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The King who took over in 2035 was an idealist. He had visions of an empire capable of making Saudi Arabia invincible.

Prinicipal Vision

Saudi empire 2035

The Original Vision laid out in 2035.

With the death of oil, the western world had switched to biofuels, Using the Oceans and water around them to emerge as powers.

The King wanted a coastal empire, hoping to open a massive biofuel production facility in the Indian Ocean. He also wanted to restore the glory of Islam to the world. Having witnessed ISIS, he had a similar vision but felt that their ways were too extreme and the only true way to achieve the goal of a new golden age was to seize power and conquer, not execute, behead, and isolate foreigners.

in 2037, India, South Sudan and a few other nations originally envisoned by the King joined the CSTO causing a dent in his plans. The King however attempted to start a small uprising in Parts of India and Pakistan known as the Indo-Pakistani Unified Islamic State (IPUIS). NATO and the CSTO could not respond to the situation since they learned who was backing it. 

2039 Balfour Declaration

Pearl Saudi empire 2039 Without Libyan Border

The Second Vision which included giving Additional Territory to Libya

In 2039, the King of Saudi Arabia laid out his final vision. Focusing on his original goal, he reduced the amount of inland territory in order to deal with both realistic goals and sustaining a strong Coastal empire.

The Saudi King also had other goals. The Megali Plan was something that intrigued the King and decided to implement it as part of his strategy. The Greeks were not ready to agree to such territorial changes but tensions between Greece and Turkey were growing due to several factors including the Kurdish Problem and rising Greek Nationalism.

The Megali plan was something floated around by the Greek Parliament from time to time since 2016 (Usually by the Golden Dawn and KKE) often to be shot down quickly.

The King also had another proposal. The King decided to give additional territory to Libya. The country had just been reunified and was facing severe financial problems. The territories Libya would be given would allow the King to utilize Egypt's Nile River area whilst allowing Libya to explore Sahara Settlement Projects it had been trying to get done for several years.

The King also decided to spearhead the creation of a Somalian Puppet State as well as allowing the disputed Darfur region to gain it's independence.

The 2039 Balfour Declaration gets it name from the infamous 1918 document proclaiming Britain's intent to create a Zionist State in Palestine. Why the King chose this name remains unknown since Israel and Palestine were apart of his plans for conquest.

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