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Virtual Reality technology would eventually dominate human society by year 2190.

  • Notice: The idea of the liquid-gel-solid VR tanks and Harnesses come from Tad Williams' Otherworld series, and other parts are inspired by the Matrix. Because I am altering the ideas, and this is not for profit, etc., and they are just small parts of these works, I think it is legal to use them. If not, I can delete these parts from the page.


  • 2048 - Scientist Audren Law graduates from College. Law has studied sensory technology during his schooling.
  • 2050 - Audren Law invents a new sort of robotic eye, that is even better than human eyesight. He makes millions off of this idea.
  • 2054 - Virtua-rooms, rooms with holograms, movable floors, and realistic sound effects mimicing VR are created. They become popular with wealthier people who can afford them, but are not "true" virtual reality.
  • 2055 - Law, after becoming incredibly wealthy due to his inventions, creates a laboratory in Zambia for privacy from the developed world. He leads a group of scientists in creating true Virtual Reality.
  • 2059 - After four years of failure, Law VR labs create a way to trick the auditory nerves into sending hearing messages to the brain.
  • 2063 - Law VR labs manages to make optical VR as well. Due to lack of funds, he is forced to simply sell this invention

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