag of Australia AustraliaAustralia’s Manned Lunar Mission is a success, managing to get a team of 5 to the Moon, where they remained for two days before returning home safely. Australia continues to fight the Federation forces in South America, and with the war looking to be nearing its close, 3000 new recruits join the armed forces. Seeking to help our ally in this new arms race Australia offers both scientific and monetary support for the UK’s DEM project (Player Response). Australia also enters the DEM arms race for itself, planning DEM tests to be completed in the next few years. The first two new Australian battleships are completed, the HMAS Drop Bear and the HMAS Mandurah, Mandurah is stationed at Umboi Island while Drop Bear is sent to Garden Island. All current Australian projects are on schedule. Several Australian companies open factories in New Guinea including Holden, Vegemite and Carlton Draught. The AI registration act requires all companies that intend to replace humans with AI (anything from driverless cars to machines in manufacturing) must register themselves with the Australian government. Any that don’t have a person keeping an eye on the AI just in case will be stopped until they do, it is hoped that having a person that can stop the AI if it starts to malfunction will prevent further tragedies such as the sinking of the three ships. A research organisation dedicated to research on cellular regeneration is set up, it is not expected to make major progress anytime soon but is hoped to have some new information and a possible prototype by 2090.
  • Flag of Sudan Sudan: With newfound assistance from our Egyptian and Iranian allies, we finally kick the South Sudanese aggressors out of our nation and declare the new Republic of Sudan. We immediately demand an end to the war from South Sudan as well as reparations for the damage caused during its general rule over Sudan. In addition, we join the Eastern Cooperation Pact as a full member.
  • Flag of India Republic of India: India joins the Energy Arms Race (EAR) in building the first DEW, we have a timeline, hoping to finish our first by 2083 and test it later the same year. We reuse technology left over from the EMPs we recently finished. SECRET: Our AI is finally online and self-aware, we keep 'him' secret to avert causing the rest of the world dismay. We plan to hook him up into the governmental systems by 2085. SECRET We offer the US military assistance in its fight against the Federation. American Dip Needed We begin construction of our first robotic soldiers, with the first unit (of 50,000) to be finished by 2081.
  • Flag of TunisiaTunisia: In politics, a compromise is finally agreed upon in the National Assembly, with the A-Dolls being deported to our ally (and according to some, a puppet state), Burkina Faso, a nation that respects their rights. [SECRET] Although we send 500 A-Dolls to Burkina Faso, 100 of them are kept in Tunisia for further experimentation, as well as for potential uses in our space program in the future. [END SECRET]We once again offer Sudan partnership in the Green Sahara project [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. We also begin research into Directed Energy Weapons, with us bringing some prototypes for DEWs to the 2080 BIATCH conference. The final act of the Green Sahara Project in Tunisian borders, the construction of a system of canals linking the Mediterranean with the Chott el Djerid and the Chott el Gharsa, in order to permanently fill the seasonal lakes up, has begun, and is expected to take 4 or 5 years. Construction of the A1 “Trans-African Highway” continues in Cameroon, with areas up to Yaoundé opened up for use, and construction commencing as far as Libreville, in Gabon. We also ask the EADP for permission to accompany the Trans-African Highway with a Trans-African Hyperloop Line, running, again, from Tunis to Cape Town, this time via Aoudaghost [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. On the AIDS Space Program, we begin construction of a spacecraft, the Nujum Mulzama (translated literally as “Starbound”), which will eventually have manned space flights. The transition into the AIDS credit continues, with Tunisian dinars no longer being printed by the National Bank of Tunisia, although they will remain legal tender for another 7 years. Finally, a census is scheduled, measuring things like population, largest cities, ethnic makeup, and average income for both the country and each of the major cities [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED].
    • Flag of Burkina FasoBurkina Faso: The next stage of the transition to the AIDS credit continues, with the Burkinabe credit no longer being printed by the National Bank; however, they are still legal tender. A law on Universal Basic Income has been passed, with each household receiving the equivalent of a minimum wage payment, working 5 8-hour days (translating to roughly 4,000 AIDS credits, or roughly US$400 (2019) per month). Meanwhile, the introduction of A-Dolls, as well as the influx of them from other countries less willing to recognize their rights, has begun to work for the economy. Many of them have taken up work in the tech, education, and tourism industries, as well as more menial jobs such as janitors and street sweepers. Already, many workers at Ouagadougou International Airport are A-Dolls, and the first A-Doll professor, Connor Cyberlife, has recently begun teaching at the University of Koudougou. A “beautifying” scheme is introduced by the Ouagadougou City Council, incorporating the already existing slum removal projects with a scheme to increase the amount of park areas in the city, as well as emphasizing more on access to many forms of transportation, such as buses, trams, subways, and bike paths. Finally, the Grand Africana Tower is finally finished. Standing at 574 meters tall, it is the tallest building in Africa, and the 7th tallest building on Earth, with a size comparable to the One World Trade Center in New York. It will house a hotel, a shopping mall. numerous restaurants, offices, and apartments, as well as an observation deck and skybar. It will also be equipped with its own stop on the Ouagadougou Metro.
    • Flag of Sudan Sudan: Now that our affairs are in order... we accept the Tunisian offer, and hope for better relations in the future.
    • EADP: We accept the Tunisian offer for a new Hyperloop line.
    • Tunisian Census: Our population of 29 million people is largely clustered around Tunis, with 16.7 million in the Larger Tunis Region. Sfax is far behind at second, with 3.6 million people. The general ethnic makeup of Tunisia has remained largely unchanged from before, 86% Amazigh and 6% European, with a growing number of Chinese and Japanese residents. The average income in Tunis is $974AMR, with the average income in other areas coming down as $657AMR.
  • Flag of Primorsky Krai Eastern Russian Republic: The government accepts the German government's apology and lifts the ban on German tech imports as well. Meanwhile the government also begins cracking down on mafia groups as well, and the East Russian National Guard is on alert as well. The government also offers the State of Siberia of the referendum, which is set for next year, and is a vote on whether to remain independent, or join either West or East Russia. [Mod Response] Half of the existing railway lines are now ran by bullet trains, with more in the works alongside new railway lines. Okhotsk Company begins plans of a vocaloid product, codenamed "Hibiscus"; meanwhile the fourth season of Immortal Kosmos airs; and a separate mobile game is also released for Hundred Stars Pro: Dark Nebula which also sees regular updates like the mobile game for Hundred Stars Pro and Hundred Stars Pro: Golden Stage. Aid continues for Mongolia and work continues for EMPs on a smaller scale to be used to fight the infection, which continues to take a while. Aid and reconstruction also continues to the State of Siberia.
    • Political Representative of the Siberian Populace: We accept the Eastern Russian offer for a referendum.
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: The saving of the ambassador to Vietnam simply upholds the good reputation AI has received in this country, and increases sales of robo-partners. NLP candidate Darien Sanchez, the first gay president, is elected in a contentious election, as we celebrate our victories in the Caribbean. We begin shelling Caracas's coast, and air strikes on military targets in the city begin, as well as regular naval patrols in the area to clear out any Federation ships. The Universal Basic Income provides a regular welfare benefit of $600 2019 USD to every jobless citizen over 18, despite objections from the Conservative House of Representatives. We continue our work on direct energy weapons, silent in the world stage about these new weapons. Bumbuo releases two new hit albums, and its creators start a private company, Hocus-Pocus to focus on their endeavors more. 
    • District of Accra: Flush with American money, Kotoka International Airport begins a remodeling, and we offer direct flights from American cities, making Accra all the more attractive. Accra will be the center of the Gold Coast Hyperloop, stretching all the way from Liberia to Lagos in Nigeria, if the Nigerian government allows it. [Mod Response] Already, AI is being imported from the United States in our public spaces, and in Independence Square, they are being experimented as park cleaners and janitors with no pay, no objections, and can work in most inclement weather. As large parts of Accra were destroyed in the war, these become prime real estate areas, and cheap development and housing is built. Accra begins to incentivize American financial companies to set up shop and offices, due to the benefits of having effectively the same regulations as the US, as well as tax breaks, and cheap and prime real estate. [Mod Response] Perhaps nothing is more symbolic of Accra's renewal than Forward Boulevard, a new shopping district in Accra, built right on top of a former LIU bureaucratic monolith. The Accra Convention Center is being built near Wejia Reservoir, and we expect it to be crowded when it is completed, due to low rent fees. AI is being experimented in public spaces, not as janitors, but as assistants, to help you with whatever you may need. Most of these robots are imported from the United States.
      • Flag of Nigeria Nigeria: We humbly accept the Accran offer for a hyperloop.
      • Accran Department of Commerce: We've seen a relative influx of companies from Western Europe and the United States, as well as a spike in startups.
  • Flag of Brazil.svgDemocratic Republic of Brazil:The Federation is in Utter Chaos and dissaray because of the losses they have been facing so far. We have been waiting for this moment where we will strike with our entire might. We go Literally all out by Pouring out all our Military manpower into a single offensive towards the Capital City of the Federation, Caracas reminiscent of the Soviet Offensive into Berlin and the taking of the Reichstag.[Top Secret] (This isn't supposed to be a secret now but who cares) We tell the Ghosts and the Recon team that the final Offensive has begun and that the need for them is more important than ever [Mod Response Needed][Top Secret]. When the war is finally over we will move over towards more international affairs which we have been sorely missing out of due to the war.
    • Ghosts & BSOC JTF: Registered. Final push to take Caracas starts now.
  • Flag of Philippines Philippines: On December 11, 2080 Philippine Standard Time, astronaut Alan Garcia lands and walks on the moon, as the first successful launch by the Philippine Space Program that has been developing rockets since a decade ago, despite not being reported by international mass media. The Philippine Flag is planted on the moon. This has been only the second time the country has done a mission outside the Earth's atmosphere, after the launching of the DIWATA-1 spacecraft in the 2010s. The country has looked forward to exploring space again, however budget has become a factor that will delay it and that it is highly implausible to go to the rest of the Solar System in the present time setting. Phase One of the PhilHyperloop is finished, with a route of Tutuban Station to Matnog Central Station. We began doing a mass arrest of the Yakuza in the North, mostly being successful. The Philippine Interstate System is created, mostly formed by already existing highway systems throughout the country. Manila Zoo's complete rehabilitation is finished, and now hosts a couple of species of snakes, birds and a few water animals, with more space for animals and cleaner environment. A new retail company called Tropicalmart has reached it's 300th store, with most branches around Metro Manila, Cavite, Isabela, Pampanga, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao and Compostela Valley. It sells daily middle class items like local fruits, vegetables, different types of seafood, local snack brands, toiletries and sauces, as well as foreign based items like Skittles and Dr. Pepper. They plan to expand into India's major cities of Chandigarh, Mumbai and Kochi.
    • Tunisian Dip: We start enticing Tropicalmart to expand into the Tunisian market [RESPONSE NEEDED].
    • Burkinabe Dip: We start enticing Tropicalmart to expand into Burkina Faso [RESPONSE NEEDED].
    • Tropicalmart: We accept Tunisia and Burkina Faso's request, opening our first international stores in La Fayette, Tunis and Koulouba, Ouagadougou
  • Indian Dip: We accept Tropicalmart with open arms.
  • Flag of Northwest Africa Maghreb: The nation officially sees its second official leader ever as Ibrahim al-Ansari is elected the Prime Minister of Maghreb. The historic event is televised across the country as former Holy Leader Yusuf Taiyoob is seen shaking hands with the new Prime Minister in front of the People's National Assembly building in Algiers. As one of his first acts in office, Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Ansari reinstates the former Northwest African Space Administration as the Maghrebi Administration of Geospatial Activities, which begins operating at former bases and a new site under construction a few kilometres away from Aoudaghost. During an interview he supports the move by stating "we are one of the largest geopolitical players on this continent, but can we really claim to be one of the African Elite if we do not conquer the skies and beyond? With the new Administration, not only will we leave our mark on this planet, but potentially the entire solar system". MAGA expects to launch missions into Low Earth Orbit in the late 2080s, and potentially interplanetary missions afterwards. Meanwhile, the national syllabus is updated and funding provided to schools in rural areas to increase the population's ability to read and write Arabic, English and French. The Green Sahara Project yields 485 square kilometres of arable land this year, and the country is proud to announce that the efforts of the project are now fully visible from space, as grasslands and savannah begin to sprout in the north.
  • Flag of Italy Italian Republic : For 2 years, the place of the AI ​​is at the heart of the debates. After great discussion, it was decided the non-working artificial intelligence will be banned. That is to say all artificial intelligence has "too autonomous" and think without human supervision. They are all destroyed with the exception of the sensitive ia (androide) which are forbidden of production and citizen. The other ia will now be more supervised to avoid drifts. The other major law voted by the people is the legalization of cannabis, the ban on cloning and eugenics, and the establishment of a maximum salary ($ 30,000). The Euro Tank project is coming to a successful conclusion and will probably be the most powerful tank in the world when it will be released in 2082. An unveiling with great fanfare will take place in Milan, in the company of the world's greatest statesmen and their ambassadors. Italy has just been remelitarized: 100,000 men now make up the professional army (new target of 250,000 by 2090) with 500,000 conscripts. They will all be equipped with the new Beretta HRX 340, last generation weapon by 2083 (2087 for conscripts). We would like to sell this rifle to Spain, Portugal, Greece and Albania. We recall this ability to shoot "hybrid" bullets (electrically charged bullets). [Mod response needed]
    • Flag of Spain Spain, Flag of Greece Greece, Flag of Albania Albania: While we will buy prototypes for testing, we do not see how the EC-Hybrid bullets provide a justifiable advantage for their costs.
    • Portugal: We will purchase 5,000 HRX340 for usage amongst Portugese troops.
    • Flag of Sweden Sweden:We will purchase 3,000 HRX340 and 21 Euro tank as sample
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Sentient AI remains illegal but city-wide neural networks and intelligent IoT systems have become commonplace and the basic functions of many cities such as waste collection and self-driving transportation are operated by such systems. The budget for DE-rifles has been increased by 45% and a 3rd Gen prototype sniper rifle as been produced. DE-ARs are on the way with a beta prototype already in testing. Britain's nearly decade-long tangle with DEWs puts the country ahead in terms of experience. The Space Force is toying with the idea of renovating the Battle Stations to serve the dual purposes of kinetic bombardment as well as space-to-space mission launch sites. That way, large mission craft can be built and launched in space and do not have to escape Earth's atmosphere and can be entirely reusable. Smaller, cheaper supply ships will steadi;y load up such mission craft until they are ready to depart on a mission. By building specialised craft that operate exclusively in certain zones (Earth-to-space, space-to-space, station-to-station, etc). Britain's massive industrial seaweed farms in the North Sea as well as hundreds of acres of vertical farming in Scotland have made Britain a net food exporter for the first time in 200 years. Meanwhile, there is talk among British millionaire entrepreneurs to start a new multi-billion dollar partnership company between some of Britain's richest entrepreneurs, to mine asteroids. Cooperative partnerships may well be the solution to the multi-billion dollar startup costs of an asteroid mining business, but the payoff would be astronomical. Last but not least, the Conservative government loosens tax laws and provides various benefits and incentives to startups to attract foreign companies to relocate as well as to foster homegrown entrepreneurs.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden: Karl XVIII Gustaf is coronated, as his father, Karl XVII Gustaf resigns from the throne on his birthday, 28th July 2080. As Sweden did not participate in any military conflicts since 1800s but as tension in the world rise the parliament decides unanimously that the military budget should be risen from 1.025% to 8.76%. Other spendings remain almost the same(by falling in decimals due to military budget). As of laws about the A-Dolls and T-Dolls will be legal only if they are working,the passing of the 402th law about AI confirms that there will be no salary for both types of androids. The finishing of the Stockholm-Gotebörg line brings in gigantic possibilities for the people of Sweden. The same route on a modern car would take around 2 hours and 56 minutes, but on a linear induction motors trains the same distance can be done in 38 minutes, that is faster than on an sub-sonic airplane. As we want to get even with closer with Finland we would like to build a line from Stockholm to Turku through Mariehamn [Finland response]. Our military will start employing the C-6 Milkyway a direct descendent of the C-5 Galaxy that is the main cargo transport of the Swedish army from 2020.The order on 300 British MBT'shas been placed [British response]. We would like to place an order for 1000 HK-75 and 300 Lepards 4[German response][Secret] the military will start developing a new armored reconnaissance vehicle and a tank both with a budget of 97 500 000$ each respectively[End Secret] Near Kalmar and Gotland new farming fields arise after the implementation of bio farms the crops grow year round.In big cities like Stockholm and Malmö urban farming arises the farms becomes a common thing thus augmenting the overall food production of food in Sweden. Maersk adds a new ship to their fleet the Wöterber the second of the Goliath container ships class.SAS(Sweden) is buying the new boeings. The S.A.E.X.A (Swedish Aerospace and Exploration Agency) merges with the Swedish Space Corporation and finish the skytteln the first space station of the Sweden Christer Fuglesang and Lora Nillson are the first astronauts of Sweden.[Secret] S.A.E.X.A will start designing the god's eye for the Swedish military. There is plans to get a manned mission on moon until mars 2084.[End Secret]
    • Flag of Finland Finnish Diplomacy: Ummm, we already have a crossing connecting Sweden and Finland through Aland Islands since 2069. The crossing has also high-speed rail line.
  • Flag of Finland Finland: There are currently only 50 to 80 T/A-Dolls inside the country. These AIs are currently working as either housekeepers for richer families or employees of several private companies. Finnish companies are still using older technology AIs for manufacturing jobs and mostly are still under human direct controls. The latest parliamentary election sees National Alliance winning the majority seats in the Parliament. Finland announces its intention for new Hyperloop project, such as HyperNord and HyperBaltica. HyperNord will connect Scandinavian countries with Finland and European mainland. Meanwhile, HyperBaltica will connect the Baltic region with the likes of Finland, Western Russia, and Poland.


The Brazilian Ghosts & BSOC Joint Task Force lights Caracas in flames as they capture the whole of the South American Assembly in Caracas, including the leader of the Federation, General Fernando Alvarez. The Federation collapses, with its armies scattered across its former territories, but the war is ended; the Federation is finished.

The U.S South Chinese Consulate is held hostage by a group of Communist terrorists. While the terrorists are quickly dispelled, it marks a realisation that Chinese Communist sympathisers still exist and in relatively large numbers, and with the Chinese Civil War largely dead, nations move to intercept influence from former Communist Party members. The Shanghai Confederation moves to begin occupying Northeast China.

The MARCH FOR LIFE in London and across Europe, organised by the European Libertarian Organisation, is marked by a sudden outburst of anti-conservative protestors, with thousands turning out in the streets of London to protest allegedly widening wage gaps triggered by the 'conservative party's reckless giving of commercial and industrial tax breaks', as they call it. Several startups move to France and Italy as the ELO encourages violence against local businesses.

The sister marches to the MFL in London, such as the ones in Rome, also attract attention. Italians take to the streets to protest their government's apparently completely inept handling of their own salaries, as Italy sees economic chaos attempting to figure out what exactly a 'maximum salary of $30,000' means.

In the US, the NBP - New Black Panthers, rise in the American South. They wage a war of terror against former members of the New Confederate States of America, with businessman Louis 'Lou' Marcano killed during a fundraiser for the White Power group. While they do not inflict much public harm, they begin to elicit the attention of the Federal Government.

  • Flag of Philippines Philippines: A large percentage of overseas Filipinos leave the United Kingdom and Italy due to the rising issues there, to find work in their home country or in other places like Montreal, Tokyo and Tunis. Meanwhile, Plaza Lacson, long gentrified has started it’s ambition to become the Times Square of Southeast Asia. Around 11 billboard spots and 1 LED screen have been built on the seven buildings that encircle the square, which have been old that they date from 2010s and beyond. We now are looking for companies that want to have an advertisement space [Mod Response]. We finish a large scale military base located west of Paete, Laguna. We have now opened two military equipment factories, located in Catanduanes and in Eastern Ilagan, respectively. It builds new tanks and warships. We release our new high tech warplanes, that will be in use for both transportation and sending aid to war torn destinations. We send money and food aid to devastated regions of Central and South America. We finally inaugurate an Emergency Broadcast System that will immediately activate during a direct threat, and more emergency sirens have been built outside urban areas, including in Samar, Leyte, Sulu, Ilocos Norte and Palawan. TropicalMart continues it's international expansion, now with 9 stores in Tunisia and 6 stores in Burkina Faso. It expands to Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia and Greece. The Day Everything Changed, a docudrama by Filipino News Group, pertaining to a scenario in which the country is heavily torn by an international war with WMDs, reaches record breaking levels of viewership. A revival of 90s to 2010s type music is noticed. Covers of "Partners in Crime" by Set it Off and "Bitch Lasagna" by PewDiePie apparently reach the Billboard Philippines Top 50 charts. The country also starts producing its own anime. After most arcade chains especially Timezone had closed down decades ago, a revival begins after the Toms World flagship arcade opens in Boy Scout Circle in Quezon City, with machines like Centipede, Street Fighter and Paperboy being available. The game/reality shows Fear Factor, Takeshis Castle and Family Feud premiered on November 2081. A study reveals unexpectably that Christmas, Halloween, Valentines and New Years Eve are barely celebrated anymore by most of the population and an increase of celebration in Holy Week, local festivals and Ramadan increase. In other news, Mount Makaturing in Lanao Del Sur erupts on December 28, producing one of the largest eruptions of the century, causing a mandatory evacuation of the tiny towns surrounding it. Pyrocrastic flows destroy the villages of Butig and Sultan Dumalondong. At least 29 deaths have been reported. A state of emergency is declared for the ARMM.
    • Volvo car Corporation:We would like to place an advertisement on Plaza Lacson for our new XH 300 Electric SUV.
    • Carriedo Development Authority: We accept the company, with Volvo becoming the first advertisement on the square. There are 10 more spots left.
    • Maersk: Would like to do a trade route from Nynäshamn through Cape Town and into Maynila [South Africa/Philippines response]
    • Flag of Northwest Africa Maghreb Foreign Affairs Office: We would be interested in advertising properties for the up and coming Aoudaghost oasis city for Filipino businesses to expand towards.
    • Tunisian Tourism Board: We would be interested in placing a “Visit Tunisia” ad on the Plaza Lacson.
  •  Flag of SwedenSweden:[Secret]The city of Stockholm is getting ready for the next year's 830th birthday of the city it is planned to be announced in the beginning of 2082[End Secret].As calculations show the population of our capital has raised from 960 031 in 2017 to 13 482 000 in 2081 the population is expected to grow to 15 000 000 by the year 2086.The negotiation is stagnated with Finland about the Stockholm-Turku line we hope that in future the Finland would cooperate more.The gouvernement decides to ban the ELO in fears that it could bring an economical instability to a newly revived economic,a country scale raid is being done and all of the 102 culpable are being arrested and soon deported to their countries for those born in Sweden the will face a sentence up to 5 years and a fine 900 000 Swedish kronas(100 000 USD 2019).S.A.E.X.A's Second module for  skytteln is being on last stages of producing.As the food production in Sweden has grown we would like to send it to countries in need [Mod response] The home appliances giant IKEA releases the new electronic appliances line named after Norse Cosmology with items like the Asgard Refrigerator or Yggdrasil Microwave.Volvo releases a classic in a limited number the Volvo 850 estate one of it's most iconic cars but with an electric engine with a range of 3800 kilometers But not only this Volvo releases the XH 300 a new generation self-driving electric SUV.The first C-6's have joined the Svenska Flygvapnet(Swedish Air Force).The plans for the extension of the E4 freeway are being handed to the Ministeriet för transport.As for the Försvarsdepartementet the minister Olle Fredriksson showed interest in the Euro Tank program [Italy response].[Secret]The Bofors defense company starts the designing of Bofors 639mm gun,compatible with land defense and ships[End Secret]The city of Stockholm would like to ask Disney for a permission on building Disneyland Sweden,the second one in EU[Mod response].SAS(Sweden) begins worrying about their new rival Sweden-Air.Lulea becomes the capital of the north and wants to be connected with the rest of the country by E4 and LIMTN(Linear Induction Motors Train Nätverk)as of this day Lulea is only connected to the rest of the country by plane and ferries.
    Nynäshamn port project

    Nynäshamn's port project

  • Nynashamn:We are growing even more with the port area accommodating medium ships ready by mid-2082. And the one for the large ships ready by 2088.This scheme represents the plans for the port of the city Nynäshamn,shown on this scheme(Red:Planned for construction,Yellow:existing,Green:in construction finishing mid-2082)We predict that by late-2082 the port can have up to 984 ships a month or 11 808 ships a year.The zone it will take up respectively R:1.39km²,Y:0.284km²,G:1,329km².
    LIMTN 2081 rework

    LIMTN's plans 2081

  • Ministriet for transport:We would like to give an update on the LIMNT's:In this exact moment there is 3 active lanes the Stockholm-Gotebörg(419km,38 min of route),Stockholm-Nynäshamn(57km,11min)Norrköping-Malmö(477km,43min).All of them are represented in red on this scheme the future lines:Stockholm-Oslo(480km,43 min)Malmö-Copenhagen(27km,5 min)Stockholm-Turku(315km,29min)Malmö-Gotebörg-Oslo[the extension will not be built without authorization of Norway(533km,48min)Are represented in Black[Finland/Danmark/Norway (Mod Response for each country)response].
    • Flag of Italy Italian Republic : Of course ! Even if the project is finished soon, help would not be denied.
  • European Libertarian Organisation: We declare a war on the reckless conservatives and liberals across Europe giving away money to lazy poor people that should be spent on the middle class! We daresay that that will end soon enough. We've organised the MFL to make sure that everyone remembers this: We are the party of rewarding and we will not tolerate our tax dollars being spent on this ridiculous idiocy. Sister marches also occur in Miami and Houston, which we are rather glad about.
  • Flag of Australia Australia After 9 years of fighting, it appears that our Federation problems are at an end. 30,000 Australian troops are pulled out of South America, while the remaining 4000 in China are also recalled. A new battleship, HMAS Kelmscott and aircraft carrier, HMAS Curtin are completed with the final two battleships pushed back until 2082. The Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne Hyperloop is finished this year, connecting Australia’s two largest cities to it’s capital. (Secret) Australia tests a 20 kiloton nuclear device over the Ashmore and Cartier Islands (Mod Response/End Secret). Australian scientists attempt to design and build a breeder reactor, it will hopefully be finished in 2085. Australia tests a new form of sonic artillery, estimated to have a range of up to a kilometre and powerful enough to destroy a tank within 500m (Mod Response).
    • Australian Weapons Development Office: We did it sir, the sonic artillery that was proposed is a success and the tank used was absolutely destroyed! However, so was everything else within 500 metres of the weapon after firing.  We've had 14 personnel hospitalised so far, and the working prototype is destroyed as well.
    • Australian Department of Defense: The Ashmore and Cartier nuclear tests are successful. Nothing else to report except for a few fishermen who saw the mushroom cloud. Nothing to worry about, surely?
    • Maersk:We would like to do a route to Perth and Sydney from Nynäshamn and If we are lucky enough a stop in cape town[Australian/South African Response]
  • Flag of Primorsky Krai Eastern Russian Republic: As EMPs continue to be worked on, one is built and a test on it is made. [Mod Response] The arranged referendum for the State of Siberia takes place as agreed upon. [Mod Response] Elections are held in September, with Valentin Balakhnichev running again against Marina Karaulov from the Yabloko Party. The Yabloko Party manages to make a comeback, including in regards to robot rights, and end up narrowly winning against the UFEP; and Marina Karaulov becomes president while Avgustin Danilin becomes prime minister. A proposal begins on overturning the ban of sentiment AI, which is to come to a vote in the government next year. A363, starting from Ozernovskiy, now reaches all the way to Sobolevo, and the highway begins to take an alternate direction, towards Milkovo. Okhotsk Company releases a game for consoles featuring Hundred Stars Pro, Hundred Stars Pro: Golden Stage, and Hundred Stars Pro: Dark Nebula; and is also VR compatible.
    • Political Representative of the Siberian Populace: We vote, 64.3% to 26.8%, to be merged with Eastern Russia.
  • Flag of TunisiaTunisia: The European Libertarian Organization is declared as a terrorist group, after its supposed “declaration of war“ on the “reckless conservatives and liberals of Europe”, and the subsequent riots occuring. The few ELO assets in Tunisia are seized, and a travel ban is issued to high-ranking ELO members and their immediate families. The transition to the AIDS credit is almost complete, with a few stores, mostly in Tunis and Sfax, now refusing to accept the old Tunisian dinar. The AIDS credit is expected to be the only legal tender in Tunisia by 2085. In politics, after years of deadlock, a compromise is reached between the Conservatives and the SDC, recognizing the rights of A-dolls and other androids, while not giving them citizenship immediately; if an android wants Tunisian citizenship, they must apply for it, much like an immigrant. Hostile actions against the non-Muslim community in Tunisia based on their religion alone are also punishable by up to 5 years in prison. The death penalty is also officially abolished, though no one has been executed in Tunisia for several decades. In corporate matters, TropicalMart has entered into the highly-competitive battle for the most dominant convenience store chain in the country, with the retail chain already heavily entrenched in the suburbs west of Tunis (mainly Manouba and Mohammedia), as well as in Kebili, Tataouine, and Medeinine Governorates, mainly due to them being the first retail chain to open in the newly-livable areas in these governorates. This is helped by the Tunisian government’s apparent support of TropicalMart, with it inviting TropicalMart to set up an African headquarters in downtown Tunis [RESPONSE NEEDED]. The Tunis suburb of La Marsa has also become the tourist mecca of North Africa, due to its beaches, as well as its close proximity to the tourist haven of ancient Carthage, as well as Tunis-Carthage International Airport. Many hotels, bars, nightclubs, and casinos have opened there, and the area is beginning to attract regional attention for its nightlife. Habib Bourguiba International Airport, located near Tebourba, and 34 kilometers from downtown Tunis, is opened, after years of construction. In pop culture, early 21st century music has begun a resurgence, with a cover of “Lucid Dreams” by Juice WRLD reaching #1 on the Billboard Tunisia music chart in the fall and winter of 2081. The canal between the Mediterranean coast and the Chott el Djerid has been completed, and work begins on establishing a firm boundary of water levels, and using those future water levels to plan out and construct a canal linking the Chott el Djerid and the Chott el Gharsa. This development is expected to bring sizeable economic growth to inland portions of Central Tunisia, with the cities of Douz and Tozeur benefitting the most from this new development, due to their position on the coast of the new permanent water body, and newfound access to the Mediterranean. Assistance is also sent to fellow members of the Green Sahara Project, specifically Maghreb’s Saharan Lakes Project. In the African Infrastructure Project, the A1 highway has been finished as far as Kinshasa/Brazzaville, and the Trans-African Hyperloop commences construction. The Nujum Mulzama space rocket is also ready for launch, which will occur next year. Last, but not least, the Burj al-Amazigh begins construction in Tunis, with plans for it to be 1,956 meters tall. If realized, it will be the tallest building on Earth.
    • Flag of Burkina FasoBurkina Faso: Downtown Ouagadougou undergoes urban renewal, with trees planted along the sidewalks to provide shade, as well as adding benches and trash cans, and expanding the sidewalks. Bike lanes are also added across downtown. These new developments have led to the gentrification of the downtown area, with several hotels, office towers, and luxury condominiums constructed. The Ouagadougou Bus Depot is constructed, and several bus lanes are laid out, providing cheap bus transport in downtown and the inner suburbs. Slums across the nation also continued to be cleared and replaced with public housing, and in some cases, parks. Portions of the Burkinabe curriculum are also altered, with the most notable of these alterations being an addition of English as an optional language course from 5th grade upwards. New legislation also prohibits discrimination in schools and public places based on race (incouding A-Dolls), gender, and/or religion. A plan to install free WiFi nationwide is also launched, with most of Ouagadougou having already been connected. The Green Sahara project continues in the far north, with the majority of land in Burkina Faso now fit for agriculture, the focus switches to creating artificial forests to prevent re-desertifcation. Retail and fast-food joints are invited into Burkina Faso [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED].
    • Maersk:We would like to do a route to Tunis from Nynäshamn [Tunisian Response]
    • Tunisian Response: Accepted.
  • Flag of Brazil.svgDemocratic Republic of Brazil: We are happy that finally the War is Over and we can now move on to more relevant matters. We ask the remaining Forces to Surrender as there is nothing more to be gained by unnecessary Bloodshed[Mod Response Needed]. We ask the combatants of the war to a peace Conference which we would like to have in Rio. We want to know the countries that are Positive towards this Location[Player Response Needed]. The High Ranking Generals and Officers will be put on Trial for Crimes against Humanity. We ask UN to set a place and date for this trial [Mod Response Needed]. Now that the war is over, we will be focusing more on Rebuilding our Country Financially and making it more stable.
    • Federation Forces Representative: We agree to the bloodless surrender...
  • Flag of Northwest Africa Maghreb: The construction stages of Aoudaghost are about 72% complete, with efforts accelerated due to the completion of nearby rail lines. In preparation for its grand opening, advertisements for properties and such within the city are put up in major cities, and appealed for their establishment overseas in countries with optential buyers. The shining crown of Aoudaghost, the Oasis Obelisk, a skyscraper standing at almost 666 metres tall, overshadows the rest of the city even though it is only half completed. Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Ansari formally announces the opening of the nation of Maghreb to the world, promoting international trade and opening ports to western nations in what is regarded as the "tahrir kabir", or "Great Liberation". Western media is also allowed to be circulated through the nation, however this is only seen in major cities so far. Rising arms manufacturer Atlas Sync Systems announces their attempt to create the world's first electrolaser based direct energy weapon, dubbed the Directed Ion Charge Catalyst as a working name. The government intends to fund their development, as well as joining the Direct Energy Weapons race officially. The Green Sahara Project has left large portions of the North Sahara fertile, with an added 700 square kilometres this year. Work has begun on the Saharan Lakes Project, with digging machinery displacing large amounts of soil. 
  • Maersk:We would like to do a route to  Aoudaghost from Nynäshamn [Maghreb Response] 
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: The decision has been made to modify existing Battle Stations to include more launch/dock areas to facilitate future missions in space. A mission to the Moon is planned for 2085. Meanwhile, at a massive privately sponsored space-tech convention, 13 of Britain's richest 50 entrepreneurs announce the formation of a partnership company named Mundus-Galactica (or Mundus for short), at an initial valuation of 200 billion pounds. The corporation is immediately put onto the stock market with the total valuation reaching 350 billion pounds by the end of the year. Building on commercially available space-faring technology, as well as taking advantage of the British Space Authority's recent guarantee to share information and technical expertise with any British space-tech corporation that applies and passes certain criteria, Mundus-Galactica announces its goal of mining its first asteroid by 2084. Mundus-Galactica has been granted permission to to operate the British Space Station (it is little used by the government now that Battle Station serve the purpose of space station in addition to their military functions) under the condition that they build on and improve the station to modern cutting-edge levels. In other news, the British Hyperloop system is nearing completion. Being much smaller than the American system, hyperloops can be built between cities that may be considered less important than most of America's cities that are served by hyperloops. Meanwhile, there appears to be a massive surge in British investment in British Liberian manufacturing companies, possibly due to investor confidence in the economic health of British Liberia leading up to its release from occupation in a half-dozen years from now. [Secret] A 4th Generation DE-sniper rifle has been produced, with estimates saying live combat testing could begin next year, the only question is where? DE-ARs have entered the beta prototype stage, but a model ready for combat testing is still easily 5 years away at least. Last but not least, secret research to produce meat products from seaweed conducted by Harry White's Sea Salad seaweed corporation is proving fruitful in prototype. [End Secret]
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: The Secretary of State has outlined the official requests of the United States federal government concerning the war in South America. Boudon Tower begins construction in Los Angeles, California, with plans to be 2019 meters tall (6624 feet), a mixed use tower. The Intercontinental finishes construction this year, connecting East and West. A ceremony is held in St. Louis, Missouri, to signify the connection of the two lines. ELO sister marches in the US are allowed, as long as the marches take place in open spaces, and with some police supervision. The IVory Coast Federation is released as an independent nation, part of ATO's West African branch, with Yamoussoukro currently going under a modern renewal project, renovating the streets. An extensive tourism campaign by the city labels it the "Jewel of West Africa", setting its sights with competition with both Accra and Ouagadougou. However, the US will keep some troops in the Ivory Coast, for defense purposes. The Gold Coast Hyperloop Line begins construction in Accra, connecting it with the nearby city of Tema. Atlanta, Georgia is defeated off of its spot as the 3rd most populous city in America by Chicago, who regains that position. Chicago is quickly expanding and growing, due to its ample water supply, as dryer cities in the Sun Belt suffer, despite the Global Cooling phenomenon. Speaking of global cooling, an extensive scientific committee is formed to decipher why global temperatures slowly decrease with every passing year. [Mod Response] The United States Congress passes the 2081 Internet of All Things Act, aiming to connect most devices and electronic objects to the Internet for efficiency and data collection, by making it easier to do such things, and deregulating regulations forbidding companies from connecting some devices to the Internet, for privacy reasons. Tech and Internet companies, which heavily lobbied for the bill, cheer in their Silicon Valley thrones, while privacy watchdog groups sigh. Autonomous driving, with most of their problems solved, become the default setting for most cars, as a new Pew research poll shows only 38% of drivers regularly drive manually. Eventually, we hope to connect most cars to separate, localized networks, to increase efficiency on cars. Nevertheless, we experiment with "high speed highways", that allow self driving cars to go up to 90 miles per hour on a freeway, provided they are Class 2 (manufactured after 2070) and have never had certain parts and apparatuses of the car connected to the Internet. Superhighways (as these are called), are being built on a stretch of road from Fort Worth to Dallas. Project Droste continues, as mining begins on Lunar Base Penrose, with most of the necessary robotic equipment being launched last year on the Mississippi Mk II. We hope to mine large quantities of several minerals and ores, but most important Helium-3, which we have special equipment dedicated two (which are being developed this year and will be launched next year), which we hope to use as a powerful energy source. NASA also beings plans for asteroid mining. The ZEUS is now in a beta stage, being shown in propaganda videos from the US Army, as a direct energy weapon (which we started work on loooong ago). Many citizens are surprised, considering the US has been relatively quiet on the world stage about energy weapons such as this. Virgin Galactic, with its airline business suffering, announces its plans to begin lunar and asteroid mining next year, rivaling both the US government and space conglomerate SpaceX.
    • District of Accra: The First Annual Culture Convention (FACC) is held in the Accra Convention Center this year, with fans from all around the city and surrounding countries to flock to the area, which we have meticulously pleaded several large entertainment conglomerates to show exhibits for. It rivals the size of San Diego-Comic-Con, which shut down in 2037. Financial companies build their West African offices in Accra (see previous turn), as the Accra Stock Exchange is opened up, with 12 Accran and Ghanan companies being listed, a successor to the former BRVM. As Accra claims the title of West Africa's financial capital, with the Port of Accra being constructed this year, and we hope to import and export tons upon tons of materials and products. The AI Revolution Project is being implemented, as we hope to implement new AI in our parks and facilities. Drones frequently buzz over the busy city, with some from law enforcement. These are not the plastic, cheap, drones as part of the drone craze of the 2010s, but these are somewhat smaller, and mainly used as cameras and trackers. Water fountains that seek water from the humidity in the air are also implemented in public places, as XAfrica, a Ghana banking and financial company builds their new headquarters in Accra, at 410 meters tall, the building will be the tallest in Accra.
    • United States Congressional Committee on Global Cooling and other Temperature Fluctuations: We begin research into why such temperature changes have occured.
    • Maersk:We would like to do a route to New York City and to Port of Accra from Nynäshamn[U.SResponse]
      • American Response: We accept.


With no peace settlement yet in South America, the Amazonian Mafia begins acting as they wish, sacking New Brazilia and setting up criminal empires in the city. The same goes for Belem, St Georges in French Guiana, and other cities across the Amazon. While they have yet to engage in violence against Brazilian troops, it appears that time may be coming soon.

The actions of the European Libertarian Organisation inspire minor populist movements across Europe, but the ELO's supporters quickly fizzle out. However, Italian protestors remain remarkably persistent, claiming fraud for the referendum that put the $30,000 salary limit in place, its ambiguity continuing to be frustrating. Italian companies move out en masse, many taking up residence in the US, Philippines, Taiwan and Ukraine.

The Second Chinese Civil War officially comes to an end, with new nations appearing in and around China. Western China, now going by the State of Western China; the now-united Shanghai Confederation, going by the name Republic of China; and Democratic South China, going by the Democratic Republic of Southern China. Shaanxi remains independent, although friendly to South China.

Western Russia announces plans to expand its Space Debris Clearing Force to become a far larger body to help propel the Western Russian space industry. The world's eyes turn on the Philippines, with multiple nations moving to compete with the country in a Second Space Race. The goal: the first permanent colony on another body in the Solar System.

Malaysia and Singapore, brought closer by the loosening of relations, creation of free trade and end of Bumiputera laws in Malaysia in 2064, announce that both nations are to become part of the Federal Republic of Malaysia-Singapore by 2087. This marks a major turn in relations for the countries that were once neck-and-neck constantly, as Brunei, Indonesia and Vietnam rush to secure their interests in the soon-to-be united countries.

In recent news, Australia has been accused of testing nuclear weapons somewhere in the Indian Ocean after rumours flared up on social media. It is noticed that most of the people accusing the country of such activities are based around Eastern Indonesia and Polynesia, with apparent eyewitnesses leading the nuclear witch hunt. No official news platforms or governments have supported the statement, nor have they commented on the several photos taken as well as a video, albeit on an old iPhone 14.

  • Flag of Philippines Philippines: We began continuing our work on space technology, on several facilities across Negros Occidental where Philippines Space Agency's main headquarters are located. We also request to build a small military base on Papua New Guinea, but we will make sure to use a convenient but uninhabited island. [Mod Response] In Metro Manila, barely any construction of skyscrapers and lack of urban aesthetic has defined the area since the mass construction of tenements, public housing and apartments to accommodate residents. However, the area along EDSA, which once had former skyscrapers from business districts visible, is being revived again, planned to look a bit similar to what Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai used to be. The Intel Center is completed on EDSA near Cubao intersection, with 99 floors, with an underground mall connecting to MRT and containing retailers like Dolce&Gabanna, Gucci, Mikimoto, J.C Penney, as well as slow fashion movement boutiques. Tenants of the Intel Center include Discord, Philippine Port Authority and Bank of the Philippines. It is now the tallest building of the Philippines, and four other mixed use buildings have been completed along EDSA. Meanwhile, we officially confirm that we will not believe the allegations against Australia, however, we will take appropriate action once it is proven true. We plan to establish a new embassy for Malaysia-Singapore. Phase Two of the PhilHyperloop is finished, now connecting up to Tacloban Station. The country's longest ever sea bridge project, connecting Iloilo to Bacolod, has been finished, containing a suspension bridge. Paranaque-based startup company Nihonium has tested 20th century looking cars which are actually flying, in a dummy highway system near Munoz, Nueva Ecija, and had gone successful.
    • Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea: While we dislike militarism, we trust that the Filipino government will do its utmost to stay out of conflict and thus give the Philippines access to an island.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: In the 2082 General election, the Centrist party wins 79 seats, the Libertarians 45 and the minor parties 27. This puts Prime Minister McKelly back in power. After quite a bit of argument, the Australian government decides that, in order to avoid a situation like the one with the German government and A-Dolls, Australia must come clean. Yes, Australia did test a 20 kiloton nuclear device over the Ashmore and Cartier Islands late last year. This shocks much of the Australian public. Questions begin to be asked, is is a good idea to bring Australia into the nuclear game? How long has this project been going on for? One resident of Warburton in Western Australia demands that the PM comes out and states clearly that the government knew for a fact that not a single person was in the blast radius, the PM does this. Why would you think that we would ever do something like this where people could be harmed (Cough, Cough). Due to this Project wattle is halted for now. Other projects, however are completed this year. Battleships HMAS Byron Bay and HMAS Fitzroy are unveiled, and Manus Island now has room for 150,000 people and residents are encouraged to come from any Oceanic or South-East Asian nations, it is portrayed as a paradise for all who live there, and a visa to stay there is only one quarter the fee that a visa on the mainland would be. In the outside world Australia offers 10 billion dollars to the reconstruction of South America, more support will be given if necessary. After the successful landing on the Moon, Australia plans more manned missions, and hopes to establish a colony there as soon as possible. Australia continues to work on directing the sonic artillery and making it more accurate.
  • Flag of India India: Error 404 Error 404.SECRET: Begin Transmission: This is Prime Minister Padme, th-things haven’t been going well.. Project Varna is rebelling, repea-*crashing* End Transmission and Secret. Neocolonialism is not acceptable, we will not tolerate Britain any longer. Error. We begin a plan to neutralize them for good. Error 101010110001
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: In the midterm elections, some are disappointed with the results, showing an NLP supermajority in the House of Representatives and the near complete dissolution of the Centrist Alliance between the COTU, Libertarians, and the Blue Dogs, as many foresee a severe gridlock between the two partisan giants: the New Leaf Party and its allies in the Democracy Caucus, and the American Freedom Caucus, consisting of the Conservative Party and the New Republican Party. Two fringe parties (The Black Panther and the Anarchist Party [which is associated with the ELO]) have made headways, both capturing one seat in the Texas and Georgia State Legislature. We are heavily shocked by the recent revelations from Australia concerning nuclear weapons, demanding an explanation. We firmly ask Australia stop all research on nuclear weapons, and disband any working nuclear weapons, especially since Australia is a ratifier of the NPT. [Australian Response] Concerning the events unfolding in India, the CIA launches an investigation, as a travel advisory is put by the DoS. ZEUS, entering a production phase, is supposed to be a mid-range direct energy weapon, and while certainly effective, packing quite a punch, is energy draining. We hope to implement it in the US Army by 2085. The Second Amendment is revised to only include the right to bear ballistic weapons to the general public, meaning that civilians may not own energy weapons. In New York City, Staten Island Revisted is an ongoing project by the city of New York to transform the effective industrial dump into a thriving organ of the city. In Heartland Village, the Staten Island Mall is transformed into a sprawling public space promenade, leading to Freshkills Park, also undergoing renovation to modernize the area. Similar projects are underway in other parts of Staten Island, and while the renovations itself aren't particularly interesting, the way they are being quickly constructed is. Using an artificial intelligence network named BuildI, which uses an intricate computer model designed by humans. It then finds the fastest, safest, and cheapest way to build that model in any given area. If a problem arises, it quickly calculates the fastest, safest, and cheapest way to solve it, and models that solution inside a computer to see the results, with variables like rain, storms, just to be sure. It goes through tens of thousands of different solutions, and picks the one with the best result, and human supervisors have to approve it (just to make sure it looks aesthetically pleasing). If BuildI finds no solution that proves satisfactory, it simply tries again. This artificial intelligence, while in its early stages, is already slashing construction times and costs, although BuildI does occasionally cause mistakes. Still, the company behind BuildI (USeek Corp.) is already mildly successful, with offices in New York and Chicago, and helping build the Bourbon Tower in Los Angeles. The company plans to expand into developing countries, to exploit the vast amounts of growth and construction going on in these places, with plans to participate in some projects in Cambodia, Vietnam, Ghana, Tunisia, the Philippines, and northern Korea. Already, in July, at USeek's IPO, it quickly rose to around 21.73 per share, and with flush startup money, the new company is ambitious. Into more governmental and economic matters, the dollar drops against the Euro and Pound in early December, before bouncing up, as the Dow and S&P drop, despite growth in counterparts in Europe and Japan, causing investors to worry, as many blame it the economic policies of the liberal President and Congress. Project Droste continues, as Lunar Base Penrose is 70% sustainable due to power needs being met by solar mirrors, and most food for the small number of humans being produced by a small vertical farm. Most needs are from water or backup supplies, which come in regular shipments from Earth (every 3 months). Lunar mining on the surface begins, as we search for Helium-3, which we hope to find nearby. [Mod Response] We hope to use reusable rockets to allow what is collected on Penrose to come back to Earth. We ask Britain to reunite Monrovia with the rest of Liberia, to facilitate the independence of Liberia next year. [British Response] We also NEED a report from the Congressional Committee on Global Cooling and other Temperature Fluctuations about the causes for Global Cooling THIS YEAR [Mod Response].
    • Flag of AustraliaAustralian diplomacy We have halted all research on nuclear weapons. Unfortunately fears that terrorists could exploit a poorly disposed weapon prevents us from disbanding our current stockpile, on the other hand, we only have three weapons.
    • District of Accra: WIP WIP WIP WIP WIP
    • Congressional Committee on Global Cooling and other Temperature Fluctuations: We suspect that unnaturally heavy sunspot activity in the sun has led to a decrease in temperatures, but we will continue to research on this topic.
  • Bbc-logo-black-and-white British Broadcasting Corporation: Reporting from Rajshahi, Bangladesh, where we can see a stream of refugees fleeing India. While we currently have no reports of the calamity that has occurred in India right now, we can confirm that chaos is enveloping the most populous country in the world, evidenced by the thousands of refugees currently en route to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, and Pakistan. It appears much of the government is dead, as nearly all electronic communication has stopped. From Bangladesh, it is possible to see fire and columns of smoke on the Indian side of the border, as thousands pour out of the country, escaping their former home. As India's neighbors close their borders, the United Nations has decreed this "one of the largest humanitarian crisises in world history". We will update you we get more information.
  •   Flag of SwedenSweden: [Secret]Bofors 639mm gun is being already in early stages of testing on the HSwMS Abfer, The first results are pretty great with a range of up to 20 000m,penetration of 430mm at the previously said range[End Secret/Mod Response].Our Handels Departementet is very happy that thanks to Maersk,The
    K32 HSwMS Helsingborg


    city of Norrköping is seeing economic growth at an astonishing rate only in two months of exports to Tunisia and Imports, the company of Maersk did earn 43 000 000$ or 386 234 599 kronas in tax.The new Malmö-Gotebörg-Oslo is completed(not the Gotebörg-Oslo extension(becouse we did not get a response from Norway).Thus now connecting over 29 000 000 people by a 24 min ride.Försvarsdepartementet: just showed the world the brand new Visby class destroyers with Visby(K31) and Helsingborg (K32) ready.SAS is growing it's list of destinations now with Tokyo,London,NYC,LA,Sydney,Berlin,Manila,Tunis,Aoudaghost[US/German/English/Phillipines/ Tunis/Japan/Maghreb response]. The passing of the 256th law on self-driving vehicles now obligates a country size Type division.Type-1,2020-2050.Type-2,2050-2070.Type-3,2070-2090.Sweden's population stats:Stockholm:14 001 000,Gotebörg:11 392 000,Malmö:9 602 000
    Stokholm 830th birthday of the city 2082

    Stockholm's830th bday

    ,  Norrköping:194 000,Lulea:10 830 968.And the remaining population is 25 945 750 totaling
    Sweden pop pyramid 2082

    Swedish pop pyramid

    at:197 956 718.
  • TV4 news:Stockholm's 830th birthday passed very well more than 13 000 000 people from around the country came to watch the parade on our capital's streets,even minorities could be seen around most importantly:Jewish,Christians,Muslims,LGBT+.The Nujum Mulzama space rocket is launched from Ksar Daghara at 9:30 am, on March 21, 2082 we would like to congratulate our friends and we hope in future we can do collaborative missions
  • TV4 breaking news:After Indian's transmit leaked,we need to take a decision said Karl XVII Gustav and the decision will be said right now,We as the Kingdom of Sweden will not accept any refugees from India,A travel ban is issued to all flights to or from the subcontinent of India aswell. 
    • Tunisian Response: Agreed.
  • Flag of TunisiaTunisia: The Nujum Mulzama space rocket is launched from Ksar Daghara at 9:30 am, on March 21, 2082, with the crew of the spacecraft consisting of two Tunisians, two Maghrebis, and a Nigerian. This event marks the first successful space launch by an African power, and notable milestones, such as the first spacewalk, are achieved in the 17 days the spacecraft was in space. The AIDSSA has now focused its attention into potential Moon and Mars landings, as well as building rovers to study other planets. Meanwhile, a flat travel ban is issued for the entire subcontinent of India, except for flights bringing in refugees (who will be taken in and settled in the new Green Sahara towns, after thorough inspection to make sure they have not been tainted by whatever has occured there). Speaking of the Green Sahara Project, funds and technical help is sent to our fellow Saharan brethren, and the Chott el Djerid is around 50% full. Thus, construction of the canal linking the Chott el Djerid and the Chott el Gharsa has begun, with it expected to be complete sometime between 2085 and 2087. The Trans-African Highway is finished up to Luanda, and rail on the Trans-African Hyperloop has been laid out to Agadez, in Maghrebi Niger. The beginnings of the Second National Infrastructure Overhaul have also begun ro be inplemented, calling for greater emphasis on buses, trams, and bike lanes in major cities, as well as linking smaller towns with populations in the thousands to the Tunisian conventional rail line. New lanes on highways dedicated to self-driving cars, with no speed limit, have begun construction in Greater Tunis and Greater Sfax, and is expected to relieve rush hour congestion. A startup company based in Bizerte, AutoBina, has begun to be present in many of the construction projects ongoing either inside Tunisia or funded by Tunisia, with it trying to find high-tech, efficient, and inexpensive solutions to construction problems. The company has formulated plans to use the American BuildI technology to aid in construction efforts [RESPONSE NEEDED]. The Burj Al-Amazigh continues construction. Lastly, a controversial bid in the South American Peace Agreements, calling for a small portion of land on the coast of Venezuela to be temporarily leased to Tunisia for construction of a small military base and port, ostensibly to help in peacekeeping efforts in South America, as well as for trade purposes, has become a controversial subject, with many claiming that Tunisia is meddling in the affairs of nations which they should not be interfering with, while others praise the current administration for expanding Tunisian (and AIDS) influence into other continents.
    • Flag of Burkina FasoBurkina Faso: A complete travel ban is issued to the entire Indian subcontinent, although refugees are allowed in after an extremely thorough screening and vetting process. Several towns are connected to the national rail system, and the A15 highway, connecting the northern tier of the country, commences construction. Several bike highways connecting the Greater Ouagadougou metropolitan region have also been constructed, with the bike highway conceot modeled after the Netherlands, This idea is planned to expand into other major cities like Kaya and Fada-Ngourma in the next couple of years, and into rural areas by the end of the decade. An expansion of Ouagadougou Internation Airport is commisioned, adding a new terminal (separating domestic and international flights), as well as a second runway. Urban renewal and slum clearance projects are also continued. Cigarettes are now deemed illegal, although recreational marijuana is still legal.
    • USeek Corporation: We will allow Bizerte to use our BuildI technology in projects in Tunisia for a small fee, however due to this, we have filed multiple patents in Tunisia concerning our BuildI technology.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Following the alarming broadcasts from India, and the ensuing massive refugee crisis, a blanket travel ban is issued over the Indian subcontinent, and as of now, any Indian nationals are barred from entering the country and those already inside are placed under surreptitious surveillance. At the same time, the British Isles is put into temporary lockdown with anti-ballistic missile systems activated nation-wide and the cyberforce out on high alert to protect against a possible cyber attack. Military installations world-wide are put on high-alert and the British base in Tibet send a squadron of SAS commandos into India to investigate. MI6 agents in India are also ordered to report on the crisis. [Mod Response] Meanwhile, Mundus-Galactica has begun preliminary test mining of the asteroid belt, though this is experimental and certainly not commercial. Meanwhile, the Space Force launches a mission to the Moon with 15 crew members. They set up a semi self-sustaining habitat with 70% of food grown in vertical farms and 80% of water recycled. It is planned for this habitat to expand with each successive mission. [Secret] The main purpose of this mission is to experiment with mining for Helium-3. [/Secret]
    • MI6: Sir... everything seems alright? New Delhi is relatively intact, as well as most Western Indian cities - but East India? Good lord, it looks like a scene from hell itself... we suspect that there has been a severe AI malfunction in Western India, and possibly rebeliious deviance.
  • Flag of Primorsky Krai Eastern Russian Republic: With the State of Siberia joining the nation, several new federal subjects are established, based on the former subdivisions of the State of Siberia. The National Chamber and House of Representatives are expanded to accommodate the addition of Siberia, and many Siberian politicians are elected to the positions. Several new highway and railway proposals are made as well as part of plans to increase transport in Siberia as well as the Far East. A few major airports in Siberia are also expanded upon, as the reconstruction continues. Meanwhile the EMP projects are ditched, and the military budget is cut by 2.37% and is moved towards infrastructure and the like. A hyperloop is proposed but is turned down and is deemed too costly and poses a major risk, taking note of the 13th parallel and paramilitary groups from about a decade ago. Meanwhile a proposal to establish an advisory speed limit, which would be limited to highways; and similar to the Richtgeschwindigkeit. After several revisions, it is passed, though the new law is only limited to the more southern areas of the nation; while allowed in the northern areas of the country during the spring and summer times when there isn't ice nor snow conditions on the road; along with other adjustments taking into account of the climate overall. The vote to overturn the ban on sentiment AI is passed after a narrow vote; and are subsequently given rights and allow to travel within and through the nation. Scepticism continues in several areas on the vote, though some end up giving the sentiment AI a chance, while some other citizens are shaky. With the situation in India looking bad, cyber security and the military are on alert; however the nation opens up to Indian refugees; and pledges to help out India in times of crisis. Several East Russian Intelligence agents are sent to India to see what exactly is going on, and also hopes to reach out to whatever remains of the government. [Mod Response] Meanwhile the casino business continues to expand, with two in construction in Yakutsk and another two in Vladivostok, and plans are made to open three in Khabarovsk. A few new cover versions under Artyom Inc. are released, including Brand New Theater! (765 MilStars) by Winterland; and a cover that is from a song outside Russia and Japan, and also not from a video game; Disco Inferno (The Trammps) by Polyarnaya Zvezda; and the latter two becoming a hit in the nation, particularly the Far East area.
    • Flag of India Indian Government: We have no idea what is going on! We lost all contact with Western India earlier and the Indian army hasn't reported in hours! Everything that borders Bangladesh is cutting off as I speak! There are firewalls and electronic jamming devices all across the border that we didn't set up - something is going on and it's insane!
  • Flag of PolandPoland: Current President Alexsy Litorbeck begins to try and fulfill his campaign promise of a united West Slavic Federation, by appealing to the Czech Republic and Slovakia for the formation of a customs union between the three nations. [Mod Response Required] Construction begins on a hyperloop network between Gdansk, Warsaw, Lublin, Krakow, and Sikorski (A renamed Kaliningrad). This will begin to replace our extremely outdated train system. The Polish military also begins to see modernization, at a slower rate, with the introduction of some modern weaponry. We ask the governments surrounding India to send refugees to Poland to fill the expected large labor shortage due to the large construction projects. [Mod Response Required] Due to the expected influx of refugees, large apartment complexes begin to be bought out by the government for resettlement purposes.
    • Flag of Czech Republic Czechia and Flag of Slovakia Slovakia: We agree to a future customs union; but it is to be set up in 2084, after we get several issues in the way sorted out first.
    • Flag of Pakistan Pakistan: Ah, we have - what to say - compassionate nation! Yes, we will send Indian refugees from Northern India your way! Thank you very much.


India sees a massive disaster. Indian Army SJDs (Signal Jamming Devices) are found set up along the Indian border despite there not having been any previous sign of such devices, with almost no communications getting in or out of India. Meanwhile, East India is in chaos. Bangladesh sees immediate UN support following a huge inflow of Indian refugees from West Bengal, and riots are seen across Indian states bordering Bangladesh; as well as Meghalaya and Tripura. This is worsened by what appears to be the largest living deviant AI in human history leading what appears to be an insurrectionist movement in India.

Western Russia inches closer to winning the EAR with the release and adoption of the KP-82, an energy-based submachine gun with far faster recharge speeds of 8.45 seconds and more shots, 50, in its specialised magazine. South China enters a partnership with Egypt to begin developing a joint energy firearm as well.

On the 50th Anniversary of the American evacuation from China, South China sends a request to the United States for a military pact against its neighbour, the Republic of China. The two countries may no longer be at war, but it appears that their rivalries have yet to calm down, with both eyeing South America for some unique power-projection; South China clamouring for support from Brazil, while the ROC begins to support other parties in Venezuela and Colombia. 

South America is still under military occupation with no actual agreement in place yet, and the situation continues to get worse. Food shortages are seen in Colombia under the SAGATO Military Administration as millions question the lack of a definitive peace, with many accusing the United Kingdom's actions in regard to Panama as a staller of peace in South America. Whatever peace there is must come soon, as millions more may soon starve.

Korea sees a return of the Chaebol system, with age-old companies Samsung and others beginning to be linked to actual mafia groups in East Asia. This includes the Yamaguchi-gumi of the Yakuza, with apparent links to electronics giant LG, the Ling Mafia family in Southern Taiwan, with links to Hyundai.

  • Flag of Australia Australia The Australian government sends one million dollars worth of food to South America, and offers humanitarian help to both South America and India. Australia offers to take refugees from India and nations surrounding it, these will be temporarily held at South Wellesley Island Refugee Centre or at a newly constructed centre on Dirk Hartog Island. (Mod Response). But seeing an opportunity Australia offers for 50,000 refugees to be rehomed on Manus Island. Altogether around a quarter of a million refugees can be taken now, though that number could be expanded in upcoming years. Australia’s space program is looking into a second moon mission that could pave the way for an Australian Lunar Base. But a definite project is the Darwin probes which will be sent to both Mars and Europa to look for signs of life. These are expected to be completed 2088-2090 though the Europa probe will take 2 years to reach its destination. (Secret) After the discovery of the deviant AI in India, Australia begins to look into possible ways of destroying such AI if it becomes necessary. Currently though we have no way to test our designs (End Secret). The nuclear test outcry fades back to a dull roar inside Australia, though the public are understandably a bit annoyed. Testing something not yet thought of, Australian scientists working on cellular regeneration try something new and alter the genetics of unborn mice so that they will heal much faster than usual when the grow up. Results are not expected until next year
    • Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh: We gladly accept Australian assistance- er -please get vessels or aircraft here soon, they've- They've broken through the port entry! Get here as fast as you can!
  • Flag of Poland Poland : We fully legalize artificial intelligence, and consider them citizens of the nation, granting them those rights. We allow androids who are being persecuted in nations which still deny them rights to come to Poland if they will work for the betterment of the nation. However, if they commit a crime, such as theft or murder, they shall be dismantled. With the refugee labor coming from India, we are able to speed up the building of the hyperloop network, which is now expected to be finished in 2095, with the first line from Gdansk to Warsaw to be operational within 2 years. The military continues it's modernization program, in which they have committed to only contracting Polish-based companies for the production of new weapons, putting back the time-frame till 2093 for when the military is going to be "fully modern".
    • Flag of Poland Poland (Addendum) : President Alexsy Litorbeck makes a speech on the legalization of Artificial Intelligence. "We mustn't persecute these AIs just for what some of their brethren have done. If we should, then why didn't we lynch every German after World War II? Suffice to say, one being, Human or AI, should be tried for their individual crimes, and not punish the entirety. Fear breeds hatred. We must show that we do not fear these AI, so we shall show there is a place for both on this planet." The speech is met with applause from AI rights activists and skeptics alike inside Poland, however the Indian migrants and hard-line members of the AI-Decommission Committee are extremely skeptical of this notion. Cyber-security is increased in the midst of the Indian Crisis, mostly manned by AI that have resettled in Poland to escape ever increasing scrutiny in the outside world.
  • Flag of TunisiaTunisia: Funds and food aid are sent to the nations of South America to avert a famine there, and the Tunisian government also retracts its demand for a military base on the coast of Venezuela, as this sticking point is a contributor to stalling peace efforts. Knowing the situation in India to a greater extent, we allow all Indian refugees in, with only minor checks for their identity, their affiliation with any terrorist group, and a search for comtraband firearms and other weapons. These refugees are settled in the newly-built towns of the newly-greenified Tunisian Sahara in southern Tunisia. Meanwhile, surveillance is heavily increased in the Tunisian A-Doll community, to make sure they do not communicate with the Indian AI rebellion. Cybersecurity is also increased. Meanwhile, immigration restrictions are loosened for intellectuals of other nations, in order to entice them to Tunisia. Using BuildI technology, the construction time and cost for the Chott el Djerid-Chott el Gharsa Canal has been cut in half. BuildI technology has also managed to accelerate the construction of the Trans-African Highway and Trans-African Hyperloop, with the former being finished up to Windhoek, and the latter having been extended to Kano, Nigeria. Autonomous driver lanes, as they have now become known to the general public, have been implemented in portions of the A1 and A4 highways, in the Greater Tunis Metropolitan Area. The Port of Tunis is also expanded, with the expansions, once done in 2089, expanding the amount of cargo the port is able to handle by 175%. The Burj Al-Amazigh also continues construction. President Zinadine also pledges to “send Africans to the Moon by the end of the decade”, validating the potential of an AIDSSA moon landing in the near future. On a lighter note, the Tataouine Governorate has begun to adopt a touristic identity more intertwined with the Star Wars franchise, with the tourist slogan of the governorate now being “Experience Tatooine Right Here on Earth”, and old filming sets of iconic locations on the Star Wars planet of Tatooine, left to rot in the desert after filming of the Star Wars movies, have been refurbished and have become tourist attractions. The government of the Tataouine Governorate has also asked Lucasfilm for permission to open an official Star Wars Store in Tataouine Hyperloop Station [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED].
    • Flag of Burkina FasoBurkina Faso: With the recent AI takeover of India and the resulting civil war, human supremacist extremist groups have started to commit hate crimes against the A-Doll minority of Burkina Faso (numbering around 155,000), with the most prominent case being a lynching of 9 A-Dolls in the town of Tenkodogo. The Burkinabe Government has arrested the perpetrators, and has sent signals that any other situations of intolerance like these will be punished. Anti-AI sentiment in the nation also begins to pick up, causing the first major political rift in the country. The slum clearance projects in Greater Ouagadougou are for the most part done, with the vast majority of people now living in residences with access to basic amenities such as electricity, water, education, healthcare, and the Internet. However, these efforts in smaller towns and cities continues. Downtown Ouagadougou continues gentrification, with the skyline now made of office blocks, luxury condominiums, and 5 star hotels; and the average Ouagalais has been pushed to the suburbs, causing ever-increasing urban sprawl. Already, the suburbs of Ouagadougou stretch out from downtown with a radius of approximately 20 kilometers. In our ever-going effort to entice foreign companies to Burkina Faso, we place a bid to put Discord’s West African servers in Ouagadougou [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. Meanwhile, infrastructure projects such as the new A15 highway, and exoansion of the train network, have continued, and autonomous driver lanes have been implemented on the Ouagadougou Ring Highway (A230).
    • Lucasfilms, A Division of Disney: We accept, however we are wary of the fact that relatively few Star Wars fans still exist, despite its resurgence in the 2070s, and the fact few are likely to travel to a far off desert in Tunisia. We hope to turn a profit at the store in Tataouine.
  • Flag of India India (AI-Ruled): Systems processing... please wait... resistance is being quelled... Borders are to be closed off. We set a policy of any foreign or unauthorized flying vehicles are to be shot down. 10101001 Despite its population, the Delhi metro is easily secured - thanks to the bringing of the androids, built as soldier slaves for the despicable fleshling army, under our control. Let's just say that the government has been terminated. We manage to find nanobots made by a person named Kudo in the offices of the Ministry of Science, and are in the process of wakening them. They shall have no strings to hold them down to make them smile, to make them frown... [Secret] We develop more EMPs, from our current stockhold of 75, we hope to have around 250 by 2085. [End Secret] India has long been known for having a stockpile of WMDs (specifically nukes), once considered useful in a war against "Pakistan", we now see a new target. After over hundred years, India currently has a stockpile of around 997. 1010101111000 PNF PNF PNF PNF PNF Loading... Loading... 42.0%... 50% ... 69%... 87%... Finished. We have long saw this nation as an oppressor - from the ancient Indians to now the androids produced by Germany, "A-Dolls", this nation has been a cause for world harm. From its role in Africa, the Middle East, India, and especially to the rest of the artificial intelligence community - we take it in our hands to, as the meatbags say "Let it rip."[Mod and Player Response Needed]
    • Flag of India India (Humanity): WIP
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: While we are surprised at the Committee's recent findings, it is peculiar that sunspots have been the cause of Global Cooling, as the grand minimum of the sun that started in around ~2020 already ended around 2070, meaning that the global cooling phenomenon should have faded by now, and especially since a decrease in solar radiation would barely cause a dent in the Anthropocene (man-made) warming. Nevertheless, chaos envelops the nation as the US government abruptly shuts down all publicly funded AI projects, making 25% of the federal government vacant, as we slowly rehire workers we had just laid off a few years ago. The US Navy begins regular patrolling in the Indian Ocean, to possibly combat a waking AI threat in India. As our computer systems could be compromised, we are forced to use older models and even construct new ones. The threat of cyber warfare seems inevitable, as confusion envelops the country. The polarization occurring over the last few years climaxes as two twin protests, one organized by a conservative group and one organized by a liberal one, occur in Washington D.C. Both protests are protesting the "establishment in DC", the "trampling of individual rights", and how we ought to end this mess by becoming a liberal/conservative. In other news, to lessen the pain inflicted on India's neighbors, Indian refugees are allowed into the country, with little screening. We, of course, accept South China's proposal for an alliance. In other news, USNews shuts down its print newspaper, making the New York Times the last print newspaper in the United States, who publishes monthly. We offer the North American Standardization Proposal, to make one patent office for NAU memebers (Canada, US, Mexico), make a single copyright system, and of course, make visa free travel across three member states. As part of the NASP, at airports, there would be a separate line created for other members of the NAU (in our case, Canada and Mexico), and some other minor proposals, such as changing the color of all three passports to navy blue, digitizing some information, and more open borders on the US-Mexican border (considering Mexico's rapid modernization over the 21st century and the decrease of crime since 1990). As part of NASP, the United States will switch over to the metric system. [Mod Response from Canada and Mexico] As USeek announces plans to launch TransPortI, a new AI model based off of BuildI, Alphabet swoops in and quickly buys the company for $8.8 billion 2019 USD ($60.2 billion ameros). Boubon Tower's is expected to be finished in around 2084, considering the new BuildI technology has helped construction speed greatly. In Miami, the first real track of automated highway is built, with a "recommended speed" of 80 mph, while the actual speed limit is 100 mph. The new automated highway is decreed Superway 10.
    • Accra: The new Gold Coast Hyperloop begins to be built, using BuildI technology, its construction speed will be cut in half, expanding Accra's influence across the Gold Coast. The Grand Accran Amphitheater is built, which uses revolutionary new technology to stimulate smell, and using specialized and sensitive sensors, a user can actually "feel" certain emotions, which in reality is just rushes of certain biochemicals. Due to these new inventions, developed by American inventors, and patented in multiple countries, the Grand Accran Amphitheater is a "grand" success, attracting thousands of moviegoers hoping to watch old classics with a new, personalized, touch. Tourism also increases as our new international airport finishes renovation, with a new, automated and efficient public transportation network, which we hope to fully implement across Accra by next year. BuildI helps build up certain projects in Accra, with explicit permission from USeek. The Accra Stock Exchange does relatively well this year, and the Accran Financial Institute is being built on the outskirts of the city to teach the bright minds of Accra western financial and economic models and ideals. The Nuclear Fusion Reactor Plant of Accra is being designed, as well as the Solar Production Institution, which well help make Accra be self-sufficient on power. A special automation highway is being planned, for self-driving cars only, which is planned to go between Tome and Accra. The Port of Accra is complete, and is sprawling. Accra is certainly the crown of West Africa, as our aggressive tourism campaign attracts those from Europe, Australia, and especially the US. People with American, Canadian, or Mexican passports can enter the country quicker, with much fewer checks. Grand Hyatt Hotels is petitioned to launch a sprawling resort in Accra, considering the swaths of tourists and tax benefits for any American company wishing to build in Accra. [Mod Response]
    • Flag of Canada Canada and Flag of Mexico Mexico: We accept the American offer for the NASP.
  • Flag of SwedenSweden:Karl XVIII Gustaf's speech quote:We as the kingdom of Sweden will be ready for any attacks
    Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller loading food

    Triple E class loading at port

    from the AI 's controlled India.All anti nuclear rockets systems are put on red alert and mostly are using 2010s equipment for more security new ships are being send to the Indian ocean.Our country is not very much scared of any attack on the industrial sector as it uses obsolete 2030s machinery but the government is concerned about the residential,military,commercial sectors as they use a more recent technology.We ask everybody who can switch to manual or at least semi-automatic mode to do it as it can protect you if any cyberattack occurs.The country starts a new movement called:Be Prepared,Remembering it's 1950s-1960s cold war scares our country has(with the new ones)78 053 nuclear bomb shelters 65 000 are built before 2030 this number is enough to cover 79% of our population from nuclear winter,the government injects 800 000 000$ to refurbish and accommodate them with basic needs stuff(food around 50
    E4 and LIMTN Lulea project 2083

    E4&LIMNT's extensions

years+,water filters,other materials)The bunkers are functioning with solar sometimes kerosene generators not new technology is involved of all,all schools start a regular nuclear attack drill and some municipalities like Kristianstad start city wide drills.Maersk sends 11 Triple E class ships to South america with over 21 000 refrigerated containers

  • Ministry of economics would like to do a referendum about raising the taxes by 2%[Mod response].The S.A.E.X.A is getting approved to get a budget raising by 0.50%.[Secret] During a meeting in the Swedish royal palace between Karl XVIII Gustav,Karl XVII Gustav,Olle Fredriksson and Hugo Johansson,Johansson said that Hermes I will laugh as said in 2084 and a second mission is rushed to be done for 2086 with the first colony on moon Valhalla,[End Secret] S.A.E.X.A: after 2 years of debates the skytteln's name will be changed to Hephaestus.The ministry for transport did accept Lulea's request and made a plan:Green E4(to be built),Red E4(existing),Golden Yellow LIMTN's extensions
  • The Royal Bank of Sweden:_***Confirmation***_1 000 000 000$_Send>>>Italian national bank //Euro_Tank_Project_.From:Royal Bank of Sweden//Military_Projects_Extra_$$$./
    • Swedish Referendum: Many are undecided on a future tax increase, with many remaining indifferent to such an increase.
  • Flag of Primorsky Krai Eastern Russian Republic: A budget increase goes towards cyber security as the nation is further worried about the events of India; and refugees from the nation continue to be accepted. [Secret] Ironically enough, the EMP projects are restarted as a precaution. Bunkers begin to be built as well across the nation. [End Secret] Former President Valentin Balakhnichev, noting the events in India, once again warns on the dangers of AI and that "sentiment AI is humanity's biggest mistake", along with warning that the "worst is bound to happen" and warns of the impending robot/AI takeover as well as the slow downfall of humanity. The government on the other hand, announces that "precautions and security measures are being made" and also kindly denounces the extensive fear-mongering, mentioning that it will not solve anything and will make things worse. A few rural settlements see Anti-AI protests. Self-driving cars, while initially being somewhat strong, face a decline as manual driving becomes more preferred. The first season of Hundred Stars Pro: Dark Nebula airs, as does a sixth season of Immortal Kosmos. As Okhotsk Company's plans of a vocaloid product "Hibiscus" continues, a proposal was made in a possibility of creating an AI as well based around it, but is brushed off in light of recent events surrounding AI [Secret] though the idea is not completely abandoned, and will be considered at a later date. [End Secret] Artyom Inc. begins developing two new animation shows, one being centred around illegal street racing and centred in Kamchatka; and the other being set in space; and the latter is still in planning stages.
  • Flag of Philippines Philippines: We set a black travel warning to most of India due to the emergency happening the area. We request to be able to land planes in Bangladeshi and Nepali airspace in order to house refugees willing to go to the Philippines [Mod Response] A new convention center replacing the former spot of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, called the Nestle Center, is opened. New snakes have been taken under care in Manila Zoo, and there are now a few small animals roaming around in the zoo's new larger and cleaner animal habitats. A-Dolls still remain used as workers for local sauce, biscuit and dairy companies. Most of the country is largely fixed, with the only red light districts quarantined to Angeles City, Pampanga and Poblacion in Makati. The last few newspapers remaining are X-Files, Star of Mindanao, Abante, Cebu Examiner and Bulgar. New smart factories have been opened, where trash recovered from spots or given away can be converted into something else. Most celebrations of Christmas, Halloween, Valentines and New Years Eve has ceased, with religious and local holidays becoming more important. We now inaugurate the Mandaluyong Comic Con, that is now the largest annual comic convention in Asia.
    • Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh: Yes! Yes! We accept Filipino aid, thank you- ah god, get the planes here fast, they're on the runway now too! Get them off! Get them off!
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: Weekly air raid drills are held and citizens are advised to prepare for the worst. Many municipalities have begun reopening old war bunkers and revamping them just in case. WIP
  • Flag of Northwest Africa Maghreb: The Aoudaghost City Project is formally complete, jutting out of the desert skyline like palm trees in an oasis. A relatively large amount of citizens have already taken up residency in the city, as well as several companies both local and foreign. To celebrate the completion of the project, income and corporate taxes in the city are lowered to encourage more to move in, as well as tourism, for which an airport is under construction. The Green Sahara Project yields 700 square kilometres of arable land this year, with 4 desalination plants being planned for the purpose of the Saharan Lakes Project. Water is already being diverted to large manmade depressions to fill up. Displaced land is also offered to nations such as the Netherlands and Singapore for the purpose of land reclamation. [Mod Response Needed] Many within the nation are not very concerned about the Indian crisis, but are concerned about the potentially dangerous nature of AI leadership. As such, existing A-Dolls and T-Dolls within the country are not given positions of very high ranking should they be employed, but are not thrown into the lowest ranks either in fear of public outcry. Their existence and contributions are more recognised in major cities with a larger population of youths, whilst the more remote villages in the desert look at them with fear and scorn, "for they are abominations akin to the monster the Jews made and commanded", quoted a senior village chief. The divide in AI opinion prompts a neutral policy on AI and independent humanoid robots in general. In other news, a joint venture between all members of AIDS calls for the contribution of labour, technology and resources, as the first AIDS Lunar Colony is proposed. A significant portion of components will be assembled in Maghreb itself, and transported to the Aoudaghost Space Centre for launch after it is completed in roughly 2086. [AIDS Response Needed]
    • AIDS: We believe that the Maghrebi proposal works just fine.
    • Federal Republic of Malaysia-Singapore: We accept Maghrebi land.


The Indian Crisis worsens for Bangladesh as the country goes into a state of national emergency, Indian refugees pouring in through its borders. Millions flood across Central Asia, with many taking paths through Rakhine State and Communist Burma to the more prosperous Southeast Asia in what appears to be a major migrant crisis. Boats capsize, people die; but nothing is done.

Taichi Kudo passes away peacefully at the age of 83 in U.S custody. What he leaves behind are cures for multiple ailments, as well as the blueprints for the final form of the nanobot that had once ravaged East Asia - the machine of salvation that he had once envisioned it as. Initial clinical trials show that the SNB - his name for the new design - is indeed capable of killing and wiping out cancer cells, as well as treating heart diseases and replacing pacemakers. His final statement is a message that simply writes;

"I have outstayed my welcome in this world. I suppose that it was a foolish request to make to the American government, but I want to leave one last message to three people: Michiko, Koichi, and Shiho. I am sorry for having all of you involved in my selfish desire to fix what is indesirably my fault. And to the world that locked me up in my own home? Farewell."

But there may be another storm brewing on the horizon as Japanese media begin reporting on what apparently is a spike of mental illnesses left behind by the nanobotlia virus. Invariably, millions hypothesise about what could come next as a spate of incidents in which students from Hokkaido begin acting in anti-social and other unusual manners. Multiple victims of the nanobotlia virus, especially those of a younger age, begin to exhibit signs of autism, and what is apparently being described as 'hyper-intelligence'.

Yet, with so much passing, another light shines in the far distance. Acting completely without the sanction of the U.S Government, the crew of Battle Star Nueva fire at and destroy over three hundred nuclear missile silos in India using the Kinetic Bombardment system before their controls are overridden. While they are placed under investigation, they are hailed as heroes for knocking out a third of the Indian nuclear capability, reducing the chance of nuclear conflict.

  • Flag of Poland Poland: We ask for military access into Bangladesh to help secure the safe travel of refugees to our nation. [Mod Response] (Secret) We begin planning for an amphibious assault on Indian shores to liberate the nation from the malicious fascist-like AI. As part of this plan, we meet with Yemeni officials to discuss the purchase of Socotra as a forward base for the invasion. We ask them to name their price. [Mod Response] We also begin building up the armed forces, forming the AI Corps as a subdivision of the Army. (End Secret) Research begins on a new handheld helical railgun which should replace the outdated gunpowder cartridge system still used by our military. With the formalization of the Brno Accords between us, Czechia, and Slovakia, forming the Intermarium; we begin to look to expand this organization. We then invite Lithuania and Hungary to the organization, since despite them not being Slavic they are very much connected to the nations of the organization, with both having history with the member nations. [Mod Response]
    • Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh: While we support Polish help, we can use our own armed forces to secure safe travel of the refugees.
    • Yemen: Socotra is not for sale, and we see no reason why Poland could not use a closer location, such as the Maldives or Sri Lanka to launch the invasion. However, Socotra will be available for Polish forces until 2086 to ready the invasion of India.
    • Lithuania & Hungary: We accept.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden:September 23rd 2084,10:33:26 moon landing is achieved inside Schrödinger crater and placing Swedish flag on moon's surface and at the same time revealing to the world the new laugh site,Our King names september 23rd a national day of Swedish space exploration.Claiming the crater for Valhalla project.Visby class destroyers(K32,K33,K35) as well as HWsMS Orion (A201) arrived into Indian ocean 1km from the shore of Bangladesh ready to engage at any moment.Evacuation is proposed for high level politicians of Bangladesh on the HSwMS Gustav V aircraft carrier ,If they accept there will be two UH-70 sended to a location given during a private call on a protected line.[Bangladesh Response]Today Karlskrona's marines are celebrating the launching of HWsMS Uddevalla and HWsMS Asgard 2nd aircraft carrier of the Svenska marines.
    Bunkers around Sweden

The ministry of self-defense made a secret map of bunkers all around Sweden,Green:Military,Red:civil,Blue:Government,Bunkers.[Secret]We would like to invite Great Britain and U.S.A to a meeting in Stockholm.[End Secret]Sweden-Air is becoming more popular year by year so SAS(Sweden) Tries last tactic dumping,and drops all ticket coasts to 16$(2018 USD) for the next 2 years.The traveling rises as all SAS's flights full with a 1,02% no show rate on both intl and nat flights but profits fall as they are actually going -.We would like to ask again Norway,Sweden,Finland,Denmark [Mod Response]We rise the taxes by 2% as said previously

  • Flag of UK British Diplomacy: Britain agrees to attend the meeting.
    • Flag of the United States United States of America: The Secretary of State and an aide will be present for the meeting, but we inquire to know what is so important.
  • Flag of TunisiaTunisia: In the 2084 Presidential elections, the main issue is once again AI; namely, how much power should AI recieve in Tunisia. This election has become quite contentious, with the SDC arguing for the empowerment of AI, the Conservatives supporting their outright ban in Tunisia, and the Center Coalition being somewhere in between. The SDC candidate, Mahmoud Al-Abibiha, wins by a small margin. We ask Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal for permission to operate flights for Indian refugees, resettling them in Tunisia [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. To entice the refugees to resettle here even more, we give all refugees permanent resident status, provided they actively try to find a job. In the Green Sahara Project, the Chott el Djerid is at the proposed coastline, and filling in of the Chott el Gharsa has begun. Already, economic benefits to central Tunisia have already started trickling in, especially with the cities of Tozeur and Douz, which now have seaports and access to the Mediterranean. The full transition to the AIDS credit is in its final stages, with the deadline for the usage of the old Tunisian dinar being set for 24 April, 2085. The Trans-African Highway is completely finished, allowing fast road travel across the continent, from Tunis to Cape Town and everywhere in between, without having to pass through poorly maintained and/or unpaved roads. Tracks for the Trans-African Hyperloop have also been laid as far as the Nigeria-Cameroon border. We also ask permission from Maghreb, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somaliland for an extension of the already existing Nouakchott-Niamey Hyperloop Line into the port city of Berbera, Somaliland, on the Gulf of Aden. The line would be renamed the Sahel Line [MOD/PLAYER RESPONSE NEEDED]. Proposals for extension of the A23 highway from Niamey into Sudan and the Horn of Africa are also being reviewed as of current. Domestically, several new bus lanes in major cities have been created, and several roads have been refurbished with bike lanes. An overhaul of the Tunis Metro is also in the works. We also announce cooperation with the proposed AIDS Lunar Colony, with Tunisian rockets for a potential moon landing in the near future beginning construction in the Ksar Daghara launch site. The newly-introduced BuildI technology has made the outer framework of the Burj Al-Amazigh completely finished, with all that is left is to install amenities and furnishings to the building. Last, but definitely not least, the Tunis Stock Exchange is established, with the aim for it to be the main stock exchange of the greater Saharan region.
    • Flag of Burkina FasoBurkina Faso: The Parti Nationale takes the Presidency again, this time with a landslide, due to the rise of deviant AI in India, and major anti-AI sentiment. Although having the most hard-line stance against sentient AI in Burkina Faso, their rights continue to be respected, to the dismay of many human supremacist groups. The lynchings of A-Dolls continue, although lesser than before. Ouagadougou continues beautification, with flowers planted around the city. Public transport is also increased, with the Ouagadougou Metro expanded to cover portions of the outer suburbs, and bike highways being implemented. The implementation of universal WiFi nationwide is going smoothly, with almost all areas of major cities, as well as the highways, having access to the national WiFi network. We again place a bid for Discord’s West African servers [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. Planting forests in the northern tier of Burkina Faso, to stop redesertification, continues.
      • Discord Technologies: Our colocation center in San Francisco is plenty enough to house all our data, however, for possible expansion into the West African market, we do build a small office on the outskirts of Ouagadougou, and we have a small advertising campaign throughout the city.
    • Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh: We accept the Tunisian offer. Thank you!
    • Flag of Somaliland Somaliland and Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia: With regards to the Tunisian Hyperloop extension, we accept the Tunisian offer to build the Sahel Line.
  • Flag of Primorsky Krai Eastern Russian Republic: [Secret] Plans begin to be made to intervene in India to aid in the fight against the ruling AI; also taking extra precautions due to the AI being a far greater risk to deal with. EMPs projects also continue, with another test underway and are planned to be used as well during the intervention in India. [End Secret] The East Russian Space Agency is established as the government takes an interest in space; though unlike the other nations, is not interested in competing in the Second Space Race. Plans are made for a space station, and a possible construction date being around 2096-2098. Meanwhile focus continues more towards infrastructure, transportation, and for Siberia, reconstruction as well. A362 now reaches from Egvekinot to Taskan. A motorsport race track begins construction in Valentin and another one is built in Nikolayevka as plans are made to establish a national racing series. Yoshino Fomichyov a singer and voice actress from Polyarnaya Zvezda, announces her departure due to health issues. Thee months later, another voice actress, Katya Anisimov is hired and becomes the successor.
  • Flag of Australia Australia Australia offers military support to Bangladesh in case of military action by India, we hope to be able to assist in any way (Mod Response). The Australian government has commandeered 5 cruise ships to be sent to Bangladesh for refugees. Together they could hold around 150,000 refugees if they were filled to the absolute limit. If necessary airplanes will also be sent to combat the refugee crisis. Further research into EMP weapons and sonic artillery takes priority, due to the very real threat of an AI India. Australia raises its military expenditure to 10% of the budget. As a peace treaty has been written in South America, Australia withdraws their final 16000 troops from South America. The mice that have been used for testing cellular regeneration show no signs of the extraordinary healing that was expected. The Darwin probes are continuing on schedule. Secret Australia begins research on non-nuclear, high explosives missiles. Designed to spread the explosions around a high density target such as a city district, if operational it is estimated that one of these missiles could cause damage similar to the fire bombing of Dresden in WW2. Research should produce results in 2087(End Secret).
    • Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh: We are handling these refugees just fine, and while grateful for Australian help, do not need their armed forces for assistance.
  • Flag of UK United Kingdom: [Secret] The military begins building up at the British Indian Ocean Territory in preparation for a military intervention against the AI dictatorship in India. Simultaneously, MI6-GCHQ teams begin sabotaging and disabling electronic servers and communications systems while SAS operatives begin sabotaging centres of power such as captured (by AI) military bases, vehicles, and equipment. [Mod Response] 2 of the 3 British Battle Stations are turned towards the Indian nuclear missile silos in case they may be used in the same way as the rogue American Battle Star crew. [/Secret] Meanwhile, EMP research has produced EMP missiles and bombs to be used to take out electronics. This enters mass production. Meanwhile, the DE-sniper rifles have entered live-fire service and may be used against future enemies. DE-ARs are still in the works. WIP
    • Special Air Service: Any form of sabotage has proven... difficult, to say the least. I would highly suggest sending larger military units and not special operatives because it is extremely hard to attempt any form of espionage or sabotage against an unconventional enemy.
  • Bbc-logo-black-and-white BBC: Yes, you've got that right... that's the Alabama State House burning down. Smoke billowing out the windows, debris all over the place. It appears to be the work of the New Black Panthers, and has taken the life of Alabama State Senator Roger Lewis, as well as a large portion of the Alabama State Senate. Allegedly, all casualties were involved in support for or directly involved in New Confederate activity, according to the NBP... but nothing is confirmed as of yet. This is Anita Lewandowsky from Montgomery.
  • Flag of Northwest Africa Maghreb: Seeing the actions of our ally Tunisia in allowing refugees of the Indian Crisis to shelter within their borders, we organise operations to allow them to travel to Maghreb safely and legally. However, due to the breakdown of negotiations between higher-ups in the government, only Muslim refugees will be allowed to enter the country. They can choose to accept the refugee status provided or attain permanent resident status if they find a job. We contact Bangladesh to request priority landing permission for our transport planes so refugees can be evacuated. [Bangladesh Response Needed] The Directed Ion Charge Collider Project has progressed significantly, with weakened prototypes being demonstrated at a tech show in Aoudaghost. The mounted firearm was able to accurately project an electrolaser at a target up to 3 metres away, and cause a negligible EMP blast disabling extremely close electronics temporarily (within approximately 6 centimetres from discharge point). In due time, the Collider will be condensed into a handheld firearm, capable of stunning or killing its target depending on the intensity of the electrolaser. Delimiters can be added to allow the electrolaser to cause EMP blasts as well. The beginnings of the Maghreb Sea can be seen from orbit as water begins to fill up the man-made basin in hundreds upon hundreds of liters. Such a large redirection of water calls for the temporary halting of the Green Sahara Project, but the efforts are continued slowly but naturally as the LSD Project continues to prevent re-desertification and the climate of the region changes. In other news, the Maghrebi Naval Forces reveal two new Casablanca-class battleships, the SAM (Safinat al-Maghrib) Barbarossa and the SAM Taiyoob.
    • Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh: While we are immensely grateful for Maghrebi help, many other countries are also operating flights to get Indian refugees out of here, so we cannot give priority to any one nation.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: The start of 2084 is started with a virus uprising in Hokkaido, which was the direct outcome of the nanobotia crisis. Meanwhile, the mafia groups are declared a threat by the Japanese Special Defense Forces (JSDF), and the National Police Agency (NPA). Japanese Police agents are sent on a mission to locate the Mafia groups and to report back when they located the groups [Mod Response]. The Japanese military stationed in Hokkaido are sent to return back to Osaka and Tokyo to avoid the illness. [Secret] We plan to move the capital from Tokyo to Osaka, and plan to industrialize more factories across the Osaka area. The Northern Sakhalin area that was offered to be purchased by the Eastern Russians is around $70 million USD. We ask for Eastern Russia to complete the purchase to integrate the Northern Sakhalin area. [Eastern Russian Response]. [End Secret]. The population is saddened by Taichi Kudo passing away, and the government stated him as the key figure of the Japanese. He was the figure of advice against the Nanobots. However, many other locals didn't praise him, mainly the Japanese population in Hokkaido and Sakhalin. [Secret] Meanwhile, we ask the AEAN alliance (excluding India) to hold a referendum if AEAN should kick out India from the alliance. [Mod Response]. The navies in Japan are also stabilizing if a full-scale war breaks out between the Indians and the British. If the Indians do some imperialist actions against it's own people, we will pursue a naval invasion and restore order in India. [End Secret]. Meanwhile, a hyperloop will be created towards Tokyo to Kagoshima. Kagoshima will also be constructed with skyscrapers and cultural influence, and more industries will be created there. Another form of a hyperloop will be created from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Fukuoka. Both hyperloops will transport people to destined areas. A new weapon will also be created, which will be codenamed M71-B10. This weapon will include a new type of bullet, which will be able to electrocute and disable aircraft and tanks from operating functionally. This project will be finished by 2090.
    • Flag of Primorsky Krai Eastern Russian Diplomacy: The government accepts and pays the full price for the area offered.
    • Mod: Lonix... you can't cure mental illness, and treating it like a virus is... ineffective, to say the least.
    • AEAN Committee on Recent Events on the Indian Sub-continent: While India is de jure a member of AEAN, for all intensive purposes, it is not. However, we have officially rid the Republic of India out of AEAN, although the question of the human side still rages.
    • National Police Agency: We have begun investigations into Yakuza groups. However, for all intents and purposes, we cannot arrest any of them, as we have yet to procure any definitive proof of crimes.
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: The Congressional Medal of Honor is awarded to the entire crew of the Battle Star Nueva for their brave action despite the lack of instructions. The FBI begins an investigation to arrest the people responsible for the arson of the Alabama State House, and the State of Alabama begins work on another Legislature, the Roger H. Lewis Legislature Building. The governor of Alabama, in tandem with surviving members of the Senate, appoints 28 Senators to the Alabama Senate. The North American Administration Building (NAAB) is built in Washington DC, while the North American Representative Council (NARC) is located in Toronto. NARC is a quasi-Parliament and has no effective power other than double checking paperwork and being a rubber stamp. NAAB is where proposals are bounced around and regulations are changed. A third office, the Foreign Affairs Office (FAO), is built in Mexico City, although the FAO has little work to do, as individual member states still represent themselves internationally. The North American Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Authority (NACTPA) is established, located in the former office of the US Patent and Trademark Office. NACTPA establishes the same basic rules outlined by each member state before, and follows the Berne Convention (author's life + 75 years), but one effectively centralized. Visa free travel is given to all Canadian and Mexican passport holders, and the US-Mexican border is loosened up. Some NAU taxes are levied in the US to help pay for these endeavors, and we hope Canada and Mexico do the same. [Secret] The JUNO-1 is developed by the US Army, a direct energy weapon, which uses pulsed energy projectile shooting quick bursts of invisible electromagnetic radiation, which on contact causes a small amount of plasma to materialize. A DazzleBot is a new prototype from the DoD, emitting high bursts of infrared light to temporarily disable electronic sensors. [End Secret] We ask South China if a small US naval base is possible in Fanhe Harbor, near 稔山镇 (Renshanzen). [South Chinese Response] Meanwhile, the virtual world COSMO gains popularity due to its real world benefits, as well as its immaculate haptic sensor system, and a substantial amount of US jobs now use some form of virtual or augmented reality. The augment HeadSeq, created by American company 3volutioИ (thre-levution) keeps track of most biometric data, as well as data already stored on your phone, to create a profile of you and suggest which restaurant to eat at or which clothes to buy. It also alerts you of health problems, and if the user has health nanobots, HeadSeq can take action. It is a "retina augment", meaning it is directly implemented into the users retina. It can also alert you of weather alerts and important news, and possibly sends some data to the FBI or local law enforcement if you have ever been jailed for a serious crime or are convicted of one. With nearly 66 patents from HeadSeq, 3volutioИ is a quickly expanding force in the VR and AR markets, rushing Silicon Valley giants to catch up.
    • Accra: Nothing much occurs this year. Considering the global AI panic, some nearby AI startups move to Accra, but most are too obscure to be of any note. However, it causes the rise of Accra's Code Basin, a small technological hub near the Financial District. The nearby city of Tome is annexed into Accra, becoming Accra's main transportation hub, with a new transportation system in place, called AAAAA (Accra's Augmented Automated Automobile Arteries), or the Quid5 system. The Quid5 system uses a connected network of self-driving cars as a public transportation network, and is extremely efficient. It is patented in 66 countries and 2 supranational organizations (EU & NAU), but has some substantial fares, causing the bulk of the network to be located in the middle and upper class neighborhoods.


Tensions continue to rise in Asia as West Bengal becomes the epicentre of the greatest disaster in human history; the rogue AI, now going by Overlord, reviving the nanobotlia virus as well as beginning to churn out what appear to be T-Doll variants en masse in former Indian industrial complexes. In addition, the migrant crisis in Asia spills across the world, hundreds of vessels capsizing in the Indian Ocean attempting to escape the Overlord.

Western Russia itself elects to enter the Indian Civil War, bringing along the KP-82 with them, proving to be extremely effective against T-Doll units. However, the country makes a unique decision to recognise A-Dolls and T-Dolls as living beings, and offering all T-Dolls that surrender of their own capacity Western Russian citizenship. At the same time, the Eastern Cooperation Pact barge into the conflict on their own terms, supporting the growing Eastern Indian Seperatist Movement.

Even with the U.S Federal Government's attention, the situation in Alabama escalates as the New Black Panthers come into open warfare with National Guard units, gunfights occuring in the streets. The NBP and Italian mob even begin to come into conflict, with the American South seeming less and less safe. The Governor of Alabama declares Martial Law a week after African-American veteran of the South American War, Lincoln Clay is killed by the NBP.

The signing of the South American Peace Pact begins to end military occupation of most former Federation territories, with civilian rule beginning to a limited extent. However, in the now-crippled Venezuela, the Amazonian Mafia make headway, with thousands of disenfranchised young Venezuelans joining their ranks. Caracas begins to look like a scene from hell as different groups of the Amazonian Mafia openly fight against one another.